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  • Steve Taylor

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  • Tasha Taylor

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    Pedigree will tell. In rhythm and soul, it’s bred in the bone. Tasha Taylor, the youngest daughter of pioneering R&B artist, Johnnie Taylor is having a breakout year with the release of her first solo CD, TAYLORMADE. And the magic will continue, when Tasha makes her Broadway debut, creating the role of Margie Hendrix in “Unchain My Heart,” the new musical based on the...

  • Taz Taylor

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  • Teyana Taylor

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  • Tommy Taylor

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    Tommy Taylor is a singer/songwriter born in New York, raised in California, currently back living in the Bronx. She plays guitar and piano, enjoys photography and a little acting from time to time. Tennis, anyone? She's game. Down for yoga, too. Feel the music and free the feeling. Live well.

  • Von Taylor

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    My name is Von Taylor, comedian extraordinaire . I have been performing about four years in the Houston area ...I have performed at the Laff Stop several times and the World Famous Comedy Store in L.A., The Improv and various other venues throughout the Houston metro areaa. My comedy can be best described as observational. My skewed view on politics, media, pop culture, family, and people as a who...

  • Will Taylor

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  • Matt Taylor & His Laurels

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  • Melvin Taylor & The Slack Band

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    Melvin Taylor is one of the greatest guitarists in the history of rock, blues and jazz. This self taught master was influenced by many of histories true guitar pioneers including - Albert King, Wes Montgomery, and Jimi Hendrix. So it won't surprise you to know that Melvin's ability has been recognized by many of his fellow guitar and rock greats. In fact, he has opened for BB King, Budd...

  • David Taylor and The Tallboys

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    David Taylor & The Tallboys are a fresh, twangy rocknroll/alt-country group formed in Charlotte, NC in early 2019. Having been a solo singer/song-writer for several years in the Charlotte music scene, David has built up quite the catalog of songs. He has performed throughout the Charlotte area, and he self-released a solo EP titled Texas Heat in July 2018. The band was born after several be...

  • Otis Taylor Band

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    With Otis Taylor, it's best to expect the unexpected. While his music, an amalgamation of roots styles in their rawest form, discusses heavyweight issues like murder, homelessness, tyranny, and injustice, his personal style is lighthearted. "I'm good at dark, but I'm not a particularly unhappy person," he says. "I'd just like to make enough money to buy a Porsche.&qu...

  • Eddie Taylor Jr.

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    Eddie Taylor Jr. has never been shy about proclaiming his inheritance—his father was one of the most revered guitarists of Chicago’s postwar era, laying his unerring rhythms and subtly inventive chord patterns behind Jimmy Reed on most of Reed’s most important recordings, and showcasing his tasteful, country-rooted improvisational imagination on his own now-classic sides (“...

  • DJ TD Camp

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    The power of music... Each one teach one

  • Sweet Tea

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    Clarissa aka SWEET TEA performed at ‘The Candy Shack’  regularly on Friday nights, a jazz club on Crenshaw, for several years. While singing regularly at The Candy Shack, the regulars named her "SWEET TEA" due to her southern style and refreshing sound. She covers Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Tina Turner, Sade, and Jill Scott with passion and names each one as a life cha...

  • The Tea Club

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    The Tea Club is an independent rock band from New Jersey. The band consists of Patrick McGowan, Dan McGowan, Becky Osenenko, Jim Berger, Charles Batdorf, and Joe Rizzolo. They are known for writing songs of an epic nature, comparative to the early progressive rock bands of the 1960's and 70's. They also incorporate elements of post-rock, alternative rock, and space rock. A major part of the ba...

  • TL3 Tea Leaf Trio

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    Featuring Trevor Garrod, Reed Mathis, and Cochrane McMillan of Tea Leaf Green got together as the Tea Leaf Trio and recorded 'Volume 1', an album of 13 cover songs, available now to stream and download FREE.

