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  • Rootz Underground

    Rootz Underground View Profile

    Rootz Underground represents Jamaica’s most recent contribution to the International Reggae & World Music scene. While undeniably rooted in reggae the six-member outfit uses their collective passion to create a sound that pushes boundaries and defies being boxed into a single genre. Electric yet organic, gritty and soulful; the band manages to harness the essence that the reggae aficionado was cap...

  • Scenic Underground

    Scenic Underground View Profile

    The Scenic Underground is: Joel Herr (guitar, vocals), Alfi Lucero-Canaan (bass), Theron Lynott (drums)

  • The Underground Channel

    The Underground Channel View Profile

    The Underground Channel is a Brooklyn based band who came together in the summer of 2012. The group's unique take on classic rock and modern renditions of good old foot stomping, adrenaline pumping riffs is both refreshing and exciting. Owing to the variety in their individual tastes and backgrounds the bands music has distinct elements of punk, grunge, and progressive rock that serve as ...

  • The Underground Cinema

    The Underground Cinema View Profile

  • Harvelle's Underground Comedy

    Harvelle's Underground Comedy View Profile

    Arrogant Bastard Comedy Underground Hosted by Shaun Latham: A new line up of hilarious comics will take the mic each week.

  • Scenic Undergroung

    Scenic Undergroung View Profile

    The Scenic Underground is: Joel Herr (guitar, vocals), Alfi Lucero-Canaan (bass), Theron Lynott (drums)

  • The Underhill Family Orchestra

    The Underhill Family Orchestra View Profile

  • Carrie Underwood

    Carrie Underwood View Profile

  • Sheryl Underwood

    Sheryl Underwood View Profile

    Sheryl Underwood is one of the funniest and topical standup comics working on the road today. Sheryl can be seen as "Catfish Rita" in "Beauty Shop starring Queen Latifah. The New York Times called Sheryl a "scene-stealing vendor" and Entertainment Weekly said "there are fun touches, like the soul food peddler (Sheryl Underwood) who keeps offering folks "monkey br...

  • The Unending

    The Unending View Profile

  • The Unending Thread

    The Unending Thread View Profile

  • The Unfounded

    The Unfounded View Profile

    The Unfounded is a uniquely styled band. Inspired by numerous genres, they have a remarkable blend of music borne from the styles of Classic Rock, Alternative and Punk, among others. The Unfounded is not your average local screamo/ metal core band; they are a group of very talented musicians and vocals. Their broad variety of music can be enjoyed by everyone, young and old!

  • The Unicorns

    The Unicorns View Profile

    Yet another promising Canadian indie rock band, Montreal-via-British Columbia's Unicorns began in the late '90s, when high-school friends Nick (Neil) Diamonds and Alden Ginger began crafting their roundabout, lo-fi, but distinctly catchy music. Cheap keyboards, loud guitars, and real and mechanical drums surround the duo's skewed and often spiritual lyrics, and their live shows can also include fi...

  • Ecstatic Union

    Ecstatic Union View Profile

  • Ragged Union

    Ragged Union View Profile

    Ragged Union’s hard-driving bluegrass, with a tinge of the traditional and a healthy dose of the blues, has become a favorite for quite a few music lovers since their inception a few short years ago. There is an intimacy and tightness surrounding the vocals, with award-winning instrumental work, a powerful rhythmic drive, and up tempo arrangements giving way to the edgy, outsider songwrit...

  • Rebel Union

    Rebel Union View Profile

    Nashville based four-part group, Rebel Union, prove that when the stars align magic truly does happen. The group, consisting of Suzanne Dennis, Allie Johnson, Blake Mohler and Zach Laughlin, formed by pure chance. They were all living in Atlanta at the time but were pursuing musical careers as duos, never crossing paths until they moved to Nashville in the same month. After meeting, their connecti...

  • TriState Union

    TriState Union View Profile

    Tri-State Union is a Reggae/Rock band created out of the burgeoning Long Beach California music scene. Playing nightly alongside local Rock, Ska, Punk, Hip-Hop, and Reggae bands TSU has forged a unique sound with their original compositions. Singer/Songwriter Sean Kinnane fronts the band on lead guitar/vocals anchored by groove king Lance Curci on Bass/vocals, and percussion virtuoso Benjamin &ldq...

  •  Union Underground

    Union Underground View Profile

    The roots of heavy metal band the Union Underground lie in the relationship between singer/guitarist Bryan Scott and guitarist Patrick Kennison, who met in junior high school in San Antonio, TX. After finishing high school, the two launched their own recording studio, Studio Underground, making cassettes of their music. Sales of 5,000 copies of an EP brought interest from major labels, with Portra...

  • Super Unison

    Super Unison View Profile

    Post hardcore from San Francisco/Oakland, California.

