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  • Andy the Doorbum

    Andy the Doorbum View Profile

    Andy the Doorbum is Music and Art. Andy the Doorbum is a Man and a Band. Andy the Doorbum is a Concept and a Project. Andy the Doorbum is a Movement of one life trying to prove its own existence and affirm its perception and interpretation of the world around it. Andy the Doorbum is Survival.

  • Release the Doubt and Make Your Dreams a Reality

    Release the Doubt and Make Your Dreams a Reality View Profile

    Release the Doubt and Make Your Dreams a Reality A workshop for women of all ages to come together, share, learn, and release the fears holding them back. We’ll learn the various ways that our inner voice can hold us back -- via comparison, judgment, shame, scarcity, failure, and isolation. When exposed, we’ll see how we’ve chosen to identify with this voice and how we ...

  • CREWLOVE The Drake and Friends Party

    CREWLOVE The Drake and Friends Party View Profile

    "That OVO and XO is everything you believe in I know. They loving the crew." #CREWLOVE Get your crew together for a night of music by Drake and his friends. June 1st at Buffalo Iron Works - 9pm - 2am $15 Pre sale - $20 at the door SPECIAL VIP PACKAGES ANNOUNCED SOON Music by WeJo2.0 From the producers of All Night Kanye Party: Rachel Good Rachel Marie Good Weldon Jones

  • AJ The Dread

    AJ The Dread View Profile

    I remember the first time I dropped a freestyle, I was just riding with a few of my friends listening to some music. I was 15. This guy I knew, Worm, always use to rap to any song he felt the mood. This particular time, we were with these females and they asked “ Aj how come you don’t rap?” I said “ Shit I don’t know just never really wanted to”. Worm began to r...

  • Aima the Dreamer

    Aima the Dreamer View Profile

    For those in the know, Aima the Dreamer has been rockin' crowds for years as a vocalist and MC with groups such as J-Boogie's Dubtronic Science, The Mamaz, Goddess Alchemy Project and Jazz Mafia's Brass, Bows and Beats Hip-Hop Symphony. All of this in addition to her own solo project has given her a variety of outlets with which to harness her energy as not only a talented MC and vo...

  • We The Dreamers

    We The Dreamers View Profile

    A larger than life, sleepy mix of love inspired, electronicinfluenced songs to help you feel that sensation of dreaming &/or flying.

  • Watch The Duck

    Watch The Duck View Profile

  • Devin the Dude

    Devin the Dude View Profile

    Devin Copeland, better known by his stage name Devin the Dude, is a Houston hip hop artist who started out as a member of the Odd Squad, later known as the Coughee Brothaz, a group of rappers signed to Rap-A-Lot Records.    The label is notable for being the home of hip-hop artists such as Geto Boys, Scarface and Too Much Trouble. Devin Copeland moved on to become part of Scar...

  • Us The Duo

    Us The Duo View Profile

  •  The Early November

    The Early November View Profile

    The members of the Early November were young enough to have grown up with the Drive-Thru Records sound, a formula that incorporated sensitive emo, pop, and punk revivalist amalgams with a bit of post-hardcore grit. The band first emerged in 2000, fighting to secure shows in their busy South Jersey scene while hoping to land a deal with Drive-Thru. One way or another, their wish came true. Label fi...

  • Of the Earth

    Of the Earth View Profile

  • At The Edge

    At The Edge View Profile

  • Matt the Electrician

    Matt the Electrician View Profile

    Despite the name, Matt the Electrician is no longer an electrician, focusing instead on a music career that has spanned the course of two decades, a dozen records, and literally thousands of shows. It’s folk music for a modern age, rooted in lyrics that focus on the realities and challenges of the 21st century as opposed to, say, the old-school thrill of hopping trains. “I don&r...

