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  • Phil Vassar

    Phil Vassar View Profile

    Phil Vassar is as driven today as he was when he first left his Lynchburg, Virginia home to pursue – and realize – his dream of making his mark in entertainment. A career that has seen the release of eight albums, two ASCAP Songwriter of the Year trophies, Billboard Country Songwriter of the Year, countless hits as a singer and songwriter and a mantle full of awards and the launch of h...

  • Jimmie Vaughan

    Jimmie Vaughan View Profile

    Jimmie Vaughan is far more than just one of the greatest and most respected guitarists in the world of popular music. As Guitar Player Magazine notes, "He is a virtual deity--a living legend." After all, Vaughan provides a vital link between contemporary music and its proud heritage, as well as being a longtime avatar of retro cool. Since releasing his first solo album in 1994, he has...

  • Joey Vaughan

    Joey Vaughan View Profile

  • Lydia Vaughan

    Lydia Vaughan View Profile

  • Matt Vaughan

    Matt Vaughan View Profile

    Though a newcomer to the music scene as an independent artist, Matt Vaughan has been playing live for the past few years, honing his skills as a stage musician, singer, & songwriter. Raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Matt was exposed early on to the soul of Motown music. The sounds of top 40 radio was always around growing up, and later he was introduced to many talented singer/songwriters by way of the...

  • Tara Vaughan

    Tara Vaughan View Profile

    At the tender age of 13, singer-songwriter Tara Vaughan forgot the words to the national anthem while singing it at a basketball game in front of 500 people. She ran from the court crying and vowed to never sing again. Flash forward five years, when an 18 year old Vaughan broke her vow to sing it at the high school state championship hockey game in which her brother Evan was playing. Tragedy st...

  • Andy Vaughan & The Driveline

    Andy Vaughan & The Driveline View Profile

    In October of 2010, after four years as the front man for the rockabilly/roots rock group Hamburger James, singer, songwriter, and guitarist Andy Vaughan found himself with a pile of original songs written that were simply too country for what was, at it’s core, a rock and roll band. So he decided to start a new project for the country and honky tonk music that he held nearest and dearest to his h...

  • Baron Vaughn

    Baron Vaughn View Profile

    Baron Vaughn started doing stand up in Boston and made the move to New York where he can be seen at various comedy clubs and alternative comedy venues. He tours the country performing at colleges, has appeared in numerous national commercials, easily missed roles on TV, and laughable parts in film. He was part of the American Eagle Campus Comedy Challenge, was part of the 2007 DC Comedy Festival, ...

  • Charles Vaughn

    Charles Vaughn View Profile

  • Charlie Vaughn

    Charlie Vaughn View Profile

  • Danielle Vaughn

    Danielle Vaughn View Profile

    Danielle Vaughn (Dani Rae) is a graduate of  Berklee College of Music. She is a California  native and has an experienced background in competitive dancing, singing and piano playing. At a young age Dani Rae knew she wanted to be a performer.  She started dancing at the age of three and her music writing came short after. Dani Rae shares her heart as she sings and...

  • Sharon Vaughn

    Sharon Vaughn View Profile

  • Tom Vaughn

    Tom Vaughn View Profile

  • Vince Vaughn

    Vince Vaughn View Profile

    Vince Vaughn has established himself as one of Hollywood's biggest names in comedy. He counts "Fred Claus" as his third collaboration with director David Dobkin. Vaughn recently co-wrote, produced and starred in the 2006 hit comedy, "The Break-Up," opposite Jennifer Aniston. The film opened number one at the box office and went on to gross $205 million worldwide. "The Br...

  • Charlie Vaughn & the Daily Routine

    Charlie Vaughn & the Daily Routine View Profile

    Charlie Vaughn & the Daily Routine Mark Harris – bass Rod Killian – percussion, vocals, accordion Avalon Lennon – vocals Michael Lennon – drums, mandolin, banjo, vocals Matt Puccio – guitar, harmonica, banjo, vocals Charlie Vaughn – vocals, guitar, banjo, piano Charlie Vaughn & the Daily Routine are from Los Angeles. The band has produced and recorded ...

