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  • Erased Text

    Erased Text View Profile

    Erased Text are an electronic duo from San Jose whose music embraces sultry vocals, psychedelic classical harp, and J Dilla-style hip-hop beats to create an atmospheric and alluring sound. Founded this year, the duo is comprised of Ricky Rasura (classical harp and beats) and Amber Rasura (Vocals). The couple met in the small Texas town of Odessa, but soon realized that Northern California was t...


    WITZ TGI FIRDAY View Profile

  • Push Th' Lil' Daises Tribute To Ween

    Push Th' Lil' Daises Tribute To Ween View Profile

    Buffalo, NY Tribute To Ween Members- Jason Staniszewski- Guitar/Vocals Ryan McDonough- Guitar/Vocals Joe Bellanti- Keys/Vocals Matt Felski- Drums Tony Petrocelli- Bass/Vocals

  • Stylo Tha Don

    Stylo Tha Don View Profile

    Stylo Tha Don is a Rap Artist from the Midwest; specifically, Omaha, Nebraska. He had an initial spark of creativity enter his life early on and has stayed with him ever since. It was Stylo’s older brother who first introduced him to the realm of music—particularly Rap Music from back in the 90's. He was exposed along the way to the likes of Big Pun, Mobb Deep, Terror Squad, Nas, S...

  • Del Tha Funky Homosapien

    Del Tha Funky Homosapien View Profile

    Cousin of renowned gangster rapper Ice Cube, Del tha Funkee Homosapien (real name Teren Delvon Jones) was born in Oakland, California on August 12, 1972, and got his start with Ice Cube's backing band, Da Lench Mob. But Del's rap isn't as grim or violent as Ice Cube's is; in fact, he's been known to include something in his music that's far too uncommon in most rap: humor. Signed to Elektra/Asylum...

  • Erk Tha Jerk

    Erk Tha Jerk View Profile

    Erk Tha Jerk is not your every day, ordinary rap artist. In an era where the majority of artists are all sounding the same, looking the same, and doing the same things, Erk stands out as a real one of a kind artist. At first glance, you would not assume that Erk was a rapper/producer/songwriter, but with his trademark glasses, wit, and laid back persona, he brings something that your average mu...

  • Dutch Tha Kid

    Dutch Tha Kid View Profile

    DUTCH THA KID (born Isaiah Johnson) was just another youth from the inner-city struggling to rise above the negativity that surrounded him. Born in Mount Vernon, NY Dutch was exposed to rap music at an early age. He started performing rap songs and doing shows at the age of five in elementary school. He was amused by the artists at that time and would memorize their songs word for word. "I remembe...

  • Snow Tha Product

    Snow Tha Product View Profile

    Snow Tha Product, is a lyricist and emcee with hip-pop and R&B sensibilities. She was born in the Bay area to former undocumented Mexican immigrants and remains outspoken in the battle for political reform around the topic. Snow started performing at a young age before putting out multiple mixtapes and dropping songs on Youtube which gained the attention of fans and respected emcees alike.&...

  • Vash tha Stampede

    Vash tha Stampede View Profile

    I've been doin this rap shit since 93. right out of high school I teamed up with another tight lyricist and established the underground duet known to few as "AST-OUT." shortly after graduation I was nominated to join forces with the SD urbanized "Madafacts" crew. due to professional differences Madafacts disbanded, but ya boy kept on doin his thang. subsequently, I was adopted into the "Kalifornia...

  • Trae tha Truth

    Trae tha Truth View Profile

    I am Trae Tha Truth, Your official Introduction to the Streets & Tha King Of Tha Streets Himself.... Born and Raised in Houston Texas, The Leader of Tha ABN!!!! An official member of Dj Screw's S.U.C. Also A Modern Day Form Of NWA...I am Not A Rapper Tryin To Be Real, I'm a Real Nigga who just so happens to be able to Rap..I Make Music for the Streets, the ones who struggle, those goin...

