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  • Amanda X

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    With an uninhibited musical dynamic that could only be birthed from three friends, Amanda X delivers with ethereal vocal harmonies, heavy hits and solid guitar work. Formed in late spring of 2012, Amanda X’s members set to work and self-released their first EP on tape a few months later. The ladies finished their first full length with Jeff Zeigler of Uniform Recording in the dead of winter. Cu...

  • Crazy X

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  • Finding X

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    Bio: Finding X is an alternative rock band from the Loz Feliz area. Originally formed by long time friends Cole Terrazas (vocals) and Sean Fuqua (keyboards), Terrazas met Jackson Lewis and quickly recruited him to play guitar. To complete the four-piece, Terrazas invited fellow-classmate Mateo De Sousa (drums) soon afterwards. Combining their musical experience, Finding X bears a unique sound whil...

  • Gamelan X

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    "The Bay Area's own Funkadelic of ethnomusicology" (Todd Lavoie, SF Guardian) Drawing its inspiration from the clove and incense scented air of Bali, Indonesia, Gamelan X explores the sonic landscape of contemporary beleganjur gamelan to offer a wildly unique expression of both East and West. From the resonating sound of the gongs to the explosive drum beats and interlocking cymba...

  • KILL X

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    KILL X is a French guitarist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist (synthesizers, drums programming), and live performer,his music is a genuine combination of keyboards-driven electronic intertwined with hybrid drums and powerful guitars.

  • King's X

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  • Lady X

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    *LADY “X” a.k.a. "LX" (Rap Solo) – When an overwhelming presence walks into a room, there is no doubt that every other person in the room will focus on that overwhelming presence!  Have you witnessed it before?  If not, let me introduce you to “LX”.  When you have the pleasure to meet her in person you will feel the mysterious and yet charming...

  • Rated X

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  • Richard X

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    British producer Richard X was one of the progenitors of the bastard pop phenomenon of the early 2000s and a significant contributor to electronic dance-pop of that decade, parlaying the notoriety he gained for a series of underground mash-ups -- released under the alias Girls on Top -- into a recording contract and a successful career as a mainstream record producer and remixer. His productions t...

  • Static X

    Static X View Profile

    Static-X's roots trace to the Midwest, where vocalist/guitarist Wayne Static grew up in Michigan and drummer Ken Jay in Illinois. They ended up in Chicago separately and met at the record store where Jay worked, introduced to one another by Smashing Pumpkins vocalist Billy Corgan. Static and Jay decided to head west to California and start up a new band. Shortly after their arrival, Osaka native K...

  • Rudimental x Gorgon City

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  • Watsky X Infinity

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  • Maddi X Jordy X Music

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  • Love X Stereo

    Love X Stereo View Profile

    Love X Stereo is a Korean electro/alternative rock band comprising of Toby (guitar and producing) and Annie (vocal and synth). Plugging away since 1998, the team originally performed as part of the sk8 punk outfit known as Skrew Attack. Although Toby was the de facto leader, so many members came and went, the band barely triggered a blip on the media radar. However, when Annie jumped onboard in 20...

  • Duckwrth X The Kickdrums

    Duckwrth X The Kickdrums View Profile

    Brace yourself for the collaborative genius of Nowhere, the creative brainchild of Brooklyn based producer and alternative band The Kickdrums and bay-area rhymesayer Duckwrth, a bold and fearless project that blurs the lines between hip hop, alternative, rock and pop unlike anything you'll hear this year.   Both The Kickdrums' and Duckwrth's following continue to grow w...

  • Eman x Vlooper

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  • JayDaYoungan x Yungeen Ace

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  • Nathan Xander

    Nathan Xander View Profile

    Shifting around geographically over the years, from his small hometown of Union City, PA to Pittsburgh to Chicago, Nathan Xander lives in New York, where he’s been writing new material and playing shows. While many liken him to Neil Young, Nick Drake or Jason Molina, his unique finger picking and lyrics create a sound undeniably his own, drawing from a mix of every band that he’s ever ...