  • Charlie Vaughn and the Daily Routine

    Charlie Vaughn and the Daily Routine View Profile

  • The Vaughns

    The Vaughns View Profile

    The Vaughns are an indie rock band from New Jersey. When introduced by mutual friends in 2014, David Cacciatore, Anna Lies, Ryan Kenter, and Tom Losito embarked on what would become a friendship, a family, and The Vaughns. Their 2015 EP, tomfoolery, was nominated for 3 Asbury Park Music Awards and featured on MTV Web series: The Brothers Green. Since 2016, has consecutively liste...

  • Tom Vaugn

    Tom Vaugn View Profile


    ARTO VAUN View Profile

    Arto Vaun's previous band, Mishima USA, shared the stage with such acts as Rufus Wainwright, Ben Kweller, Daniel Johnston, Kimya Dawson, Mark Eitzel, Fuzzy, Star Ghost Dog, Vic Firecracker, and Willard Grant Conspiracy. Pitchfork gave their debut album, Hold My Breath, a 7.9 rating. He took the past few years to work on a PhD in English while living in Scotland, published his first book of poems ...

  • Anna Vaus

    Anna Vaus View Profile

    Anna Vaus is The California Kid, and that nickname is the title of her debut EP released on September 28. "I'm guilty as charged when it comes to writing songs about where I come from," says the Poway, CA native. "It's made me who I am. So many different characters and stories have grown out of a place I love so much. I find a dark humor in some of them, but I find truth in ...

  • Mario Vazquez

    Mario Vazquez View Profile

    Born and raised in the Bronx, Mario Vazquez made news in 2005 gossip circles when he left the television show American Idol for undisclosed "personal reasons" just after making it into the final 12. However, the day after the winner, Carrie Underwood, was announced, Vazquez found himself in Clive Davis' studios, auditioning for the label head. Davis was impressed, and signed the young singer to a ...

  • Michael Vecchione

    Michael Vecchione View Profile

    Born in Youngstown, Ohio and raised Italian American and Catholic. My father was involved in a family business and my mother was/is an elementary school teacher. As a family, we moved back and forth between northeast Ohio and South Florida throughout my childhood. Started playing contact football at age 9 in Florida and wrestling at age 13 in Ohio. My senior year of high school I placed second in ...

  • Mike Vecchione

    Mike Vecchione View Profile

    Born in Youngstown, Ohio and raised Italian American and Catholic. My father was involved in a family business and my mother was/is an elementary school teacher. As a family, we moved back and forth between northeast Ohio and South Florida throughout my childhood. Started playing contact football at age 9 in Florida and wrestling at age 13 in Ohio. My senior year of high school I placed second in ...


    JONATHAN VECCI View Profile

    Music has the power to grab hold of a life and not let go. When it reaches a mind that blends inspiration with determination, it forms a perfect storm of creativity that can overwhelm even the most unsuspecting casual musician. Music found that in Fleet Walker. Since picking up a guitar at age 7, he slowly allowed music to take over his life. As a teenager, he started singing and writing songs, kn...

  • Eddie Vedder

    Eddie Vedder View Profile

  • Joey Vee

    Joey Vee View Profile

    Joey Vee is a Singer, Songwriter, and Entertainer who plays New Country, Pop, Rock, Southern Rock, Classic Rock, and Original music is his live performances. Joey Vee started writing songs and performing at an early age. Joey Vee’s live shows are high energy. Joey Vee is accompanied by Mike Dupur'e on Guitar, Lou Abraham on Guitar, Grant Castleberry on drums, Hessie Mae on Fiddle, and Paul Dehem o...

