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  • Paul The Trombonist

    Paul The Trombonist View Profile

    Paul Nowell, also known as “Paul The Trombonist,” is a Los Angeles based music producer/songwriter/DJ/performer/educator/film maker and acclaimed trombonist. He has performed privately in front of celebrities including: Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese, Sean Penn, Charlize Theron, Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron, Bill Maher and Ryan Seacrest to name a few. His videos of originally produc...

  • Troys The Troys

    Troys The Troys View Profile

    Anna and Lindsey Troy have been tweaking their own Ani DiFranco-inspired rock sound since their early teenage years. The sisters, who go by the Troys moniker, credit their dad's love of music for getting things started. He got his daughters playing the piano before they were five, but it was his adoration for the Grateful Dead that truly affected the Troys. Being exposed to the Dead's carefree mus...

  • Off the Turnpike

    Off the Turnpike View Profile

    Since 2011, Off The Turnpike has made it their mission to wake up New York’s long dormant rock scene with a powerful and diverse sound all their own. The band's hard rock roots are tempered with an emphasis on melody, grooves and the unexpected. From Andy Sexton’s soulful and commanding vocals, to Christian Vasquez’s driving guitars and the beastly rhythm section of bassist Shawn Abraham and drumm...

  • Tusk: The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute

    Tusk: The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute View Profile

    TUSK covers all the great hits of Fleetwood Mac, which has featured the talents of Mick Fleetwood, Christine and John McVie, Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks and others over the years. The five seasoned, well-respected musicians comprising TUSK have been making music together in various combinations and styles, in original outfits and in cover bands, for over twenty-five years. It seemed only fitt...

  • Zoso: The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience

    Zoso: The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience View Profile

    In 1995, Zoso was formed to create the most mesmerizing and accurate portrayal of "the biggest band of the 1970s" - Led Zeppelin (Rolling Stone). Each member was selected to portray both the appearance and playing styles of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham and John Paul Jones. Zoso almost immediately developed an outstanding regional reputation and were awarded "Best Tribute Ac...

  • WANTED: The Ultimate Tribute to Bon Jovi

    WANTED: The Ultimate Tribute to Bon Jovi View Profile

  •  The Under Influence Of Giants

    The Under Influence Of Giants View Profile

    Taking inspiration from big-name acts like the Beatles, the Who, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, the Bee Gees, and Prince (to spout just a few), the aptly named Under the Influence of Giants emerged from southern California in the early 2000s. The group was praised early on -- especially after the release of its debut single, "Mama's Room," in mid-2006 -- for its smooth combination of rock and pop wi...

  • Always The Understudy

    Always The Understudy View Profile

    Always the Understudy isn’t your run-of-the-mill hardcore band. Though they have been influenced musically by The Devil Wears Prada, Of Mice and Men, Bring Me The Horizon, and For Today, what they are truly backed by isn’t music at all.

  •  The Undies

    The Undies View Profile

  •  The Unicorns

    The Unicorns View Profile

    Yet another promising Canadian indie rock band, Montreal-via-British Columbia's Unicorns began in the late '90s, when high-school friends Nick (Neil) Diamonds and Alden Ginger began crafting their roundabout, lo-fi, but distinctly catchy music. Cheap keyboards, loud guitars, and real and mechanical drums surround the duo's skewed and often spiritual lyrics, and their live shows can also include fi...

  •  The Unseen

    The Unseen View Profile

    Boston hardcore punk quintet the Unseen formed in 1993 around high school friends Mark Unseen (vocals/drums), Tripp Underwood (vocals/bass), and lead guitarist Scott Unseen. With surprisingly little member turnover, the lineup soon also included Paul Russo (guitar/vocals), while drummer Pat Melzard joined up in 2002. After appearing on numerous punk compilations, the band issued the LPs So This Is...

  • Eva The Vagabond Tales

    Eva The Vagabond Tales View Profile

    From the alleyways of old town Riverside come the sounds of vintage folk pop that broke free from the early 1930's and skipped through time to find it's way into our modern world. Along the way, stories were turned into songs, forming 'Eva and the Vagabond Tales'. From entertaining people on the streets, ferries, yachts and mountain tops, to playing for crowds at the H...

