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  • Yip Yops

    Yip Yops View Profile

    The YIP YOPS's 2016 release of its debut EP will be one of the most innovative sonic experiences to hit Alternative music. Jaded Culture writes "It’s the type of album that tickles your soul days after your first listen." "This is the type of album that will make you either dance along, or sit quietly while you reflect and analyze your life. It’s truly a de...

  • Ashton York

    Ashton York View Profile

    Ashton York is a Southern California based singer songwriter. Originally from a small town in the Bay Area, Ashton’s music reflects a slower pace through his melancholy melodies, thoughtful lyrics, and laid back tempos. His debut album, titled “You Are My Sanity”, is set to release Winter of 2017. It’s raw production and minimalistic approach lends to the heart of each song...

  • Dude York

    Dude York View Profile

    Walla Walla, Washington is known for a small handful of things. It’s home to Washington State Penitentiary, expensive wine, sweet onions, long hot summers, slow, cold winters, and approximately one taqueria per every 2500 residents. At five hours away from anything resembling a major city, it’s astoundingly isolated. And it was in this seclusion that pop enthusiasts Peter Richards and ...

  • Dwight York

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  • John York

    John York View Profile

    Currently working with Barry McGuire in "Trippin' The Sixties," John York is best known for his work as a member of the world-renowned Folk Rock/Country Rock group, the Byrds. John's vocal and instrumental talents have kept him in the company of such musical luminaries as Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark, Clarence White, Nicky Hopkins, Mac Rebenack (Dr. John,) Doug Sahm (The Sir Douglas Quintet,) Th...

  • Kate York

    Kate York View Profile

  • Libby York

    Libby York View Profile

  • Louis York

    Louis York View Profile

    After fifteen Saturdays spent in a studio, surrounded by bad Chinese food and good times, Louis York was born. The musical creation of Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony, their first album is not one genre. Or influence. Or thought. Or message. It’s an exploration of it all. When stepping behind the mic for the first time in their careers, the Grammy nominated songwriter and producer decided to ...

  • Masha York

    Masha York View Profile

    Masha has a country heart, a heavy metal soul, and a voice that resembles the hypnotic eye of a fierce hurricane. She began singing at age 11, and just a decade later, her haunting covers of popular radio singles were amassing millions of views on YouTube. Born in Latvia, raised in New Jersey, residing in Nashville, her list of musical influences is as long as her spirit is deep. This unique persp...

  • San York

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  • Sidney York

    Sidney York View Profile

    “Part glitzy pop, part avant-pop, and part fun” (More Than a Feeling), Sidney York began as the long-distance relationship of two former band geeks: opera singer Brandi Sidoryk and bassoonist Krista Wodelet. Joining forces to create an avant-pop renaissance of the unusual instruments they grew up with, Sidney York’s frontwomen deliver a live experience that rollercoasters from bubbly, clap-and-whi...

  • Sydney York

    Sydney York View Profile

    “Part glitzy pop, part avant-pop, and part fun” (More Than a Feeling), Sidney York began as the long-distance relationship of two former band geeks: opera singer Brandi Sidoryk and bassoonist Krista Wodelet. Joining forces to create an avant-pop renaissance of the unusual instruments they grew up with, Sidney York’s frontwomen deliver a live experience that rollercoasters from bubbly, clap-and-whi...

  • New York Funk Exchange

    New York Funk Exchange View Profile

    The New York Funk Exchange is a 9 piece original funk/soul band hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Since its inception in 2007, the NYFE has played more than 200 electrifying live shows all over the United States, sharing the stage with artists like Fred Wesley & the New JB’s, Galactic, Topaz, Melvin Seals, Martha and the Vandellas, Eddie Money, Damian Marley, Nas, and many others. The ...

  • New York Horns

    New York Horns View Profile

    NEW YORK HORNS is a horn section and band begun by trumpeter Chris Anderson and saxophonist John Isley in 1998. Their initial EP Tunnel Vision, released in 1999, was downloaded by over 350,000 fans worldwide on, and garnered them a loyal fanbase and critical acclaim. NYH remained busy recording and performing until 2003, when with both pursuing other projects, an almost 10 year hiatus...

  • New York Rifles

    New York Rifles View Profile

    If the sixties played the eighties and sounded like the seventies that may be the nut shell New York Rifles sit under, but as with the shell game played on the streets of New York, once you think you have them pinned down you find they're under another shell. Is this a swindle to take you for a dollar? Not if you understand that you're paying to watch the skill of the shell handler and be ...

  • Thom Yorke

    Thom Yorke View Profile

    Few rock singers of the '90s were as original and instantly unforgettable as Thom Yorke, as his band, Radiohead, became one of the biggest bands of the 21st century after making a career out of specializing in challenging and unpredictable rock. Born October 7, 1968, in Wellingborough, England, Yorke was born with a vision ailment: his left eye was paralyzed and shut until the age of six. He under...

