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  • Lucida Tela

    Lucida Tela View Profile

    Lucida Tela Is a progressive/experimental/ambient rock from Colorado. Made up of four young men born and raised in the glorious rocky mountains, these musicians seek to reflect and project the love and influence of a high altitude lifestyle through their inspired lips and fingertips.

  • Orange Television

    Orange Television View Profile

  • Go Tell The Eskimo

    Go Tell The Eskimo View Profile

    Armed with analogue sounds and upbeat indie anthems, GTTE comfortably blend exciting rock & roll elements with a pop-centric demeanour that can only be described as Go Tell The Eskimo! This can be heard throughout their first EP (officially released November 20th 2012). Along with firm local support from the BBC and national Radio the band is catching the attention of audiences across their native...

  • Cricket Tell The Weather

    Cricket Tell The Weather View Profile

  • Fortune Teller

    Fortune Teller View Profile

    Fortune Teller is an indie rock band from Charlotte, North Carolina. With spacey synths, dreamy guitars, and chorus-y bass, the trio leans into a comfortably chill vibe, all the while delivering a full and heartfelt sound.

  • Sebastien Tellier

    Sebastien Tellier View Profile

    Sébastien Tellier is a multifaceted instrumentalist/singer from Paris, France's 17th Arrondissement, an elongated arts-and-culture-rich territory located near the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Élysées. After Tellier's "Fantino," a forlorn and beautiful pop confection, appeared on the Source label's 1999 Source Material various-artists compilation, it caught the ear of fellow labelm...

  • Don Telling's Island Mysteries

    Don Telling's Island Mysteries View Profile

    Hawaiian, exotica, and instrumental favorites

  • The Tels

    The Tels View Profile

  • Tinie Tempah

    Tinie Tempah View Profile

  • Jack Tempchin

    Jack Tempchin View Profile

  • Ill Temper

    Ill Temper View Profile

  • Shirlee Temper

    Shirlee Temper View Profile

    Valium, Advil, ..... Oh wait... I thought it said Prescription

  • The Temper Trap

    The Temper Trap View Profile

    With their choirboy vocals and panoramic pop/rock sound, the Temper Trap began building an audience in Melbourne, Australia, where the band first rose to local acclaim after playing St. Jerome's Laneway Festival in March 2006. The Temper Trap released their debut EP that same year, and word of the group's potential soon spread to other continents. Veteran British producer Jim Abbiss (who previousl...

  • The Temperance Movement

    The Temperance Movement View Profile

    Ever since Jimi Hendrix gatecrashed London and Led Zeppelin were "Going To California" there's been a trans-Atlantic crosstalk that informs great rock'n'roll. The newest addition to this fine tradition is blues-drenched, soul-dripping UK five-piece The Temperance Movement. Live on arrival, their 12-song self-titled debut album will be released in the United States on Febru...

  • Burly Temple

    Burly Temple View Profile

    BURLY TEMPLE is a big loud sweaty silly soulful celebration. We try to make folks dance and sing and laugh and have a fun ass time. We remain resolutely committed to Sweetness in all its forms and are tireless champions of That Which is Awesome. “Amongst a music scene that experiments with everything from folk to gospel, Burly Temple forgo the bells and whistles and pride themselves in stick...

  • Mad Temple

    Mad Temple View Profile

    Mad Temple is summoning the spirit of hard rock and raw energy. Founded in 2006, the band has earned its reputation as one of SoCal's must-see acts. Extensive touring has included stops at South by Southwest, The South Texas Rock Festival, and The Sunset Strip Music Festival in their hometown of L.A. They've played it all, from intimate venues to sprawling festivals, the one constant being...

  • Melting Temple

    Melting Temple View Profile

  • Stone Temple Co-Pilots

    Stone Temple Co-Pilots View Profile

    Like many great ideas, the initial plan to form a Stone Temple Pilots tribute band occurred on a drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas (or was it Vegas to L.A.? It all gets a bit fuzzy). Professional musicians and long time friends Tris Carpenter (bass) and PJ Labinski (guitar) pursued the idea and soon recruited drummer Jared Stowell to join the group. Having worked together on many other musical p...

