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  • Cumbre Vieja

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  • Frank Viele

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  • Kim Viera

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    A New York native, Kim began to showcase her talent starting at a young age. At just 14 years old she had already been featured on several Christian albums, contributed her vocals to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular and booked numerous radio and television jingles. Destined for a life rooted in music Kim went on to study at the prestigious Berklee College School of Music in Boston and is now r...

  • Mark Viera

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  • Josh Vietti

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  • High View

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  • Panning View

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    Panning View is a rock band from Norwalk, CA founded in 2015. Released on January 19, 2016, their debut EP "Centerpiece" reflects their post hardcore and melodic influences from the likes of Thrice and Brand New. The band is currently writing new material for release in the Fall of 2016.  

  • The View

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  • Ted Vigil

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    Ted is a singer, songwriter and a tribute artist. He was born in Seattle and raised in the Olympia area. He has been performing from the age of ten throughout school in concert, symphonic and jazz bands developing his talents as a drummer and singer. In 2006 he went on to Laughlin, NV to compete in the Talent Quest 2006 involving 28 states, New Zealand, Australia and Canada taking first place....

  • The Vigilance Committee

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    The Vigilance Committee is a four-piece rock band from Long Island, N.Y.

  • The Vigilante

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    Most bands write out a set list before a performance. They can direct the ebb and flow of emotions by carefully placing songs in a particular order. The Vigilante approaches a concert with a figurative blank canvass. Our concerts are entirely improvised.

  • Lucid Vigilantes

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    Lucid Vigilantes began through a musician post on craigslist. Bass player Jake Johnson met with longtime singer/songwriter/guitarist Gil Leyva towards the tail end of the 2012 year and collaborations began in the Fort Collins area. The two spent the next 6 months writing and fine tuning their music before even setting foot on a stage. This unwittingly led them to the sound that they possess today....

  • The Vigils

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    Cruising the empty rain-soaked city streets well after midnight, neon lights reflecting off the windshield, windows down, the familiar songs of yesteryear playing on the radio. Alone, reminiscing about the days gone by, the good times, the bad times, the loves, the losses. Yearning to be back there now, stepping on the gas, accelerating full-speed into the darkness of tomorrow, haunted.

  • The Vignatis

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    Fabrice was born in France in the Alps in a little town called Aix Les Bains, known for its healing spa. France has always been a country which appreciates Rock’n Roll and especially Rockabilly music and of course is the birth country of Gypsy Jazz music. Tracy is a California born Air Force Brat moving from base to base spending half of her childhood in Georgia with its deep Americana roots...

  • Frank Vignola

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    Frank Vignola is one of the most extraordinary guitarists performing before the public today. His stunning virtuosity has made him the guitarist of choice for many of the world’s top musicians, including Ringo Starr, Madonna, Donald Fagen, Wynton Marsalis, Tommy Emmanuel, the Boston Pops, the New York Pops, and guitar legend Les Paul, who named Vignola to his “Five Most Admired Guitar ...

  • Abe Vigoda

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  • Level VII

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  •  Viking Burkhiser of Delta Nove

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    Viking Burkhiser of Delta Nove – Bass, Percussion, Vocals

  • Alexa Villa

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    Alexa began her music career at the age of 7 when she started taking piano lessons and playing for school talent shows, local recitals, and singing/harmonizing in theatre shows. She grew up a toddler going to band practices and shows for her parents' band and later her brothers band, and inevitably started her own band, Oversoul, at age 16. Together they played live shows at the Whiskey in Hol...

  • Richard Villa

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    Raised in the urban city of Compton, California, Richard Villa always knew he wanted to make people laugh.  After completing a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering, Richard felt there was something more out there in stored for him. While driving home one night, the neon lights of the Irvine Improv called his name. Hey Richard!   Seizing the moment of amateur night, Richard grabbe...

  • JC Villafan

    JC Villafan View Profile

       Villafan, a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, began his musical career in coffee shops and neighborhood venues. Along with his evocative sense of lyricism and expressive guitar work, his charming stage presence and soulful vocal ability captivated a local fan base which has now expanded internationally. Villafan’s EP entitled Sweet Time was released in 2012 and was ...

  • Jimmy Villaflor

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    Jimmy Villaflor is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and drummer currently living in Los Angeles after graduating from USC Thornton’s Popular Music Program in 2015. In 2013, Villaflor’s composition, “She Doesn’t Love Me Anymore,” was selected by the Thornton faculty to be presented in an opening performance for the Beach Boys at USC’s Bovard Auditorium. In additio...

  • Midnight Village

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  • Rhyme Village

    Rhyme Village View Profile

    We have our 2013 album CARCASS IN THE DESERT, and our 2011 mixtape NOISE POLLUTION you can download at

  • Slum Village

    Slum Village View Profile

    Chances are, if you are anywhere near the Detroit music scene, you have heard of the influential hip hop trio that makes up Slum Village. The group was founded in the early 90′s by 3 childhood friends: Baatin, T3, rapper and producer J Dilla, who all grew up together in the Conant Gardens neighborhood of Detroit, MI. After leaving Pershing High School, the trio began to forge a path into ...

  • Joey Villagomez

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  • Vintage Villain

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    Vintage Villain is an indie rock band from Brooklyn formed by Leon (vocals),  Humberto (Bass), Nelson (guitars), Williston (synth). Their musical aesthetic brings about layers of reveb-rich guitars. synthesizer melodies, inspired vocal lines and colorful effects complimented by robust Drum and Bass  rhythm sections to express lucidly the emotional coding of their work.

