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  • Kanye West

    Kanye West View Profile

    In the span of three short years, Kanye West went from hip-hop beatmaker to worldwide hitmaker, as his stellar production work for Jay-Z led to a major-label recording contract and, ultimately, a wildly successful solo career. West paired his beats with tongue-twisting raps and a self-assured, flamboyant personality. His dapper fashion sense set him apart from many of his rap peers, and his confid...

  • Melinda West

    Melinda West View Profile

    Melinda has been a performer in Los Angeles for over a decade. She's played in just about every type of band, from indie bands to hardcore to Irish folk and world folk. Then one day she decided to do merge it all into one, using her own songwriting to express the experiences. She is lucky enough to play with a wild cast of characters including violinist Edan Frye, percussionist Eric Johnson, and b...

  • Mercy West

    Mercy West View Profile

    Rock/pop/country duo out of Southern California. Sarah Jo lead vocal. Chris Nordlinger lead guitar.

  • Mosey West

    Mosey West View Profile

    Mosey West is an indie folk / psychedelic rock band from Fort Collins, CO. The three original members began playing music in garages and basements around town and formed the band in 2011. The band has independently released 2 EPs and is currently recording their third album.   Their debut EP, Vaca Money was released on September 30, 2011. Merica, the band's second EP and origin...

  • Rhiannon West

    Rhiannon West View Profile

    Hi y’all! My name is Rhiannon, and I was born in Sweet Home Alabama. My passion is writing songs and collaborating with fellow musicians that connect and affect people positively worldwide. Main musical influences growing up were as varied as a boiling pot of Gumbo, including but not limited to: Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Melissa Etheridge, Bonnie Raitt, Sting (& The Police), Jewel, Nirva...

  • Roy West

    Roy West View Profile

    Roy West is a Spaghetti Metal band from Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • Sarah West

    Sarah West View Profile

    Sarah West is a young, talented singer and songwriter from Denmark, recently signed to Randy Jackson. She's been singing since she was little - writing songs, playing piano and guitar starting at the age of 8. Sarah began putting songs online at the danish site in 2006, and quickly became a popular girl, she won the "unheard of" prize in 2008, and a lot of her european fans kno...

  • Sierra West

    Sierra West View Profile

    SIERRA WEST is a Connecticut born, singer/songwriter now residing in San Diego. She sold out the legendary Harvard Square venue, Club Passim, with the release of Hold Your Fire, echoing vocal qualities of songwriters like Jonathan Brooke and Brandi Carlisle. Sierra is listed in Music Connections Hot 100 Unsigned Artists and took home gold in The San Diego Songwriters Guild Annual Song Contest. Sh...


    STEVEN WEST View Profile

  • Ted West

    Ted West View Profile

    Ted grew up in Chicago and did his early performance work in theater in Philadelphia and New York.  His singing resulted from requests to perform in musicals, but he soon used his more rock and jazz based influences to develop a musical style all his own.  He teamed with Celine Dion's cellist Irina Chirkova, and jazz piano virtuoso Misha Piatirgorsky in 2013 to complete the hi...

  • Zacc West

    Zacc West View Profile

    Sir Zacc West. Member of the best metal band in socal: ALLURA. Part of Saint Rocke Fam. Shredtastic awesome dude. Party.

  • Johnzo West & The Wayward Souls

    Johnzo West & The Wayward Souls View Profile

    Johnzo West is a singer, songwriter and guitarist born and raised in the great state of Indiana and currently based out of Los Angeles, California. "The EP’s first single, 'It Ain’t Right', is a gorgeously meditative tune sporting lyrics like “and it takes aim to pierce the soul” and a warm Laurel Canyon vibe that should win over the heart of any Phosphore...

  • Nik West (feat. Prince drummer John Blackwell)

    Nik West (feat. Prince drummer John Blackwell) View Profile

    She sports a colorful mohawk shaped like a bass clef. With credits that include work for artists such as, Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame, Prince, Glee, and most recently, appearing as a special guest on American Idol, bassist, singer and songwriter Nik West is anything more than just another pretty face. Noted music journalist Alex Henderson (Billboard) sums West’s incredible talent up s...

  • The West Coast Bouncers

    The West Coast Bouncers View Profile

    Individually these two have conquered modern music. From underground dance to classic rock, these two super DJ/Producers have energized every note and beat possible. But together they form one of the newest and most watched production teams of today “The West Coast Bouncers” featuring guest vocalists Fatman Scoop & Blake Lewis will soon be a name to surpass the countless number of awarded songs an...

  • Morgan West Coast Hearts

    Morgan West Coast Hearts View Profile

  • The West Coast Ramblers

    The West Coast Ramblers View Profile

    The West Coast Ramblers are a Western Swing band from the San Francisco bay area. A finely polished and sophisticated hot string band fueled with lightning speed and infectious strumming! The 'Ramblers capture that late-40's/early-50's California Western Swing sound made popular by performers like Tex Williams, Hank Penny, and Billy Jack Wills. Hip arrangements, twin guitar parts, and ...