  • Stone Temple Piracy

    Stone Temple Piracy View Profile

  • Shirley Temple's Pussycat

    Shirley Temple's Pussycat View Profile

    A fun & sexy tribute to the great Stone Temple Pilots.

  • Groovin' Tempo

    Groovin' Tempo View Profile

  • The Temporaries

    The Temporaries View Profile

  • The Temporary Thing

    The Temporary Thing View Profile

    "The Temporary Thing" began in the early 2000's as a moniker for Los Angeles based Andrew Deadman's solo work. He soon put a band together and began touring the US and Europe, gaining an international audience with the help of radio airplay (the late John Peel, Bernard Lenoir, Nic Harcourt, NPR) as well network television and film placements. In late 2010, Andrew began collaborating on side pro...

  • Within Temptation

    Within Temptation View Profile

  • The Temptations

    The Temptations View Profile

  • Riot Ten

    Riot Ten View Profile

  • El Ten Eleven

    El Ten Eleven View Profile

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  • The Ten Thousand

    The Ten Thousand View Profile

    In less than a year, The Ten Thousand has gone from an unknown one man bedroom project to a highly-lauded 5 person unit who's only goal is to create an emotional musical experience that is both immediately involving and completely raw. Their sound owes much to the combination of talents in the quintet. Dylan Robin's rapid fire guitar licks over the explosive percussion provided by Garrett ...

  • Stealth Tenant

    Stealth Tenant View Profile

    Stealth Tenant is an Americana/Folk Artist known for soulful vocals and intimate storytelling. Influenced by the likes of Ryan Adams, Ray Lamontagne, and The Avett Brothers, Stealth Tenant seeks to reach into the depths of emotion and sing to the trials of humanity.

  • Suicidal Tendencies

    Suicidal Tendencies View Profile

    Judging from their name, Suicidal Tendencies were never afraid of a little controversy. Formed in Venice, CA, during the early '80s, the group's leader from the beginning was outspoken vocalist Mike Muir. The outfit specialized in vicious hardcore early on -- building a huge following among skateboarders, lending a major hand in the creation of skatepunk -- before turning their focus eventually to...

  • Legal Tender

    Legal Tender View Profile

  • The TenFiveSixty

    The TenFiveSixty View Profile

    Formed by Jen Bailey and Rick Hornby a few years back, the group say it was a shared love of, “lost romanticism, soundtracks, 60’s girl groups, 80’s hooks, good footwear, attention to detail, and the darker side of classic British guitar pop” that brought them together, and such reference points are certainly audible in the material they’ve released so far. The d...

  • Bill Tennyson

    Bill Tennyson View Profile

  • The Tenors

    The Tenors View Profile

  • Mitchell Tenpenny

    Mitchell Tenpenny View Profile


    THE TENS View Profile

    The Tens are a greasy, blue, soul-funk jazz collective that originated on a street corner in Old Hollywood. They polished their chops on the concrete sidewalk for two years before they started getting booked for gigs. Since then, they've become the resident band at several venues across Los Angeles. The Tens never play the same set twice, they never play a song the same way, and they always pl...

  • High Tension

    High Tension View Profile

    n early 2013 – almost out of nowhere- a music video landed on the internets and furiously peddled its way around social media, with the speed of a Lolcats meme circa 2010. ‘High Risk, High Rewards’ was an unexpected uppercut straight outta left field. The riffage was demonic, demanding and frankly, hooky as shit. The vocals? Gloriously guttural, “like a circular saw made out of inverted crosses” (...

  • Ozric Tentacles

    Ozric Tentacles View Profile

    Ozric Tentacles are, simply put, legends of the UK underground. One of the most influential bands to emerge from the UK's festival scene, "The Ozrics" layer ambient and ethereal landscapes with freeform dub trips, incredible rave grooves, and psychedelic progressive rock. Their aim is not just to make truly unique and culturally diverse music, but to harmoniously un...

