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  • Jimmy Z

    Jimmy Z View Profile

    Jimmy Z There’s a reason legendary blues Diva Etta James called Jimmy Z her “Hootchie Cootchie Man” and Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics calls him “the best harmonica player in the world.” Jimmy attracts attention. He caught the attention of Rod Stewart, Tom Petty and the Eurythmics – all of whom he recorded and toured with. He also caught the attention of Dr...

  • Laure Z

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  • Milo Z

    Milo Z View Profile

    He calls the music “Razzamofunk”, a combination of Rock, Rap, Jazz, Blues & Funk. The sound is what you might expect from a kid growing up on New York City’s Lower East Side (now the East Village). It was a culturally diverse neighborhood once considered the “melting pot”; full of poets, artists, musicians, junkies, punk rockers, winos and families of modest means...

  • Rusty Z

    Rusty Z View Profile

  • Ted Z and The Wranglers

    Ted Z and The Wranglers View Profile

    Ted Z and the Wranglers, of Southern California, deliver heartfelt ballads and gritty grassroots rock ‘n’ roll with a cowboy kick. Their folky story-telling songs convey themes of love, politics, environmentalism, childhood imagination, and the rawness of humanity.   The concept of the band came to Ted Zakka (lead singer, guitarist) in a burst of songwriting during a br...

  • Jimmy Z and the Z Tribe

    Jimmy Z and the Z Tribe View Profile

    There’s a reason legendary blues Diva Etta James calls Jimmy Z her “Hootchie Cootchie Man” and Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics calls him “the best harmonica player in the world.” Jimmy attracts attention. He caught the attention of Rod Stewart, Tom Petty, the Eurythmics, Jaguares – all of whom he recorded and toured with. He also caught the attention of Dr. Dre, Eric Burdon, Carol King, Barry Whit...

  • Nikki Z Band

    Nikki Z Band View Profile

    Nikki Z. (Nicholas Zamora) has been involved with the music business from a very young age. A Colorado Native, Nikki started playing violin at 10 and string bass at 12. At this time, he was asked to join the school Jazz band. Within a year, his 1st shows were at Disneyland and Sea World in Southern California. After these shows, Nikki knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Play Music....

  • David Z. Cox

    David Z. Cox View Profile

    Singer-songwriter and drummer born and raised in the Queen City.

  • The Z3

    The Z3 View Profile

  • James Zabiela

    James Zabiela View Profile

     It's been another good year in Space for James Zabiela, as the Southampton boy notched up his eighth season at the iconic Ibiza venue. "I've learned the hard way, but I really know how to work that room now," he enthuses. But it's space of a different kind that provided James with his own personal highlight of 2010, his third Essential Mix which was based upon sci-fi flick 'Moon'....

  • Forró Zabumbeca

    Forró Zabumbeca View Profile

    Forró Zabumbeca's energetic, accordion and percussion fueled Northeastern Brazilian forró dance music will get you on the dance floor all night long. They mix traditional forró classics of Jackson do Pandeiro and Luiz Gonzaga in the style called Pé de Serra (foot of the mountains) with intricate and beautiful originals, infu...

  •  Zac Brown Band

    Zac Brown Band View Profile

    After an eventful year on the charts and on the road, GRAMMY-Award winning Zac Brown Band has proven that "overnight success" can be years in the making. New fans drawn by the irresistible hit singles, the awe-inspiring musicianship and dynamic live shows might have thought the Zac Brown Band emerged from nowhere. In fact, the band has paid its dues for years and put in its time for ju...

  • Mad Zach

    Mad Zach View Profile

    beats, sound packs, live midi boss, videos

  • Sutter Zachman

    Sutter Zachman View Profile

    "25 year old songwriter, LA returnee. Signed publishing contract with Chrysalis Music in 2008. He has recorded albums with Luther Russell (Sarabeth Tucek), Dave Palmer (Fiona Apple, Carter Albrecht), Beau Raymond (Little Joy, Gary Louris/Mark Olson), Mike Daly (Whiskeytown) and Michael Beinhorn (Herbie Hancock, Red Hot Chili Peppers). Sutter is a fine craftsman of songs possessing heartfelt l...

  • Andi Zack

    Andi Zack View Profile

  • Rena Zager

    Rena Zager View Profile

    RENA ZAGER has appeared on NBC's "Late Friday" and on VH-1. She was a solo performer at the 2004 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She performs at clubs all over New York City, including Caroline's, Stand Up New York, Gotham and Don't Tell Mama's. She is a featured comic with the variety show "Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad."

