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  • Bitter Valentines

    Bitter Valentines View Profile

    Bitter Valentines was founded in Queens NY in February 14 2012. Founded by Der Torreg and a Long Island drummer in search for a new project. In the next few months the project developed and the first 8 tracks came to life. In September Rob  joined the band as the lead guitar and in October 2012 the lineup was completed with Matt on bass guitar. In January 2013 Takauki Pino joined BV on...

  • Nick Valentini Collective

    Nick Valentini Collective View Profile

    Your friendly neighborhood psychedlic fusion jam band secretly from the future

  • Bobby Valentino

    Bobby Valentino View Profile

    Born Bobby Wilson in Mississippi but raised in Atlanta, smooth R&B crooner Bobby V -- known as Bobby Valentino until a lawsuit from a British performer of the same name -- had a hard time convincing his skeptical parents that the music business was the place for him. When the 16-year-old Wilson hooked up with the Organized Noize Productions team, his parents knew he was serious and that his dream ...

  • Keeley Valentino

    Keeley Valentino View Profile

    Keeley Valentino’s sound is a soulfully electric and joyful flavor of folk-pop that lives somewhere amongst the innocence of Colby Caillat, the sexiness of Norah Jones and the lyrical depth of Lisa Loeb. But she infuses that space with a fresh and dynamic style uniquely her own.   Her career highlights include: releasing two independent records produced by Matt Mangano (John...

  • Dina Valenz

    Dina Valenz View Profile

  • Jesse Valenzuela

    Jesse Valenzuela View Profile

    As a founding member of the Gin Blossoms, Jesse Valenzuela was responsible for writing or co-writing five of the band's Top 40 hits, including the #1 single "Til Ihear it from you". As a songwriter and performer Valenzuela has sold in excess of 10 million records worldwide. In addition to his career in the Gin Blossoms, Jesse has written, produced and performed with a wide-ranging va...

  • Murray Valeriano

    Murray Valeriano View Profile

    MURRAY VALERIANO got his start in comedy at the world famous Ice House Comedy Club in Pasadena, California. During that time, Murray honed his writing and performing skills as a stand up and by performing with his sketch group HERE COMES THE NEIGHBORHOOD. Inevitably word got out about Murray and television came calling. He signed a deal to shoot a half hour pilot based on his sketch show and stand...

  • Brother Valiant

    Brother Valiant View Profile

    Brother Valiant, formed in September of 2012, began with just a few friends writing folk songs in a small suburban pocket of northern New Jersey. It has since grown into an 8-piece collective that blends nuances of Bluegrass, Folk, Rock and Roots music into a patchwork of catchy riffs and intense hooks. Their instrumentation creates a unique harmony, illustrating a jubilant display of both old and...

  • DJ Valida (KCRW)

    DJ Valida (KCRW) View Profile

  •  Valient Thorr

    Valient Thorr View Profile

    According to frontman Valient Himself, hard-rocking metal outfit Valient Thorr were birthed on the planet Venus several millennia ago, hopscotching across the space-time continuum before finally arriving on Earth in 1957. Upon crashing in North Carolina, their time-travel machine was stolen by Walt Disney, and so the group (guitarists Eidan Thorr and Odinn Thorr, bassist Dr. Professor Nitewolf Str...

  • Kristian Vallee

    Kristian Vallee View Profile

      Kristian Vallée spent six years as a middle school teacher, then transitioned into stand-up comedy and public speaking we he realized he was too funny to be even remotely educational.   In his time on stage he has convinced the powers that be to put him on Comedy Central, the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, SíTV, and the Game Show Network.  You c...

  • Vanish Valley

    Vanish Valley View Profile

    Blending elements of folk, country and psychedelic rock, Vanish Valley ramble their way through hushed landscapes and into roll-your-window-down backcountry cruises.  The band is set to release their 3rd album "Queen of the Concert" this spring.  Recorded in a flash of less than a week with Grammy Award winning Engineer David Bianco (Bob Dylan/Tom Petty/Teenage Fan Club)...

  • Young Valley

    Young Valley View Profile

    Ideas had grown cold about forming a "back-up country" band for frontman, Zach Lovett. "Z" had become a household name in the Mississippi singer-songwriter conversations and was wanting to explore some new options and considered the idea of having a band to accompany his songs. With the frazzling out of their ensemble based Mississippi Delta folk-grass band, Dandy & the ...

  • Death Valley Girls

    Death Valley Girls View Profile

    It’s easy to mistake Death Valley Girls for a biker gang. First of all, the members of this snarling garage-rock quartet all look like they jumped out from the pages of Karlheinz Weinberger’s Rebel Youth (an amazing book documenting ’50s and ’60s juvenile gangs). And at any one of their shows, a row of ratty, raked-out choppers can be seen lined up in classic motorcycle-...