  • K9 Unit

    K9 Unit View Profile

  • K-9 Unit

    K-9 Unit View Profile

    DIst0rt CLT punk supargruup

  • Swoop Unit

    Swoop Unit View Profile

    Swoop Unit Groove and Original Dancefloor Jazz Funk. 8 seasoned musicians compile this group of soul survivors. 

  • The UNIT

    The UNIT View Profile

    Aggressive rock duo from Long Beach,CA,combines melodic vocals with screams,big drums and heavy guitar riffs!

  • Mancini Unit B

    Mancini Unit B View Profile

    Outstanding! Entertaining. Authentic. Hilarious. Fresh. Dynamic! Other-Worldly. Storytelling. Brilliant! These are words audience members often use to describe a show by the one and only Nick Mancini. A child of the 70's, Mancini's earliest musical influences ranged from Led Zeppelin and RUSH, to Fleetwood Mac and James Taylor. In his early college years...

  • Donksongs United

    Donksongs United View Profile

    Donksongs United is a quest to realize the songs of Mike Weiss, a New York City singer/songer known in some circles as “Donk”. After years of friendship and musical collaboration dating back as far as 1993, guitarist Steven Thirolle, multi-instrumentalist Joshua Lunetta, bassist Greg Lojko, drummer Jesse Wallace, and of course Donk himself, have finally joined forces to realize the sound of Donks...

  • Moving Units

    Moving Units View Profile

    The club lights are low. The dance floor is a sweaty blur of shadows. You can feel the blood and adrenaline surging through the crowd. There’s a band on-stage and they are telepathically connected to the audience—making bodies bounce like it was a feat of mind control. This is Moving Units and this is their natural element: unadulterated grooves and constant motion.    ...

  • The Universe Project

    The Universe Project View Profile

  • Pop Unknown

    Pop Unknown View Profile

    The post-grunge emo outfit Pop Unknown hailed from Austin, TX, and had a hearty pop sound. Composed of Tim Lasater (vocals/guitar), Gabe Wiley (drums), Joel Ganucheau (guitar), Matt Breedlove (guitar), and Casper Echols (bass), Pop Unknown issued their debut EP, Summer Season Kills, on Deep Elm in 1999. They toured with the likes of Pedro the Lion, Jimmy Eat World, and the Get Up Kids and shaped a...

  • The Unknown Unknowns

    The Unknown Unknowns View Profile

    Welcome to the unknown and slowly discover  The UnknownUnknowns. It's true, there are the known unknowns but there are also The Unknown Unknowns that you never knew you didn't know about until now and we are that for sure as we have become that and more...

  • The Unknown Woodsmen

    The Unknown Woodsmen View Profile

    Original tunes peppered with the soul, groove, and growl of Blues, Reggae, R&B, and Rock. Take a listen - you won't regret it.

  • Pandemic Unleashed

    Pandemic Unleashed View Profile

    Pandemic Unleashed is a five piece Hard rock/Metal band from Riverside, California. Their sound combined with heavy/melodic guitars and emotional vocals, has away of drawing you in. Influenced by many music genres , Pandemic Unleashed is a band that you will remember. With the band only 4 years old they have made an impressive impact on the music scene with their professional songwriting ability, ...

  • The Unlikely Candidates

    The Unlikely Candidates View Profile

    Based out of Fort Worth, Texas, The Unlikely Candidates are an indie rock band initially formed as an acoustic duo by childhood friends Kyle Morris and Cole Male in 2008. Eventually expanding the lineup to include guitarist Brenton Carney, bassist Jared Hornbeek, and drummer Kevin Goddard, the band was also able to expand its sound in bigger, more sweeping directions. In 2013, the band signed on w...

  • Then Unlikely Candidates

    Then Unlikely Candidates View Profile

    Based out of Fort Worth, Texas, The Unlikely Candidates are an indie rock band initially formed as an acoustic duo by childhood friends Kyle Morris and Cole Male in 2008. Eventually expanding the lineup to include guitarist Brenton Carney, bassist Jared Hornbeek, and drummer Kevin Goddard, the band was also able to expand its sound in bigger, more sweeping directions. In 2013, the band signed on w...

  • The Unlikely Gentlemen

    The Unlikely Gentlemen View Profile

    Not your ordinary bar band. Blistering guitar. Thundering Bass. Wicked Vocals. These guys have been known to play a 30 minute version of Wagon Wheel. There's nothing usual about these gentlemen.

  • XY Unlimited

    XY Unlimited View Profile

    What happens when a bunch of vocal harmony nerds pick up instruments and start writing catchy songs? XY has the answer. SoCal twenty somethings XY Unlimited infuse their soulful brand of pop/rock with the soaring harmonies of a cappella and vocal jazz to strike a blow for music geeks everywhere. “We’re all songwriting musicians who really enjoy rock, and we also loved...

