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  • Damon Vonn Band

    Damon Vonn Band View Profile

    Wherever the music takes him...

  • Patricia Vonne

    Patricia Vonne View Profile

    Three time Austin Music Award winner Patricia Vonne is back with her seventh album “Top of the Mountain”, on her own Bandolera Records. The album celebrates the human spirit in the midst of adversity and the Higher Power that lights our path.  The defiant stand-your-ground title track sets a declamatory tone as the rest of the album winds a sinuous path through the border radio gr...

  • The Vonneguts

    The Vonneguts View Profile

    arage rock with hints of surf and 60's mod smoothed over by 3 part harmonies and surprising melodies.

  • Elektric Voodoo

    Elektric Voodoo View Profile

    Welcome to the new frontier.  Elektric Voodoo is a brand new band from San Diego, California.  The debut album is getting close to completion and the crowdfunding campaign is about to launch.   Join the mailing list for updates, access to extras, and to support the band.  Look below and check the shows page to see where they're playing next. 

  • Honkytonk Voodoo

    Honkytonk Voodoo View Profile

    Through the constant evolution of the Denver music scene, some incredible bands emerge as a consistent part of their genre and become well-known throughout northern Colorado. Honkytonk Voodoo is definitely that band! Described as country music with an edge, Honkytonk Voodoo has taken the Denver and northern Colorado country music scene by storm and these boys are here to stay!!

  • The Voodoo Fix

    The Voodoo Fix View Profile

    Born in the sprawls of Los Angeles and raised on the road, The Voodoo Fix built a style that sounds like the bastard son of The Rolling Stones and Funkadelic.  With an American sense of rugged independence, the band started touring heavily in a converted school bus, igniting a movement of supporters they now refer to as “the voodoo crew.”  After relentlessly touring the mi...

  • Mojo Voodoo Gypsies

    Mojo Voodoo Gypsies View Profile

  • Django Voris

    Django Voris View Profile

    Songwriter and composer for 100m Records

  • Julia Voronstova

    Julia Voronstova View Profile

    Since her critically acclaimed 2004 debut From St. Petersburg with Love (Abaton Book Company), Vorontsova has performed both in the United States and in Europe. She was included in  Charlie Gillett’s Sound of the World CD compilation (Wrasse Records), along with such luminaries as Mariza and Youssou N'Dour. She has also collaborated with jazz trumpet master Ibrahim Maalouf...

  • Booty Vortex

    Booty Vortex View Profile

    Booty Vortex hails from Somerville MA and is a 12 piece disco/funk sound explosion. With costumes that will set your wayback machine to the heyday of disco and a booty shaking, mind blowing groove, we defy you to not dance dance dance!

  • Rich Vos

    Rich Vos View Profile

    Rich Vos is an incredibly gifted comic who not only has sharp, insightful material, but he is also a master at working the crowd. Hisability to perform in front of any audience has landed him television shows as varied as being the first white comic on Def Jam to performing on the View. Rich was the breakout star of NBC's Last Comic Standing seasons 1 and 3, was a regular guest on Tough Crowd wi...

  • Rocky Votolato

    Rocky Votolato View Profile

    Seattle musician Rocky Votolato is a soft-spoken, very kind, very hard-working father of two, born in rural Texas and raised in the Pacific Northwest indie scene (where he fronted the acclaimed rock band Waxwing). In his decade-plus life as a songwriter and musician he has sought to articulate something essential about life, writing songs that seem to have been scratched into a boxcar wall by...

  • Chameleons Vox

    Chameleons Vox View Profile

  • Nova Vox

    Nova Vox View Profile

  • Victoria Vox

    Victoria Vox View Profile

    Eclectic, upbeat and clever, Victoria Vox, has been warming the hearts of her audience across the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. Her songs are honest, moving, but also light-hearted. Vox earned a degree in songwriting from the Berklee College of Music and has become known among the ukulele community for her refreshingly modern and rhythmic ukulele technique. Since 2006, Vox has been ...

  • The Voxes

    The Voxes View Profile

    We like to make cool songs and hope that other people like cool songs.

  • Sun Voyager

    Sun Voyager View Profile

  • Evan Voytas

    Evan Voytas View Profile

    Evan Voytas's new singles "Disappear Into the Stars" and "Lite Conversation" mark a welcome return for the out-there pop maestro, intergalactic in their scope but intimate in delivery. Voytas has refined his style in the three years since 2012's Feel Me EP, spending time working as a session musician and songwriter for other acts, including Chris Brown's "Time ...

