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  • Anastasia Van Wingerden

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  • Victoria Van Winkle

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    At 17, Victoria began playing guitar and began writing songs quickly thereafter. Having grown up in Tennessee, much of her vocal inspiration stems from various country and folk artists.  Her influences include Missy Higgins, John Mayer, Florence and the Machine, with touches of Haley Williams. In the early stages of recording more original music, you can find her now on Soundcloud! &nb...

  • Scott Van Zen

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  • Derek Vana

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  • Aaron Vance

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    Aaron Vance was born on Christmas Day in Amory, MS with undeniable gifts; a talent for writing songs and a voice with which to sing them. He got his first cowboy boots at the age of 4 and began singing in the church his father pastored by the time he was 6. His truck-driving grandfather doted on his only grandson and Aaron remembers first hearing the likes of Hank Williams, George Jones and Tra...

  • Charity Vance

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  • Dueling Pianos with Jeff Vance

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    Jeff Vance began his journey at his fathers’ piano at the age of four. Learning every melody he could by ear, and replicating those melodies to entertain his siblings and fellow classmates in school. By the time Jeff was fourteen, he had learned over a hundred songs by memory. Whether it was Beethoven, the Beatles, or Elton John, Jeff could play them all. Turning his talents into a full-time...

  • Foy Vance

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  • Maddy Vance

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    Maddy Vance is a 15-year-old Acoustic-Pop Singer/ Songwriter/ and Multi-Instrumentalist. She has been writing music since the age of nine, and has constructed a catalog of over 30+ original songs. At age 11, Maddy was diagnosed with a heart condition called SVT, that at times became very debilitating. During her early days with this condition, she began playing piano and songwriting as p...

  • Maronzio Vance

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    If you are looking for someone who knows the meaning of the word "no" then keep looking because if you ask anyone who knows him, Maronzio Vance refuses to acknowledge the word even exists. Making people laugh for as long as he can remember, this witty, sarcastic, storytelling North Carolina-born comedian/actor (who also refuses to accept the fact that he comes from the South becau...

  • Maronzio Vance

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    If you are looking for someone who knows the meaning of the word "no" then keep looking because if you ask anyone who knows him, Maronzio Vance refuses to acknowledge the word even exists. Making people laugh for as long as he can remember, this witty, sarcastic, storytelling North Carolina-born comedian/actor (who also refuses to accept the fact that he comes from the South because hi...

  • Rider, Vance, and Murphey

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  • Vessel Vancouver

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  • The Vandaliers

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  • The Vandelles

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  • The Vanderbuilts

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    There is a grandeur about unassuming and unprentious folk-tinged indie rock outfit, The Vanderbuilts. Could it be the enchanting Vanderbilt Mansion near lead singer/guitarist Sam Kogon’s childhood home after which The Vanderbuilts were named that gives this Syracuse-based group their splendor? Nay - It is something more terrestrial, more tangible – great authentic songs, gifted musicianship, and a...

  • Ruperto Vanderpool

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    Comedian, Ruperto Vanderpool has been into comedy his entire life. "Funny things always happened in my house being that there were 8 of us." So it's no surprise that he brings an extremely high level of energy, personality and style to the comedy stage that is hard to find today. Growing up in the Bronx as the son of Dominican parents, allowed Ruperto to be exposed to a diverse array of ...

  • John Vanderslice

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    John Vanderslice wrote the bulk of his new album while knee-deep in legal limbo after a visa application for his girlfriend, a French national he met in Paris, was rejected by US Immigration. The songs and themes in Emerald City are fueled by an era of deep insecurity and paranoia; they develop in front of a backdrop of ritualized and mythologized current events. Lyrically, JV's characters and sto...

  • Jerry Vandiver

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    Nashville singer/songwriter and animal/environment advocate Jerry Vandiver has seen his  songs recorded by Gene Watson, Wild Rose, Lee Greenwood, Barbara Mandrell, The Oak Ridge Boys, Phil Vassar, Lonestar and two by Tim McGraw. Thanks to these artists, Jerry has seen his songs on over 16 million records, two of which are hanging on the walls of the Country Music Hall of Fame. Jerry has also ...