  • Lee's Unlimited 'Live To Vinyl'

    Lee's Unlimited 'Live To Vinyl' View Profile

    Lee's Unlimited is a Jamaican soundsystem, est. in 1968 by Daddy Lees, in the far east parish of St. Thomas. Now in it's 2nd generation it is being run by his son Lee Tafari, who is both a singer and selector, and one who has remained true to the original format of playing records. With LIVE to VINYL, he fuses the art of Vinyl selections with Live music interjections, creating a truly uniq...

  • Dendai Uno

    Dendai Uno View Profile


  • Somos Uno

    Somos Uno View Profile

    Somos Uno Sound System began in 2003, with the creative initiative of Cesar Hank (Aka Abatzi) to create a group of MC's and DJ's, an idea that with time and creative needs have evolved and have been included to participate in the project important musicians and singers reggae scene for collaborations; for three years line-up was changing with male voices but always led by Abatzi. In 200...

  • Africa Unplugged

    Africa Unplugged View Profile

    Africa Unplugged is a dynamic group, led by djembe master, guitarist and songwriter, Atiba Rorie. The band uses traditional percussion instruments from West Africa in combination with guitars and bass to play traditional rhythms while drawing from influences across the world. Their creativity results in a funky, soulful blues and dance music that keeps you moving as they tell stories from the ol...

  • Jimmy Burns UNPLUGGED

    Jimmy Burns UNPLUGGED View Profile

    Singer, guitarist, and songwriter, Jimmy Burns is a contemporary bluesman who combines his Delta roots with R&B and soul to come up with a sound uniquely his own. Burns is a charismatic performer with an expressive, soulful, voice and a melodic guitar style to match. With a keen sense of his musical heritage Burns has created an upbeat style that has won critical acclaim both at home and abroa...

  • Quote Unquote

    Quote Unquote View Profile

  • Sight Unscene

    Sight Unscene View Profile

    Hailing from San Diego, CA, Sight Unscene has been attracting the ears of headbangers with its blistering but melodic brand of metal since the release of their debut album “Devils in the Details” in 2007. Sung vocals are punctuated by enthusiastic screams while the instrumental aspect of the songs reflect that dichotomy, offering bright, strong melodies incarnated as heady, hard metal. Formed in ...

  • The Unseen

    The Unseen View Profile

    Boston hardcore punk quintet the Unseen formed in 1993 around high school friends Mark Unseen (vocals/drums), Tripp Underwood (vocals/bass), and lead guitarist Scott Unseen. With surprisingly little member turnover, the lineup soon also included Paul Russo (guitar/vocals), while drummer Pat Melzard joined up in 2002. After appearing on numerous punk compilations, the band issued the LPs So This Is...

  • The Untouchables

    The Untouchables View Profile

    The Untouchables are a soul/mod revival band from Silver Lake/LA, CA that was formed in 1981 and inspired by the ska revival/punk rock band, The Boxboys. Described by original lead singer, Kevin Long as "mods who played ska music," The Untouchables are credited with being America's first ska band. After a shaky start playing at parties, the integrated septet eventually started pla...

  • Jack Untz

    Jack Untz View Profile

    A guitar prodigy, Whiskey Jack Untz got his first professional experience at the age of 13 playing with Frankie Valli. While playing with Rainbow River, a roots rock act, Whiskey Jack opened for legends Ronnie Milsap and Merle Haggard. He later toured with George Thorogood and the Destroyers, Brian Setzer and Elvin Bishop. As he...

  • The Unusual Gentlemen

    The Unusual Gentlemen View Profile

    Not your ordinary bar band.  Blistering guitar.  Thundering Bass.  Wicked Vocals.  These guys have been known to play a 30 minute version of Wagon Wheel.  There's nothing usual about these gentlemen.

  •  Unwritten Law

    Unwritten Law View Profile

    Scott Russo – vocals Steve Morris – guitars Pat “PK” Kim – bass Dylan Howard – drums Southern California’s UNWRITTEN LAW has become synonymous with the sounds of summer by releasing some of the most celebrated rock records of recent memory, touring the world to play for sold out crowds, holding the #1 slot on the Billboard Modern Rock char...

  • Antennas Up

    Antennas Up View Profile

    Antennas Up formed in Kansas City in 2008. Following the addition of a new lead singer and an overwhelmingly positive response from the press and CMJ with the release of their first album in 2009, the band took to a cabin in the Maine woods for 30 days of isolation and songwriting to hone in their voice for a new album in the Summer of 2010. The band performed an official showcase at South By S...

  • Choke Up

    Choke Up View Profile

    Choke Up is four best buds from Boston who love the Weakerthans and King of the Hill.

  • Ease Up

    Ease Up View Profile

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