  • Sarah Valley Rose

    Sarah Valley Rose View Profile

  • A Valley Son

    A Valley Son View Profile

  • Death Valley Wreckers

    Death Valley Wreckers View Profile

    Eagles, Alabama, Maroon 5, Fun, Eric Church, Florida-Georgia Line, Steve Miller Band, Toto, Journey, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Stevie Wonder, Marshall Tucker, Eli Young, Zac Brown Band, Keith Urban, The Lumineers, Brian Adams, Bon Jovi, Kid Rock, Doobie Brothers, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Don Henley, Jimmy Buffet, Little River Band, Pink, Rolling Stones, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Outfield, Tom Petty and the Hea...

  • Carmen Vallone

    Carmen Vallone View Profile

    Carmen has a distinct perspective, a happily twisted version of everyday life. This Italian from New York (up state), has an enthusiastic deliverance of why he wants to start smoking, the best place to be homeless, and being a Italian dolphin trainer. Carmen has appeared on HBO, Last Comic Standing and in Jamie Kennedy’s HECKLER movie.

  • Linda Valori

    Linda Valori View Profile

  • The Values

    The Values View Profile

  • Mr Vampire

    Mr Vampire View Profile

    MRVAMPIRE is a gleefully apocalyptic rock ‘n’ roll conglomerate from the sunny beaches of Venice, CA, established in 2015. MRVAMPIRE is composed of Kace DeOrdio (Drums), Leonardo Christov-Moore (Vox/Rhythm Guitar), Gene Ketcherside (Bass) and Boris Revechkis (Lead Guitar/Vox). Our influences include Tom Waits, Nina Simone, The Cramps, Pixies, Pus...

  • Blk Vampires

    Blk Vampires View Profile

    blkVampires is THE band from New York City. In 2009 singer Forrest Thinner formed the group using six musicians from six other NYC bands. Although they were all part of the local music scene, these musicians had never played together before. Forrest knew that a new sound and image needed to be created. Something fresh, new and innovative. Something never heard or seen before.

  • Sadie Rose Van

    Sadie Rose Van View Profile

    At the very tender age of 16, Sadie Rose has already built an impressive resume. Most notably, earning a spot on American Idol Season 13. In which she made it through all of Hollywood Week and into the top 48. This was a defining moment in her young singing career. The experience of American Idol has sparked an inextinguishable flame of songwriting and live performances. Currently, Sadie R...

  • Nate Van Allen

    Nate Van Allen View Profile

  • The Van Allen Belt

    The Van Allen Belt View Profile

    The Van Allen Belt is the pop concept of multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Benjamin Ferris. The project enlivens a style of patchwork storytelling in an experimental electronic environment as fronted by vocalist Tamar Kamin, and engineered by sound designer Scott Taylor.

  • Camper Van Beethoven

    Camper Van Beethoven View Profile

    We didn't want to jump right back in and make that 'Bad Reunion Record' that most bands make when they try to reform. We were more concerned with getting used to each other and figuring out that we could still make music together, before we made a big deal out of announcing that we were back." So says David Lowery of the extended gestation period that preceded New Roman Tim...

  • Armin van Buuren

    Armin van Buuren View Profile

    Armin van Buuren has been named number one in the prestigious DJ MAG Top 100 poll four times in a row, as the first DJ in the history of the DJ Magazine and an indication of his prolific output over the more than 14 years he’s been dj’ing and producing. Being the official World’s Most Popular DJ is just one of his many achievements, but the driving force behind his success...

  • Felix van Cleeff

    Felix van Cleeff View Profile

  • St. Van Cortlandt & the 101

    St. Van Cortlandt & the 101 View Profile

  • St. Van Cortlandt and the 101

    St. Van Cortlandt and the 101 View Profile

  • Charles Van Deventer

    Charles Van Deventer View Profile

    Charles Van Deventer is a standup comedian who has been performing to packed houses for years.

  • Joel Van Dijk

    Joel Van Dijk View Profile

  • Sander Van Doorn

    Sander Van Doorn View Profile

     (born Sander Ketelaars on 28 February 1979 in Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands) is a Dutch trance music DJ and producer. He is listed at DJMag's top 100 djs list, debuting at #32 in 2006, then moving up to #13 in 2008, being #10 in 2009 and currently listed at #12 in the world. Another dance music poll, TranceAddict TOP 250 shows Sander at #5 in their rankings. Sander hosts Ide...

