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  • The U.S. Americans

    The U.S. Americans View Profile

    Hello. We are the US Americans and we come from the United States of America. We play music because we believe that playing music is the most American thing one can do. The second most American thing one can do is listen to our music.  God Bless America!

  • Hollywood U2

    Hollywood U2 View Profile

    Hollywood U2 is the only U2 Tribute to be endorsed by Mark Cuban as seen on the AXS tv show “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” (hosted by Katie Daryl). They are the only band to-date of the TV show's 5 seasons to be selected to perform twice. How does it get any better than this? Hollywood U2’s front man Joe Hier aka H...

  • Kali Uchis

    Kali Uchis View Profile

  • Itoro Udofia

    Itoro Udofia View Profile

    Creating grooving rhythms and sounds for the spirit. A mix of funk, soul, jazz, r&b, and electronic beats.

  • Bumpin Uglies

    Bumpin Uglies View Profile

    Bumpin Uglies spawned from an Annapolis, MD scene awash in musical history over a decade ago. They are rooted in East Coast ska, punk, and reggae, making their mark up and down the Eastern Seaboard. In the past ten years, Bumpin Uglies have worked to carve out their path by relentlessly touring, and releasing one album after another. With each release came more focus, more creativity and more d...

  • Bumpin' Uglies

    Bumpin' Uglies View Profile

    For nearly a decade now, Bumpin Uglies have been playing their brand of groove-heavy jams – a curiously fun mix of ska, Reggae and good ole’ punk rock – all while putting strong lyrics at the forefront of the music. It’s a formula that quickly took them from local favorites, playing around Annapolis, to a national stage. With a wildly infectious sound, tattoo-worthy lyrics ...

  • Tv Ugly

    Tv Ugly View Profile

    we are a band from vancouver. we play garbage pop.

  • The Ugly Sweaters

    The Ugly Sweaters View Profile

    "Hailing from both American coasts and Southeastern Africa, these dynamic musicians bring global flavor to the local Los Angeles scene. With influences on all points of the spectrum, The Ugly Sweaters have branded the Los Angeles musical circuit with a unique brand of Rock. The Ugly Sweaters are a fast rising musical sensation in Los Angeles and are sure to reroute Rock's direction...

  • Uh Uh Baby Yeah

    Uh Uh Baby Yeah View Profile

    It's a story we all know too well. All bands fall on conflict and most never live long enough to tell the tale. In this case, what seemed to be the beginning of the end only breathed fresh air into a band that is just getting started. For Uh Huh Baby Yeah!, conflict is all part of the bigger equation. "We've seen so much turmoil and for the longest time it was hard to rise abo...

  • Sahy Uhns

    Sahy Uhns View Profile

    Sahy Uhns aka Carl Madison Burgin has been producing hip-hop and electronic music since his early teenage years, creating music using any strange sound he could find. The LA native draws inspiration from West Coast hip-hop culture and channels his musical energy into generating new and unique sounds – recording everywhere he travels. Sahy Uhns’ use of custom designed software, hardware...

  • Charlatans UK

    Charlatans UK View Profile

    For many years, the Charlatans UK were perceived as the also-rans of Madchester, the group that didn't capture the zeitgeist like the Stone Roses or the band that failed to match the mad genre-bending of the Happy Mondays. Of course, they were more traditional than either of their peers. Working from a Stonesy foundation, the Charlatans added dance-oriented rhythms and layers of swirling organs st...

  • Romer UK

    Romer UK View Profile

    Rome, a songwriter and entertainer, has been the singer, piano player, and main lyricist for such projects such as Poor Yorick and Bellum Pax. Having undergone another transformation, this time as a solo artist and collaborator, and after being off the stage for much of this past year, Rome returns with a new group of songs that further reflect his eudaimonic misadventures, and this along with ...

  • Tom Ulichny

    Tom Ulichny View Profile

    TOM ULICHNY graduated Magna Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts in 2005. As a multi-instrumentalist at Berklee, Ulichny studied guitar, drums, and world percussion under mentors such as Dave Tronzo, Jerry Leake, Dave DiCenso and Jamey Haddad. During his time at Berklee, he delved into the study of jazz and blues and discovered a passion for world music instruments and ...

  • James Uloth

    James Uloth View Profile

  • Amy Ultch

    Amy Ultch View Profile

    People love music because it is the universal language. We can all connect to the joy, the pain, the raw emotion that is portrayed through music. Amy Jones not only has the desire to harness that emotion, she possesses the driving talent to deliver it soulfully to anyone willing to share the experience. Amy began singing as far back as she can remember. However, she wasn’t truly inspired to w...

  • The Ultimate Bear Hug

    The Ultimate Bear Hug View Profile

    The  name  simply  being  a reference  to  their  hope  that  their  music  “will  hug  you.”  Doll  Knight  and  Barrett Johnson’s  impromptu  conversation  evolved into  a  late  night songwriting  session  with  immedia...