  • In the Valley Below

    In the Valley Below View Profile

        He’s from Memphis, equally steeped in Link Wray and Phil Collins. She’s a small town girl from a “mostly cold and cloudy town in Michigan”, who found her songwriting inspiration while living on a sailboat in the West Indies. Jeffrey Jacob and Angela Gail met in Los Angeles, playing guitar and bass, respectively, in a fuzz-box rock band,...

  • Val the Vandle

    Val the Vandle View Profile

  • Pierce The Veil

    Pierce The Veil View Profile

  •  The Veils

    The Veils View Profile

    As the son of keyboardist Barry Andrews (XTC, Shriekback), the Veils' Finn Andrews knew nothing else except a world full of music and art. He had plans to become a painter as a young lad; however, a move to his grandmother's abode in Devonport, New Zealand (near Auckland) with his mother pointed Andrews in a different direction during his teenage years. He frequented the local folk scene to escape...

  •  The Velvet Teaparty

    The Velvet Teaparty View Profile

    The Velvet Teaparty is a Los Angeles based Rock band established in 2011.  The band was formed by four musicians from around the world who share great ambition and passion for music that met at a recognized music school in Pasadena, California (LAMA College). The strong mixture between grunge and classic rock blended together with the sexy attitude and voice of the singer, Vanessa McNi...

  •  The Velvet Teen

    The Velvet Teen View Profile

    What began as a side project called "the Secret Band" -- an apt name, considering singer/guitarist Judah Nagler and drummer Logan Whitehurst were actually hiding the music from their bandmates -- soon blossomed into something these musicians wanted to share with greater public. After putting together a full-length demo on a four-track, they left behind their band Little Tin Frog and recorded an EP...

  • MH The Verb

    MH The Verb View Profile

  • Unite the Vibe

    Unite the Vibe View Profile

  • Unite the Vibe LB

    Unite the Vibe LB View Profile

    Unite The Vibe: A Festival Event Bringing together the best local, regional, and national artists together under one event! Promoting awareness and positive vibration to elevate our collective consciousness through art and music!

  • Pillage The Village

    Pillage The Village View Profile

    Before Pillage the Village was formed Brian (23), and Brent (26) were both very successful DJ's. Brian has opened for Deadmau5 and Porter Robinson in Los Angeles, he has played every major venue in Los Angeles and Orange County. He has also played along side, Switch (Major Lazer), Nadastrom, Peace Treaty, Andy Caldwell, Michael Woods, Hardwell, Shiny Toy Guns, LMFAO, Scotty Boy and many more. B...

  • Fighting The Villain

    Fighting The Villain View Profile

    Fighting The Villain is a female fronted Progressive Rock band hailing from Hayward, CA. Their first three singles, "Desiderium", "Hidden", and "The Great Charlatan" were produced by Erik Ron (Get Scared, New Years Day, I the Mighty) and grabbed a wide spectrum of listeners with pop-infused vocals, progressive instrumentations, harmonies, and odd meters. In late 2013 the band worked with producer...

  • Ren the Vinyl Archaeologist

    Ren the Vinyl Archaeologist View Profile

    As a bay area resident (by way of New York), Ren the Vinyl Archaeologist made his mark by curating top notch events featuring hip hop legends and supporting independent artists from the Bay and beyond. In 2000, his True Skool events won the "Best of the Bay" in the SF Bay Guardian. Ren has appeared on numerous publications, such as the XLR8R, 7x7, SF Weekly, SF Examiner, Mugshot and SF M...

  • Von The Von Bondies

    Von The Von Bondies View Profile

    The Von Bondies assembled around 2000 in Detroit, MI. Led by guitarist/vocalist Jason Stollsteimer, the group also included guitarist Marcie Bolen, bassist Carrie Smith, and drummer Don Blum. The quartet's fusion of raw blues heartache with ferocious, gritty punk was an overnight sensation in the Motor City, where such influences seemed to float on the surface of the water. They issued a few initi...