  • Lo Vee

    Lo Vee View Profile

    Vanity leads to segregation and competition, competition leads to fear and greed, greed leads to deceit and immorality, and immorality is the breeding ground of illness waging war on our Earth. Take me for what I am wage war on littering. Peace

  • The VeeVees

    The VeeVees View Profile

    Moving, grooving, stripped-down-soulful rock and roll. The VeeVees are Detroit bombshell Sophia Urista with the wails, roaming poet Garrett Cillo strumming strings and Italian powerhouse Andrea Belfiore on the skins.   - "Soulful, persistent, raw. Do pay attention to this excellent , creative trio!" - Mick Rossi (Pianist/Drummer/Composer - Paul Simon, Philip Glass) ...


    BOBBY VEGA View Profile

    BOBBY VEGA (Bassist Legend - of Sly & The Family Stone, Tower Of Power) Bobby has been playing and creating for over 4 decades. In 1973 Bobby Vega started his professional career as a bass player (he was 16 years old) on Sly Stones’ single “I Get High on You.” A Bay Area musician’s musician Bobby has since played with artists ranging from Joan Baez to Etta Jam...

  • Joey Vega

    Joey Vega View Profile

    I like to get up there and wing it. I have a set act but, I like to interact with the audience. That in a nutshell, sums up Joey Vegas approach to stand-up. Good-looking and easy going Joey Vega makes them laugh and makes them think. Born in NYC, Joe received some of his acting training at the HB Studios. He has used that training in many feature films, most recently ROUNDERS, and ROW YOUR BOA...

  • Lizz Vega

    Lizz Vega View Profile

  • Sad Vegan

    Sad Vegan View Profile

    Sad Vegan is an Alternative/Pop-Punk band based out of Danville, CA! We started in 2015 as an acoustic project consisting of Bailey Blanton and Sebastian McAnulty and quickly grew into a full band dedicated to our passion of playing music!

  • Cult Vegas

    Cult Vegas View Profile

  • Dirty Vegas

    Dirty Vegas View Profile

    In a career that started over 10 years ago, the Grammy winning duo of Steve Smith and Paul Harris are ready for the next step in the evolution of Dirty Vegas. They have spent the first half of 2013 working on new material,and have completed their next official release; an EP titled Let The Night that will be released towards the end of the year. In the US, Let The Night will be the band’s fi...

  • Hello Vegas

    Hello Vegas View Profile

    LA explorers HELLO VEGAS finds their way into people’s heads with their super contagious, indie sound that isn’t afraid to get spacey. Equally comfortable on the east side or in beach-y environs, you often can find HELLO VEGAS around Venice surfing, mingling with locals and always looking for the next good time. On their own path, they’re committed to exploring a deep sense of wonder and flow in t...

  • Mr. Vegas

    Mr. Vegas View Profile

    From “Heads High” (1998) to the newest “Party Tun Up” (2013), Mr. Vegas has assembled an unshakable string of international classic reggae and dancehall releases including Billboard hits highlighting his career progression for the last two decades.   Born Clifford Smith in Jamaica’s capital city, Kingston. Mr. Vegas developed a passion for music at an ...

  • Nature's Vegas

    Nature's Vegas View Profile

    Garage Rock Cooper Kenward: Guitar/Vocals Nic Henry: Guitar/Vocals Tommy Hester: Bass/Vocals/Crunchmaster JP Hawkins: Fever

  • Casey Veggies

    Casey Veggies View Profile

    Casey Jones, better known by his stage name CASEY VEGGIES, is an American rapper from Inglewood, California. While Casey was originally one of the founding members of the hip hop group OFWGKTA, appearing on the group's frst effort Te Odd Future Tape, he decided to branch out on his own after his frst mixtape release.    Having worked with Def Jam artist YG on his 2nd mixta...

  • Tess Veiga

    Tess Veiga View Profile

    16 year old Tess Veiga has a soulful voice well beyond her years and after playing in a full band through middle school, Tess has emerged as a solo artist to watch and a rising SF star. She'll be singing and strumming a mixture of originals and covers from some of your favorite artists new and old.