  • Monte Xannic

    Monte Xannic View Profile

    A solo project of Bryan Dixon, Monte Xannic began as a creative outlet for the songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Dixon, who had been a member of Softsilence and afterwards a Nashville songwriter, needed an escape from the plastic expectations of his label at the time. After recording a home demo of “We Are Never Alone”, a track steeped in anti class warfare and pro marijuana u...

  • Adrian Xavier

    Adrian Xavier View Profile

    Although listeners may immediately identify Adrian Xavier's songwriting as situated in the Reggae genre from the sound and potent messages, a careful listen can sail them through World fusions, elements of Folk, warm isles of smooth Soul, Dub, Jazz, even Rock and Hip-Hop, revealing an artist who is an intrepid traveler in the musical as well as geographic sense. With the 2004 release of the de...

  • Aeon Xavier

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  • Carlos Xavier

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  • Charles Xavier

    Charles Xavier View Profile

    The artistic demands of jazz music have always been the driving force behind the San Francisco Bay Area-based drummer/vibraphonist and composer Charles Xavier, although his music cannot be classified as jazz. Happy Note Records recording artist, Charles Xavier, aka: The XMan, released his latest CD, Perfect Mold, on Nov. 24th 2013. Perfect Mold, the fourth release that features Charles Xavi...

  • J Xavier

    J Xavier View Profile

    Young Houston rapper J Xavier had already achieved an impressive number of accomplishments in the entertainment industry while barely into his teens (or preteens for that matter), receiving recognition high and wide from Beyoncé's father and manager Mathew Knowles to the national Congressional Black Caucus. He even created and starred in his own TV show, Young Generation Television, where he ...

  • Jahn Xavier & The Bowerytones

    Jahn Xavier & The Bowerytones View Profile

    Jahn Xavier & The Bowerytones have been venturing through every New York City club of note in the last few years, while perfecting the songs featured on their forthcoming album "Yes, You", the release of which they will be celebrating tonight. Jahn has been part of the NYC music scene since helping to form (and then being thrown out of) local teen-punk band The Blessed in 1977. He jo...

  • Quinn XCII

    Quinn XCII View Profile

    Quinn XCII Bio     2017 continues to be a breakout year for the newcomer Detroit singer/songwriter, Quinn XCII. With his ability to seamlessly blur the lines between pop, electronic, hip-hop, and soul music, he has quickly paved his own lane with his unique sound.   An early mixtape release turned heads, but it was his debut EP Change of Scenery, released in 2...

  •  X-Ecutioners

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    New York-based turntable group the X-ecutioners were, along with San Francisco's Invisibl Skratch Piklz, among the first all-DJ outfits to sign a recording contract, and the first to release a full-length album focusing on the art of turntable tricknology. Formerly known as the X-Men (they changed their name, for copyright reasons, when they signed with the Asphodel label in 1997), the four-person...

  • The X-Ecutioners

    The X-Ecutioners View Profile

    New York-based turntable group the X-ecutioners were, along with San Francisco's Invisibl Skratch Piklz, among the first all-DJ outfits to sign a recording contract, and the first to release a full-length album focusing on the art of turntable tricknology. Formerly known as the X-Men (they changed their name, for copyright reasons, when they signed with the Asphodel label in 1997), the four-person...

  • Li Xi

    Li Xi View Profile

    “Carriages” is the lead single off of Li Xi’s forthcoming debut album, Meet Me Somewhere. Led by Maryann Tran and James Vernon, the San Francisco group messes around with vintage instruments to produce something that sounds decidedly old-school but also incredibly dynamic. The song is buoyantly carried along by a head-bopping, toe-tapping beat and Tran’s vocals . . . The so...

  • Leo Xia

    Leo Xia View Profile

    Leo Xia is a singer-songwriter from USC who primarily writes about self-love, Asian-American identity and intersectionality with social issues. Since arriving at USC, he has won awards at a variety of singing and talent competitions on campus such as 1st Place at the USC ISA iVoice Competition 2013 and also has had the honor of being a guest performer for many events on and off campus including US...