  • The Yorks

    The Yorks View Profile

    A new band from Los Angeles that writes many songs and releases few. Download the first single for FREE on this page, or others like it.

  • Pete Yorn

    Pete Yorn View Profile

    New Jersey native Pete Yorn took a rather unique route to singer/songwriter acclaim, gaining his first big break by providing the score to a Farrelly Brothers film. Having graduated from Syracuse University several years prior, the 26-year-old pulled up stakes in 2000 and relocated to Los Angeles, CA, where he began writing music for film and television. Prospects increased when Yorn was recruited...

  • Color You

    Color You View Profile

    Color You is a dynamic and excited band based in sunny San Diego, CA. Ben Ross, Jeremy Turner, and Scott McGlathery formed the band in 2011. During the winter of 2010 Ben Ross was preparing for his summer 2011 solo tour. Ben had released a self made EP entitled “What They Say”. Ben contacted long time friend Jeremy Turner, who was living in their hometown of New Market, Alabama, and in...

  • Funk You

    Funk You View Profile

    Hailing from the East Side Georgia town of Augusta, Funk You is an outgoing burst of energy that is continually climbing their way to the top of the music scene. This "funk" oriented outfit projects multiple musical styles focusing mainly on dance driven grooves with powerful clean vocals. Incorporating intriguing musical composition, tasteful lyrics, and crowd captivating live performan...

  • Hey You

    Hey You View Profile

    HEY YOU! A mixture of power pop, glam rock, and songs that make your head bop! Made up of three dudes and one chick who bring a high energy, in your face act with songs that will be stuck in your head for days. And not to mention, they have a smokin’ hot lead singer with some pipes. These four hooligans have created an unstoppable & addictive pop/rock/punk mixture, so it is advised to quickly get ...

  • Oh You

    Oh You View Profile

  • Only You

    Only You View Profile

    Nostalgia + Angst

  • Thank You

    Thank You View Profile

    Good Vibes, Bad Vibes, You Know that We don't care.

  • Thank You 6

    Thank You 6 View Profile

        Thank You 6 is a high-energy dance-rock band born in Lexington Kentucky.  The four-piece band consists of Mike Holland (lead vocals, keys), Mike Cleary (vocals, guitar), Steve Dominick (vocals, bass), and Chris Woodall (vocals, drums).   Mixing trained vocal talent with raw rock emotion, TY6 is quickly putting their unique stamp on the southeast region. ...

  • Thank You and Goodbye

    Thank You and Goodbye View Profile

  • Yes You Are

    Yes You Are View Profile

  • Godspeed You Black Emperor

    Godspeed You Black Emperor View Profile

    Godspeed You! Black Emperor began with Efrim, Mauro and Moya in the early 90s, playing a handful of shows and recording a self-released cassette as a trio before deciding to transform the group into a large band. Recruiting numerous Montreal musicians through 1995-1996, GYBE mounted sense-rattling wall-of-sound performances, featuring as many as 14 musicians and several 16mm film projectors, be...

  • Can You Canoe

    Can You Canoe View Profile

    We are a band located in Arden, DE - just south of Philadelphia, in North WIlmington. We like what we do and we hope you will, too. New songs from our upcoming album are available now. Have a listen.

  • Strangers You Know

    Strangers You Know View Profile

    Strangers You Know is sonic collective out of Southern California, brought together by chance and kept together by similar musical interests. Despite this, it's the differences in musical backgrounds of each individual that create the unique and diverse sounds of the band. From folk to electronic, the group has explored the likes of both polarities and everything in between. The band, which co...

  •  You Me At Six

    You Me At Six View Profile

  •  You Say Party We Say Die

    You Say Party We Say Die View Profile

    Blending punky guitars and new wave synths in much the same way as fellow early MTV revivalists the Epoxies or Controller.Controller, the Canadian five-piece You Say Party! We Say Die! lean more toward the dance-rock side of the equation; indeed, with their two female singers and prominent thumping beats, they occasionally come across as a Martha & the Muffins for the new millennium. You Say Party...

  • Thank You Scientist

    Thank You Scientist View Profile

    We are a 7-headed monster.

  • So You Think You Can Dance

    So You Think You Can Dance View Profile

  • ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

    ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead View Profile

    ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead were formed in late 1994 by singers/guitarists/drummers Jason Reece and Conrad Keely, longtime friends who originally met in Hawaii before settling in the perennial indie hotbed of Olympia, WA, where Reece drummed for the notorious Mukilteo Fairies. After relocating together to Austin, TX, the duo began playing shows as "You Will Know Us by the Trail of...

