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  • Andre Thierry & Zydeco Magic

    Andre Thierry & Zydeco Magic View Profile

    Andre Thierry is a phenomenal talent who has been capturing the attention of other musicians and music lovers since he was a toddler. Andre’s French Creole heritage is deeply rooted in Louisiana although he was born and reared in northern California.

  • Amy Thiessen

    Amy Thiessen View Profile

    With the latest project "In Between Goodbyes" Thiessen fine tunes her articulation of the vast depth of the heart. Her Powerful dynamic voice defies easy comparison to other artists but that at times recalls many: the dreaminess of Dido, the jazzy sophistication of Joni Mitchell, and the raw fragility of Basia Bulat, to name but a few. Her arrangements straddle the divide between indie f...

  • Matthew Thiessen

    Matthew Thiessen View Profile

    Matthew Thiessen is the singer and songwriter for Relient K. He started the band in 1998, and they have gone on on to sell over 2.5 million records. He has also co-written songs for Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, The Fray, Owl City, and more. Currently Matt is doing solo music under the name Matthew Thiessen and the Earthquakes.

  •  Thievery Corporation

    Thievery Corporation View Profile

  • Future Thieves

    Future Thieves View Profile

    Future Thieves was formed in late 2013 after a timely split between former bands. Elliot Collett (vocals, guitars, keys) enlisted band members Gianni Gibson (drums) and Nick Goss (bass, keys, bgvs) to play along with recordings done in Los Angeles in the months prior. Austin McCool (guitars) quickly joined rank, after playing with Collett and Goss in various projects. Future Thieves began writing,...

  • Light Thieves

    Light Thieves View Profile

    "Its insane how many musicians there are out in the world. Just within my metropolis I am constantly finding new and amazing musicians & musical communities all the time…but among them all, few will achieve “rockstar status”. It takes more than talent, it also takes an image and hella perseverance. Cue Light Thieves. These crazy kids are young, full of energy &am...

  • Ludlow Thieves

    Ludlow Thieves View Profile

    Staggering from the wreckage of a car accident that claimed seven lives and left him the sole survivor, The Ludlow Thieves’ front man, Danny Musengo, had a shift in perspective. He was finished working the midnight shift at a gas station on a highway in Iowa; he was moving to NYC and dedicating himself to music. Having grown up singing gospel songs in his church, music was where he found pea...

  • Naive Thieves

    Naive Thieves View Profile

  • Time Thieves

    Time Thieves View Profile

  • Young Thieves

    Young Thieves View Profile

    Young Thieves are an electro-indie/pop four-piece from New York City featuring Alexandra Amor (vocals), Dmitry Libman (guitar/keyboards/production), Andrew Lynch (guitar/keyboards) and Johnny Coryn (drums). Alexandra’s impeccable blend of the vocal pop capability of Christina Aguilera and the raw edginess of Amy Winehouse makes her the perfect match for this tenacious new group. The music...

  • The Thigh-Highs

    The Thigh-Highs View Profile

    The Thigh-Highs met in 2008, at a party in the home of legendary rock journalist John Swenson. It was there that they realized they had a similar taste in hairdos and in rock 'n' roll records from the 1960's. And so ... drummer Jimmy Picker, guitarist Gerry Newland and bassist Phil Gordon cobbled together a list of their favorite Power Pop songs and began playing house parties in Brooklyn. By 2009...

  •  Thin Lizzy

    Thin Lizzy View Profile

  • Beautiful Things

    Beautiful Things View Profile

    Singer, songwriter and guitar player Dina D’Alessandro was a solo artist who released two full-length albums under her unique but complicated name. She started the ambient pop-rock band Beautiful Things with fellow Los Angeles music scene veterans Billy Budd, Sean X and Toby Swinehart for one reason only: “I wanted to call my music by a name that was easy to say and spell.” The n...

  • Fury Things

    Fury Things View Profile

    Fury Things are a trio from Minneapolis, Minnesota, made up of guitarist/vocalist Kyle Werstein, bassist Devon Bryant, and drummer Andrew Carson. Werstein writes compelling lyrics and shreds fuzzy guitar solos while sharing the melody with Bryants bass. Carson slams on cymbals higher than his head and has broken too many drumsticks to count. Together theyre making fast, loud rock music reminiscent...

