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  • Pants Velour

    Pants Velour View Profile

    Pants Velour creates its own brand of New York City hip-hop, pop, rock and soul music to form a sound that has been likened to the Beastie Boys, The Roots and the Black Eyed Peas. They have been dubbed "New York hip-hop/rock fusioneers" by TimeOut New York, and their genre-bending music has been described as "party-ready hip-hop" by the Washington City Paper, a "unique bra...

  • Allison Veltz

    Allison Veltz View Profile

    Formerly an artist signed to Blaster Records, Allison Veltz-Cruz has switched her sole focus to writing for others.  Allison is quickly gaining a reputation for her fast lyrical unlocking skills. Allison started off her writing career with a number 1 in Japan and Korea with pop group Girls Generation (“Mr. Taxi”). New activity includes cuts with Carly Pearce, Against The Current (...

  • Laura Veltz

    Laura Veltz View Profile

    Originally from New York City, Laura Veltz has spent her entire adult life writing and performing music. After a decade touring and recording with her family band, Cecilia, culminating in a record deal with Atlantic Records, she zeroed in on her love of commercial songwriting in 2008 and was lured to Music City by Nashville Songwriter’s Hall of Fame inductees Kye Fleming ...

  • Black Velvet

    Black Velvet View Profile

  • Blue Velvet

    Blue Velvet View Profile

    Blue Velvet is a Gothic Americana influenced tribe of passionate, lustful, and exploratory burlesque dancers. Evoking emotion with movement to the sexiest music that exists…blues and rock and roll. Dave Cavalier Trio is an unapologetic blend of blues-based modern alternative rock bringing the soul of Chicago and the grit of Hollywood together in poetic mastery. Together they are ...

  • Green Velvet

    Green Velvet View Profile

     Change has been a constant theme throughout the successful career of Green Velvet, but as he has crossed genres, explored themes from the comedic to the serious and changed monikers, the common thread running through the music he has made for nearly two decades is its roots in and dedication to the Chicago House sound. His first transformation came when he left master's degree studies in ...

  • Neon Velvet

    Neon Velvet View Profile

    Neon Velvet is like a first date: Exhilarating! Imagine all the sass and the glamour of the 80’s New Romantics (Duran Duran, Bowie) in a lurid embrace with the potent synth rock of today (The Killers, Franz Ferdinand). The result is a devilishly fun night of sexy dance music. Neon Velvet is the elite Modern Rock Dance Party. With clients like Google and the NHL, as well as weddings and s...

  • Blue Velvet Drapes

    Blue Velvet Drapes View Profile

    The Blue Velvet Drapes are an L.A based band of 6 pretty rad-ishious, (yeah, it's a word.)people who make music that cats make love to.

  • The Velvet Teen

    The Velvet Teen View Profile

    What began as a side project called "the Secret Band" -- an apt name, considering singer/guitarist Judah Nagler and drummer Logan Whitehurst were actually hiding the music from their bandmates -- soon blossomed into something these musicians wanted to share with greater public. After putting together a full-length demo on a four-track, they left behind their band Little Tin Frog and recorded an EP...

  • The Velveteins

    The Velveteins View Profile

    The Velveteins are a rock n' roll band from Edmonton, Canada. Their style of heavy guitar pop has translated into energetic live shows across Canada, America, and the UK opening for acts like July Talk, USS and Milo Greene. Signed to Fierce Panda Canada, the group is set to release new music produced by Colin Stewart (Dan Mangan, Black Mountain).

  • Kevin Venardos

    Kevin Venardos View Profile

    At just 23, Kevin Venardos was cast as the Singing Ringmaster for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH™; the youngest ever to hold this position in the Circus’ 140+ year history. After more than a decade on the road with Circus, Theatre, and Cabaret both here in the U.S. and around the world, the singer has logged in thousands of performances, and been seen live by ...

  • Lindsay Vendetti

    Lindsay Vendetti View Profile

    Lindsay Vendetti is Singer/Songwriter living in Los Angeles California. Although Lindsay has been singing since she was a child for a wide variety of Events/Venues on the East Coast, her relocation to LA is the first step in her pursuit of recognition as an Artist and further her solo career. Lindsay has recently finished her first demo, writing 13 Original songs w Musician/Producer Trevor Huster ...

  • Plague Vendor

    Plague Vendor View Profile

  • Gina Venier

    Gina Venier View Profile

    At 24, Gina Venier stylishly combines her soulful blues roots with pop influences to create an original sound that defies fitting into a genre. Raised in the small town of Dixon, IL, Gina pulls from her family roots to find inspiration behind songwriting, style, and stage presence. Now focused on developing her craft as a “young Chicago-based original artist,” she uses her percussive background...

  • Victoria Venier

    Victoria Venier View Profile

  • Cobra Venom

    Cobra Venom View Profile

    We are possessed and trying to get the demons out musically. .

