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The Fellowship of the Fuzz featuring: The Dirty Seeds, Vermilion Whiskey, Mr Plow, and Switchblade Jesus (doors 8pm)

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  • Ticket Price: $8.00
  • Door Time: 8:00 PM
  • Restrictions: 21 & over

The Dirty Seeds (Houston, TX)

The Dirty Seeds. No gimmicks, just four strangers gathered together by an ape-like stoner prophet from the future to save humanity with loud rock n roll. Face melting stoner rock with enough of a groove to trick white people into thinking they know how to dance.



Vermillion Whiskey

Vermilion Whiskey (Lafayette, LA)

Vermilion Whiskey is a hard working band playing hard rocking music from the bayous of South Louisiana. Their previous bands and influences are a mixture of styles which is portrayed in the music they play. From blues, southern rock, hard rock, and metal you’ll find a true mix of old and new styles merged into what we like to call Rock N Metal. VW’s style is just as casual as what’s normal in their everyday lives of working, fishing, and drinking. These guys aren’t fixated on trends or what’s in style, they only care about making music that feels right to them and what comes naturally. Good friends kicking back and jamming some tunes, added with a little beer & whiskey don’t hurt either!



Mr. Plow (Houston, TX)


Formed in the mid nineties without a name or singer. Greg, Jeremy and Dave got together on Friday nights at Jeremy's house right behind the original location of the Goode Company BBQ on Kirby. While the patrons at the Goode company were dining on BBQ outside on a picinic table with old country music playing through cheap outdoor speakers, the sound of Mr. Plow was being forged; overbearing the atmosphere with a big thick wall of bass and groove. After a few attempts of playing shows with a couple vocalists that never worked out, it was finally suggested that Jeremy's good friend and law school cohort Justin Waggoner join the band. Soon thereafter the name Mr. Plow was decided upon based on a favorite episode of the Simpsons and a catchy jingle therein. The first album, Head On, was soon recorded and released. Mr. Plow played several gigs around Houston at places like The Mausoleum, The Oven, Mary Jane's, Fitzgeralds, and Emo's. Cock Fights and Pony Racing was released a couple years later. This album had a more produced sound albeit very bass heavy and thick by design to mimick the sound of a band favorite album, Kyuss-Blues for the Red Sun. By this time the band was reaching out to places like Austin and Dallas for a gig here and there, as well as playing more venues in Houston such as Rudyards. It was at Rudyards where the band met Joel Omelcheck, sound guy extraordinaire who recorded their most recent album, Asteroid 25399. Asteroid was considered the crowning achievement recording by the band but lacked as much public interest as their previous efforts despite being nominated as Album of the Year by 94.5 The Buzz rock DJ Zakk United who invited the band to play the Scout Bar as a part of the Texas Buzz. Some of the Mr. Plow catalog even saw airplay on the radio at this time slot, especially the stand out track from Asteroid 25399, Dead Eye Dick. Eventually, Greg Green left the band to pursue an out of state education to become a doctor. The band tried to carry on with another bassist but floundered after a couple gigs. Today the band memebers remain good friends and Greg is back in Houston. Justin is playing with a new Band called Sactus Bellum with the bass player, Ben Yaker, who briefly replaced Greg in the Plow. Jeremy and Greg play weekly in a band without a name and no gigs as of yet, playing mostly covers. David has been playing bass with a cover band called Likely Story for the last few years as well. The band is at least open to the possibility of playing again at some point some day.




Switchblade Jesus (Corpus Christi, TX)

Hailing from the land of oil and tar Switchblade Jesus is a 5 piece equivalent of a heard of elephants slamming into a brick wall.  Jamming together since 2010 they had a killer ride so far – playing live nearly every week they were forged to a unbreakable live unit. They played a shitload of shows with great bands – just to name a few: Kylesa, Orange Goblin, The Sword, Wo Fat, Egypt, Baroness.   Asked what the fans can expect of the band, the guys state: Loud alcohol fueled heaviness laced with fuzz and slight hallucinations of tube amps piercing your mind. …that is a word!

“Upon first listening to Switchblade Jesus you may be hit with some conflicting reactions. They certainly play stoner rock and they sound like much of the rest of the stoner rock world available throughout the webisphere and beyond. But then you realize, hey, they play stoner rock and they sound damn good! There is deep, demonstrable musicianship and passion on each track. That combination is the hallmark of metal acceptability – the ability to not just play and sing, but to demonstrate a fierce, abiding aptitude as well as massively relishing the opportunity to play.” - Nuclear Dog, Heavy Planet






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