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  • Enter The Haggis

    Enter The Haggis View Profile

    For the better part of two decades, Toronto’s Enter The Haggis has combined bagpipes and fiddles with a rock rhythm section to create a distinctively eclectic sound, praised by the Boston Globe, The Washington Post and Canada’s Globe and Mail.   Their songs offer singalong melodies and deep, meaningful lyrics which tell the stories of everyday hard working peo...

  • Up The Heat

    Up The Heat View Profile

    Funk/Soul stopping heat in the form of a band

  • Thinning the Herd

    Thinning the Herd View Profile

    Thinning the Herd was formed in a cloud of smoke, within a recessed canyon deep inside your mind. We make music to sooth beasts souls - rendering them sensitive and comfortable people.

  • Save The Hero

    Save The Hero View Profile

    SAVE THE HERO is a hard rock act from Omaha, NE. The band was originally formed as Cold Steel in 2005. The members now include: Alex DiBaise-Lead Vocals/Rhythm guitar, Matt DiBaise-Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals, Gage McClain-Drums, Garret Loring-Bass/Backing Vocals. After the almost 8 years of performing together the band has evolved and the members felt it was time for a change.The previous name mis...

  •  The Hidden Cameras

    The Hidden Cameras View Profile

    A mix of queer politics, explicit sexuality, symphonic indie pop, and theatrical spectacle that borders on the religious, Toronto's the Hidden Cameras are the brainchild of singer/songwriter/guitarist Joel Gibb. The 2001 debut album Ecce Homo -- a collection of four-track demos released on Gibb's own Evil Evil imprint -- introduced a stripped-down version of the Hidden Cameras' witty, acoustic-bas...

  • Hallelujah The Hills

    Hallelujah The Hills View Profile

    Hallelujah the Hills is an American indie rock band from Boston, Massachusetts, formed in 2005. They have been hailed by the Boston Phoenix as “one of Boston’s most prized pop possessions”, received a 3 1/2 star review for their debut in Rolling Stone Magazine, and have been praised by Pitchfork Media as having a “knack for crafting fist-pumping anthems from absurdist word clusters.

  •  The Honorary Title

    The Honorary Title View Profile

    Brooklyn-based band The Honorary Title are an indie-rooted, post-grunge rock band, comprised of Jarrod Gorbel (vocals) and Aaron Kamstra (bassist/multi-instrumentalist). The Honorary Title draws on an eclectic range of influences including Elvis Costello, Bright Eyes and Jeff Buckley. The band formed in 2002 after Gorbel, then an avid fan of the indie rock scene, wanted to refocus his musical tale...

  • Off The Hook

    Off The Hook View Profile

    – If it’s true that the pen is mightier than the sword, then Nashville is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to its songwriting population. No one recognizes this more than James Aycock, Producer and Emcee of the new weekly series “Off the Hook: Dueling Songwriters,” to be held every Wednesday night (Dec. 4, 11, 18 and Jan. 15) at the Silver Dollar Saloon (110 2nd Av...

  • Jacob the Horse

    Jacob the Horse View Profile

    maniac rock and roll  

  • Regret the Hour

    Regret the Hour View Profile

    "Regret the Hour is an all-original, alternative-rock band from New York's Hudson River Valley. With chiming, churning melodies reminiscent of U2, the brainy edginess of Radiohead, and the infectious hype of Kings of Leon, the band's music is smart yet accessible." -Mark Dery

  • Taking The Hourglass

    Taking The Hourglass View Profile

  • Lou the Human

    Lou the Human View Profile

  • Cleo The Hurricane

    Cleo The Hurricane View Profile

  •  The Icarus Line

    The Icarus Line View Profile

    As a modern echo of the rock & roll terror that was inspired by Black Flag and the Stooges, the Icarus Line offered a screaming wake-up call to the West Coast underground in the late '90s. Coming together following the demise of a handful of aggro-punk projects in their Los Angeles homes, singer Joe Cardamone, bassist Lance Arnao, and guitarists Alvin DeGuzman and Aaron North went through several ...

  • Wordspit the Illest

    Wordspit the Illest View Profile

    If you’ve heard him, you’ve felt him! WordSpit was born and bred in East New York, Brooklyn to a young mother and a hustling musician for a father. With humble beginnings as his inspiration, WordSpit realized his gift for lyrics in the third grade and has been honing his craft ever since. Having been dubbed “WordSpit” by his brother, he set out to insure that the verses that flew from his lips wer...

  •  The Instant Classics

    The Instant Classics View Profile

  • Wick-it the Instigator

    Wick-it the Instigator View Profile

    He’s got a reputation for doing some thoughtfully fresh and mindblowingly original remixes that take him from beyond a standard dub step or mash-up artist to a DJ/producer with skills that have turned heads and caught ears all over the Southeast. In a live setting, he sends people off with his mix of humor, ingenious pop culture samples and beats that can’t be touched. While his roots are firmly p...

  • Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

    Triumph the Insult Comic Dog View Profile

    Few today are likely to remember Triumph's early television appearances on the "Steve Allen Show," where network censors forced him to say "for me to go to the bathroom on." Triumph overcame this and was an emerging star until his controversial 1968 appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show," from which he was barred after his unforunate ass-raping of Topo Gigio. Triumph returned to his Catskill roots, ...

  • Elevation The International U2 Tribute Show

    Elevation The International U2 Tribute Show View Profile

    Based in Toronto, Canada, Elevation have been together since 2002. The early days saw Elevation playing local shows in smaller venues, but promoters and audiences alike soon realized that, with their raw passion for the music combined with an academic attention to musical detail, Elevation was something really special and within a year the band was playing major shows across Canada and the USA. Th...

  • Behind the Iris

    Behind the Iris View Profile

    behind the iris is a Los Angeles-based band formed by Anet, P-Touch, and Steve in 2016. Looking beyond the obvious, not taking anything for granted, and always questioning the status quo -- behind the iris has an honest, genuine, and outside-the-box approach to songwriting. Drawing inspiration from bands like Wilco, Tame Impala, Dr. Dog, Phantogram, Nirvana, and Queen, behind the iris creates a be...

  •  The Jealous Sound

    The Jealous Sound View Profile

    Sunday's Best's Pedro Benito (guitar), John McGinnis of Neither Trumpets nor Drums (bass), ex-Knapsack singer/guitarist Blair Shehan, and former Pulley drummer Tony Palermo began their journey as the Jealous Sound at the tail end of the 1990s. They signed with Better Looking in summer 2000 and quickly issued a self-titled EP; it went on to sell 11,000 copies and show dates with At the Drive-In, th...

  •  The Jeff Sipe Group

    The Jeff Sipe Group View Profile

  • BB The Jerk & Alec King

    BB The Jerk & Alec King View Profile

  • Run the Jewels

    Run the Jewels View Profile

    Biography In 2012, El-P produced Killer Mike's critically acclaimed album R.A.P. Music. Later that year, Killer Mike appeared on the track "Tougher Colder Killer" from El-P's Cancer 4 Cure. The following year they officially formed the duo "Run the Jewels", with an album under Fool's Gold Records announced for later in the year. They released the...

  • People the Kangaroo

    People the Kangaroo View Profile

    People the kangaroo is an Indie Rock band formed in 2013 by vocalist and keyboardist Alan Wurman (Chile), drummer Donnie Hogue (USA),guitarist Matias Rengel (Argentina) and bassist Gervais Maillard (France) while attending Berklee in Boston. The band is influenced by indie / pop bands like “Walk the Moon”, “Grimes”, “Mika” and also bands with a stronger rock sound like “Queen”, “Incubus” or “MU...

  • Billy The Kid

    Billy The Kid View Profile

    Billy The Kid is a Canadian singer/songwriter who has collaborated with such artists as Garth Hudson (The Band/Bob Dylan), Randy Cooke (Ringo Starr/Dave Stewart) Stan Behrens (Willie Dixon/Ruth Brown/the Four Tops) and just recently, producer Jamie Candiloro. Candiloro is best known for his work with Ryan Adams, R.E.M. and Willie Nelson. Pettinger on the other hand, is best known for her creat...

  • Calamity the Kid

    Calamity the Kid View Profile

  • Dig The Kid

    Dig The Kid View Profile

    Dig the Kid is the hottest new Bay Area based Pop-rock Alternative band to hit the music world. This 3-piece ensemble revels in the effortlessness of music in its purest form and reminds their listeners how fun it is to play without boundaries. Dig the Kid has set out to create a musical format that would be treated like a blank canvas allowing their catalog of music to sound more like a play l...

  • Jiddybear The Kid

    Jiddybear The Kid View Profile

    Jiddybear the Kid, also known as “Walt Grizzly”, is a Nigerian hip-hop artist born in Los Angeles, CA. Jiddy has been able to use his connection with one of the biggest student bodies in the nation (Arizona State University) to build a large fan base of young men and women who are interested in an enthusiastic and soulful blend of hip-hop music. By combining elements of many different genres such...

  • Olivver the Kid

    Olivver the Kid View Profile

  • Prays the Kid

    Prays the Kid View Profile

  • Drug The Kids

    Drug The Kids View Profile

  • Beheading the King

    Beheading the King View Profile

    Biography Beheading the King was founded in the spring of 2010 from members of former San Diego South Bay Area bands: Legions of Paimon and Necrolepsy. The band has spent the last 2 years playing shows and writing new music while enduring a few line up changes following the release of their 2011 ep, most recently the addition of former Divaricate/Framed Discord drummer Alex Lopez. Beheading the K...

  • Margaret The King

    Margaret The King View Profile

    Margaret the King is a three-piece Indie-soul band based out of the SF Bay Area that has trouble sticking to just one genre. Not to be mistake with bands that don't have a sound, the group's schizophrenia draws from an abundance of influences. MTK is led by Dario on multiple instruments and vocals, balanced by Kyle on guitar/synth/vocals, and supported by the invaluable drumming of Florence. The b...