  • Le Vent du Nord

    Le Vent du Nord View Profile

    Having given the Tromper le temps concert 300 times, Le Vent du Nord will present a new show with the songs of TÊtu  its 8th album  to be released in Spring 2015. Considered a driving force in progressive folk, Le Vent du Nord captures the energy and mirth of a Saturday night kitchen party, infusing old Québec with a breath of fresh, cosmopolitan air. Since its...

  • Molly Venter w/ Eben Pariser

    Molly Venter w/ Eben Pariser View Profile

    Pairing creative melodies, smart lyrics, and a voice that stops listeners in their tracks, Molly Venter successfully combines Alternative Folk Pop with strong elements of soul, country and gospel. Undeniably compelling, Venter draws comparisons to Fiona Apple, Tracy Chapman, Adele & Patty Griffin. American Songwriter Magazine writes, "Few singers turn first time listeners into eternal fanatics as ...

  • Beat Ventriloquists

    Beat Ventriloquists View Profile

    DJ Brother Duo: Electronic, Trip-Hop, Alternative

  • The Ventriloquists

    The Ventriloquists View Profile

    Hailing from Los Angeles, The Ventriloquists are a collection of musicians that use their unique skills as multi-instrumentalists and songwriters to blend rock, soul, jazz, electronics, and a little bit of everything else into a sound that is wholly their own. They have recently finished work on their second album Bailout! and have been steadily gaining a loyal fan base in LA with their horn-dr...

  • Animal Ventura

    Animal Ventura View Profile

  • The Venus De Melos

    The Venus De Melos View Profile

    Translated from the Latin language, "The Venus De Melos" means The Aphrodite Of Melody. With that in mind, we try to deliver a soundscape that delivers beautiful catchy melodies over (sometimes) rhythmically complex music. We also like to incorporate most of the music we listen to into our sound so be wary for crazy live "Dubstep" and "Drum n' Bass" as well.

  • The Veragroove

    The Veragroove View Profile

    In August, 2010 at the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, the Veragroove was created under chaotic circumstances. Lead singer Ricky Moore was living in a halfway house. Bassist Corey Groove was on intense probation. Drummer Johnny Groove and Keyboardist Sean Lee both had significant substance control issues. All band members at some point were homeless. However, what does not kill you makes you stronge...

  • District Verdant

    District Verdant View Profile

  • Derde Verde

    Derde Verde View Profile

    Indie-rock trio Derde Verde crafts colorful, chameleon-like song structures sprinkled with noise, analog electronics, melodic guitar lines and rhythmic twists. Derde Verde’s new album Moon/Mirror, shows a range of influences from shoegaze, to krautrock, to electronica, and has been called “a tremendous achievement... a standout in this year’s crop of indie rock” (LA RECORD)...

  • Cal Verduchi

    Cal Verduchi View Profile

    Armed with impressions and caffeine, Cal Verduchi has been taking his high energy act to comedy clubs all over the country. Ever since he was a small child he was making people laugh by doing impressions. Now Cal combines hilarious dead-on impressions with edgy high energy antics to make audiences everywhere cry laughing. From Ozzy Ozbourne to Chris Farley-- he does it all, not to mention making p...

  • Aaron Vereen

    Aaron Vereen View Profile

  • Troy Verges

    Troy Verges View Profile

  • Arielle Verinis

    Arielle Verinis View Profile

     Currently prepping the release of her debut album Bruised Not Broken, fan funded via Pledge Music, featuring James Gadson on drums (Bill Withers, Paul McCartney) Miles Joseph on guitar (Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan) and Blake Mills (Lucinda Williams, Kid Rock), Dane Sandborg on bass, Dan Saslow on Keys and special guest Booker T. Jones on Hammond B3. Arielle's undeniably rich and soul w...

  • Jay Vern

    Jay Vern View Profile

    30 plus year Music Row veteran Jay Vern is part of a musical lineage that dates back well over a century. Classically trained from age 5, Jay started playing piano in family bands at the tender age of 10. While attending Wesleyan University and Hartt School of Music Jay paved his way to the famed Music Row via private parties, weddings and Bar Mitzvahs’.

  • Tami Vernekoff

    Tami Vernekoff View Profile

    Tami Vernekoff is a standup comedian who always delivers with great material.

  • John Vernon

    John Vernon View Profile

  • Lillian Vernon

    Lillian Vernon View Profile

    them good ol' rock n roll tunes from the south bay :)

  • Sono Vero

    Sono Vero View Profile

    From the beach to the city, Sono Vero is a product of their California surroundings. This Alternative/Reggae/Hip-Hop group has performed across the country and has shared the stage with some of the most reputable names in the scene. The successful release of their self titled EP climbed to the top 10 itunes reggae albums chart. "Our music is real. I am inspired by life. Whether the song is...

