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  • Rebecca Vine

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  • Strange Vine

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    Strange Vine's earthy, energetic music is a fusion of blues, psychedelic, and traditional American rock. It's a sound born of California's Sierra Nevada Mountains, from two men who were raised there. Ian Blesse plays drums and Rhodes piano (simultaneously), while Toby Cordova fleshes out the songs with a rotating arsenal of guitars (including one made from a cigar box). Both contrib...

  • The Vines

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    Formed in Australia in the late '90s, the Vines rose to prominence during the garage rock revival of the early 2000s, joining bands such as the Hives, Jet, and the Libertines in their confident swagger and punky energy. While other groups took cues from the Stooges and MC5, however, the Vines found inspiration elsewhere, particularly in the grungy craft of Nirvana and the melodic, psychedelic appe...

  • DJ Vinnie

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    DJ Vinnie Esparza has been a fixture on the San Francisco DJ circuit since 1994. As a resident of a long list of parties including Hella Tight, Free Funk Friday, Dub Mission, Colombia!, Olde Soul, No Categories, Kojak, New Conception and Soul Samba, Vinnie has always spun diverse sets ranging from soul, funk, jazz, Afro-Latin, bossa nova, reggae, and club beats. His primary goal during his sets is...

  • DJ Vinnie Toma

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    Perhaps the youngest dj in Madison with veteran status, Vinnie has been all over the local and regional scene for years with brief forays into national and international waters for good reason: very few people have the vision and drive combined with talent necessary it takes to make the constant moves that he regularly pulls off for both his fans' and friends' benefits. His musical resume is exten...

  • Big Vinny

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  • Modern Vintage

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    Started in the Los Angeles suburb of Pico Rivera,CA, this quartet of talented musicians, lead by the vocals of Jake Wood, the sweet riffs of lead guitarist Apple Ramirez, Mike Ramirez on bass, this band is sure to light up the crowd.

  • Becoming Vinyl

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  • Faded Vinyl

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    Faded Vinyl is comprised of veteran musicians from many successful Central New York bands. They are known for their eclectic set lists which sets them apart from your average cover band. Whether it’s Classic Rock or Country, we all know how a song can take us back in time to that day and place where we first heard it!  Come out and listen to Faded Vinyl live and you will say, “...

  • Young Vinyl

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  • Black Vinyl Allstars

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    Black Vinyl All Stars is a rock n roll cover band specializing in Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and The Who- Mesa,Igor Abaluadze, Zak Melang,Ryan Burns and Mike Stone BVA features members from Crack Sabbath, Super Sonic Soul Pimps, Big High, 17th Chapter, Urban Achievers, HarryBu McCage, BeBop and Destruction, Pigpen, The Meter Maids, Combo Craig, McTuff, Michael Williams Band, Tuatara. The band for...

  • Our Vinyl Vows

    Our Vinyl Vows View Profile

    MUSIC VIDEO! "A NEW HOPE" OUR VINYL VOWS CLICK HERE! Forget the usual genre types, and often misused things like style and classification--it takes much more for a band to really make a personal connection with people. Our Vinyl Vows thrives off of this. The Petaluma, Ca. sextet have made that direct connection in each of the hundre...

  • Mike Viola

    Mike Viola View Profile

    A prolific Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, producer and recording artist, Mike Viola first came into the national spotlight as founder and frontman of the Candy Butchers.  After 3 albums with Sony, Mike became known for not only creating music for award-winning films (“Get Him To The Greek,” “Walk Hard,” “That Thing You Do!”), but also writing and ...

  • Stoic Violence

    Stoic Violence View Profile

    Chaotic and raw hardcore from southern California with vocals that teeter between whining and snarling. Their discography consists of a 2012 demo and a self-titled LP released in January 2013, the latter of which is a split release between Katorga Records and Video Disease Records.

  • The Violence

    The Violence View Profile

    THE VIOLENCE is everyday and everything! gia began playing as THE VIOLENCE in late 2007 as a duo(W coleman ramner) and began ripping through NYC and getting people talking about THE VIOLENCE but not in some gross pretentious better than everyone else fake way,but by the good old fashioned win them over with songs that they will remember when they go home and get into fights with their significan...

