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  • Jason Weems

    Jason Weems View Profile

    A native of Baltimore City, Jason Weems is striving to become a comedic great. He’s spent many years working with kindergartners, which has left him with severe panic attacks and has shaped his humor in a very unique way. His very engaging & conversational style on stage leaves audiences feeling like they’ve just finished talking to a close friend, and it simultaneously acts as ...

  • The Weepies

    The Weepies View Profile

    Singer-songwriters Deb Talan & Steve Tannen began writing together the night they met, and soon formed indie band The Weepies. On the strength of their simple yet insightful songwriting and distinctive harmonies, they quietly sold more than a million records, with over 17 million streams on Spotify, and 20 million views on YouTube. They married and had three children, rarely touring but c...

  •  Weerd Science

    Weerd Science View Profile

    Weerd Science is the hip hop alter-ego of Coheed and Cambira drummer Joshua Eppard. Not simply a vanity project from the young rocker, his debut album Friends and Nervous Breakdowns was released in March 2005 and is the culmination of 10 years experience as a rapper and bedroom hip hop producer. Hailing from Kingston, New York Weerd Science adds a small-town perspective to the usual chorus of inne...

  • Yung Weev

    Yung Weev View Profile

  • Wu Wei

    Wu Wei View Profile

    Wu Wei, a name derived from the Taoist path of non-action, has tapped into a universal song and brought its melodies into the physical realm. The result is a uniquely unifying effect, transcending language and cultural identity to remind the rest of humanity of their fundamental unity. The 21-year-old Los Angeles to Humboldt County transplant has spent his recent years perfecting his attenuation t...

  • Femke Weidema

    Femke Weidema View Profile

  • Martina Weidenmo

    Martina Weidenmo View Profile

    Born and raised in the south of Sweden, Martina’s interest in acting began at age 11 when she started taking acting classes in her free time. Shortly after that, she made the plan to some day in the future study acting in Los Angeles. Holding on to that plan, after graduating from a 3 year theater program in Sweden, she became a fulltime student in the Stella Adler 2 year program in Los Angeles at...

  • The Weight

    The Weight View Profile

    Replicating the music of The Band is a tall order. But interpreting the music of The Band is an art. Songs that have reverberated across history for decades continue to speak to millions of us. And The Weight, a five-piece ensemble featuring Jim Weider and Randy Ciarlante from The Band, Brian Mitchell and Byron Isaacs of the Levon Helm Band and Marty Grebb, who worked with RickDanko and Richa...

  • The Weight Boys Band

    The Weight Boys Band View Profile

    The Weight Boys Band started as a fictional barroom jug band, created for a number of full-length plays written by Stephanie Dodd. As these plays went into workshop and then full performance, The Weight Boys Band took on a number of members, spun a number of songs and now exists as a separate entity in its own right. There is a revolving door of players that come and go as time sees fit; but The W...

  • Scott Weiland

    Scott Weiland View Profile

  • Jess Weimer

    Jess Weimer View Profile

    Jess Weimer is a singer, song-writer, violinist, guitarist, part-time rapper, and a traveler of the yellow brick road. She hails from the Land of Oz (aka Kansas) and has a passion for performing. She has a background in orchestra, musical theater, and Bluegrass-fiddle bands. Jess' inspirations vary from Ella Fitzgerald and Patsy Cline to Lorde and Ingrid Michaelson. If you see a fiddler on the...

  • Brent Weinbach

    Brent Weinbach View Profile

    Brent began his comedy career in the underground San Francisco scene, but now tours all over the United States at clubs, colleges, festivals, and theatres. Brent was a winner and recipient of the Andy Kaufman Award at the HBO Comedy Festival, which is given out once a year to recognize innovation in stand-up comedy.  He has appeared on Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham” ...

  • Nate Weiner

    Nate Weiner View Profile

  • Michael Weingartner

    Michael Weingartner View Profile

    Michael Weingartner has done just about everything in the entertainment business except receive an invitation to the Vanity Fair party on Oscar night. He can list a little bit of everything in his credits: Producer for NBC, Commentator for VH1 and A & E, Horror film star, Online host, Stand-up comic with international credits, Sirius Satellite Radio host and he was even a Russian auto me...

  • Jeremy Weinglass

    Jeremy Weinglass View Profile

    Jeremy Weinglass is an award-winning, classically trained pianist who connects deeply with his audience inspiring emotion and creative energy with soul-piercing intensity. He has been performing professionally since the age of 12 and evokes a melodic modern classical style that makes him instantly recognizable.  In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Jeremy will be perform...