  • Zig Zags

    Zig Zags View Profile

  • Avi Zahner-Isenberg

    Avi Zahner-Isenberg View Profile

    Avi Zahner-Isenberg(Born November 5th, 1990) is a guitarist, songwriter and producer from Long Beach, California, he started his band Avi Buffalo when he was 16 after playing for 3 years with a mentorship in blues music from a man named Joel “JoeyJoel” Weinberg, a 50 year old martial arts teacher, massage clinician and bluesmaster. Avi Buffalo made professional recordings with Aaron Embry, and the...

  • Hani Zahra

    Hani Zahra View Profile



  • Jordyn Zaino

    Jordyn Zaino View Profile

    South Carolina soul punk

  • Alisha Zalkin

    Alisha Zalkin View Profile

    Alisha Zalkin is a refreshing artist whose persona is grounded and genuine. She has a refined yet soulful voice offering a flavorful blend of acoustic music anchored in pop to mid tempo sounds which come together to empower others to find inner peace, full self expression, and courage in order to promote a harmonious world. Alisha doesn’t let opportunities pass her by. One of her greatest m...

  • Fanfare Zambaleta

    Fanfare Zambaleta View Profile

    Bay Area Balkan Brass Fanfare Zambaleta was incubated in the Zambaleta Music and Dance School in San Francisco and has since transformed into a full-fledged juggernaut of a band, featuring some of the Bay Area's most exciting young players and seasoned veterans. Emulating the great Balkan brass bands of the past and present, they play Romani, Serbian, Macedonian and Greek brass band music w...


    DJ ZAMBEZI View Profile

  • The Zambonis

    The Zambonis View Profile

    Few rock bands have been featured in both Sports Illustrated and Billboard. Few have played both punk-rock clubs and Harlem’s Apollo Theatre. Few have appealed to fans young and old. But the quirky 100% hockey-rock Zambonis have somehow prevailed—impressing music snobs, sports freaks and critics simultaneously. The Zambonis formed in 1991 when defenseman/guitarist/singer Dave Schnei...

  • Robin Zander Band

    Robin Zander Band View Profile

    The Robin Zander Band Robin Zander / lead vocals & guitar Steve Luongo / drums & vocals Mark Hitt / guitar & vocals Larry Hobbs / bass & vocals   Imagine if you could construct a killer rock group, using the best musicians from any band within the past 30 years. You'd choose a rattle-your-fillings lead singer, a guitar player capable of screaming...

  • Kaleena Zanders

    Kaleena Zanders View Profile

  • Alain Zane

    Alain Zane View Profile

  • Andrew Zap

    Andrew Zap View Profile

    Hi, I'm Andrew Zap, a Brooklyn-based musician and visual artist who was born in raised in a small town 25 miles north of NYC. Like so many artists, my work is, in its purest sense, my form of meditation. As a singer/songwriter, I've always believed that the more feeling and love I can put behind my music, the greater the chance a listener has of feeling that emotion, too. At the end of the...

  • Robert Zapata

    Robert Zapata View Profile

    He started his career at the Ha Ha Comedy Club located in North Hollywood, California and performed with Dane Cook, Paul Rodriguez, Jon Lovitz, and Arie Spearsat the Laugh Factory and Alex Reymundo at The Improv.  He also performs at the Comedy Store on Sunset and The Ice House.  Not only does he perform at all the major comedy clubs around Los Angeles but also at 4th and B's in San Dieg...

  • Chris Zapatier

    Chris Zapatier View Profile

  • Dweezil Zappa

    Dweezil Zappa View Profile

    The son of Frank Zappa, Dweezil Zappa was born on September 5, 1969 in Los Angeles.   It was inevitable that from the moment of his birth his life would be filled wall-to wall with music (his father having listed his religion as “musician” on Dweezilʼs birth certificate). Dweezilʼs early years were spent largely away from the spotlight -- something of a rarity for the c...

  • Frank Zappa

    Frank Zappa View Profile

    Composer, guitarist, singer, and bandleader Frank Zappa was a singular musical figure during a performing and recording career that lasted from the 1960s to the '90s. His disparate influences included doo wop music and avant-garde classical music; although he led groups that could be called rock & roll bands for much of his career, he used them to create a hybrid style that bordered on jazz and co...

  • Raye Zaragoza

    Raye Zaragoza View Profile

    Raye Zaragoza is an award-winning singer-songwriter who carries an acoustic guitar and a message. Her quiet yet powerful song “In the River,” written in response to the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota, resonated strongly with listeners and went viral in late 2016, garnering half a million views on the video, nationa...

  • Regina Zaremba

    Regina Zaremba View Profile

    Regina Zaremba is a 22 year old singer-songwriter, originally from Rockville Centre, New York. She has just recently graduated from Cornell University and is now off on a musical adventure.   Regina has forever been passionate about music, and has always been involved in singing. Towards the end of high school, she picked up the guitar. She taught herself to play by watching p...