  • Luther Vandross

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    Luther Vandross was one of the most successful R&B artists of the 1980s and '90s. Not only did he score a series of multi-million-selling albums containing chart-topping hit singles and perform sold-out tours of the U.S. and around the world, but he also took charge of his music creatively, writing or co-writing most of his songs and arranging and producing his records. He also performed these fun...

  • Cristina Vane

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    just a girl with a guitar singing out of California, coming to wreak havoc near you

  • Ronald Vane

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  • Chad VanGaalen

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    Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, singer/songwriter Chad VanGaalen creates a delightfully soothing indie rock sound. His airy falsetto is part Christopher Cross and part Thom Yorke, and fans of Broken Social Scene, Band of Horses, and Destroyer should find the charm in VanGaalen's wild imagination. Since 1998, the quirky VanGaalen has drafted hundreds of songs well tailored for indie rock fan...

  • Max Vangeli

    Max Vangeli View Profile

    Daring to chase his musical ambitions all the way to America, the world is now the stage for the irreplaceable House stylings of Max Vangeli. Described by MTV as "One of the most promising artists for 2011", he has excelled all expectations in his accession to the high end of his craft. Injecting an unmistakable energy into every avenue of his career, his forthcoming debut album alongsid...

  • Max Vangelis

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  • Le Castle Vania

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    Atlanta based and internationally known, Le Castle Vania, commonly known as Dylan Eiland, quickly escaped the local trappings of his hometown in Georgia to play music around the world. Atlanta’s burgeoning music scene allowed him to develop his passion for music and nightlife, and he soon gained notoriety with his riotous DJ sets and penchant for production, which made him a household name in the ...

  • The Vanians

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    Four piece garage/blues punk/ rock and roll band from the south bay.

  • French Vanilla

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  • Milli Vanilli

    Milli Vanilli View Profile

    Milli Vanilli. The mere mention of the name still calls up the same derision it did when the dance-pop duo's career came to a sudden and ignominious end: Fakers. Frauds. A blatant marketing scam. Their story has been retold countless times: after selling millions of records, Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan were revealed to be models who publicly lip-synced to tracks recorded by anonymous studio voc...

  • Lord Vanity (feat. Ryen Slegr)

    Lord Vanity (feat. Ryen Slegr) View Profile

    Do you want to fly an American warplane?  Sit on Lord Vanity's lap and suck his thumb as he publicly reconciles his devotion to Jesus Christ and the trappings of his career as Lord of the Beat-Rhyme Aristocracy. 

  • The Vanity Project

    The Vanity Project View Profile

  • The Vansaders

    The Vansaders View Profile

    "The Vansaders walk the line of rowdy and refined. Their bourbon-soaked blend of punk, country and straight-up rock ‘n’ roll is the type of sound that’d easily be the soundtrack to any heavy night of drinking at your local dive bar with a group of close pals as well as those lonesome nights of drinking by yourself. Their music has moments of heart and heartbreak, of celebration and solitude. I...

  • Grand Vapids

    Grand Vapids View Profile

    When Grand Vapids emerged on the Athens music scene a mere fistful of years ago the group's blurry tales of emotional intensity drew listeners in like hungry wolves. Then, at some indeterminate point, the wolves took over pushing and pulling in all directions by both soothsayers and false saviors. Coupled with the band's own internal clockwork going awry, everything seemed to slowly limp to the ...

  • Jeremy Vara

    Jeremy Vara View Profile

    Jeremy Vara is a singer-songwriter from San Diego, California - influenced by artists/bands like Citizen Cope, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Bob Marley, Dirty Heads, Rebelution, Pepper, Sublime, RHCP and more.

  • Wynn Varble

    Wynn Varble View Profile

    Wynn came to love country music at a very young age.  He discovered his father’s collection of classic country albums.  He even traded his big brother’s “Grand Funk Railroad” for a copy of Jimmy Dean’s “Big Bad John”.  He still has a scar to prove it. Around the age of 14, a neighbor named Ned Smith showed him a few chords on ...