  • Matt Weinhold

    Matt Weinhold View Profile

    1. Matt has been doing stand up comedy for over 16 years. Hey, being funny takes time. 2. Matt has headlined at comedy clubs, colleges, private functions, and sci fi conventions all across America. He is available for hire but will no longer accept being paid in cocaine. ...

  • Aubrie Weinholt

    Aubrie Weinholt View Profile

    Born in Baltimore, Maryland, and growing up in a small town in South Eastern Pennsylvania, Aubrie started studying piano when she was 6 years old.  Aubrie moved to Los Angeles and studied music and theatre arts at Loyola Marymount University where she got her degree in Music Composition.  She has played in bands such as, The Break Ups, California Gold Rush, and with solo artis...

  • Irwin Weinstein

    Irwin Weinstein View Profile

  • Noam Weinstein

    Noam Weinstein View Profile

    Called "thrilling" by The Nashville Rage, "delightful" by The Boston Phoenix, and "utterly unique" by Performing Songwriter, Noam Weinstein is rapidly becoming one of the most talked-about artists in this paragraph. The Boston-born, New York-bred, Puerto Rico-visited artist’s latest studio album, On Waves, features an all-star band delivering fourteen new songs ...

  • Rob Weinstein

    Rob Weinstein View Profile

    In 2008 Rob worked as a comedy consultant and writer on a new 23-million dollar production for the world's top live entertainment company Cirque du Soleil. Rob is the only comedian Cirque has ever hired to create spoken comedy material for one of their shows. Rob's 2007 Father's Day comedy radio commercial and satellite media tour for Jockey™ apparel was heard by close to 20-million ...

  • Tripp Weir

    Tripp Weir View Profile

  • Platinum Weird

    Platinum Weird View Profile

    The story behind Platinum Weird began when pop songwriter Kara DioGuardi was sent to England by Interscope exec Jimmy Iovine to write for the Pussycat Dolls with former Eurythmics member and fellow songwriter Dave Stewart. Though the meeting didn't produce anything for the expressed purpose, they did end up creating their own material -- material that Iovine liked enough to have them make an entir...

  •  Weird Al Yankovic

    Weird Al Yankovic View Profile

  • Black Weirdo

    Black Weirdo View Profile

    Black Weirdo is an entity which allows Blackness to be celebrated and appreciated in all facets on Earth and through-out the universe.    Black Weirdo started in 2008 with the creation of the THEESatisfaction website. It was a blog to document different amazing things taking place in Black culture that attracted our eyes. Within the next few years Black Weirdo expanded to incl...

  • Emily Weisband

    Emily Weisband View Profile

  • Barry Weisenberg

    Barry Weisenberg View Profile

  • The Weisenheimers

    The Weisenheimers View Profile

    Founded in 1997 the Weisenheimers have been pioneering improv in Omaha since they were teenagers. A short form or game sty;e improv group the Weisenheimers perform a fast paced show much like Whose Line is it Anyway…?   Their shows are always high energy and hilarious! Pop-culture, current events and 18th century Russian literature will all get the Weisenheimer treatment!

  • Jill Weiser

    Jill Weiser View Profile

    Jill Weiser is a fresh new face on the music scene, an up and coming singer/songwriter born and raised in Los Angeles. With a talent for writing unique poetic metaphorical lyrics Jill allows the listener to connect to her journey through the struggles of love, relationships, and life. Perhaps Jill’s most prominent talent lies in her onstage presence and ability to connect with her audience in a li...

  • Jake Weisman

    Jake Weisman View Profile

    Jake Weisman is a comedian in Los Angeles, CA. He has two podcasts, one called Cats and Pussy and another one called The Morning After...Podcast.  He also has a sketch group called WOMEN. He loves cats and he thinks people are attractive.

  • Allison Weiss

    Allison Weiss View Profile

    Allison Weiss is a New York-based indie-pop singer-songwriter. In late 2009, Weiss created a Kickstarter project to press her first full-length. After reaching her goal in 10 hours and tripling it over 2 months, she became a poster child for internet promotion and appeared in The New York Times, Wired Magazine, and as a panelist at SXSW 2010.   Weiss first picked up a guitar at age...

  • Jonathan Weiss

    Jonathan Weiss View Profile

    Jonathan began his career as an A&R Representative at Capitol Records and after 4 years he moved into publishing as a creative manager at MCA Music (Universal).  Three years later he went independent by starting his own Music Supervision company  and worked on such shows as CBS' The Education of Max Bickford, NBC's U.C. Undercover, MTV's Celebrity U...