  • Corporate Villain$

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  •  Villains

    Villains View Profile

    LA’s Villains are making a lot of noise in the electro scene and spreading their music to the underground and mainstream alike. The production duo consisting of Mad V and Koncept met back in 2002. After years of working on solo projects in the LA Drum and Bass scene, they started working in the studio together. It took only a few months of turning out flawless bootleg remixes and dance ...

  • Phili Villalobos

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    With the upbeat, heartfelt feeling you receive from listening to 15 year old Phili V’s blend of indie, rock, folk, acoustic and pop music you will always be left wanting more.  The young singer songwriter began her journey as a local performer in San Diego, California but her music has now expanded beyond those boundaries.  With lyrics that touch your heart and melodies you’l...

  • Kiko Villamizar

    Kiko Villamizar View Profile

    Kiko Villamizar was born in Miami to Colombian parents and was taken to the Andean city of Medellin, Colombia when he was small and raised there. He learned Latin American folk music through the oral tradition of his family and then went back to Miami to study jazz after high school. Then he began traveling the Americas collecting melodies and beats that he has formed into his own unique mix. His ...

  • David Villano

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  • Luis Villasenor

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  • Melissa Villasenor

    Melissa Villasenor View Profile

    So I began doing impressions at 13, first being my Britney Spears impression. At 15 I began doing stand-up comedy at the Laugh Factory Comedy Camp. Within these years I have learned over 20 impressions and am currently a regular in the Belly Room at the Comedy Store. I have also taken classes at the Groundlings, Second City, and the Howard Fine Acting Studio. Come to a show sometime!

  • Billy Villegas

    Billy Villegas View Profile

    Billy is currently a sketch performer at the Acme Comedy Theater, but has also played on stage at The Comedy Store, IO West, Second City LA and various shows around LA. He is a member of Dead Honkey, who won the 2009 IO West Sketch Cage Match, as well as the winners of the 2010 L A Comedy Festival Sketch Cage Match.

  • Stewart Villian

    Stewart Villian View Profile

    Production Credits: Danny Brown, Guilty Simpson,Sean Price,Kurupt,Clemm Rishad,Cassow,Gilbere Forte,StunnaMan,The Jacka,Bosko,J Diggs,Rydah J Klyde,Yuckmouth, Keak Da Sneak, Etc Booking

  • Sophie Villy

    Sophie Villy View Profile

    In her 22 Sophie Villy - remarkebly promising singer/songwriter is well known for her unique performing style. Minimalistic arrangments, vintage guitar's distinctive twang and soulful timbre of voice open up another deep world, full of grace and intelligence, nurtured in the bohemian quarters of Georgian culture. In 2008 she was hiding from warfare in her homeland, but has since moved to her mothe...

  • The Vim Dicta

    The Vim Dicta View Profile

    An evolution that is only known as The Vim Dicta.

  • Prince Vince

    Prince Vince View Profile

    Prince Vince has been working behind the scene in the music world for years, scoring indie films and collaborating with friends. But things really picked up steam with the release of a slew of indie pop dancefloor remixes that swept the blogosphere, including the official remixes of Sia's "Clap Your Hands" and The Asteroids Galaxy Tour's "The Golden Age". Since then, Vince has ...

  • Gary Vincent

    Gary Vincent View Profile

  • Gary E. Vincent

    Gary E. Vincent View Profile

  • Joey Vincent

    Joey Vincent View Profile

    Some comics are clean & others are dirty. Joey Vincent is fearlessly, brutally funny! Joey's wide ranging, politically incorrect material crosses social, cultural & ethnic barriers with a raw view of life & the world around him. Joey touches on subjects such as race, pop culture, sex & all things taboo.

  • Michael Vincent

    Michael Vincent View Profile

  • Ralph Vincent

    Ralph Vincent View Profile

  • Robert Vincent

    Robert Vincent View Profile

    Robert Vincent is an award-winning singer/songwriter from Liverpool – having received the inaugural Emerging Artist Awardfrom “Whispering” Bob Harris in 2016 and UK Americana Music Association’s UK Album of The Year in 2018. Seeing him play at the Bluebird Cafe’s Bluecoat event, the legendary broadcaster immediately invited Robert to record anUn...

  • D Vincent Williams

    D Vincent Williams View Profile

    The unsung heroes of the Nashville music scene, songwriters seldom command the spotlight that performing artists do, but hit-maker D. Vincent Williams is a worthy exception to the rule. With undeniable talent as a gifted--and chart-topping--songwriter, backed by years of performing experience, this hit-maker is ready to take center stage. “I was singing before I could really talk, music just ca...

  • D. Vincent Williams

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  • Nim Vind

    Nim Vind View Profile

    If you can imagine an Edward Sissorhands- type character who sings like David Bowie and sounds like a more classic Volbeat, you may have something like Nim Vind. Nim is a real-life Tim Burton movie on a Drive In Saturday Night. Give it a chance, you'll like it....and not just because it's on the radio or your best friend likes it...but because it's actually good.

  • The Vindicators

    The Vindicators View Profile

    Get ready to fill your soul with some sweet groovin' house rockin' blues, roots, soul, R&B, & rock music! Roll up the carpet & let's dance.The Vindicators Band is based in the Denver area, & consists of fun lovin' seasoned musicians who have performed mainly in the Rocky Mountain region at some of Colorado's best events & venues.

  • Bryce Vine

    Bryce Vine View Profile

    Vocalist/performer Bryce Vine encapsulates the best of both coasts. Born and raised in a humble apartment in NYC he moved to LA before high school allowing him to fully absorb the “Cali” lifestyle. Bryce has developed a sound that is a keen blend of singable radio-friendly pop and laid back, in-the-cut hip-hop; A California brand of positivity mixed with the mantra, “You only live once.”

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