  • Melissa Vardey Trio

    Melissa Vardey Trio View Profile

    Born and bred in England, Melissa Vardey studied at Royal Academy London and was the first female pianist in National Youth Jazz Orchestra. The stage became her home as she traveled the globe for 30 years entertaining presidents, sheikhs, celebrities and dignitaries in exotic lands. 'Entertainer to the Stars' for 7 years at the the American Embassy, London, performing for the Royal Family. Hollywo...

  • Ian Varella

    Ian Varella View Profile

    Ian Varella is one of the most popular ventriloquists in entertainment today. His performance combines comedy, variety and audience participation into one great entertainmenet package.

  • Beto Vargas

    Beto Vargas View Profile

    Beto Vargas is an artist, producer and composer from Bogota, Colombia. He grabbed a guitar at an early age and fell in love with the art of music and the power it has to bring people together. Ever since he has dedicated his life to music and his songs talk about his personal experiences as well as stories that have inspired him along the way.  He graduated from Berklee College of Music and ...

  • Dani Vargas

    Dani Vargas View Profile

    Drawing from diverse stylistic approaches and his Chilean roots, Dani Vargas brings a unique take to the acoustic sound.  His seasoned artistry and technical proficiency, canorous melodies, and harmonic maturity has an introspective yet uplifting feeling by virtue of the beauty and honesty that so naturally accompany the acoustic guitar. With his on stage collaboration of the multi...

  • John Vargas

    John Vargas View Profile

    Born to two high school sophomores John Vargas came into this world a man on a mission. Being raised by people who might as well have been his siblings, John was forced to develop a personality far beyond his years. He took to the stage at age 18 and has yet to get off of it. Comedy quickly consumed his life as it became his avenue for sorting things out. His autobiographical style of comedy quick...

  • Paul Varghese

    Paul Varghese View Profile

    Paul Varghese's act includes a number of observations about being Indian, providing outsider-looking-in and insider-looking-out commentary, while also exploring an array of topics and issues outside that realm.   He was named by the Dallas Observer in 2007 as the "Best Stand-up Comic in Dallas" and recently won the 2009 "Funniest Comic in Dallas" competition. Varghe...

  • Victor Varnado

    Victor Varnado View Profile

    Victor Varnado’s devilish knack for outrageousness and originality plays out in his personal URL: Varnado has navigated the adversities of born legally blind and an African-American albino with unique sensibilities to become a nationally known actor and comedian and, according to legend, a Jedi. You may recognize...

  • Janet Varney

    Janet Varney View Profile

    Janet Varney is a writer, producer, actor and improviser in Los Angeles. She founded and produces SF Sketchfest, The San Francisco Comedy festival, hosts the innovative podcast The JV Club (featuring guests including Connie Chung, Christina Hendricks, Gillian Jacobs and more) and is the voice of the title character on Nickelodeon's popular animated show, The Legend of Korra. She spent sev...

  • Keith Varon

    Keith Varon View Profile

    Bay area singer/songwriter Keith Varon began his career crafting introspective and passionate tales of life, love, and heartache in the vein of Martin Sexton, Duncan Sheik, and Edwin McCain. After laying down tracks for his self-titled 2004 EP, Varon began experimenting with a more robust sound, blending his gift for folk-based storytelling with the volatile attack of punk and emo. This cross-poll...

  • Monique Varsames

    Monique Varsames View Profile

  • Pranidhi Varshney

    Pranidhi Varshney View Profile

    Pranidhi found the love of music early on in life, and it has been a driving force ever since. She sings several styles of Western singing including classical, musical theatre, and R&B. Having sung with a cappella groups and bands, her musical journey is now taking a turn to the East. She’s just released an album of Sanskrit chants, melding her musical and yogic words into a project that’s truly u...

  • Andrea Vasquez

    Andrea Vasquez View Profile

  • Denise Vasquez

    Denise Vasquez View Profile

    As a musical artist, Denise has performed in some of the most legendary venues around the world including: JediCon in Germany,“The Cavern Club” (Home of the Beatles in Liverpool), The Bitter End (NYC), The El Rey Theater (LA), The Roxy (LA), The Dublin Castle (Camden, UK), The NAMM Show (Anaheim), Borders Bookstores (Many locations around Southern California) & lots more! She has self produced 3 ...

  • Patti Vasquez

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  • Rafael Vasquez

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