  • Crown The Empire

    Crown The Empire View Profile

  • Cedric The Entertainer

    Cedric The Entertainer View Profile

    Cedric “The Entertainer” is best known for his crowd-pleasing roles in such hit films as BARBERSHOP, BE COOL with John Travolta, MADAGASCAR, INTOLERABLE CRUELTY with George Clooney, and THE ORIGINAL KINGS OF COMEDY, MTV’S documentary feature directed by Spike Lee. Additionally, in April 2004, Cedric was star & producer of the box office hit JOHNSON FAMILY VACATION (ranked t...

  •  The Eyeliners

    The Eyeliners View Profile

    Albuquerque, NM-based pop-punk siblings the Eyeliners assembled singer/drummer Laura, guitarist Gel and bassist Lisa; forming in 1995 as Psychodrama, after issuing their debut single "Vivid" the sisters adopted their new name in mid-1996, landing at Sympathy for the Record Industry the following year to release the seven-inch Broke My Heart. The full-length Confidential appeared later in 1997, as ...

  • After The Fall

    After The Fall View Profile

  •  The Fall Of Troy

    The Fall Of Troy View Profile

    Post-hardcore trio the Fall of Troy formed in Mukilteo, WA, in 2002. Singer/guitarist Thomas Erak, singer/bassist Tim Ward, and drummer Andrew Forsman previously collaborated in 30 Years War, a screamo outfit they formed with fellow high school classmate Mike Munro on guitar. After a pair of self-released 2002 EPs, Martyrs Among the Casualties and Live at the Paradox, Munro left the group, citing ...

  • Behind the Fallen

    Behind the Fallen View Profile

    In a world of judgement and negativity, Behind the Fallen shines a light of hope and strength, leading the way for those who have been persecuted and cast aside. Those who have been bullied, rejected, teased, or are all "The Fallen." These songs and this band exist to make a difference in this world, one person at a time. You are the only one who truly has control over yo...

  • Blacken the Fallen

    Blacken the Fallen View Profile

  • Escape The Fate

    Escape The Fate View Profile

  • Weaving the Fate

    Weaving the Fate View Profile

    Weaving The Fate turns rock 'n' roll upside down. Hailing from Columbia, South Carolina, the band distills elements of rock and pop into a hypnotic hybrid. Not only does Weaving The Fate flip the script, they rewrite it entirely. B.C. Villanova [Front Man] recalls "I got my start from my brother". "I fell in love with music when I realized it could be an escape. If you've got anything negative...

  •  The Features

    The Features View Profile

    The Features are a psychedelic rock outfit that plays fresh, off-kilter pop that sounds like a head-on collision between Ray Davies and Elvis Costello with the Elephan 6 Collective picking up the pieces and putting them back together in the American South. Formed in the small, hidden town of Sparta, Tennessee, guitarist and vocalist Matt Pelham, bassist Roger Dabbs, keyboardist Parrish Yaw, and dr...

  •  The Fire Theft

    The Fire Theft View Profile

    The final implosion of Seattle's Sunny Day Real Estate in 2001 was pretty anticlimactic, since at that point the band had splintered and re-formed at least three times during its temperamental yet influential existence. Quests for faith and gigs with the Foo Fighters had caused them to part, but in 2003 the Fire Theft brought them back together. Or, three quarters of them, anyway. Vocalist/guitari...

  •  The Flaming Sideburns

    The Flaming Sideburns View Profile

    Embracing much of what was gloriously loud and fuzzy from rock & roll's past -- from Link Wray and the Sonics to the Stooges and the New York Dolls -- Finland's the Flaming Sideburns first got together in 1995 with the modest goal of "saving rock 'n' roll." Originally claiming to have passed through a time warp after opening for Little Richard in 1965, the Flaming Sideburns were comprised of five ...

  • Enter The Flow

    Enter The Flow View Profile

    Enter The Flow is the name. We write and play for ourselves and anyone else who wants to give us a listen. The band consists of 5 members as of now which are Adrian, Angel, Pervy, Levi, and Arkesh.

  • Above The Fold

    Above The Fold View Profile

    Above The Fold is a rock and roll trio out of New York City, combining the Southern blues infused guitar style of frontman Sean Gibson with the funky metropolitan grooves of Mike Lidh (drums). Featuring crisp, catchy songwriting, and drawing on a wide range of influences, Above The Fold creates a diverse sound ranging from three chord bluesy ballads (Depression ’32) to heavy, progressive jams (Com...