  • New West Guitar Group

    New West Guitar Group View Profile

    Featuring guitarists Perry Smith (NYC) John Storie (LA) and Will Brahm (LA), they perform recognizable covers, jazz standards and exciting originals. Their signature sound comes from an innovative style that highlights rhythm, beauty and virtuosity through combining acoustic and electric guitars. Smith and Storie founded the group in 2005 and today they continue to tour as a trio with Brahm t...

  • Adrian West Trio

    Adrian West Trio View Profile

    The Adrian West Trio brings you original acoustic rock, West-African, classical, jazz, Cajun and Celtic styles fueled by 6-string electric violin, electric guitar, bass, drums, vocal harmonies and seamless, live "looping”. An infectious mix of original songs, instrumentals and maybe a couple covers.   Adrian's first instrument was violin but he later took up drums, g...

  • Go West Young Man

    Go West Young Man View Profile

    Go West Young Man started as the musical project of Damin Suarez and Matt Nakamura in 2005. Later guitarist Joe Edwards was added with the help of Charles Gray on bass. Adrian Prieto later joined on bass with David Mayer on guitar. Still doin our thing. "Historians may be torn over who coined the phrase “Go west young man”, Horace Greeley or John Soule, or hell, if either of them...

  • The Westchester Stabwounds

    The Westchester Stabwounds View Profile

  • Suzanne Westenhoefer

    Suzanne Westenhoefer View Profile

    What words best describe Comedian Suzanne Westenhoefer? How about bold, bawdy, and just plain hilarious? Not afraid to ask tough questions that uncover the laughs underneath, Suzanne’s made a career out of telling the truth. And the truth is, life is funny. And now, Suzanne takes it to the road one more time with her upcoming tour, most appropriately named, “Totally Inappropriate.&rdq...

  • Paul Westerberg

    Paul Westerberg View Profile

    After disbanding the Replacements in 1991, singer/songwriter Paul Westerberg resurfaced the following year with two songs on the Singles soundtrack. A year later, Westerberg released his first solo album, 14 Songs, in the summer of 1993. Although the record received generally positive reviews and spawned the modern rock hit "World Class Fad," the album failed to break the songwriter into the mains...

  • Nate Westerfield

    Nate Westerfield View Profile

  • Matt Westerman

    Matt Westerman View Profile

    Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Matt Westerman writes upbeat acoustic pop songs with a positive, compassionate message meant to uplift and inspire listeners everywhere. His debut record, “Life Out Loud” (due out this fall), is a musical manifestation of the phrase “carpe diem,” that shines with all the inherent bravery needed to live life to the fullest. The EP showc...

  • The Westet

    The Westet View Profile

    The Westet was founded in the summer of 2010 by Andrew Haynie, Dan Gabrieli, and Nick West. In their first year they found a drummer and became a quartet. As time went on they changed their drummer to Alec Zopf and expanded their sound with Cyril Bavier and Ben Zoll. These three incredibly talented musicians played a large role in molding the sound The Westet carries today. No longer a quartet th...

  • Your Westies

    Your Westies View Profile

  • Aaron Westly

    Aaron Westly View Profile

  • Riley Weston

    Riley Weston View Profile

    Riley Weston is one very busy up ‘n coming country music artist! She most recently opened up for Lee Brice and Montgomery Gentry! Her original Christmas song, A COUNTRY KIND OF CHRISTMAS, will be featured with her singing it on an upcoming Holiday episode of House Hunters.   Riley has also worked as an actress and writer. She has had supporting leads in a few films and TV movies, and...

  • Will Weston

    Will Weston View Profile

    Will Weston is a San Francisco-based songwriter and guitarist exported from humble roots in Maui, Hawaii. Weston's early exposure to rhythm and blues met with an attraction toward guitar-led rock and pop music. Relocating to the Bay Area, Weston recorded his debut album in 2012 (Quiet, Sirens") forming the roots of his current rhythm section and enjoying a string of live shows and outp...

  • Cody Weston Atkins

    Cody Weston Atkins View Profile

  • Clint Westwood

    Clint Westwood View Profile

    Bio: Clint 'Westwood' Sobolik is an independent artist native of the San Francisco Bay Area and co-founder/member of many diverse bands such as Whiskey Avengers, Language Arts Crew and Trashkannon. A veteran performer on bass, banjo, guitar and vocals he also writes, records and produces the majority of his music and is available for performance, co-writing and session work. Clint also plays as...

  • Jennifer Westwood

    Jennifer Westwood View Profile

    "Metromix first encountered Jennifer Westwood while wandering around the Berkley Arts Festival. Westwood was playing an acoustic set and our attention was immediately pulled away from the handicrafts that were on display that day to the infectious sounds from the musician on the street. Westwood’s voice overcame the weak sound system and soared... It was also notable that she’s a pretty flash guit...

