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  • Ground Up

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  • High Up

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    indie rock inspired by classic soul. endorsed by the gifford park neighborhood association

  • LVL Up

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  • Make Up

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    Indie-punk subversives the Make-Up emerged from the ashes of the seminal Washington, D.C. outfit Nation of Ulysses, reuniting vocalist Ian Svenonious, guitarist James Canty, and drummer Steve Gamboa (who together also previously teamed in the short-lived Cupid Car Club, M.P. as well as the T.A.M.I. Show). Completing the lineup with bassist Michelle Mae, the Make-Up surfaced in early 1995 with thei...

  • Mash Up

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    The 80’s Cover Band with a Reggae Twist! MASH UP!!! combines popular 80’s music with upbeat Reggae rhythms topped with a modern electronic edge. It creates a sound that is familiar yet totally unique. Inspired by the sounds of 90’s Dancehall Reggae, Sublime, and 80’s pop hits, come listen as they blend together to create a dance party like no other!!!!

  • Tore Up

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  • Turn Up

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  • U Up

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  • Worked Up

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    This is Worked Up.  Started in a hot garage in Reseda Energetic yet introspective, the quartet's music is rooted in memorable melodies while paying homage to aggressive punk of the early 2000s.

  • Stand Up Against Blood Cancer: A Night of Fit Females and Funny Friends

    Stand Up Against Blood Cancer: A Night of Fit Females and Funny Friends View Profile

    10 young, hot and hilarious comics take the stage in a night to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Hosted by Karen Fensterstock, Shaun Patterson, Caryn Ganeles and Camille Beckles-- four girls, one cause: putting an end to blood cancer. Comedians: Evan Williams / Matteo Lane / David Bergmann / Amanda Pisetzner / Mikey Debach / Sam Klemmer / Teresa Lee /&n...

  • Grown Up Avenger Stuff

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    Hi. We are Grown Up Avenger Stuff. We're basically just your friendly neighborhood rock band with super powers. We're the kind of rock where our songs don't sound like each other. We love music and making music. And rocking. You. We want to be your new second most favorite band.

  • Straight Up Chumps

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    The Straight Up Chumps are a rock band based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Formed in March of 2013, they started as an acoustic duo with Aryn Ross on rhythm guitar and Ross Johnson on lead guitar. By June they lost the acoustic guitars and added Ethan Bremmer on drums and Seagers Rodrigues on lead vocals and bass to complete their lineup. Influenced by a variety of acts ranging from classic rocker...

  • Cheer Up Club

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  • Whats Up Dog Fundraiser

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  • What's Up Dog! L.A. Fundraiser

    What's Up Dog! L.A. Fundraiser View Profile

    "What’s Up Dog! LA is a 100% volunteer run nonprofit dog rescue whose mission is to place destitute animals from high kill shelters with loving Forever Families. It was started in 2011 by Jessica Landesman and since then, over 60 dogs have been rescued and 52 dogs have been placed in forever homes! Jessica Fine's love for animal's inspired her to join forces with What's Up Dog! L.A. and put toget...

  • Fade Up Fade Out Bye Bye

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    Fade Music Co. prides itself on the diversity of its artists. The label was started by Kyle Newacheck, Kayhan Ahmadi, and Danny Webber with a goal of creating music that transports the listener into the mind of the artist. We strive for each project to be a true representation of the artist, whether it's the genre bending group Fade Up Fade Out Bye Bye, or the singer songwriter vibe of Mega...

  • Look Up Here

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    Jeff Heater - Drums Jon Tuttle - Bass Jason Diaz - Guitar VOX Steve Diaz - Guitar VOX Paul Vouaux - Guitar VOX

  • Knocked Up Kids

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  • Last Up Larry

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  • Wake Up Lucid

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    Wake Up Lucid doesn’t make nice. Not musically, anyway. The band of cousins — Ryan, Ian and Jamie Baca — mete out scuzzy blues you imagine sprung from gear that barely works, seething with emotion and crackling with defiance toward those who would water down rock ’n’ roll for the digital age. After thundering onto the scene with the EPs “Look Alive People”...

  • Knocked Up Nun

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    Knocked Up Nun is a band of apathetic nobodies with D.I.Y. ambitions and the goal of making music we would want to listen to. Enjoy.