  • Rock The Walk L.A.

    Rock The Walk L.A. View Profile

  • Warlocks The Warlocks

    Warlocks The Warlocks View Profile

    Indeed, it's been a long strange trip for Warlocks leader Bobby Hecksher since his band played their first gig on July 4th, 1998. Hecksher, who moved to California from Florida in the late '80s, formed his first group shortly after arriving. Charles Brown Superstar issued two singles and two full-length albums before calling it a day. Hecksher was later invited to play on Beck's Stereo Pathetic So...

  •  The Washdown

    The Washdown View Profile

    Hailing from Tampa, the Washdown is comprised of vocalist Michael Waksman, guitarist Gregg Schmidt, drummer Heath Dupras, bass player Bryan Bates, and second guitarist Ryan Hess. Together they derive a noisy, punk-inspired sound similar to the likes of the Sun, the Hives, and the Brian Jonestown Massacre but without a contrived persona. In 2002, the Washdown released their self-titled EP on Lookou...

  • Ride The Wave

    Ride The Wave View Profile

  • Walk the Waves

    Walk the Waves View Profile

    Four-piece pop band based out of Los Angeles, California.  

  • Maybe the Welders

    Maybe the Welders View Profile

    Maybe the Welders have been playing the NYC club scene for a number of years now bringing their brand of catchy post punk rock to the masses all over the city. They have also played frequently in New England and also in Rio de Janeiro where they played again in Spring '10. Their song "HotShot" was named song of the day on last summer. The band see themselves as continuing the great roc...

  • Under the West

    Under the West View Profile

    Formed in Venice, CA, in late 2013, Under the West brings a new, unique alternative rock sound to every audience. Influenced by Southern California culture and '90s rock, they deliver powerful vocals over a warm blanket of melodic, distorted guitar & heart pounding percussion. All three members of Under the West, Sergio (guitar), Sierra (guitar and vocals), and Zach (percussion), met working at th...

  • In The Whale

    In The Whale View Profile

    In The Whale originally formed in the small town of Greeley, Colorado as a fun escape from their main bands. When those bands dissolved, it quickly became their focus, and in February of 2011 they moved to Denver to be a part of the music scene and try to build a legitimate fan base. Since their move, they have been the name on everyone’s lips, as an answer to the current musical climate of too...

  • Said The Whale

    Said The Whale View Profile

    Vancouver's Said The Whale has been on a steady upward trajectory for the past six years, as relentless touring and a prolific string of releases have led to successes including a JUNO Award in 2011 for New Group of the Year and nationally charting singles. In 2013, the tireless five-piece —which includes dual songwriters Tyler Bancroft and Ben Worcester, drummer Spencer Schoening, ke...


    ADORN THE WICKED View Profile

    A Crazy Band of Monkees from the planet, Rock/Metal. Consumed with the desire 2 create insanity through sound & sight. Pleasure ones self through our Music adventure. Lust your own life experience of Adorn the Wicked. Purity of fire & water, cleanse U'r exsitense on this plane with the Notes of passion, & pound the beating hearts from our rythms.

  • Shadow the Wild

    Shadow the Wild View Profile

    Shadow the Wild is a band of four longtime friends from Los Angeles consisting of Ari Welkom (lead vocals, guitars, keyboards), Fabien Hameline (lead guitar), Sebastien Hameline (bass, vocals) and Adam Timmerman (drums). After working together on various music, video and art projects, the group took a year off to focus on writing. During this time, they connected with experienced producer Greg Mor...

  • In The Wilderness

    In The Wilderness View Profile

    In The Wilderness is an indie/folk duo comprised of Colorado-to-California transplant Jesse Hawkins (guitar/vocals) and Southern California native Jenny Payne (vocals). They released their debut album, Bonhoeffer, in 2015 and are currently working on releasing new music soon. Hawkins and Payne have appeared in podcasts, gained radio play in the UK and Argentina, and have been featured on KATU n...