  • Night Things

    Night Things View Profile

    Night Things is an Echo Park based dream-pop band heavily inspired by 80’s new wave dance music. Main singer/songwriters Zach Shields and Maize LaRue/Olinger met years ago in theSilverlake Conservatory Children's Choir, when Maize was 17 and singing for Zach’s prior band Dead Man's Bones. Originally released under their previous name Badlands, their debut single "Slee...

  • Real Things

    Real Things View Profile

  • Run Things

    Run Things View Profile

    Run Things is Joshua Thorpe (vocals, guitar), Gregory Shadwick (bass, keys) and Daniel Goldbatt (drums). Born in the ashes of colliding projects in the crowded Echo Park music scene, the group found common ground in a sound whose species is instinctively pop. Their design was to create a breed of songs that calls upon the reinterpreted American music of British bands like Echo & the Bunnymen, ...

  • Stranger Things

    Stranger Things View Profile

    STRANGER THINGS was formed in 2007 in Los Angeles, California by brothers Sudwyn and Stephen Munshi along with good friend and honorary brother Jim Davis. What started out as a four piece with various drummers ultimately became a five piece with the addition of lead guitarist Reuben Luke and permanent drummer Steve Morrison. The lineup consists of: * Sudwyn Munshi on vocals ... * Re...

  • The Things

    The Things View Profile

  • Dead Things and War

    Dead Things and War View Profile

  • All Things Blue

    All Things Blue View Profile

  • All Things End

    All Things End View Profile

    All Things End is a southern California based melodic punk trio.

  • Thirst Things First

    Thirst Things First View Profile


  •  Third Day

    Third Day View Profile

  •  Third Eye Blind

    Third Eye Blind View Profile

  • Two Thirds Goat

    Two Thirds Goat View Profile

  • The Thirsty Crows

    The Thirsty Crows View Profile

    The roots of this new local band are grounded in various cross pollinations, old ties forming new bonds, and a mishmash of genres and styles. Steve Huante (guitar, vocals) and Chris Saunders (upright bass) used to rip, tear, and scream in the metal band Gabriels Fallen. The Fallen shared a rehearsal room with IOMA, who often enjoyed the company of their close friend Mike DiRienzo (drums), who also...

  • Calle Thirteen

    Calle Thirteen View Profile

    It took the Puerto Rican duo Calle 13 roughly one year to catch on, after quietly debuting stateside in 2005 on White Lion (a small reggaeton label in partnership with Sony BMG) -- but catch on they certainly did. By the end of the following year, Calle 13 had become the hottest new artist in popular Latin music, garnering Grammy attention as well as widespread critical notices and steadily mounti...

  • Control This

    Control This View Profile

    Control This! is Orlando's hottest ska, rocksteady & reggae band. After touring the globe for 9+ years with 2-tone ska legends The Toasters (NYC), sax player and lead singer Jeff Richey decided to re-discover the root of his passion for Jamaican music by starting a traditional ska and early reggae band. By focusing on Jamaican oldies and filling the band with players of diverse musical backgrounds...

  • deeleete this

    deeleete this View Profile

  • Delete this

    Delete this View Profile

  • Kiss This

    Kiss This View Profile

    SPACE ACE pays tribute to the legendary guitarist ACE FREHLEY and his role in KISS, mainly focusing on the songs ones sang/written by Ace Frehley. Space Ace also performs full KISS tribute shows (with makeup and costumes) under the guise of KISS THIS! Look for upcoming shows from Space Ace and KISS THIS! in the very near future!! SPACE ACE - Kevin Blakita - lead guitar/ vocals, John Jeffrey - lead...

  • Roger This

    Roger This View Profile

  • Smack This

    Smack This View Profile

    SmackThis is a tribute band devoted to covering the infamous GodSmack bands music.

  •  This Day and Age

    This Day and Age View Profile

    Day and Age is a Buffalo, NY-based band whose music combines acoustic piano with soaring electric guitar riffs. Each song is a well crafted lyrical story board that envelopes the listener. TDA's live show is dominating and their energy contagious - just ask any of the 500 plus fans that frequently attend their hometown shows.Forming in 2001, the band, Jeff Martin (vocals, guitar), Steven Padni (dr...