  • Judy Tenuta

    Judy Tenuta View Profile

  • Eli Teplin

    Eli Teplin View Profile

    "Eli Teplin sings from the soul and writes from the heart; he's absolutely real and I love that about him...This cat has such a distinct voice and there's no doubt that he's got IT!" - Quincy Jones   Eli Teplin is a classically trained, pop artist, songwriter, pianist and guitarist, who began as a local performer in Nashville and made his way to Los Angeles ...

  • Robert Tepper

    Robert Tepper View Profile

    Tepper grew up in Bayonne NJ. The land of garage bands. After establishing himself as a writer with such songs as "Into The Night" for Benny Mardones and "This Is Love" for Paul Anka, Robert landed his very own record deal with the Scotti Bros. His first album was a fist full of movie soundtracks with the anthem song 'No Easy Way Out' from Rocky IV and "Angel Of The City" from Cobra. Robert now ow...

  • Tila Tequila

    Tila Tequila View Profile

    Though she was born to a Vietnamese family in Singapore, Tila Nguyen spent much of her life in Houston, TX, the place to which her parents had immigrated when she was just one year old. With a childhood full of fights and rebellion (it was in high school that she allegedly got her nickname, Tila Tequila, after an adverse reaction to the alcohol) Tila eventually moved to Hollywood when she was 18 i...

  • George Teren

    George Teren View Profile

    George Teren moved to Nashville from Boston in 1987.    He spent 14 years at Zomba Music Publishing, garnering #1 hits for Tim McGraw (“Real Good Man”), Billy Ray Cyrus (“Busy Man”), Kevin Sharp (“She’s Sure Taking It Well”), and Rick Trevino (“Running Out Of Reasons To Run”).   In 2003, George signed with Full Circle Music P...

  • Brent Terhune

    Brent Terhune View Profile

  • Christine Termini Passarella

    Christine Termini Passarella View Profile

  • The Terns

    The Terns View Profile

    The band’s guitar-driven rock sound, with sharp vocal harmonies and heavy percussion, is reminiscent of the glory days—when bands like The Beatles (their top influence) dominated the charts. Combine that with a swift appreciation of modern greats, like The Strokes and The White Stripes, and you’ve got a band that knows exactly what a perfectly crafted rock song should be. Releas...

  • Iya Terra

    Iya Terra View Profile

    As the genre of reggae music is continuously evolving, Los Angeles, California-based Iya Terra has found a way to take the messages of traditional roots-reggae and seamlessly mash them up in a modern version. The young group of musicians chose the name Iya Terra, meaning “Higher Ground,” as the launching pad to create positive, conscious music while spreading messages of anti-esta...

  • Evergreen Terrace

    Evergreen Terrace View Profile

    Presenting raging tunes of a brutal blended sound featuring reckless metal marks and punk rock-inspired strains, Evergreen Terrace delivers their own particular melodic vision of the hardcore style. Forming in Jacksonville, FL, in 1999, Evergreen Terrace joined the efforts of a five-piece set, fronted by Andrew Carey (vocals) and completed with Craig Chaney (guitar, vocals), Joshua James (guitar),...

  • Lee Terrace

    Lee Terrace View Profile

    Formed in 2007 in East Syracuse, NY, Lee Terrace strives to push the boundaries of modern rock and have a good time while doing it. Audiences can expect to dance, headbang, and groove to the electrifying guitar work of Kevin Metzger, expansive bass playing of Mike Sloan, thunderous drumming of Pj Sweeney, and keyboard wizardry of Ian Doherty. With two albums under their belt, Lee Terrace continues...

  • Jonathan Terrell

    Jonathan Terrell View Profile

    Jonathan Terrell has roots music in his blood. Born into a large family of former-cult member musicians, he entered this world in the back room of a trailer hidden out among the deep pines of East Texas. In his younger years, singing in church and working horses was all he knew.

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