  • Into The Wilderness

    Into The Wilderness View Profile

  • Under The Willow

    Under The Willow View Profile

    Helping to revive the love of folk and grass music in the hearts of a new generation. Under The Willow is a string band featuring the lead vocals of Erin Donovan and Hayley Skreens. An original four piece rooted in but not limited to traditional bluegrass instrumentation. Using socially conscious and thought provoking lyrics the band forges imaginatively original arrangements blending the sounds o...

  •  The Willowz

    The Willowz View Profile

    Inspired by '70s and early-'80s punk as well as '60s garage rock, blues-rock, and soul, the Anaheim, CA, garage punk trio the Willowz draw from influences roughly twice as old as they are. The group formed in 2002, when singer/guitarist Richie James Follin, bassist/vocalist Jessica Reynoza, and drummer Alex Willow were all in their late teens. Follin taught Reynoza, who is also a painter, how to p...

  • Float The Witch

    Float The Witch View Profile

    We are Float the Witch. We play whatever we want and we are known to wear fly shit while doing it.

  • She The Wolf

    She The Wolf View Profile

    She The Wolf is an indie-folk band from Oakland. They create a seamless blend of velvety vocals interspersed with subdued, melodic guitar and reams of delay. Their influences span the folk, ambient and pop genres including City and Colour, Daughter, Justin Timberlake and Explosions in the Sky.   She The Wolf began in Sydney, Australia as the solo project of songstress Eleisha Carip...

  • Despite the Wolves

    Despite the Wolves View Profile

    Summer of 2006 found Nolan Davis and Sebastian Wynn auditioning lead guitarists/bassists. Marco Savoia shredded his way into the band and Despite The Wolves twisted into shape. Shortly after, they started to play shows and gained their following as a three piece. Numerous efforts to add a second guitarist buckled. The three decided to bite the bullet and Despite The Wolves headed to the studio to ...

  • Obey The Wolves

    Obey The Wolves View Profile

    Obey The Wolves is a gritty, soulful, psychedelic rock duo guided by the spiritual prowess of the forefathers of hard rock.   

  • To the Wolves

    To the Wolves View Profile

  • Vel the Wonder

    Vel the Wonder View Profile

    Since 2007, The Find has been dedicated to promoting the diffusion of hip hop with jazz, funk, soul, and related styles. We are inspired by the culture of ‘crate digging’ and thus constantly scour the dusty corners of record shops and outskirts of the internet to find the best music and artistry for you.

  • Josh the Word

    Josh the Word View Profile

    Josh the Word’s debut album "Of Mics and Men", produced exclusively by Jared Paul, was released in 2010. His second record, The Reach EP, was recorded with his 11-piece live band at the legendary Dreamland Recording Studio in upstate New York and was released in 2011. He released Analogue in 2012, written and recorded in collaboration with cellist/singer-songwriter Mel Hsu. Looking to the future, ...

  • Working The Working Title

    Working The Working Title View Profile

    Most of the members of the alternative pop/rock outfit the Working Title were originally friends from high school days in Charleston, SC. Playing in various bands around town, it wasn't until 2001 that the four friends came together as one cohesive unit to create introspective indie rock that, while sonically similar to bands like Switchfoot, draws influence ranging from underground punk to the Co...

  • Versus The World

    Versus The World View Profile

    Versus the World is a punk rock band from Santa Barbara, CA on Kung-Fu Records. The band combines post-hardcore with pop punk. They released their debut album, "Versus the World", in September 2005. Mike Davenport was the long time bassist from The Ataris. Versus The World formed in the back of The Ataris old record store ("Down On Haley"). Prior to being called Versus The Worl...


    WORRY THE WORM View Profile

    Worry the Worm formed in 2010 after members from Boston indie rock band Bad Jamie relocated to Brooklyn. Their new music melds lyrical blues, guitar driven alternative rock and a touch of familiarity enough to make you think you've already heard it on the radio. Frontman John Marcinuk provides vocal hooks in a feverish tenor that would make Placebo's Brian Molko jealous. Gritty, witty and aggressi...

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