  •  Violent Femmes

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    The textbook American cult band of the 1980s, the Violent Femmes captured the essence of teen angst with remarkable precision; raw and jittery, the trio's music found little commercial success but nonetheless emerged as the soundtrack for the lives of troubled adolescents the world over. The group formed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the early '80s, and comprised singer/guitarist Gordon Gano, bassist...

  • Cassandra Violet

    Cassandra Violet View Profile

    Los Angeles native Cassandra Violet sings and whistles songs that are part folk, part chamber pop, part sweet Caribbean breeze.

  • Silent Violet

    Silent Violet View Profile

    Detroit based, Silent Violet has moved the stage westward, with a more acoustic approach to the stage. The live set entitled, Ballads of a Broken Heart, is a thermal of nostalgia, lost love and hopeful forward progress all translated through piano, viola and heart-string vocals. The debut album, Sounds of A Dirty City, reached it's success with over three song placements in the lifetime movie, Am...

  • Tessa Violet

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  • True Violet

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    True Violet, an American indie pop all-girl band. In 2012 Jessie, Alayna and Kayla moved across the country from Florida to take the next step in their music career. Broke and a little scared, they armed themselves with their instruments and made Los Angeles home. Since then the girls have headlined some of L.A.’s most famous venues, including Whiskey A Go Go, Viper Room,...

  • The Violet Mindfield

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  • A Violet Sun

    A Violet Sun View Profile

  • Midtown Violets

    Midtown Violets View Profile

    Midtown Violets is Bayou Lady Karen Waldrup & Rocky Mountain Woman Ashlee K Thomas. Although they are from very different parts of the country, they make music and tour out of Nashville, TN. The duo has played over 500 live shows nationwide and are known for their tight blend of harmonies and an interactive show that brings people to the edge of their seat. What started as a month long ...

  • Reserve VIP Booth

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    ~ Raised seating with server provided ~ Minimum purchase required: 1 food item or 2 drinks per person ~ Does not include price of admission to show Please email to confirm your booth after purchasing.

  • Charlie Viracola

    Charlie Viracola View Profile

    Simply put, Charlie Viracola wants to change the world.  This unusual comedian/actor has launched his own planet, “Planet Charlie”. A place he describes as the perfect world-void of ignorance. Planet Charlie is currently streaking it’s way across the country, as well as abroad in comedy clubs and theatres. Through insightful, humorous observational comedy Charlie is sig...

  • Kilo Virga

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  • Brother Virginia

    Brother Virginia View Profile

    Webster defines “Brother (noun)” as “a male who has the same parents as another” but Steve and Eric Virginia describe it as “best friends.” Being raised in a southern small town they both grew up knowing that the sound of bullfrogs meant it was almost time to come in for supper and that your brother would always be there for you. Being surrounded by music in the Appalchian mountains both grew up ...

  • The Virginia City Revival

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  • The Virgins

    The Virgins View Profile

    With a sound that mixes 21st century indie tones and the late-'70s new wave attitude of Talking Heads or the Modern Lovers, New York City's the Virgins were formed in 2006 by lead singer/songwriter Donald Cumming. A true product of N.Y.C., Cumming grew up in Tribeca. His teen years were filled with clubbing, especially at the hipster spot Don Hill's and their very successful '80s Night. He became ...

  • Daughtry Virtual Tour

    Daughtry Virtual Tour View Profile

  • Turning Virtue

    Turning Virtue View Profile

    A Temporary Human Experience out now! Grab it at, ITunes, CdBaby, Amazon

  • Pet Virus

    Pet Virus View Profile

    Nirvana tribute band based out of Jersey City, NJ

  • Paul Virzi

    Paul Virzi View Profile

     Paul was first attracted to stand-up comedy at a very young age. He was only nine years old when he witnessed Eddie Murphy’s RAW in 1987. Although he couldn’t understand all the jokes, and probably should not have been listening to explicit language, he became instantly intrigued by the idea of speaking into a microphone and making a crowd of people happy. Also, in the mid-eighti...

  • Tam Visher

    Tam Visher View Profile

    Tam Visher is a keyboard player from Pop Etc who's spending time on his own music.