  • Cities You Wish You Were From

    Cities You Wish You Were From View Profile

    Between the grit and twang of deep-south blues, and the cutting edge of post-punk, Cities You Wish You Were From has accidentally found their home. Elijah Jenkins (a native son of Arkansas by way of Bakersfield, CA) and his drummer and long time collaborator, Tyler Downie make up this two-piece, roots rock powerhouse.   Cities You Wish You Were From is most at home on stage, pourin...

  • Marlaina Youch & The Whiskey Daisies

    Marlaina Youch & The Whiskey Daisies View Profile

    Hi, I’m Marlaina! I am from beautiful the little town of Kenmore, WA. I have been singing since I could talk and writing music seriously for about 3 years now. For as long as I remember the only thing I have ever wanted to do is sing and perform for people. Being able to bring joy to people with music is why I love it so much! So many incredible musicians have had a huge positive influence o...

  • Christopher Youmans and The Sound Agency

    Christopher Youmans and The Sound Agency View Profile

    Chris Youmans was born in 1993 and grew up in Santa Cruz, CA.  He started learning bluegrass flatpicking guitar at age 5. Youmans grew up surrounded by an eclectic mix of music, from traditional Irish music to his dad’s record collection of classic rock bands and songwriters like James Taylor and Joni Mitchell.   As a teenager Youmans developed a love of gospel and soul ...

  • American Young

    American Young View Profile

    AMERICAN YOUNG BIO: Country Artists Jon Stone and Kristy Osmunson form the new country duo American Young. American Young. It’s more than a name. It’s a movement. A passion for music and more importantly it’s meaning. As artists, songsmiths, producers, and entertainers, Jon Stone and Kristy Osmunson define American Young this way. They are seasoned veterans on how music can inher...

  • Andrew Young

    Andrew Young View Profile

    Andrew Young is a 23 year old, Los Angeles based singer/songwriter. His music can be described as very chill, simple, pop, rock. He taught himself how to play the guitar at the age of 11 through books that contained lyrics and chords to his favorite songs. Eventually, Andrew started to write his own songs and perform them at talent shows and open mic nights. In 2012, he recorded his debut EP recor...

  • Avalon Young

    Avalon Young View Profile

  • Brett Young

    Brett Young View Profile

    Brett Young was born and raised in Orange County California where he grew up fascinated with classic voices like Al Green, Marvin Gaye, and Smokey Robinson, all of whom would eventually impact his sound. He began playing music in high school, where he lead worship every friday, but it wasn’t until a serious injury in college ended his baseball career that he began writ...

  • Christian Young

    Christian Young View Profile

    Christian is an American Contemporary and Blues Rock Singer/Songwriter who has been writing songs and playing guitar for over a decade. Deciding music was his passion at a young age but finding no support, he ventured all the way to the east coast where he honed his knack for performing during a stint in the military. Never losing sight of his goals, he attended Berklee Music and found himself bac...

  • Domi Young

    Domi Young View Profile

    Young, Broke & Brilliant 11-11-11!

  • E.N. Young

    E.N. Young View Profile

    E.N Young, born Ian Allan Young, is a roots musician born and raised on the USA/Mexico border in San Diego, California. E.N started playing piano at age 6, which was the beginning of his musical life. His parents bought him a white upright Samick Piano that he still records and plays on today. At age 12, he broke his left arm and the doctor recommended some physical activity to help recover. In re...

  • Em Young

    Em Young View Profile

    Raised in a small town in New Hampshire, the beauty of all that nature—her second true love to music—surged and empowered Em's creativity, allowing her to generate music with a strong sense of self and marvel. Em studied songwriting at Berklee College of Music where her sound had been described as, “Powerful alternative folk”. She is currently living in Charlotte, NC

  • Graham Young

    Graham Young View Profile

    Midwest native Graham Young blends his rural upbringing with his Chicago education to deliver songs cut with both soul and edge. After leading hometown band Orange Magic, Young headed to Chicago, where he helped found The Wild Family. Now a solo artist, Young delivers songs that are at the same time contemporary and enduring.

  • Griffin Young

    Griffin Young View Profile

  • Hee Young

    Hee Young View Profile

    A beautiful example of what music is all about” is how the UK’s THE MAG describes Hee Young’s debut EP ‘So Sudden.’ Produced by Saul Simon MacWilliams (Chris Garneau), mixed and mastered by Dan Romer (Ingrid Michaelson, Jenny Owen Youngs), and self-released in 2009, ‘So Sudden EP ’ was picked up by South Korea’s biggest Indie label Pastel Music in 2010. ‘Are You Still Waiting?’, the title track ...

  • Jackie Young

    Jackie Young View Profile

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