  • So This Is How It Ends

    So This Is How It Ends View Profile

    Based out of Central New York, So This is How it Ends is a hard-working five-piece deathcore outfit consisting of Giuseppe Cuozzo (vocals), John Richardson (guitar),Brandon Tredo (guitar), Chandler Porter (bass), Taylor porter (drums) . We are looking to get our music to as many people as possible. Our band has shared the stage with acts such as: Kublai Khan, Second Death, Toothgrinder, Sirens &am...

  • So This Is Suffering

    So This Is Suffering View Profile

  • NOW This IS Wrestling

    NOW This IS Wrestling View Profile

    The best professional wrestlers in the area and all around the United Sates will join Vince Russo for the inaugural NOW This IS Wrestling spectacular, INCEPTION!   Like nothing else in the area, NOW This IS Wrestling is going to bring professional wrestling back to its roots with first-rate production, unique storytelling, and unrivaled in ring action. This IS Wrestling.

  • Count This Penny

    Count This Penny View Profile

    In late 2009, Count This Penny's Allen and Amanda Rigell cancelled their cable, wrote three songs, and played at an open mic at the Down Home in Johnson City, TN. Within three years, they relocated to Madison, WI, released an EP, and recorded a full length at Madison's legendary Smart Studios just before the doors there closed for good. After their national radio debut on Garrison Keillor's A ...

  •  This Providence

    This Providence View Profile

    Emo pop/rock act This Providence came together in the summer of 2003 in Seattle, WA, recording and self-releasing their first EP soon after their formation. Comprised of vocalist/guitarist Dan Young, guitarist Gavin Phillips, bassist/vocalist Phil Cobrea, and drummer Ryan Tapert, the group began gathering a decent local following while still in high school, playing in the same regional scene that ...

  • Rai Thistlethwayte

    Rai Thistlethwayte View Profile

  • Sandi Thom

    Sandi Thom View Profile

    "Exquisite" The Times "Authentic and Intimate" The Independent "Fierce and Honest" The Huffington Post "She Wails with Soul" Classic Rock Magazine "Diverse and consistently impressive" American Songwriter Over the last 8 years since Thom arrived on the scene she has sold in excess of 1 million albums, been nominated for a Brit Award, won a Di...

  • Alex Thomas

    Alex Thomas View Profile

    Actor/Comedian Alex Thomas was born in Los Angeles, California. He grew up with a musical background. His mother a classical pianist and his father, Alexander Sr., was a member of one of the greatest band in R&B history, Earth, Wind, and Fire. Because of Alex’s height and size, sports did not work out in his favor. So, growing up in the ‘hood, the only other alternative ...

  • Ashley Thomas

    Ashley Thomas View Profile

    Ashley Thomas may be many things—but one thing she’s not is shy. A California girl with the soul of a strong Southern woman, she’s independent-minded and romantic at heart. Growing up in Texas and California, Ashley first showed her explosive vocal talent in church and children’s theater. While idolizing strong vocalists like Reba, Dolly, and Martina, she also found...

  • Bruce Thomas

    Bruce Thomas View Profile

    Bruce Thomas began playing at high schools all over Los Angeles, most notably Hollywood, Topanga Canyon, and the San Fernando Valley. Landmark rock clubs such as the Topanga Corral, Moonfire Inn, Gazzari’s, Magic Castle, Palm Springs Convention Center, Hollywood Palladium, and many more were typical venues for Bruce. Recording sessions were numerous as well. Studios such as the American Rec...

  • Carl Thomas

    Carl Thomas View Profile

  • Dawn Thomas

    Dawn Thomas View Profile

  • Derek Thomas

    Derek Thomas View Profile

    "A jazzy, soulful mix of old, new and never heard before"

  • Drew Thomas

    Drew Thomas View Profile

    The comic stylings of Drew Thomas are a hilarious portrayal of comedic storytelling. He draws his audience in with his accounts of relationship follies and keen retorts on everyday life and current affairs. Drews insight on comedy leaves you with a sense of intimacy that makes women want his number; guys want to grab a beer with him and everyone laughing all night. His warm and inviting personalit...

  • Erin Thomas

    Erin Thomas View Profile

    Nashville-based singer-songwriter Erin Thomas evokes the styles of Alison Krauss, Patty Griffin, Eva Cassidy and Norah Jones but remains a unique – and gorgeous – voice. Her new album “You Don’t Know Me” is a collection of songs that tell universal stories of life’s challenges, accomplishments, pleasures, and yearnings. It features appearances by some of the bes...

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