  • Muay Thai

    Muay Thai View Profile

    Sparta Combat League began as Beatdown Promotions, a small promotion putting on Mixed Martial Arts events not only for entertainment, but also to raise donations and create awareness for those in need. In the past we have done events such as Army VS Marines (donations benefitting local veterans), Beatdown Cancer (donations benefitting families struggling to make it through cancer), and Battle of t...

  • Joe Thalman

    Joe Thalman View Profile

    By Marilou Regan (author of "Love You Live, Rolling Stones: Fanfare from the Common Fan" Joe Thalman is the kind of musician that you want to grab a beer with and get inside his singer-songwriter head. And if you smoke too, Joe just might tell you some of his musical and lyrical secrets. But maybe not - because Joe Thalman’s music can’t be explained with mere words. It has...

  • Better Than Ezra

    Better Than Ezra View Profile

    Along with such similarly styled outfits as the Goo Goo Dolls, the New Orleans-based trio Better Than Ezra helped open the floodgates for countless alt-pop acts of the late '90s (including Semisonic, Matchbox Twenty, and Third Eye Blind) by merging college rock influences with mainstream aspirations. Originally formed in 1988 as a roots rock outfit with slight elements of country and punk, the gro...

  • More than Fate

    More than Fate View Profile

  • Less Than Jake

    Less Than Jake View Profile

  • Larger Than Life - The Ultimate Boyband Tribute

    Larger Than Life - The Ultimate Boyband Tribute View Profile

    Larger Than Life "The Ultimate Boyband Tribute" started in New York and it is taking the country by storm. This is the only act of it’s kind featuring actual boyband singing, dancing, costumes and that pop look. Larger Than Life will take you back in time with the biggest 90s Party since the Backstreet Boys shut down Times Square. Experience this full interactive production that is...

  • Prettier Than Matt

    Prettier Than Matt View Profile

    Jessica Skinner and Jeff Pitts of “Prettier Than Matt” are much more than a couple of pretty faces and sharp personalities. This lively Rock/Folk/Pop blend infuses similar sounds to those of Alison Krauss and Bon Jovi. This duo captures the listener and takes them on a journey of heart felt music through colorful lyrics

  • More Than Skies

    More Than Skies View Profile

  • Deeper Than The Ocean

    Deeper Than The Ocean View Profile

    I grew up in New York, but I fell in love with the ocean when I first moved to the west coast. Ever since then I've loved to travel, and I've always loved to play music. Now that's what I try to do full time. Poor but happy!

  • Thicker Than Thieves

    Thicker Than Thieves View Profile

    - since 1999 originally called Finless then in 2000 changed the name to Thicker Than Thieves Original members- Jamin Hazelaar, Jeff Thorkelsen, Clay McCallum, Rob Meyers, Dan Mercado, Don Carter, Aaron Hudson, Billy Eisenman Where did you played?- we are all from San Diego, Ca. and started playing beach parties and small bars in Pacific Beach. In 2002 we put out our first CD called "Smugglers Run"...

  • The Thang

    The Thang View Profile

    Rockin' Funkin' and Crunkin' big band sound

  • No Thanks

    No Thanks View Profile

    Omaha half punks. half alts. half funs.

  • Happy Thanksgiving from Rosa's Lounge

    Happy Thanksgiving from Rosa's Lounge View Profile

  • John That

    John That View Profile

    Born October 14th, 1988, on the rocky shores of New Hampshire, John grew up in a small New England town on the edge of his own 100 acre wood. Raised in a musical household, John's grandmother was a talented pianist, his mother a guitarist and singer, his father collected records, before cassettes and CD's, and his older sister frequently starred in small town musicals. Listening to and...

  • Take That

    Take That View Profile

  •  That Dog

    That Dog View Profile

    The lineup of the Los Angeles-based indie pop quartet that dog. represented the flowering of a second generation of musical luminaries: singer/guitarist Anna Waronker was the daughter of famed producer and Warner Bros. head Lenny Waronker, while bassist Rachel Haden and her violinist sister, Petra, were two of the triplet daughters born to jazz titan Charlie Haden. Friends since high school, the t...

