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  • Ron Tanski

    Ron Tanski View Profile

    Ron Tanski, a Los Angeles based Blues Singer, Song Writer, Composer and Avant Garde, Blues, Rock and Jazz pianist. Ron is also one of Los Angeles’ most popular live performers. Ron’s debut CD “Dragged You Down” charted at #3 on the RMR Blues Music Radio Top 40 and was in the Top 100 Most Radio Played Blues CD’s of 2011! Ron’s worked with Grammy Winning Guitar Gr...

  • DJ Tantrum

    DJ Tantrum View Profile

    San Diego's own!

  • Richard Tanumi

    Richard Tanumi View Profile

    Richard Tanumi, born and raised “down under” in Sydney Australia came to the city of Angels to develop his sound and learn more about the music business in the Land of opportunity. Spending a lot of his adult life traveling the world, Richard considers himself to be a gypsy of sorts, following his dreams and drawing inspiration from every country and culture he visits. His sound is the Per...

  • Nate Tao

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  • Champagne Tap

    Champagne Tap View Profile

  • On Tap Series

    On Tap Series View Profile

    The Project 100.7 is teaming up with the Tin Roof to host the monthly On Tap Series! This event will showcase the best unsigned artists from the Cincinnati area! Each showcase will consist of 2-3 artists chosen by The Project's music panel.

  • Joshs Tape

    Joshs Tape View Profile

    A New York City six-piece band playing original songs from Josh Allen's self-produced album "Wealth in Youth", releasing October 5th. This solo debut album delivers an Americana blend of vintage rock, reggae, blues, and vocal harmony. Written, composed, and produced by Josh Allen, it's a fiery narrative of internal conflict and impassioned dreams that come with growing up.

  • Red Tape

    Red Tape View Profile

  • Don Tapert

    Don Tapert View Profile

  • Battle Tapes

    Battle Tapes View Profile

    Battle Tapes is an electro synth rock band based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in late 2010 by frontman Josh Boardman, keyboardist Riley Mackin, bassist Stephen Bannister. Battle Tapes released their first body of work, “Sleepwalker” in the summer of 2011. The self-released six- track EP features the standout track of the same name, as well as remix contributions from fellow up-and- comin...

  • Das Tapes

    Das Tapes View Profile

    DAS TAPES were born in Los Angeles, 2010, brothers/producers Das Tapes are doing more than taking a stab at pop music; with Kevin helming drums, beat production and lead vocals, and Mark as the guitar and synth-wielding doctor, they’re killing it and bringing it back to life.  Both schooled in jazz and fanatics of Hip hop and Motown, their gleaming beats and earnest songwriting w...

  •  Tapes 'N Tapes

    Tapes 'N Tapes View Profile

    Minneapolis, MN, indie rock classicists Tapes 'n Tapes formed in the winter of 2003, when guitarist/vocalist Josh Grier (aka "Tapes 1"), bassist Matt Kretzmann ("'n") and guitarist Steve Nelson ("Tapes 2") began crafting a sound that harked back to the Pixies and Pavement and also recalled more contemporary bands like the Shins. Nelson left the band, with drummer Karl Schweitz becoming the band's ...

  • The Tara Novellas

    The Tara Novellas View Profile

    The Tara Novellas are powerful vocals, banging piano, and intricate guitar. They are war cries and whispers, heartfelt words, and more than a little sass. From small-town NW Oregon, their mission is accomplished if they can get you moving and get you thinking.

  • Rotana Tarabzouni

    Rotana Tarabzouni View Profile

    Rotana is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter from Saudi Arabia. Her music can be described as alternative pop with soulful overtones. Her lyrics are both hopeful and brooding, and speak of the inner struggle we all go through on our path to breaking free and finding love. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Rotana moved to L.A. in the spring of 2013 in pursuit of singing to inspire others confine...

  • Felipe Tarantino

    Felipe Tarantino View Profile

    Singer, songwriter and nylon string finger style guitarist Felipe Tarantino’s debut album Social Jet Lag draws from a multitude of influences—including blues, pop, rock and Latin music—reflective of the Los Angeles based independent artist’s unique status as a musical citizen of the world. Born in Santiago, Chile to Brazilian parents, he has lived in, and dra...