  • The Ultimate Stones A Tribute to the Rolling Stones

    The Ultimate Stones A Tribute to the Rolling Stones View Profile

  • Big Ultra

    Big Ultra View Profile

  • MK Ultra

    MK Ultra View Profile

    MK Ultra is the solo project of Travis Szendrei announced in April of 2013. Szendrei performs vocals and is a multi-instrumentalist who writes and records the material. Aaron Bagley, who Szendrei met when he was just learning music, is the producer along with Szendrei of the debut album titled, “Documentation.” Szendrei’s second musical project titled, "A New Vision" became the third best s...

  • Pulse Ultra

    Pulse Ultra View Profile

    While Montreal is known for its rave scene, native sons Pulse Ultra aimed for something harder. Childhood pals Dominic Cifarelli (guitar) and Jeff Feldman (bassist) were influenced by the post-grunge reign of bands like Limp Bizkit and the Deftones, therefore they designed Pulse Ultra with similar appeal. They spent the latter '90s gigging at local parties and competing in various showcases, but i...

  • Mike Ultra and The Big Tease

    Mike Ultra and The Big Tease View Profile

  • DJ Ultraviolet

    DJ Ultraviolet View Profile

    UltraViolet is the dj name San Francisco native Eva Lee.   Co-founder of the well known Trap City San Francisco which currently holds its place of one of the largest monthly dance music events on the west coast. As an influential club Trap City has hosted such artists as Heroes x Villains, Baauer, gLAdiator, UZ, Valentino Khan, TWRK, Trap-A-holics and more. Trap City has strived to f...

  • Stelth Ulvang (of The Lumineers)

    Stelth Ulvang (of The Lumineers) View Profile

    Stelth Ulvang never slows down. With blistered fingers, worn vocal cords, and pockets of tattered ticket-stubs and notebooks, Stelth tours the globe full-time with the Lumineers. As their barefoot piano-player and multi-instrumentalist, Stelth is never still - running up stadium seats with his accordion, striking marching drum and mandolin, or serenading the crowds from the highest of balconies. ...

  • DJ Umami

    DJ Umami View Profile

    Dubbed "The DJ to watch in years to come " Bay Area born Umami splashed into the local scene in 2008 at Fingerbangerz crew parties and the iconic defunct Poleng lounge. Bubbling with an infectuous passion for music and dance culture, her craft mastery and career grew organically and quick. Within a year of rockin' the turntables, she gained residency at Skylark with the prestigiou...

  • Paul Umbach

    Paul Umbach View Profile

  • Diego Umbrella

    Diego Umbrella View Profile

    There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love Diego's Umbrella and those who don’t know them yet. Celebrated as San Francisco's ambassadors of Gypsy Rock, these world-renowned entertainers have created an irresistible mélange that is entirely their own.   A Diego's Umbrella show is a singular, ecstatic experience. One concert is all it takes to b...

  • Diego's Umbrella

    Diego's Umbrella View Profile

    San Francisco’s ambassadors of gypsy rock, Diego’s Umbrella captures California’s cultural multiplicity with enthusiasm, humor and decadence.  These urban, gringo mariachis have performed more than 1,000 live shows at clubs and festivals across the U.S. and Europe. The band’s lively, unforgettable, heavy-hitting stage show has visually and aurally captivated div...

  •  Umek

    Umek View Profile

     Despite being at the top of the techno tree for a decade now, Umek (Uros Umek to his nearest and dearest) firmly believes 2010 to have been his best year to date. He was named Beatport's best techno artist, his second artist album, 'Responding to Dynamics', was critically acclaimed, his recent release 'OMGWTF' topped the Beatport download chart - the first time a release of his has achieved...

  • Wallah Umoja

    Wallah Umoja View Profile

    One mic, a double consciousness, & the rule of thirds. Rapper, producer, & founder of Left-n-Right Records.

  •  Umphrey's Mcgee

    Umphrey's Mcgee View Profile

     Since forming in the late '90s, the musically muscular and relentlessly inventive Umphrey's McGee has cultivated an impressive presence both live and in the studio. Lauded by critics and adored by fans, the band continues to draw in new listeners with their singular style: virtuoso playing and acrobatic tempo changes and rhythmic shifts complemented by dazzling song craft and comp...

  • Socially Unacceptable

    Socially Unacceptable View Profile

    Socially Unacceptable is a rock band in Orange County that dips into all types of Rock (Metal, Punk, Alternative, etc.). Socially Unacceptable gives there fans extactly what they want in a show... a good time! SU interacts with their fans not only on the stage but off it and in the bar as well. The band was started by front man, Kyle Knox in February 2010. SU is actively playing shows in the South...