  • Cherry Veil

    Cherry Veil View Profile

    When Michael Chodosh wanted to perform his collection of singer/songwriter compositions as a band formed Cherry Veil. He wanted to express the collective rock sound, often uplifting, sometimes protesting but always rejoicing in life's experiences with sounds ranging from simple rock to jazz influenced or even folk influenced music through thoughtful lyrics and rhythmic melody. Cherry Veil gets peo...

  • The Veils

    The Veils View Profile

    As the son of keyboardist Barry Andrews (XTC, Shriekback), the Veils' Finn Andrews knew nothing else except a world full of music and art. He had plans to become a painter as a young lad; however, a move to his grandmother's abode in Devonport, New Zealand (near Auckland) with his mother pointed Andrews in a different direction during his teenage years. He frequented the local folk scene to escape...

  • Tom Vek

    Tom Vek View Profile

    London's eclectic one-man band Tom Vek combines electronic music with indie rock, punk with dance, and influences like new wave and garage (and also made most of his early recordings in his parents' garage, too). However, as a teen in the mid-'90s, Vek was inspired by grunge and began making rock along the lines of Smashing Pumpkins and Pearl Jam; before that, he backed his guitarist father on bas...

  • Omar Velasco

    Omar Velasco View Profile

    In 2010, Velasco moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of music and has spent the subsequent four years collaborating with some of the city's best.  Among those is artist and producer Jonathan Wilson with whom Velasco has toured extensively and worked in studio with artists such as Conor Oberst, Roy Harper, and Father John Misty.  Co-produced with Wilson, Velasco's debut LP is to be re...

  • The Veldt

    The Veldt View Profile

    Formed by identical twin brothers singer/guitarist Daniel and guitarist Danny Chavis, and rounded out by drummer Marvin Levi on drums and bassist joesph (hue) boyle, later David Burris, The Veldt quickly became the "must see attraction" of the quirky art-rock scene in Chapel Hill, NC (which also held bands like Superchunk, Polvo and Dillon Fence in its ranks). The Veldt released their fi...

  • Alfonso Velez

    Alfonso Velez View Profile

    performing solo

  • Alphonso Velez

    Alphonso Velez View Profile

    Alphonzo Velez will be performing solo. Latin crooner Alfonso Velez and his band, made up of bassist John Kengla (Serena Ryder, Ben Kweller) and drummer Jamie Alegre (formerly of The Dig), play a wholly unique brand of churning rock and intelligent, ambitious pop with nods to The Doors, Portishead, Zeppelin, and Nina Simone. The band shows enormous range, supporting Velez's dynamic vocal one ...

  • Andrew Velez

    Andrew Velez View Profile

    The Andrew Velez Band is one of the premier party bands in Nashville, TN. In three short years, AVB has gone from playing local coffee shops in their hometown of Huntsville, AL to selling out venues all over the Southeast. In addition to performing at the annual CMA Music Festival in Nashville the past two years, the band has also played after parties for performers such as ...

  • Ruby Velle and the Soulphonics

    Ruby Velle and the Soulphonics View Profile

    “It’s About Time,” the full-length debut album from Atlanta’s Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics, has quickly made waves around the globe since its recent September 2012 release. Billboard has recently ranked the album in the top 30 on the Heatseeker charts, a chart devoted to emerging artists. In the US, the lead off single “My Dear” was featured as iTunes’...

  • The Velocity Gospel

    The Velocity Gospel View Profile

    Founded by singer-songwriter Emmanuel Canete, The Velocity Gospel delivers a symphonic experience with Truth in Prose and Stories, their debut album released in January 2015. The album is deeply rooted in solid song structures beautifully complimented by quirky string and vocal arrangements. From the brooding immediacy of the first song “Absence” to the deeply moving crescendo o...

  • The Velopheliacs

    The Velopheliacs View Profile

    Dylan Wright and Sydney Everatt are two musicians working in the Los Angeles area. They both went to Musicians Institute in Hollywood, where they had met and decided to write together. The duo wrote their song "Emilea" on the first day, and that's when the band formed. Shortly after, they completed writing more songs and recorded the single "Emilea", and they will ...

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