  • We The Folk

    We The Folk View Profile

    We the Folk is a Los Angeles-based quintet made up of violin, guitar, accordion, bass, and percussion that integrates world folk music with indie pop and rock. Like all great things, We the Folk was created over a can of PBR in a Culver City bar. That night, history was made. We the Folk began the musical journey with pop-up performances around UCLA, gaining many loyal fans who appreciated their&...

  • Louis the Fourteenth

    Louis the Fourteenth View Profile

    The core unit of San Diego's Louis XIV had originally played together in the rootsy, alt-rocking Convoy, which issued an album called Black Licorice in 2001. Having moved on by 2003, vocalist/guitarists Jason Hill and Brian Karscig and drummer Mark Maigaard hooked up with bassist Jimmy Armbrust and began fleshing out the Louis XIV concept -- irreverent, oversexed lyrics and songwriting that channe...

  • SeeK the FreeK

    SeeK the FreeK View Profile

    This is a shapeshifting music/art project, gathering & shifting through different people, different towns, pollinating minds with the nectar of the imagination and motivation through performance and expression. Seeking the Freeks of the NOW here-NOwhere.

  • Malik The Freq Moore

    Malik The Freq Moore View Profile

    Malik the Freq is one of the shining stars of THE LIONS (members of Breakestra, Rhythm Roots All-Stars, Poetics and Macy Gray) and songwriter for THE BULLETS (w/Aggrolite Organist Roger Rivas), both true staples of the Los Angeles Reggae scene. But for years Malik has quietly been writing and performing genre exploring songs. As both bands adopt the songs, their full versions can be heard in all ...

  • Pam the Funkstress

    Pam the Funkstress View Profile

    One of the nations most recognized female DJs, Pam The Funkstress is a true pioneer. The Hip Hop community has embraced The Funkstress for more than a decade not only as a club DJ but as a performing artist. She busted out on the recording scene as a member of The Coup.  The Funkstress has been featured in music publications such as Rolling Stone Magazine, 4080, Rap Pages, Ms., Fader and Wire...

  • Del The Funky Homosapien

    Del The Funky Homosapien View Profile

    Cousin of renowned gangster rapper Ice Cube, Del tha Funkee Homosapien (real name Teren Delvon Jones) was born in Oakland, California on August 12, 1972, and got his start with Ice Cube's backing band, Da Lench Mob. But Del's rap isn't as grim or violent as Ice Cube's is; in fact, he's been known to include something in his music that's far too uncommon in most rap: humor. Signed to Elektra/Asylum...

  • Fare The Gap

    Fare The Gap View Profile

    Fare the Gap is an American rock 'n' roll band fronted by Ryan Gillam and Rebekah Price.  Since the band's formation in late 2012 the band has made a name for themselves in Savannah GA with their high energy "themed" shows including extravagant sets, costumes, and theatrical elements.  "Giant Whispers: in Color", a home-recorded album of undeniably catchy ...

  • Mind the Gap

    Mind the Gap View Profile

    Mind The Gap is currently a three piece set from Watertown, NY. Established in September of 2013. Though Mind The Gap has been only around for a short period of time, they are hitting the music scene fast and hard. With songs that will pull you in and make you want more.. Give us a listen through our live videos on Youtube, or go onto Itunes or Amazon to purchase our EP, "Watch Your Step...

  • Spencer the Gardener

    Spencer the Gardener View Profile

    The Band Rob Taylor - Guitar , Vocals Lilly Aycud - Trumpet John Schnackenberg - Saxophone Gary Sangenitto - Bass Guitar Tom Lackner - Drums , Percussion , Marimba Spencer Barnitz - Guitar , Vocals Special Guests Angus Cooke - Cello Cougar Estrada - Percussion Nate Birkey - Trumpet Kearney Van Dersal - Trombone Brett La...