  • Taz Zavala

    Taz Zavala View Profile

    A Singer/Songwriter/Dancer from Sylmar, CA.—Deemed a triple threat by music insiders, she has attracted the best and most talented producers and managers in the business. She has worked with the likes of Randy Jackson, Gerardo “Rico Suave” Mejia, Metta World Peace, George Lopez, Snoop Dogg, Tricia Miranda, and many more. TAZ blends a unique and powerful voice with fierce dance s...

  • Izzy Zay

    Izzy Zay View Profile

    With her raven hair, multi-cultural beauty and tremendous vocal range, Izzy Zay was born a rock star - one working on an international stage.

  • Eric Zayne ~

    Eric Zayne ~ View Profile

    Pop-alt singer Eric Zayne is the newest artist to be signed with JV Records/Sony with his highly anticipated single 'Spin The World' to be released Spring 2015. Comparable to artists like Maroon 5, Prince and Bruno Mars, this artist is known for his eclectic sound, dynamic live performances and instrumental versatility.  His debut EP ‘Between Us’ and experimental albu...

  • Brandy Zdan

    Brandy Zdan View Profile

  •  Zedd

    Zedd View Profile

    - #1 Beatport single Dovregrubben released on Dim Mak Records - Winner of Beatport's "Armend Van Helden / Strictly Rhythm" Remix contest - Winner of Beatport's "Fatboy Slim / Skint" Remix contest - Remix of Skrillex's "Scary Monsters, Nice Sprites" went to #2 on Beatport's Electro House charts

  •  Zeds Dead

    Zeds Dead View Profile

    Allow us to introduce you to one of electronic music’s most promising new acts, Zeds Dead. The truth is, however, Toronto-based Zeds Dead (AKA DC and Hooks) needs no introduction to the legions of fans that have been on to the electronic/dubstep/progressive duo for the better part of two years. Through positive world of mouth, massive YouTube hits, support from top jocks and a never end...

  • Mee Zee

    Mee Zee View Profile

    Character Chameleon & Klown Prince at The Vau de Vire Society

  • Zider Zee

    Zider Zee View Profile

  • Leah Zeger

    Leah Zeger View Profile

    Leah Zeger is a jazz violinist/vocalist originally from Houston, TX but residing in Los Angeles for over 4 years. She has been a member of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra since 2012. As a soloist, she has performed with the likes of Ceelo Green, Annie Lennox, Charlie Daniels, Pearl Jam and Miley Cyrus, which has given her great opportunities to show her incredible skills. Making her debut appear...

  • Miranda Zeiger

    Miranda Zeiger View Profile

    Based on findings of ancient cassette tape recordings, it can be concluded that Miranda Zeiger has been writing and singing songs since she could talk. Her earliest influences appear to have been the Wizard of Oz soundtrack, the Beatles, and unicorns. Over the years, spent primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area, she acquired chord knowledge from Beatles and Antonio Carlos Jobim songbooks, a p...

  • Lady Zeitgeist

    Lady Zeitgeist View Profile

    Music has been my greatest passion since I was 3, and now I'm finally living that dream. While I did not start out in the folk metal fusion arena, that's where my passion and soul eventually took me, as the genre usually chooses the artist ;)

  • Freekey Zekey

    Freekey Zekey View Profile

    Harlem-based crew the Diplomats, aka Dipset, gained a reputation for inundating the New York mixtape circuit with their CDs, and they have been fairly successful at it, too. Some of that credit goes toward Diplomats Records president Ezekiel Jiles, better known as Freekey Zekey. Despite his executive status, Zekey performed with his crew as an energetic hype man and was also responsible for the ri...

  • Martin Zellar and the Hardways

    Martin Zellar and the Hardways View Profile

    Singer-songwriter Martin Zellar’s country-tinged portraits of life, love, and regret have resonated with listeners for over 25 years. If you look through a sampling of his press over that time, it won’t take long for you to notice how often phrases like “under appreciated” and “under rated” show up. It’s not something Zellar has given a lot of thought to; ...

  • Brock Zeman

    Brock Zeman View Profile

  • Zen Zenith

    Zen Zenith View Profile

    Zen Zenith is a songwriter based out of San Francisco, CA. He spends much of his time saying things and meaning them. Sometimes in song.   Zen is no stranger to life in the California Bay Area. His band Please Do Not Fight ran the Redwood City Open Mic, hosted The Rock Hop concert series in San Jose and saw airplay on Live 105 before playing their last (sold out!) show at Bottom Of...

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