  • Anonymous That Dude

    Anonymous That Dude View Profile

    Professional Lowlife & Loser | Smoke more weed than ya favorite Rapper | Get that "Who The F**k Is That Dude" Album on iTunes

  •  That Ghost

    That Ghost View Profile

  • DJ That Girl

    DJ That Girl View Profile

      Growing up during the tail-end of Hip-Hop’s Golden Era, ThatGirl was heavily influenced by the consciousness which characterized this period in music. A time of jazz, funk, and soul samples. A time of street poetry and uncensored politics. Further cultivated amidst the ecelctic San Francisco Bay Area art and music scene, eventually DJing became her main form of self-expression....

  • Toys that Kill

    Toys that Kill View Profile

    Toys That Kill come from San Pedro, California, the city where the freeway ends, where bullets fall from the sky on the fourth of July and where Mike Watt painted the name of his hometown on his bass and everybody started calling him "Pedro." Lead singer Todd Congelliere is the head of San Pedro-based Recess Records. Todd and Toys have exactly figured out how to make a couple chords and a chorus t...

  • All That Remains

    All That Remains View Profile

    Since their formation in Massachusetts during 1998, All That Remains have built an undeniable legacy upheld by airtight songcraft, knifepoint precise metallic instrumentation, and stadium-size hard rock hooks. As a result, they’ve outlasted trials, tribula- tions, and trends to stand tall as as one of this century’s most consistent purveyors of heavy music with a bulletproof canon of a...

  • All That Remains

    All That Remains View Profile

    Since their formation in Massachusetts during 1998, All That Remains have built an undeniable legacy upheld by airtight songcraft, knifepoint precise metallic instrumen-tation, and stadium-size hard rock hooks. As a result, they’ve outlasted trials, tribulations, and trends to stand tall as as one of this century’s most consistent purveyors of heavy music with a bullet...

  • Walls that Talk

    Walls that Talk View Profile

  •  That Was Something

    That Was Something View Profile

  • Arms That Work

    Arms That Work View Profile

    Arms That Work began five years ago during a late night taco session. Through a shared love of heavy and progressive music, Justin and Tyler created a project with no official rules to shape their sound. Drawing inspiration from science fiction and horror films, Arms That Work have created a hard-hitting, wall of synthetic and organic sound, somewhere along the spectrum of pop and math-rock. The d...

  •  That's Not My Baby

    That's Not My Baby View Profile

    That’s Not My Baby is an alternative/punk band based in Pasadena, California.   Since finalizing their lineup in 2011, Scott Tsangeos (vocals/guitar), Harrison Wagener (Bass), Jarren Heidelberg (Drums), and Anton Kiril (vocals/guitar) haven't looked back.  That’s Not My Baby has played in Los Angeles at venues such as The Roxy, The House of Blues Voodoo Lounge, and A...

  • Nick Thayer

    Nick Thayer View Profile

  • Anniversary The

    Anniversary The View Profile

    The Anniversary brought their own blend of male-female vocals, jangly guitars, and synth keyboards to the emo scene after signing with Heroes and Villains, an imprint of Vagrant Records, in 1999. Hailing from Kansas, the group began expanding their fanbase beyond the Midwest with the release of 2000's Designing a Nervous Breakdown, a strong debut that earned them comparisons to their label owners,...

  • Hypnotist The

    Hypnotist The View Profile

    Unforgettable comedy hypnotist as seen on Maury, Montel, Howie Mandel show and more.

  •  The  Exies

    The Exies View Profile

    The Exies came together in 1997, emerging from the Los Angeles rock scene with Scott Stevens (vocals/guitar), Freddy Herrera (bass), and Thom Sullivan (drums). Although rumor has it that Dean DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots discovered the band after one of their infamous rock shows and was slated to produced the Exies' debut album, he was actually nothing more than an early fan of the band. Guitarist...