  • Evan Xie

    Evan Xie View Profile

    Evan Xie is a 9 year old piano virtuoso born in Charlotte North Carolina whose parents immigrated from China.  Evan has won every major piano competition in the South and continues to amaze his musical seniors by playing all the classical pieces from Mozart to Bach without the aid of sheet music.  He closes his eyes and sways back and forth at the keys reminiscent of Ray Charles.  L...

  • Louis XIV

    Louis XIV View Profile

    The core unit of San Diego's Louis XIV had originally played together in the rootsy, alt-rocking Convoy, which issued an album called Black Licorice in 2001. Having moved on by 2003, vocalist/guitarists Jason Hill and Brian Karscig and drummer Mark Maigaard hooked up with bassist Jimmy Armbrust and began fleshing out the Louis XIV concept -- irreverent, oversexed lyrics and songwriting that channe...

  • Junkie XL

    Junkie XL View Profile

    The big-beat electronica project Junkie XL was largely the work of Amsterdam-based remixer Tom Holkenborg, previously known for his work with acts like Nerve and Fear Factory. Beginning his career at the age of 14, Holkenborg initially played in area funk and reggae units, later switching to alternative rock; while working in a music store, he first began experimenting with synthesizers and techno...

  • Larry XL

    Larry XL View Profile

  • Summer XO

    Summer XO View Profile

    Summer XO is a girl. A girl who writes songs, then sings them while playing guitar, keyboard, and sometimes, ukulele. In the indie-pop style of Feist, Fiona Apple, and Ingrid Michaelson, the music is clear-voiced with an inevitable lyrical twist. When people ask what she sounds like, she usually says, "A girl." Her songs embody all the vulnerability, complexity, and strength of the female elem...

  • Xperience XP

    Xperience XP View Profile

    For the release of The Revelations [EP] (2013), Xperience is about to deliver a music video for his upcoming single “New Religion”. The video was shot in Brooklyn, NY and Seattle, WA with director Adam Besheer and cinematographer Adam Weiss (XXL Magazine Photographer).  A collaboration between Xperience and producer MTK, The Revelations [EP] (2013), is a dynamic new sound that ...

  • DJ X-Tina

    DJ X-Tina View Profile

    DJ XTINA DJ Xtina is the hottest up and coming DJ and MC on the East Coast, and the most prominent female DJ in Atlantic City. She is also a member of the elite BumSquad DJs, and the first female DJ in the region to be admitted. She makes frequent special guest appearances at the Pool After Dark Nightclub at Harrah’s, voted the #1 Mega Club in the United States and holds a residency ...

  • Brenda Xu

    Brenda Xu View Profile

    After releasing a debut EP and a full-length record in her hometown of San Diego to numerous accolades (including reviews in Performer Magazine and a nomination from the San Diego Music Awards), Brenda Xu (pronounced “shoo”) re-located to Seattle where she is currently preparing to release her second album. Her ethereal voice has been compared to artists such as PJ Harvey, Daughter, an...

  • Xu Xu Fang

    Xu Xu Fang View Profile

  • miRthkon xx

    miRthkon xx View Profile

    miRthkon is an amplified chamber ensemble masquerading as a rock band. This illusion is well maintained by the fact that from time to time they do, indeed, rock. Consisting of a core rock instrumentation of 2 guitars, bass, and drums, their unique sound is enhanced by the inclusion of two adept woodwind players covering a wide array of instruments including: piccolo, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet...

  • XX XX

    XX XX View Profile

    Starting in 2013, Red, Red Woods has been making music that fuses many different genres such as rock, funk, country, and lo-fi into their songs in hopes to please the ears of many listeners. Featuring Jacob Wright on vocals and guitar; Alyssa Solorio on vocals; Jon-Michael Lopez on lead guitar; Brandon Crow on bass; Satya Fuentes on keys; and Andre Aldana on the drums

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