  • Paul van Dyk

    Paul van Dyk View Profile

    A Grammy nominee, recipient of many superlative honors and seller of millions of records worldwide—is returning to Los Angeles.  On Sunday, April 22 in support of his new album EVOLUTION, he heads to Hollywood for a late night set at Playhouse where he’ll give his fans a chance to experience his new music in an intimate environment. EVOLUTION is his sixth album overall in h...

  • Dick Van Dyke

    Dick Van Dyke View Profile

    Although he'd had small roles beforehand, Dick Van Dyke was launched to stardom in the 1960 musical "Bye-Bye Birdie", for which he won a Tony Award, and then later in the movie based on that play, Bye Bye Birdie (1963). He has starred in a number of films throughout the years including Mary Poppins (1964), Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) and Fitzwilly (1967), as well as a number of s...

  • Anneke Van Giersbergen

    Anneke Van Giersbergen View Profile

  • Jameson Van Horn Band

    Jameson Van Horn Band View Profile

    Jameson Van Horn and his band perform at local venues in the Philadelphia area. His band consists of 5 musicians that play an "Alternative Blues Rock" style that is sure to get people moving. With their unique sound, they provide a rockin environment while being the ultimate professionals. They are an original band but also perform a large array of cover songs from the 60s to today. You wouldn'...

  • Eric Van Houten

    Eric Van Houten View Profile

    Country music singer/songwriter from Nashville by way of Buffalo NY, Eric Van Houten is not your typical country artist. He brings his high energy and new age songwriting styles to life through his music. Sporting an edgy, organic, and authentic sound, Van Houten transforms you to another place when you listen to his music. With a mixture of country/rock that bled into all of his sound...

  • Rafe Van Hoy

    Rafe Van Hoy View Profile

    Rafe Van Hoy began his music career as a songwriter, landing his first publishing contract at 17. In the next 7 years he would become one of Nashville’s new emerging songwriters with 10 number one songs and as many top 10 singles, along with nearly 200 cuts by other artists. In one three- year period he had between 50 and 60 songs cuts each year. During this early time Rafe also worked as a ...

  • Eric Van James

    Eric Van James View Profile

  • Mariah van Kleef

    Mariah van Kleef View Profile

    Dreamy, loungey folk from Charlotte

  • The Van Lears

    The Van Lears View Profile

    The Van Lears’ sound is what you get when two rock and roll brothers are raised by two talented parents who are steeped in classic country music. The result is genre bending music that is both classic and modern. Lyrically, the songs are rooted in the tradition of stories of “love and love lost”, which happens to be the title of their new ep. Underne...

  • Hanna Van Loon

    Hanna Van Loon View Profile

    Member of Trails and Ways. 

  • Hannah Van Loon

    Hannah Van Loon View Profile

    Member of Trails and Ways. 

  • Mary Van Luven

    Mary Van Luven View Profile

    Mary Van Luven's improv career began in sunny Coral Springs, Florida, when she and her fellow high school students founded "Rebels Without Applause". After 4 grueling winters at Boston University and graduation, Mary headed west to pursue her acting career. As a co- founding member of TheSpyAnts Theater Company, she has appeared in several plays including "Anything For You", "Trust", and the criti...

  • Brian Van Meter

    Brian Van Meter View Profile

  • Reese Van Riper

    Reese Van Riper View Profile

    Inside a defunct hay barn on the outskirts of Crawford County Pennsylvania the stale aroma of rotting wood is subdued by the overwhelming stench of guano. This place where once an old family mill was based upon has now become a congregation for nocturnal scavengers. For some stepping into such a place would shoot chills up ones spine. However Reese Van Riper says it's the only place in the world w...

  • Matt Van Roderick's LUSH LIFE

    Matt Van Roderick's LUSH LIFE View Profile

    Matt Von Roderick   Award-winning trumpeter, vocalist and songwriter Matt Von Roderick has been hailed as “Taking Jazz into the Future” by Downbeat Magazine, “a post-millennial Chet Baker” by The New York Times and winner of the Independent Music Awards’ Jazz Artist of The Year as judged by rock icon Lou Reed.  Matt’s live show is a sensual ...

  • Carly Van Skaik

    Carly Van Skaik View Profile

    CARLY VAN SKAIK is a native Angeleno whose music is all about communicating emotional truth.  While she loves all genres of music, she says that she is most influenced by artists such as Elliott Smith, Haim, Iron and Wine and James Vincent Morrow.  She recently released her debut EP (produced by Scott Seiver) which shows an impressive flair for melody and wonderful lyricism.

  • J. Keith van Straaten

    J. Keith van Straaten View Profile

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