  • Jacks Tea Room

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  • Jack's Tea Room

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  • Willy Tea Taylor

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    Willy Tea Taylor is a father, brother, and son. His remarkable ability to sing about profound subjects in a simple way makes his songs a great place to lose yourself. Much of that comes from his upbringing.   Willy grew up surrounded by rolling hills and horses in the small town of Oakdale, California. Known as the “Cowboy Capital of the World” for breeding so many worl...

  • Jessica Teagardin

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    Singer and Songwriter Jessica Teagardin is an up and coming artist captivating San Diego and Riverside County audiences with her truth-filled lyrics and soulful melodies. Jessica Teagardin was born on June 24, 1991 in Riverside, California. Teagardin was raised in a musical household with her mother being a talented vocalist; members of her extended family are also gifted vocalists and proficient ...


    ORCA TEAM View Profile

    "Pacific Northwesterners Orca Team['s] music is like a '50s dance party on a submarine with Tim Gane piloting." - Bill Pearis / Brooklyn Vegan "...20,000 fathoms deep, underwater heartbeats, a surf twang but no baggies, dress to impress, keep out of the water- I'm seeing red velvet drapes as a backdrop, bruised knees and skinned ankles..." - Andy Hart / Indietracks 2012 "They’re one of the b...

  • Space Team

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  • Swim Team

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  •  Team Blackout

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  • Dream Team Ent.

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    A team of Northern California DJs, Artists, Photographers, Promoters and performers. #DreamTeamFam #ThatLife #ThatLove ♥

  •  Team Facelift

    Team Facelift View Profile

    New York City trio Team Facelift are known only by strings of nonsensical aliases, the principals being Machine (aka Teen Wolf, aka The Big Bopper), Fonda (aka Karim Fonda, aka Alden F Fonda) and Fat Jew (aka The King Of Brunch, aka Fabrizio Bonaducce). All natives of Manhattan's Upper East and West sides, the NYC party vets also don't disclose their ages and claim to hail from such exotic locales...

  • Awet Teame

    Awet Teame View Profile

    Awet Teame is an Eritrean, East African Comedienne with a Bostonian edge. She talks a little about being born in Eritrea, then coming to the States only to discover no one including herself, knew where her country was on the map. She has a typical Eritrean mom whom she had to constantly explain she wasn't changing the channel at every commercial. An Emerson College Alumnae who moved to LA to pu...

  • The Tearaways

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  • Matthew Teardrop

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  • Fake Tears

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  • Girl Tears

    Girl Tears View Profile

    Debut full length "Tension" out now.

  • Tijuana Tears

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  •  Tears For Fears

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  • Special Tech DJ

    Special Tech DJ View Profile

    Special Tech DJ is a company that combines 3 businesses into a one stop destination for all you music and IT needs. Its a hybrid of a record shop/tech shop/school. Come pick up some music, get your laptop fixed, or take a DJ or IT class.

  • The Technicolors

    The Technicolors View Profile

    The Technicolors. Phoenix, AZ. Enjoy.

  • Alexander Technique

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  • DJ Alexander Technique

    DJ Alexander Technique View Profile

    Alexander Technique, has reminded us that he is one of the most innovative producers around today thru his collaborations and releases with Junior Sanchez, Harry Romero, Shawnee Taylor, Arthur Baker, Gina Turner, Kassiano & many others. As well as releasing numerous thunderous tracks recently on the likes of Ministry Of Sound, Todd Terry's InHouse Label Imprint & Steve Angello's Size Reco...

  • Swift Technique

    Swift Technique View Profile

    The past year has marked several exciting changes for Philly's fiery funksters, Swift Technique. Most recently, the band has added electric lead vocalist, Chelsea ViaCava. With the addition of Chelsea's vocal prowess, the band has developed a dynamic new element to the Swift Tech sound. After joining forces with booking guru, Jake Weaver, the band has recently debuted in Los Angeles, Sa...