  • of Verona

    of Verona View Profile

    The name of Verona comes from Shakespeare’s earliest known play, Two Gentlemen of Verona, which has the smallest cast of any of the Shakespeare plays. The band imagined it as the underdog of sorts, surviving on the sheer virtue of its story. With an indie sensibility and a commercial appeal, of Verona combines the core elements of a classic four-piece rock band with the electro pop heartb...

  • The Veronicas

    The Veronicas View Profile

  • Vice Versa

    Vice Versa View Profile

  • Post Verse

    Post Verse View Profile

    While digging through crate after musty crate of old CDs and 7" vinyls at a used record store, have you ever fantasized about uncovering a long lost classic record, a band that could stand toe to toe with the other flannel-clad gods of the 90s?   Well, dream no more because Omaha, Nebraska's Post Verse is here to make that wish come true. They are a band that doesn't j...

  • Butta Verses

    Butta Verses View Profile

  • The Versifiers

    The Versifiers View Profile

    The Versifiers is a collaboration between:   Betarock: @betarock dBL : @dblmusic Droh: soundcloud soon. (Website soon...)   Our music is influenced by all forms of hip hop and poetry, and we are forever seeking new stylistic approaches to emceeing. Sometimes we rhyme for the stylistic approach, at other times it is all about the message, every time it is ab...

  • The Verve

    The Verve View Profile

    Long acclaimed as one of the most innovative and spellbinding bands on the contemporary British pop scene, the Verve finally broke through to a mass international audience in 1997 with the instant classic "Bittersweet Symphony." By no stretch a study in overnight success, the group's rise was instead the culmination of a long, arduous journey that began at the dawn of the decade and went on to enc...

  • The Verve Pipe

    The Verve Pipe View Profile

    Primarily known for their post-grunge blockbuster hit "The Freshmen," the Verve Pipe formed in 1992 in Lansing, Michigan, where frontman Brian Vander Ark pieced his group together from the ashes of two local bands. He and his brother, bassist Brad Vander Ark, had previously played in Johnny with an Eye, while drummer Donny Brown and guitarist Brian Stout were veterans of Water 4 the Pool. Both ban...

  • A Very Special Episode

    A Very Special Episode View Profile

    A comedy musical tribute to your favorite TV shows of the 70's, 80's and 90's. Starring: ALEX BACK DOUG BASS KATE GILLIGAN AMY HALLORAN HAPPY MAHANEY BRIAN MAILLARD JOLIE SUMMERS

  • The Vespers

    The Vespers View Profile

  • The Vespertines

    The Vespertines View Profile

    The seeds of The Vespertines were sown when bassist Kyle Cavaness met drummer Chris Walker in a short-lived blues-rock group. Not content to be chained to one genre, the rhythm section worked its way through several different bands throughout Southern California while honing a strong, groove-oriented sound that would become the foundation of The Vespertines. The addition of Alex “Thrillhouse...

  • Sinai Vessel

    Sinai Vessel View Profile

    Sinai Vessel is the combined musical effort of Caleb Cordes and a long line of dear and talented backing musicians/friends/comrades [the current permutation of which consists of Daniel E. Hernandez and Joshua C. Herron, if you wanted to know]. Sinai Vessel is a band that, because of this strange format, will continue to exist for a very, very long time. Sinai Vessel loves you and sincerely wants t...

  • Sunken Vessels

    Sunken Vessels View Profile

    John Park, the man behind SUNKEN VESSELS, is a solo indie rock musician, or "one-man band," from Los Angeles. By forging layered melodic textures against darkly atmospheric soundscapes through guitar loops, sampled drum beats, and heavy doses of distortion and effects, the SV sound is an eclectic mix of rock sub-genres and a different kind of rock experience. SUNKEN VESSELS released h...

  • Brandon Vestal

    Brandon Vestal View Profile

    Brandon Vestal's comedy has been referred to as "extremely powerful" and it’s been used by thousands to make the world a better place. Some examples include FEMA handing out Brandon's comedy CD instead of water and shelter. Tom Brady leaned on Brandon's comedy while rehabbing his knee through the 2008 football season. In the latest version of the senate health care bill Brandon's comedy replace...

  • El Vez

    El Vez View Profile

    Robert Lopez (born 1960), better known by his stage name El Vez, is a Mexican-American singer-songwriter and musician, who performs and records original material and covers classic rock songs. Mixing the styles of Elvis Presley and many other American rock artists with his own Latin-American heritage and music, he is known for expressing revolutionary views through the satire and humor in his song...

  • Jon Vezner

    Jon Vezner View Profile

    Grammy award-winning songwriter, Nashville based, Jon Vezner is a tunesmith of rare sensitivity and dry wit. His catalogue of recorded songs, topped by the poignant “Where’ve You Been,” reflects his straight-to-the heart sensibility and emotional awareness. Vezner weaves the particulars of his own feelings with the lives of people he has known into universal themes that deeply to...

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