  • Samurai the 7th and R. Bizzy

    Samurai the 7th and R. Bizzy View Profile

    Samerai the 7th and R.Bizzy are hip-hop artists in Los Angeles also known as WorldWide, or W² for short. The two believe in using their music and lyrics as a movement, remaining true to the roots of hip-hop: blues, funk, jazz, rock & spoken word. These two artists joined forces after meeting thru a local rock band they had performed with, where they had opened for acts such as Fishbone and Del T...

  •  The Actions

    The Actions View Profile

    The Actions, band founded by Marta Argenio and Maurizio Stellato, played over 150 gigs in Italy and UK including MTV On Stage, the Arezzo Wave Festival and the Heineken Jammin' Festival at Imola, opening for R.E.M., GREEN DAY and GARBAGE in front of an audience more than 10000 and receiving a rousing reception at the historic Cavern Club in Liverpool for two consecutive years. The buzz around the ...

  • Across The Aisle

    Across The Aisle View Profile

    Across The Aisle is a dynamic, female-fronted, New York City-based band that have crafted a unique sound blending elements of ska, pop, punk, and reggae. With energetic live shows and stylish accents of kelly green, Across The Aisle have succeeded in creating an identity that sets them apart from other bands. Having recently released their third EP, In Ska We Trust, Across The Aisle is continuing ...

  • Mat The Alien

    Mat The Alien View Profile

    Since the age of 14 Mat has been mixing , skratching and making mixes - beats , spanning many genres and styles but always having one thing in common - heavy beats and bass lines which appeals to a wide variety of crowds.    It all started after hearing the electronic sounds being played in the warehouse party's around the northwest of England in 88.    I...

  •  The All-American Reject

    The All-American Reject View Profile

    Vocalist/bassist Tyson Ritter and guitarist Nick Wheeler both hail from Stillwater, OK, where the pair first embraced music as an appealing diversion from the ho-hum life of small-town America. Citing such influences as AC/DC, Def Leppard, and Bon Jovi, they formed the emo-pop group All-American Rejects in 2000, while both members were still in high school. Maintaining a full lineup proved to be d...

  • Able the Allies

    Able the Allies View Profile

    Mid 2009 - The Swell - In a southern suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma Billy Moore wrote, recorded and produced a solo EP. After doing a handful of acoustic loop pedal shows at local bars and venues, a roommate suggested the meeting of his friend Alex Rose. Within moments of hearing Alex play drums Billy said, "So, yeah... I have a gig in 2 hours, wanna play?" That night they performed as an acoustic/drum...

  •  The Androids

    The Androids View Profile

    Led by ex-Superjesus guitarist/vocalist Tim Henwood, the Androids also included drummer Marty Grech, guitarist Matt Tomlinson, and bassist Sam Grayson. After recording their debut album in summer 2002, the band quickly found themselves at the crest of a wild wave of press and platinum sales. Upon its release that September, their cheeky, insanely catchy single "Do It With Madonna" quickly worked i...

  • KEITH the angry KOALA

    KEITH the angry KOALA View Profile

  • Fire The Animal

    Fire The Animal View Profile

    Dave and Jason came from the same town as Bill & Ted, Brian lived on a sailing boat travelling the world and Marshall migrated from Washington before they all converged in LA to create this pile of awesomeness.In August of 2012, Fire the Animal recorded their debut EP "3" in four days with producer/engineers Davey Rieley (Smashing Pumpkins/Rise Against/LCD Soundsystem/Against Me!) an...

  • Half The Animal

    Half The Animal View Profile

    This is the beginning of a new era for us,” says front man Chase Johnson. “We’re Southern California kids that grew up surfing and skating our entire lives which inspired our desire to be creative and start playing music together. There’s a real story to tell between the four of us and I feel like we’ve finally hit on something really special.” Having origina...

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