  • Blurred Vision

    Blurred Vision View Profile

  • Colour Vision

    Colour Vision View Profile

    ◊◊◊ COLOUR VISION is a DJ and producer hailing from sunny San Diego. He has opened for acts such as Cut Copy, The Magician, Miami Horror, Rory Phillips, The Juan Maclean, Jacques Renault, Todd Edwards, Plastic Plates, Goldroom, Ladytron, Human Life, Midnight Magic, Sneaky Sound System, Hercules & Love Affair, G.L.O.V.E.S., & Grum. Years of sweaty dancefloor experience led ...

  • Figs Vision

    Figs Vision View Profile

    We have a common goal. Share love, self worth, happiness and reach deep into yourself- explore. This is what you support with fV music. The connection that grounds us to this earth, it's the unexplainable gift that's in all of our souls. It's what makes you dance, laugh, cry or shout. Its pouring out of us and into the music. Here we stand unafraid to share our heart and soul with you. Music ...

  • Inna Vision

    Inna Vision View Profile

    Inna Vision is back, presenting to the public their third full length album timelessly titled No Stopping! Their album delivers a full-fledged original sound that encompasses all the beauty involved with everyday struggles. No Stopping is created to inspire listeners in following dreams, and their passions despite life’s many challenges. Each song is chosen with purpose, created with passion, and ...

  • Krystal Vision

    Krystal Vision View Profile

    The Premier Stevie Knicks Tribute Band!

  • Mount Vision

    Mount Vision View Profile

    Named after a burial site of the coastal Miwok Native American tribe, Mount Vision is a Bay Area band made up of long time friends living in West Marin County north of San Francisco. With a sound rooted in both classic Country and Rhythm & Blues, Mount Vision's sound has been compared to past California based outfits like the Flying Burrito Brothers, The New Riders of the Purple Sage, a...

  • Third Vision

    Third Vision View Profile

  • Throw Vision

    Throw Vision View Profile

  • Tunnel Vision

    Tunnel Vision View Profile

    Tunnel Vision is quickly becoming Southern California’s favorite new Surf, Reggae, Ska band. The band is comprised of five musicians who grew up in the San Clemente, area with instruments in their hands and skateboards and surfboards under their feet. Tunnel Vision originally formed as a three-piece band, with Hayden Hanson as the lead singer and guitarist, Jacob Hernandez on bass, and Ta...

  • Figs Vision Featuring Gunner Sixx, son of Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue

    Figs Vision Featuring Gunner Sixx, son of Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue View Profile

    It would be a close relation to compare the collective sounds of Figs Vision with the infectious pop of Fun. and the attitude of the Talking Heads. Still, the LA native duo produce electronic melody and groove paired with a poignant raw grit clearly their own. The ‘mystic pop’ group started in early 2013 when founders and childhood friends Jordan Spoliansky and Gunner Sixx decided to exp...

  • Better Vision for Children Charity Fundraiser

    Better Vision for Children Charity Fundraiser View Profile

    Better Vision For Children Foundation (BVC) is a non-profit charity that offers free comprehensive vision screenings for infants and preschoolers, working to prevent and cure partial or total blindness resulting from amblyopia (Lazy Eye), Autism, A.D.D., Diabetes and Eye Cancer. Our goal is to have every pre-school child’s eyes tested and corrective measures performed by ophthalmologists and ot...

  • Eighteen Visions

    Eighteen Visions View Profile

    Eighteen Visions' complex, often off-time, blasting metallic hardcore transforms bits of thrash, stomp, and acidic blackness into cohesive, pummeling compositions that occasionally break down and groove. All of their songs contain singalong-worthy bellowing from charismatic singer James Hart, who performed live with tongue-in-cheek pomposity worthy of huge stadiums. The band's flashy image, presen...

  • Hundred Visions

    Hundred Visions View Profile

  • The Visions

    The Visions View Profile

  • All-Night Visitors

    All-Night Visitors View Profile

    All-Night Visitors started in the bedroom of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Walker Rose many years ago with a single song—a guitar, a piano, an assemblage of do-it-yourself percussion—which over time became many songs. Then, as those songs began to develop, it became apparent he needed help to fully realize his vision, so he turned to his buddies for help, and this eventually co...

  • Richard Vission

    Richard Vission View Profile

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