  • The VP

    The VP View Profile

  • Tom Vrab

    Tom Vrab View Profile

    stand up comic. actor. defenestrator

  • Pyramid Vritra

    Pyramid Vritra View Profile

    22 year-old, LA-based Pyramid Vritra has been making beats and writing rhymes since he was just ten years old. When he was in high school in Atlanta, he founded the hip hop collective NRK (Nobody Really Knows) and subsequently linked up with Matt Martians of Odd Future after Martians heard NRK’s tracks on Myspace. When Pyramid Vritra and Matt Martians met, they naturally clicked and the coll...

  • Ocean vs Daughter

    Ocean vs Daughter View Profile

    Ocean vs Daughter are a hard band to pin down. Singer Flanna Sheridan’s piano is the driving force behind the music which can veer from delicate introspection to full on sonic assaults. Cello, violin, guitar, synth and drums are all thrown into the mix in songs that can be both joyful and achingly sad, fragile and angry. This is indie music that doesn’t follow the rule book. How many t...

  • Low vs Diamond

    Low vs Diamond View Profile

    The beginnings of Los Angeles' Low vs Diamond can be traced to early 2002 at the University of Colorado, where lead singer/guitarist Lucas Field, drummer Howie Diamond, and keyboardist Tad Moore (birth name: James Thaddeus Moore IV) were undergrads. The three played together in a jam band in between studying and classes, and when graduation day came and went, the guys relocated themselves to the C...



  • Insects vs Robots

    Insects vs Robots View Profile

  • Beatles vs Stones - A Musical Shootout

    Beatles vs Stones - A Musical Shootout View Profile

    Beatles vs. Stones - A Musical Shoot Out The British Invasion brought us the two most popular rock groups of all time; the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, as well as the liveliest debate in rock history - which band is the greatest? These two legendary bands will engage in an on-stage, mash-up duel - a musical “shoot out of the hits” if you will – featuring internationally ren...

  • Georgia vs. Florida

    Georgia vs. Florida View Profile

  • Me Vs. I

    Me Vs. I View Profile

  • Rihanna vs. Lady Gaga

    Rihanna vs. Lady Gaga View Profile

    Rihanna vs. Lady Gaga Live Performance hosted by Lindsey Taylor featuring some of Buffalo's best musicians. Come celebrate the music of these two pop icons as the band takes you on a head to head journey through their catelog of songs! We'll see you at Buffalo Iron Works - December 29th, 2017!

  • CU Vs. NU

    CU Vs. NU View Profile


    USA vs. PORTUGAL View Profile

  • Insects vs. Robots

    Insects vs. Robots View Profile

    "IVR is a psychotropicturesque quasi-nomadic music tribe roaming the jungles of Los Angeles. They employ violin, charango, guitar, drums, bass, voice, harp, banjo, kazoo, harmonium, saran wrap, sitar, megaphone, and other sonic confibulations to weave landscapes of otherworldly, folksy, and volcanic rock music. Their performance causes audiences to enter a state of frenzied joyous dancing, leaping...

  • Hannah vs. The Many

    Hannah vs. The Many View Profile

    Hannah vs. The Many consists of Brooklyn singer/songwriter/antiheroine Hannah Fairchild and some of the more musically inclined members of her beloved urban family. Hannah originally moved to New York City expecting to find work and meaning in the city's seedy underground indie musical theater community, which, as it turns out, doesn't actually exist. After two years of being rejected by every...

  • Nyle Vs. The Naysayers

    Nyle Vs. The Naysayers View Profile

  • The Vth Circle

    The Vth Circle View Profile

  • Hana Vu

    Hana Vu View Profile

  • Julie Vu

    Julie Vu View Profile

  • The Vulgarians

    The Vulgarians View Profile

  • Counter Vulture

    Counter Vulture View Profile

    countervulture creates cosmic cacophony inspired by feedback loops, turing machines, receptive fields, genetic mutation, optical aberration, decomposition, pattern recognition, cataclysm, fractalism, stochasm, phantasm, and the scattering of light through inhomogeneous media.

  • Culture Vulture

    Culture Vulture View Profile

  • Karma Vulture

    Karma Vulture View Profile

  • Paradise Vultures

    Paradise Vultures View Profile

    Sex, Drugs, & Daddy Issues Tommy Senter Jace McPartland Joe Perez  

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