  •  The King of France

    The King of France View Profile

    If anyone deserves their own personal soundtrack, it's those drama-bringin' Real World roomies. And in promos for the show's Austin season, that's exactly what they got: seven custom-made, 30-second songs introducing each cast member. For most viewers, these songs also served as an introduction to the tightly packaged pop melodies and angst-filled lyrics of their creators, New York City band The K...

  • For The Kings

    For The Kings View Profile

    From the Mississippi Delta to the mountains of Appalachia, from the northwest corner of Idaho to the sunny hills of Southern California, these gentlemen produce a sweet blend of country blues ironed out over the years in and around the city of Los Angeles. Joshua Bond and Neal Marsh started playing music together in the summer of 2007 and recorded their first LP, A Collection of Songs for th...

  • Feed The Kitty

    Feed The Kitty View Profile

    Feed The Kitty… is the premier original/cover band in Los Angeles & Orange County. FTK is your best entertainment option when looking for live music for your wedding, corporate event, private party, concert, festival, club and all other events. The band covers a wide variety of songs from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and today in addition to a full set of their o...

  • Luke the Knife

    Luke the Knife View Profile

  •  The Kurosawa Brothers of

    The Kurosawa Brothers of "Brilliant Strings" View Profile

    BRILLIANT STRINGS is a globally recognized music gathering; created for the artists and for the Los Angeles community. We have been featured on TV on various occasions as well as being covered by Guitar Player Magazine, JazzTimes, LA Jazz Scene, and Los Angeles Downtown News to name a few. We are a meeting place for an eclectic and diverse melting pot of music appreciators and fans of all genres. ...

  • Behind the Label

    Behind the Label View Profile

    We Have been together since 2009 we have made a many songs that people say rock! Andres and Jimmy have been friends since pre-school and all of us get along together wonderful. We all listen to classic rock and cover a lot of it. Jimmy inspired us into becoming a band by showing us both a little of the guitar. So we decided to become a band. Our name before was the Vilgilante's but we discarded th...

  •  The Lawrence Arms

    The Lawrence Arms View Profile

    The Lawrence Arms got together in 1999 after the departure of Chicago pop-punkers the Broadways, Slapstick, Baxter, and Tricky Dick. The collaboration of Brendan Kelly (vocals/bass), Neil Hennessy (drums), and Chris McCaughan (guitar/vocals) produced music in the same vein of their previous bands: clever -- often politically inspired -- pop-punk with an aggressive, gritty edge. Asian Man Records r...

  • Dynamite the Liberator

    Dynamite the Liberator View Profile

    Dynamite the Liberator (DTL) was founded in early summer of May 2011, arising from an unexpected collaboration between funk/hard rock guitarist, John J. Yohimbe, and versatile rock/funk/groove bassist, Rich Tokatyan, three years prior. As these two great musical minds came together, jamming to a computerized drum kit in a small living room, they suddenly realized they were laying ...the foundation...

  • Hit The Lights

    Hit The Lights View Profile

  • Kill The Lights

    Kill The Lights View Profile

    Kill The Lights was founded in October 2011 by Lead Singer Sean Glennon, and Drummer Lee Pratt. The band originally consisted of 3 members, Sean, Lee and guitarist Chase Brookman. The band rehearsed for a week together, before bringing on instrumentalist AJ "Brown Magic" Rodriguez, as a bassist for the band. During the week of rehearsing the music, Chase missed a few practices, forcing AJ to take ...

  • Drop the Lime

    Drop the Lime View Profile

  • Below The Line

    Below The Line View Profile

    We play music for all ages and all tastes of music from Stevie Wonder to Jay-Z, offering exciting covers as well as tasteful originals that bring lots of energy to our show. The stage presence of all the members will make you feel the energy and excitement that we feel every time we perform. Our genre is unlimited in both our covers and originals because we understand that varying styles of music ...

  • Walkin' The Line

    Walkin' The Line View Profile

  • Defiant The Lion

    Defiant The Lion View Profile

    Defiant the Lion is a rock band based out of Los Angeles, CA. Members include Kyle Buckley, twins Ryan and Chris Wood, Nicholas Caceres, and Renzo Bravo. Combining Latin Grammy nominated pop musicians, a punk twin duo, and a small town songwriter creates the sonic essence that Defiant the Lion is. In 2014 the band has released their first single ‘The Fight’ alongside its music video paying homa...

  • Sam the Lion

    Sam the Lion View Profile

    Lindsey Horne, Chris Lonon, and Chris Walldorf, 3 former members of Sea of Cortez, joined up with guitarist David Driscoll with the intent to create deep, dark, moody music with plenty of space to lose one's self. Named after a Sea of Cortez song, Sam the Lion sounds simultaneously timeless and modern conjuring Portishead, Mazzy Star, and the house band of the Black Lodge

  • Skipper The Lion

    Skipper The Lion View Profile

    Skipper the Lion is an Alternative band which formed was formed by Johnny Oliver in 2013. Since then, they have seen multiple members come and go before settling on their current four piece lineup. With an energetic sound and presence, they encompass many influential sounds into their style, including a RHCP funk, hard driving Foo Fighters riffs, and catchy Kings of Leon-esq hooks.

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