  • Lance Weiss

    Lance Weiss View Profile

     Lance Weiss Lance Weiss’ unique sense of humor and comedic timing have made him one of the most requested comedians performing on the New York City scene today. Time after time, Lance has proven that he is a valiant force in the entertainment industry and his career is destined for stardom. Lance began his career as a cast member of the improv troupe GPIG while attending Georgetown U...

  • Larry Weiss

    Larry Weiss View Profile

  • Mike Weiss

    Mike Weiss View Profile

    MIKE WEISS is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, California. You can see him LIVE at The House of Blues Sunset Strip, The Hotel Cafe, The Viper Room, Molly Malones or Genghis Cohen.

  • David Weiss & Point of Departure

    David Weiss & Point of Departure View Profile

  • Dallison Weitz

    Dallison Weitz View Profile

  • Dustin Welch

    Dustin Welch View Profile

  • Kai Welch

    Kai Welch View Profile

  • Kevin Welch

    Kevin Welch View Profile

  • Savannah Welch

    Savannah Welch View Profile

  • The Welch Brothers

    The Welch Brothers View Profile

    The Welch Brothers, Jeremiah Allen Welch and Gabriel Welch, are an artist duo living and working in San Francisco. The Welch Brothers were born in Visalia, CA into an artistic family. Their father was a muralist and sign painter and their mother and oldest sister started a clowning business. As children, sketchbooks, legos and costumes from their family's clowning business supplied an endle...

  • Matt Welcome

    Matt Welcome View Profile

    Matt Welcome is an established headline act on the UK comedy circuit with TV credits to his name that include 'LIVE AT JONGLEURS' (ITV).Matt took a couple of years out recently to 'find himself' and is now back performing, fresher and sharper than ever !!! He took a sell-out show called 'What you can do' to the EDINBURGH FESTIVAL in 1996 and became a favourite headline act at JONGLEURS com...

  • The Welcome Matt

    The Welcome Matt View Profile

    MATT LANGLOIS here. I am an indie rock, folk singing, song writing, poet originally from New England turned longtime San Francisco resident. I’ve been wandering the earth, performing in endless cafés, bars, living rooms and clubs while setting tile, living off my downloads, gig money and somehow surviving life in the San Francisco underground. I haven’t gotten kicked out of town…yet. I’m sti...

  • The Welcome Party

    The Welcome Party View Profile

  • Julia Weldon

    Julia Weldon View Profile

    Light Is a Ghost is the follow up to Brooklyn indie-folk-pop artist Julia Weldon’s 2008 self-titled debut. Produced by Saul MacWilliams (Ingrid Michaelson, Dan Romer) and featuring Adam Christgau (Sia, Tegan and Sara) on drums, the album showcases Weldon’s storytelling, voice, and unmistakable charisma. Defined by its brash honesty, Light Is a Ghost is an American album in the ...

  • Mike Weldon

    Mike Weldon View Profile

    Mike started his career in Texas where he honed his skills in comedy, impressions, and story telling. Going to Mike’s show is like, having your own demented guide into the world where everything does not need to be taken so seriously.

  • Will Weldon

    Will Weldon View Profile

    Will Weldon murdered your family. Avenge them! He's also a comedian from Los Angeles who you will most likely find very funny, assuming you're not into that kind of comedy (you know what I mean.) He has a website as well as a blog and even, amazingly, a twitter account! So essentially, he is just like every comedian under the age of 75. Come see him.

  • Honey Well

    Honey Well View Profile

    "Honey Well" is a top-notch band, who's sound is best described as Classic Rock, with blues, soul and jazz-fusion overtones. They are a coalition of powerful vocals and masterful guitars, piano and drums; simply a vessel for high quality music. The band has a lot of experience touring and performing live locally, nationally and internationally. The musical prowess of the band has caught the inter...

  • Live Well

    Live Well View Profile

    Live Well is an emotional punk band from the greater New York area. The music is Nostalgic and feel good, with deep rooted lyrics.

  • The Well Pennies

    The Well Pennies View Profile

    THE WELL PENNIES are a Folk/Pop duo from Los Angeles consisting of husband and wife team Bryan & Sarah Vanderpool. The pair met in Boston while supporting each other’s solo sets at popular venues like Club Passim, Lizard Lounge, and The Middle East. They fell in love, ran away to California and released their debut EP that was met with critical acclaim from press like Interview Magazine,...

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