  • Chin Up Rocky

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  • Pin Up Squirrels

    Pin Up Squirrels View Profile

    Take a piece of Chappelle's Show, add a dash of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and mix in a cup of stage player magic from SNL. Now subtract all the men and replace them with the sassy rodent spirits of Carissa Leone, Kristen Lucas, Sam Schecter, Tera Feigen, Emerald Catron, Leanne Linsky, Lisa Perez and Sara Harvey. You'll get one heck of a math problem and one heck of a show. This show's c...

  • Turn Up The Heat

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  • Blowing Up the Moon

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    Blowing Up the Moon are a young band from Los Angeles, California. They have been garnering attention with their neo-psychedelic rock sound. Their reputation is owed much to their energetic live shows. They are currently in the studio with acclaimed producer Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys) recording their full length debut. Their self titled E. P. was released in July 2010...

  • Harry Up!

    Harry Up! View Profile

    I have lived on, for and by music for more than 15 years and, during my career, I have shared stage and worked in my studio with musicians like The Yardbirds, James Taylor Quartet, Bruce Foxton & Rick Buckler, Mo’ Solid Gold, Juliette Lewis and The Licks, Mathew Herbert, Jamie Cullum, Sidonie, Bart Davenport, Los Hermanos Dalton, Macaco, Honest John Plain, Gualberto García, F...

  • The Uplifters

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  • The Upper Crust

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    The Upper Crust played their first show in the back room of a Cambridge, Massachusetts bar one Monday night in 1994. Not for a moment did they or anyone else imagine that-more than a decade later-they would be comfortably enshrined in the pantheon of rock stardom, polishing their platform shoes to kick it up a notch with their newly remixed, remastered collection of stellar hits “Cream of the Crus...

  • The Upper Stratta

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  • Lofi Uppercut

    Lofi Uppercut View Profile

    Revelstoke Artist Bruce Thomas presents Lo-Fi Uppercut, his latest music project, at the Last Drop. The show features originals, remixes and classic covers.

  • Pin Ups

    Pin Ups View Profile

    Pin Ups - a band inspired by the David Bowie collection of the same name.

  • The Upsidedown

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    Portland-based neo-psychedelic outfit the Upsidedown -- singer/guitarist J-sun Atoms, lead guitarist Rob Scrivner, guitarist Matt Moore, bassist Tristan Evans, keyboardist Brett Kron, and drummer B. Mild -- formed in mid-2003 from the remnants of local shoegazer cult favorites the Bella Low. The group issued its Tony Lash-produced debut LP, Trust Electricity, on Reverb in 2004. ~ Jason Ankeny, Rov...

  • Brad Upton

    Brad Upton View Profile

    Brad Upton in a past winner of the Las Vegas Comedy Festival and appeared recently at Caesar's Palace as part of the HBO Comedy Festival. Twenty five years and 5000 shows have made this Seattle based comic a much sought after performer and earned the respect of his peers. The Seattle Times said, "Brad Upton has mastered the nearly impossible task of appealing to people from the ages...

  • Know Ur Roots

    Know Ur Roots View Profile

    "Know ur roots" created by Antonio (lead vocalist) in 2007. As of 07-09 new members reside with such diverse backgrounds coming together to form an amazing group. Know ur roots has played many venues including Liberty Park, Circle Lounge, Karumba,The Hotel, Manhattan, Easy Street, Huka Bar and private partys. Know ur Roots is currently recording more songs!

  • Keith Urban

    Keith Urban View Profile

    New Zealand-born and Australia-raised, Keith Urban moved to Nashville in 1992. His first American album came as a member of The Ranch (1997), followed by an increasingly accomplished series of multi Platinum-selling solo albums: Keith Urban (1999), Golden Road (2002), Be Here (2004), and Love, Pain & the whole crazy thing (2006). The compilation Greatest Hits: 19 Kids (2008) included such Numb...

  • Robert Urban

    Robert Urban View Profile

    A much sought after session guitarist, accompanist, guest soloist, song arranger, record producer and sound engineer, Robert is also private music teacher & mentor for a variety of musical artists & arts organizations. He performs everywhere - in all manner of musical genres and styles - either solo or with his own progressive rock group The Robert Urban Band. Robert is also guitarist...

  • Tim Urban

    Tim Urban View Profile

    During the 2010 season of American Idol, Tim Urban emerged on the national music scene with a blend of his smooth vocals, all American charm and trademark smile. His talent, determination and upbeat attitude won the hearts of fans all over the world and earned him the number seven slot in the competition as well as the chance to perform on the AI 2010 summer concert tour. Tim's journey towards ...