  • The Wet Boys

    The Wet Boys View Profile

    Uniting from all corners of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront's underground scene, The Wet Boys have arrived to deliver a stripped-down, raw, swampy acoustic sound tempered with unbridled punk rock energy. Led by the attention-demanding antics of front man Tomahawk Brock, The Wet Boys quickly became stalwarts of the Virginia Beach-Norfolk underground music scenes with their signature full-throttle liv...

  • Kenzie Wetz

    Kenzie Wetz View Profile

  • Juliet Weybret

    Juliet Weybret View Profile

  • Jackson Whalan

    Jackson Whalan View Profile

    Jackson Whalan creates a refreshing blend of hip-hop, world, soul, and electronic bass music, made from the heart to uplift the human spirit. Jackson, also known as Ty or Tynan, is A skilled rapper, DJ, producer, and co-founding member of the live band Technicolor Lenses (Brooklyn, NY). Recording music and rapping since his early teens, Jackson is highly evolved in his fearless and energetic expre...

  • Bikini Whale

    Bikini Whale View Profile

    Bikini Whale is New England's premier B-52s experience! Based out of Boston, the band plays spot on, high-energy versions of all your favorite B-52s classics. Grab your wigs and dancing shoes and come dance your mess around! Feturing: Michael A. Jordan as Fred, Lisa McColgan as Cindy, Ashley Willard as Kate, Kevin Coombs as Ricky, Joshua Pickering as Keith, Carolyn Corella as Sara Lee

  • Chiller Whale

    Chiller Whale View Profile

    "This Libra out of San Francisco, California would much rather be a Chiller Whale. In the vast, blue sea, there is but one & only one Chiller Whale, and it seems he grew some land legs and has taken to the decks. This connoisseur of all things future has got quite the ear. Taking you on a deep sea exploration of all things chill, purple, and down right sexy, his on point mixing seamles...

  • Killer Whale

    Killer Whale View Profile

    "Somewhere between the rustic Louisiana lifeblood and the dreamy California surf lies Killer Whale. Coming from the brainchild of singer-songwriter Thomas Johnson, this newest project from the Baton Rouge native emerged under the radar in late 2013. Killer Whale performed in different formations in and around Austin, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge before slipping into the studio to record th...

  • Freelance Whales

    Freelance Whales View Profile

    The handclapping indie pop of Freelance Whales was born on the streets and subways of New York City after the band's formation in Queens at the end of 2008. After amassing a collection of miscellaneous instruments, including a harmonium and waterphone, frontman Judah Dadone enlisted the help of fellow musicians Kevin Read, Doris Cellar, Jake Hyman, and Chuck Criss to realize his D.I.Y.-sounding, f...

  • Tom Whall

    Tom Whall View Profile

  • The Whammy Band

    The Whammy Band View Profile

    The names Slim Jim Phantom , Tim Polecat and Jonny Bowler are synonymous with rockabilly hits. They have secured their place as true rock n roll icons. Phantom, as the legendary drummer for the Stray Cats, Tim Polecat, lead singer of The Polecats and Jonny Bowler bass player for the Guana Batz ,they are part of the select few who were instrumental in reintroducing rockabilly into pop culture, prov...

  • Suzanne Whang

    Suzanne Whang View Profile

    Suzanne Whang was the host of House Hunters, the #1 rated show on HGTV (Home & Garden Television Network) for almost ten years, and she also hosted the hit spinoff show, House Hunters International. She was the host of GSN Live on the Game Show Network and Dick Clark’s co-host on TV’s Censored Bloopers for NBC. She was a field host/fill-in co-host for FOX ...

  • Sonny Wharton

    Sonny Wharton View Profile

  • So What

    So What View Profile

  • Say What?

    Say What? View Profile

  • The What-ifs

    The What-ifs View Profile

  • Mark Wheatle

    Mark Wheatle View Profile

    Mark Wheatle is an actor and comedian who has appeared in many different roles including The John Laroquette Show, Seinfeld, and Living Single.

  • Achilles Wheel

    Achilles Wheel View Profile

    Achilles Wheel is a high energy Roots and World music/Rock and Roll band from Northern California, featuring award winning songwriting played on numerous stringed instruments and a whole truck load of drums. In the wake of their breakout performance at the 2012 Kate Wolf Music Festival, the band has been burning up stages all across California and is poised to travel much further in...

  • Catherine Wheel

    Catherine Wheel View Profile

    By using their influences as a mere launching pad and consistently developing their many strengths, Catherine Wheel was able to outlast all of their early peers. With their initial singles and first album, the band from East Anglia fit snugly with the remainder of bands that the British press eventually labeled as shoegazers, a short-lived sub-scene of bands that were characterized by an inactive ...

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