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Brief Lives (feat. Valient Thorr’s Valient Himself) * HogLeg * Funeral Horse (doors 8pm)
Monday, June 23, 2014 9:00 PM
Rudyard's British Pub, Houston, TX
  • 21 & over
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Brief Lives (feat. Valient Thorr’s Valient Himself) * HogLeg * Funeral Horse (doors 8pm)

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  • Door Time: 8:00 PM
  • Restrictions: 21 & over

Brief Lives (Washington, DC)

"Good news, fellow Thorriors: Valient Thorr’s frontman and spiritual leader  has joined the Richmond, VA post-hardcore band Brief Lives! Even without knowing anything about Brief Lives prior to this moment, I think we can all agree that Himself’s electric stage presence and unmistakable vocals instantly make this band better. You know what I’m talkin’ about??? " -

" angular-yet-melodic blast of DC-inspired punk rock, weaving themselves deftly amidst sinewy rhythms and jagged riffs. Brief Lives never looses sight of a solid hook though, and its foundation is built upon infinitely captivating song structures and a propulsive backbone that's always moving things forward at a snappy pace. Whistleblower is unquestionably a must listen for fans of Jawbox, Quicksand and Bluetip."  -




Hogleg (Houston, TX)
No website at this time

New band featuring  members for Dixie Waste, Poor Dumb Bastards and Born Again Virgins.



Funeral Horse (Houston, TX) 


“…what you mostly need to know about Funeral Horse and this album is that on the very first song they create an opus which could outdo a number of full length albums by other bands claiming to rock.” - Joshua Macala – Raised by Gypsies 

“… the band I’m most interested to check out is newcomers Funeral Horse, which formed out of the ashes of the gone-too-soon Art Institute; they’re heavy and sludgy and slow as hell, dwelling somewhere in the realm of High on Fire or Sleep, and that’s no bad place to be.”  - Jeremy Hart – Space City Rock

““We’re heavy and slow… so is our music”, this sayeth their facebook page. I can’t comment on the guys themselves, but their music certainly does live up to the claim. Funeral Horse currently have a new EP available for free download with tape copies (Tapes! Love it!) available shortly. They certainly live up to the hype. In fact, the first two words that spring to my mind listening to it are, indeed, “heavy” and “slow” – but not ponderously so. I can almost picture swathes of people with hair over their eyes, wearing black/tie-dyed clothes and nodding slowly to the beat like a crowd of metal zombies. With beer in their hands.” - Iain Purdie – Moshville Times

“There’s a cassette version of Savage Audio Demon available, which I would like to get his clammy paws on. This type of angling shows what kind of band Houston’s Funeral Horse is – vintage, loving those 70’s, and in bed with thick, rocked-up riffs, and vocals with plenty of ominous echo. The bluesy “Scatter My Ashes Over the Mississippi” is the pick of the bunch here (nice dynamics), but don’t leave “Invisible Hand of Revenge” out in the cold either. Rocking stuff.” - David E. Gehlke – Dead Rhetoric

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