  • The Urban Renewal Project

    The Urban Renewal Project View Profile

    The Urban Renewal Project has been kicking around the Pacific Coast for four years, using the instruments of a bygone era to create a signature sound that blurs the boundaries between pop, soul, jazz and hip-hop. Teaming up with singer Aubrey Logan and freestyle rapper Elmer Demond, the 15-piece big band released its sophomore album Local Legend in 2014. The nine original tracks draw fro...

  • Robert Urban with Elijah Black

    Robert Urban with Elijah Black View Profile

    Robert Urban: Award-winning singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and published literary writer ROBERT URBAN is also owner/operator of Manhattan-based Urban Productions recording & music creation studio. Robert supports the NY tri-state area music community through producing & hosting his Urban Productions BOLDLY Presents live-in-concert series (now in its 7th year)...



    Award-winning singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and published literary writer ROBERT URBAN is also owner/operator of Manhattan-based Urban Productions recording & music creation studio. Robert supports the NY tri-state area music community through producing & hosting his Urban Productions BOLDLY Presents live-in-concert series (n...

  • Stephanie Urbina Jones

    Stephanie Urbina Jones View Profile

    Stephanie Urbina Jones was born in a bi-cultural home in San Antonio, Texas where she grew up hearing sounds from both sides of the border. Jones learned early about the the power of storytelling through song and created a latin country rock style all her own. This unique artist is poised to be the very first Hispanic American female to break through Country Americana music. Drawing from her ...

  • Midge Ure

    Midge Ure View Profile

    From Slik, The Rich Kids, Thin Lizzy, Visage, Ultravox and of course the most famous one off group in musical history Band Aid (cowriter/producer of Do They Know It’s Christmas?); co-organizer LIVE AID (and performer with Ultravox); Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) 2005; winner of the Ivor Novello, Grammy, and BASCAP Awards; musical director of both the Concerts For...

  • The Urge

    The Urge View Profile

    The St. Louis-based ska-punk outfit the Urge was formed in 1987 by vocalist Steve Ewing and bassist Karl Grable, who together remained the nexus of the group throughout the many roster changes which followed. The original Urge lineup debuted in 1989 with the cassette-only Bust Me Dat Forty, followed a year later by the LP Puttin' the Backbone Back. After the additions of saxophonist Bill Reiter an...

  • In Urgency

    In Urgency View Profile

    Los Angeles-based hard rockers In Urgency have unleashed "Stitches", the first single and music video from their self-titled debut EP. Fusing the melodic hooks of alt-rock with the urgency and weight of post-hardcore/pop punk, In Urgency have found a winning formula for their own brand of anthemic hard rock. The band began, as many do, in the dissolution of a former act. Initi...

  • Mike Uryga

    Mike Uryga View Profile

      Wirey, physical, and totally out of control. Mikes humor is all of these and so much more. He is able to nail down stereotypes with poignancy and humor. Audiences love Mike, and so do we.

  • Odd Us

    Odd Us View Profile

    Its not fish they're after.

  • We's Us

    We's Us View Profile

    We's Us is an American rock band from Denver, CO. The band was formed in June 2012 by guitarist/vocalist Michael Dawald, bassist Chris Crantz, and drummer Blake Manion while trying to make their mark on the Denver music scene. The band expanded to add Michael Bayley on keys who was later replaced by Charlie Worley in December 2012. Over the course of the band’s short career, We’s U...

  • Save us From The Archon

    Save us From The Archon View Profile

  • Remones USA

    Remones USA View Profile

    REMONES USA has been providing enthusiastic fans with the Ramones experience since 2009. REMONES USA sounds like, looks like and plays as fast as their heroes. The band emulates all the movements and mannerisms of the Ramones and honors the fashion by sporting leather jackets, tight jeans, and shaggy haircuts. The Ramones’ “wall of sound” is recreated by lightning fast down strok...

  • Zeppelin USA

    Zeppelin USA View Profile

    An American Led Zeppelin Tribute Celebrating the music of Led Zeppelin, ZUSA is a 4-piece, non-costumed band that delivers the best of the Led Zeppelin studio sound and live concert performances. Our goal is to be the best-sounding Zep tribute!

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