  • Witty Tarbox

    Witty Tarbox View Profile

    Surf riffs and indie melodies over a rhythmic funk foundation fond of improvisation.

  • Kate Targan

    Kate Targan View Profile

  • Cliff Targum

    Cliff Targum View Profile

  • The Tarlatans

    The Tarlatans View Profile

    "A tarlatan is a specialized rag used to clean off a wood print or in this case, a colorful, yet raw and dirty Americana rock act from Charleston, SC. Based on the writings of guitarists and vocalists, Taylor McCleskey and Ryan Williams, The Tarlatans are an ingenious approach to staying along the fine line of catchy pop rock, but still leaving room for the beauty of human imperfection and the cel...

  • Bela Tarr

    Bela Tarr View Profile

    We are an art rock/R&B band called Bella Tarr based in Los Angeles, California.

  • Bella Tarr

    Bella Tarr View Profile

    Bella Tarr is a progressive four-piece from Los Angeles, California, comprised of Winston E. King on vocals, Dylan Meistrich on guitars/keys, William Hernandez on bass, and Ryan Wilson on drums.  Founded just earlier this summer, the quartet prides itself on their unique and innovative sound.  With influences ranging from classical to progressive rock, neo-soul to pop, their mu...

  • Katelyn Tarver

    Katelyn Tarver View Profile

  • Gabby Tary

    Gabby Tary View Profile

    Born in Budapest, Hungary Gabby comes from a working class family. Father musician, mother clerical worker. "I grew up in my mother’s fantasy of Hollywood in the middle of war thorn Budapest. I have two younger brothers and I don’t envy my mother trying to raise us during the Russian occupation.. We were so poor she couldn't even afford the food in our dreams. We immigrated to Ame...

  • Gabrielle Taryn

    Gabrielle Taryn View Profile

  • kurvi tasch

    kurvi tasch View Profile

    We're friends. We're in a band. We write songs; some of them are fast. We enjoy reading and writing, but not arithmetic. We're not fascists and we don't have curvy moustaches. We just like Tintin and fictional realities.

  • Miss Tasha Salad

    Miss Tasha Salad View Profile

  • Daniel Tashian

    Daniel Tashian View Profile

  • Mete Tasin

    Mete Tasin View Profile

  • Off Task

    Off Task View Profile

    Los Angeles based trio Off Task is an energetic alt-rock band consisting of Jimmy Winick (guitarist/vocalist), Thelonious Cundieff (bassist/vocalist), and Martin Velasquez (drummer). Inspired by music from many eras, Off Task's genre is hard to define, as they base around the hard-hitting energy of modern rock & 90's grunge, but also have a clear melodic influence from that o...

  • Social Task

    Social Task View Profile

    Social Task is comprised of members of The Idols, China White and Pennywise. Social Task is: Don Snell-Guitar Scott Sisunik-Lead Vocals-Mark Mega-Bass Hank Jacobson-Drums.

  • Madeline Tasquin

    Madeline Tasquin View Profile

    Canadian-Californian songwriter Madeline Tasquin was raised in Northern British Columbia by her opera singer mother and Austrian gold-miner father. She learned to play the piano as soon as she could reach the keys, and in 2011 she picked up a concert ukulele, finding it to be “much easier to carry around than a piano." In 2014 she rediscovered the guitar, "two more strings than a ukulele," and now...

  • Brad Tassell

    Brad Tassell View Profile

    If you like your comedy positive, hilarious, crazy, silly, value oriented, and for everybody then BRAD's show is for you! Accolades Awards Associations 2010 Pinnacle award for speakers Carnival Cruiseline highest rated comedian by passenger ratings. 2007, 2010 2007 Award Top Choice Best reviewed novel 2004 Comedy CD nominated for an Independant Music award for Best Comedy Album Where have y...

  • She Tastes the Sun

    She Tastes the Sun View Profile

    She Tastes the Sun(STTS) is a prog metal band created in 2013. Coming from a wide variety of musical influences, STTS incorporates elements of Prog Rock & Prog Metal, Doom Metal, Jazz, and Fusion into one heavy, melodic, technical and digestible sound.