  • Cash Unchained

    Cash Unchained View Profile

    Cash Unchained is a national touring tribute to the Man In Black. The group is fronted by a powerhouse 18 year old with a huge passion for Johnny Cash and music alike. James Tamelcoff III has played lead guitar in many groups of all genres in his 11 years of performing live. April 16, 2016 James debuted his tribute to Johnny Cash to a SOLD OUT State Theatre in Culpeper, Virginia.    ...

  • Completely Unchained: A Tribute to Van Halen

    Completely Unchained: A Tribute to Van Halen View Profile

    Who doesn't love the way Van Halen rocked the world from 1978 to 1984? They had it all, including the best guitarist on the planet. A lead singer with the biggest personality in our Solar System. A bass player who laid down the law on bass while singing pristine harmonies over the top. And a drummer who kicked everyone's butt. They created some of the best tunes ever heard on the radio and...

  • The Undeadbeats

    The Undeadbeats View Profile

  • The Undecided by Default

    The Undecided by Default View Profile

  • Nuthin Under A Million

    Nuthin Under A Million View Profile

    With intensions of only becoming a world-class house of producers and songwriters, Nuthin’ Under A Million had a lot more destined for them than they ever imagined. As a variety of their hits blazed the charts, this Los Angeles based five-some which consists of Tommy (TB), Milana, Tony, Shandra and David (DJ); found themselves being a much talked about international craze. Nuthin’ Under A Milli...

  • Truth Under Attack

    Truth Under Attack View Profile

  • The Under Dawg

    The Under Dawg View Profile

    I grew up in a military family spending my childhood constantly moving all across the United States as well as internationally, spending almost half of my life outside of the US. I had a rough childhood rarely having friends, got beat up a lot, and was socially awkward and just strange as shit. I faced rejection from fair-weather friends and girlfriends leaving my soul’s only emotional outlet thro...

  • Trampled Under Foot

    Trampled Under Foot View Profile

    Siblings Danielle, Kris and Nick Schnebelen have a life-long connection with the blues. Growing up in Kansas City, MO, the trio soaked up the music of their parents, who were active in the thriving blues scene. After years of playing in separate bands, Danielle, Kris and Nick decided to keep things in the family and formed Trampled Under Foot. In 2008, they headed to Memphis for the IBC and walked...

  • City Under Siege

    City Under Siege View Profile

    City Under Siege a Powerpop/rock band from Buffalo NY City Under Siege has worked hard at gaining a loyal fanbase throughout the region. This 2 man duo, John Wittlinger and Ryan Wiesner, put together songs with influences that span the genres far and wide. There upbeat, fast and catchy songs often keep there lyrics stuck in the heads of there listeners. There "party" style writing i...

  • Omaha Under The Radar

    Omaha Under The Radar View Profile

    Omaha Under the Radar is an annual experimental performance festival in the Midwest.    Finishing out the third annual festival are high-impact experimental multimedia artists, dancers, and musicians. tbd. Dance Collective continually prove that they are at the forefront of creative movement work, and have the chops to back it up; we are thrilled for them to p...

  • People Under The Stairs

    People Under The Stairs View Profile

    Los Angeles based People Under The Stairs, Double K (Michael Turner) and Thes One (Christopher Portugal) are the most successful fully independent hip-hop duo in the history of Hip-Hop. Since their initial full length release in 1998, People Under The Stairs have performed more than a thousand sold out shows, festivals and world tours spanning 6 continents and 40 countries. With a pioneering DIY e...

  • Cats Under The Stars

    Cats Under The Stars View Profile

    Cats Under The Stars brings you the tunes of the Jerry Garcia Band with authenticity. Our intentions, pure and simple, are to create good times, dancing, great music, and an experience you will not soon forget. Come see “Cats on the bandstand”.

  • The Underachievers

    The Underachievers View Profile

  • The Undercover Club

    The Undercover Club View Profile

  • The UndercoverGirls

    The UndercoverGirls View Profile

  • The Undercovers

    The Undercovers View Profile

    The Undercovers are dedicated to playing music with meaning. Whether it's our own songs that deal with important social, political, and interpersonal issues or new arrangements of those by Bob Dylan, the Stones or the Beatles, it's essential that all our songs move you.

  • Alice Underground

    Alice Underground View Profile

    Alice Underground is a time traveling caravan to an anachronistic era set in a locale that’s both familiar and fantastical. For the five members of the LA-based group, however, this has been a journey by happenstance. What was a one-off show now has the quintet chasing mythical characters and architecting a swamp cabaret aesthetic.   Five years after its fateful first show, the LA-bas...

  • Broadway Underground

    Broadway Underground View Profile

    Broadway Underground is a modern artistic revolution -- a cultural revival featuring local music, avante-garde artists, and drink specials every Monday night @ Harvelle's LB. The name stems from entertainment pioneer and Long Beach native Don Hornsby's innovative vision to bring quality and relevant live performances to this historical city on the Pacific.

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