  •  Techno Squirrels

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  • Shamanic Technology

    Shamanic Technology View Profile

    Shamanic Technology is a communication in contemporary bass culture. Taking elements from the world of Neuro, Glitch, Breakbeat and Hip Hop; this is bassmusic that crosses genres and spans multiple tempos, where seamless elements combine across a backdrop of old-skool IDM nostalgia, dark basslines and glitch innovation. Shamanic Technology is an ever-evolving exploration in sound experimentatio...

  • Dan Tedesco

    Dan Tedesco View Profile

    Dan Tedesco is the quintessential modern-day troubadour, narrating the American experience in song honestly and intimately, and with a big sound to boot. A solo artist, Tedesco’s stage show is framed by a minimalist production that finds him belting out folk-spiced rockers from behind both acoustic and electric guitars while foot-stomping percussion rounds out many of the arrangements&m...

  • Toni Tee and Liquid Wisdom

    Toni Tee and Liquid Wisdom View Profile

    Toni Tee and Liquid Wisdom is a super group of sorts, each member comes from a different project and they each bring something special to the music. An eclectic mix of reggae, jazz and rock will make you get off your chair and onto the dance floor! They've been playing around LA, OC and IE for the last few years, reminding people what it's like to feel sexy and have fun!

  • The Teen Age

    The Teen Age View Profile

    Doo Wop Garage Brooklyn style

  • Chef Teena Johnson of Catered To You

    Chef Teena Johnson of Catered To You View Profile

    Today's menu is being brought to you by Catered To You, which is located @ 1711 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland California. Catered To You was named by the East Bay Express as having the best fish sandwich in the Bay Area. We've been in business since 2008, an with your support we will continue for many years to  come. Catered To You is owned and operated by proud Oakland nat...

  • Royal Teeth

    Royal Teeth View Profile

    Royal Teeth's six members come from three cities across Southern Louisiana, a state known for its colossal musical output over the centuries. Now residing in New Orleans, their beat-centric sound is a technicolor addition to the legacy of Louisiana. The band could not be happier with their new home at Dangerbird, saying, "We are beyond excited to be a part of the Dangerbird family. It feels great ...

  • Virgin Teeth

    Virgin Teeth View Profile

    Pre Apocalyptic Rock n Roll.

  • Wine Teeth

    Wine Teeth View Profile

    Wine Teeth was created by Justin Theodore Young, a singer-songwriter from the South who combines roots, rockabilly and honkytonk rhythms with an indie folk storytelling sensibility.Justin Young's unique vocal style and literate lyrics have built him a following in cities throughout the U.S., from Central Florida to Portland, Oregon. Justin has fronted many popular touring indie bands whilst playin...

  • Carly Tefft

    Carly Tefft View Profile

    At just 24, Carly Tefft has hit the ground running in Nashville, TN releasing her single “Better Off At A Bar” and its video May 2018. “The singer-songwriter phenomenon from Cape Cod,” as quoted by The Boston Globe, combines a love of rock, country and pop that defies being narrowed to just one music genre; Take the grit of Avril Lavigne and Grace Potter, the country crosso...

  •  Tegan & Sara

    Tegan & Sara View Profile

    Folk-rock duo Tegan and Sara first burst onto the Canadian music scene in 1998, when they earned the highest score in history at Calgary's "Garage Warz" competition; their quick rise didn't stop, for their melodic acoustics and charming stage personas led to a slew of dates with Sarah McLachlan's Lilith Fair that same year and a record deal with Neil Young's Vapor Records in April 2000. Natives of...

  • Telefon Tel Aviv

    Telefon Tel Aviv View Profile

    Telefon Tel Aviv is the musical project of Joshua Eustis, who is trying very hard to make music as a way to sweat out all the nasty things. It has devolved from his eye-to-eye collaboration with the late Charles Wesley Cooper, III, into the musical detritus of all the horror, awe, despair, hope, beauty, and contempt in our world.

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