  • Face Tat

    Face Tat View Profile

    Music. Persons. Beats.

  • KT Tatara

    KT Tatara View Profile

     KT Tatara’s comedy is sometimes brutally honest but always funny. His logic-based opinions provide unique insight into timeless topics such as gender roles and race. KT performs across the United States and is one of the most requested comedians on the college circuit. He lives in Los Angeles where he can be seen nightly at the top comedy clubs.   In 2006, KT was featured as o...

  • Annie Tate

    Annie Tate View Profile

    Annie Tate is half of one of the few successful husband and wife songwriting teams in Nashville. She and her husband Sam have had songs cut and chart hits with artists such as Rodney Atkins, Reba McIntyre, Randy Travis, Collin Raye, Gary Allen, Joe Nichols, Emerson Drive, Gretchen Wilson, Mark Wills, Montgomery Gentry, Buddy Jewell, Ty Herndon, Kevin Sharp, Chely Wright, Sammy Kershaw, Chad Brock,...

  • Cinjun Tate

    Cinjun Tate View Profile


  • Deja Tate

    Deja Tate View Profile

    Deja Tate has always had a love for music. She began to show a passion for singing at an early. Her mother took notice to her talent and immediately signed her up for her elementary school chior. Deja shined in her choir doing many solos during concerts and shows. When she went onto middle school she moved from choir and decided to join her school band. She took a liking to the clarinet and starte...

  • Derrell Tate

    Derrell Tate View Profile

  • Geoff Tate

    Geoff Tate View Profile

    Born January 14th, 1959 When most musicians record solo albums, it’s because they need an outlet for material that doesn’t fit the scope of their band. That wasn’t the case with Geoff Tate. While there’s very little on his solo debut that couldn’t fit within the ever-evolving musical scope of Queensrÿche, the difference for the vocalist lies in the e...

  • Jamie Tate

    Jamie Tate View Profile

      Country recording artist and military ambassador Jamie Tate had a whirlwind schedule for her 2014 season and 2015 is going to be even bigger. Attaining the sponsorship of national hotel chain Red Roof Inn, the North Carolina native launched her unique video project, the Music City Tour. For 30 weeks, Tate continues to shoot music videos covering songs that reflect each location. Her ...

  • Laura Tate

    Laura Tate View Profile

    Laura Tate first charmed audiences with her singing and acting at the age of nine and continues to entertain thousands of listeners today. Born in Dallas, she traveled the country with a number of theatrical and musical companies before settling in Los Angeles to sing and act in stage productions as well as on television. She also began a career in film production, eventually producing an award...

  • Cinjun Tate of Remy Zero

    Cinjun Tate of Remy Zero View Profile

  • Genessis Tatiana

    Genessis Tatiana View Profile

  • Prism Tats

    Prism Tats View Profile

    South African born and raised Garett van der Spek started Prism Tats after moving to Seattle, WA. It began as a one man band, with a drum machine keeping the beat for van der Spek's yelping and noodling. After relocating to LA in 2014, Van Der Spek enlisted drummer, Matt McCord, and finished mixing the unreleased full-length Prism Tats debut with Chris Woodhouse (Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, and...

  • Bridgette Tatum

    Bridgette Tatum View Profile

    It’s hard to deny the pure talent and passion for her craft that is clearly the driving force behind many of artist Bridgette Tatum’s high profile career milestones.  In 2009, this native of Florence, South Carolina, co-wrote the Most Played Song on Country radio stations across the United States.  A tremendous achievement for any songwriter, the song, “She&rsqu...

  • Shaina Taub

    Shaina Taub View Profile

    Vermont-raised, New York-based Shaina Taub fronts her band on keys, with a regular residency at renowned downtown club, Rockwood Music Hall and a debut EP, What Otters Do, released last summer. WNYC/NPR featured her on their Best Gigs of 2011 round-up, calling her music a 'playful blend of Billy Joel's piano-driven pop, Aretha's soul and Regina Spektor's whimsy." Free download available at www.sha...

  • Drew Taubenfeld

    Drew Taubenfeld View Profile

  • Evan Taubenfeld

    Evan Taubenfeld View Profile

  • James Taugher

    James Taugher View Profile

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