  • Feezable the Germ

    Feezable the Germ View Profile

    Chicago born and bred, Seattle-based hip-hop artist.

  • Fever the Ghost

    Fever the Ghost View Profile

    In their very brief existence, Fever The Ghost have already made quite an impression with their uncanny, spectacular live performances, quickly becoming the one band on the tip of everyone’s tongues within LA’s Silverlake/Echo Park scene. While Fever The Ghost’s grandiose rush on the senses dependably transports audiences into their strange universe, what’s even more remarkable is how fully-formed...

  • Rival The Giant

    Rival The Giant View Profile

  • Stone the Giant

    Stone the Giant View Profile

    Mike Moore and Mike Pelkoffer started playing together in the spring of 2008, playing in Funk in the Trunk. In the spring of 2009 they formed a new band Ancient Astronauts. AA's personel changed a few times, and in the fall of 2010 Mike and Mike met Dan and Aaron, whom had been playing together for 15 years, and had moved from Maine to SoCal to advance their music. This has been our line-up ever s...

  • Bo The Girl

    Bo The Girl View Profile

    A songwriter with her heart deeply intertwined in old country, folk, and pop, Bo is a storyteller. She performs her tales over a three piece band with sweet melting harmonies and a smile. Having recently moved from Boston to Los Angeles, she has already played in venues such as The Hotel Cafe and Room 5 Lounge. Bo is definitely an up and comer to keep your eyes on.

  • James The Glow Goff

    James The Glow Goff View Profile

    Born and raised in the South Bronx, James "The Glow" Goff is a shining star to look out for. The Glow started his career when, through the advice of friend, he decided to give it a try. In just a couple of years in the business, James Goff had already made the transition from "up and coming" to comedian by opening for comedian greats such as Tommy Davidson, DL Hugley, an...

  • Stamps the Goat

    Stamps the Goat View Profile

    Formed by the gods Apollo and Athena on Mt. Olympus, Rob Leshin, Tyler Dickens, Chris Hickey, and John Schauster were abruptly thrown together to perform as a band in 2010 in a desperate attempt to charm North Korean dictator/psychopath Kim Jeong Il from instigating nuclear warfare. It worked, as Jeong Il was instantly dissuaded from hostile behavior as a result of the boys' killer hooks, infectio...

  •  The Good Life

    The Good Life View Profile

    Tim Kasher spent the end of the 1990s making powerful and somewhat underrated music as the lead singer and guitarist for the Omaha-based post-rock quartet Cursive, but the band never really allowed for him to explore any of his softer ideas and more personal sentiments. For years, the always-inventive songwriter had been storing his mellower ideas aside, occasionally playing them at local coffeeho...

  •  The Goodwill

    The Goodwill View Profile

  • Hatter The Gr8

    Hatter The Gr8 View Profile

  • Against The Grain

    Against The Grain View Profile

    Living up to the title of their newest record, Against the Grain have proven themselves to be true warriors of the road. Blazing through the US with their brand of gear-shifting balls-to-the-wall music that incorporates all things heavy - ATG defies categorization as they seamlessly blur the lines of punk, rock, doom and thrash. With the release of their first self-titled full-l...

  • Clam The Great

    Clam The Great View Profile

  • Daisy The Great

    Daisy The Great View Profile

    DAISY THE GREAT is an NYC-based indie pop band. With front-girls Kelley Nicole Dugan and Mina Walker as lead singers and songwriters, DAISY THE GREAT also features Briana Archer & Sophie Sagan-Gutherz (add. vocals), Justin Danforth (guitar), Bernardo Ochoa (bass), and Matti Dunietz (percussion). Their debut singles “The Record Player Song” and “Built My Home on Hollow Grou...

  • Lexo the Great

    Lexo the Great View Profile

    Santa Barbara County and the 805 are the biggest influence on Lexo The Great's sound and drive to hustle as an independent artist. Born from Latin decent, his mother Mexican and father Bolivian. His Latin culture always causes him to explore a wide variety of new sounds and experiment with different genres of music. His eclectic background and heritage proves for his great stage presence and in...

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