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  • Sonny Throckmorton

    Sonny Throckmorton View Profile

    Sonny Throckmorton had a remarkable 150 songs recorded in a nine-month period in the late 1970s, and he was the Nashville Songwriters Association International's Songwriter of the Year for 1978, 1979 and 1980, as well as BMI's Songwriter of the Year for 1980. That run of success came immediately after Throckmorton gave up on Nashville, exited his position as a staff songwriter at Tree Publ...

  • Wild Throne

    Wild Throne View Profile

    Wild Throne, known as Dog Shredder until 2013, consists of friends and musical cohorts Josh Holland (guitar/vocals), Noah Burns (drums) and Jeff Johnson (bass). The trio spent 10 years playing in bands with and around each other in their hometown of Bellingham, Wash. before unifying in 2009 with a mission to hit hard. The band’s progress in the early days of this pursuit has been document...

  • Falling Through April

    Falling Through April View Profile

    FALLING THROUGH APRIL blurs the lines of the most intriguing sound of Rock and Alternative music from the 90′s through today. The music itself is comprised of artful and melodic vocals accented by uniquely songful guitars. The dramatic yet mellow bass lines all driven by energetic and dynamic drums. Each member of this distinct band brings a different style and influence that procreates the chaoti...

  • See Through Dresses

    See Through Dresses View Profile

    See Through Dresses released their debut self-titled LP in November of 2013. Principal songwriters Mathew Carroll and Sara Bertuldo, along with drummer Nate Van Fleet and bassist Josh French, have crafted a catalogue of songs indebted to classic post-punk and new wave artists of the 80's, but their sonic footprint more closely resembles the textural treatments of 90's dream-pop and shoegaz...

  • Pride Through Strife

    Pride Through Strife View Profile

    Three triplet brothers hailing from mesa town AZ strive to bring bangin rock reggae to your ears. With a fusion of latin, reggae, punk and funk, this trio has a creative mix that will likely take them far! These guys have been playing music together since they were old enough to lift a drum stick. Their unique connection allows them to enter a groove likely compared to notorious reggae rock groups...

  • Free Throw

    Free Throw View Profile

  • Somerset Thrower

    Somerset Thrower View Profile

  • The Throws

    The Throws View Profile

  • Swim Thru Frequencies

    Swim Thru Frequencies View Profile

    Swim Thru Frequencies was started by Ryan Yudez and Clay Meyer in Fort Collins, CO. Ryan Yudez enlisted the help of guitarist and longtime friend Clay Meyer to work on a collection of songs he'd written. They started working together with just two guitars and vocals and the project began to take shape. After recording the basis for a handful of songs at Morning Wood Studios in Fort Collins, CO Mey...

  • Slim Thug

    Slim Thug View Profile

    An imposing figure with a voice to match, Slim Thug had been dropping in for guest verses -- on mixtapes and other artists' albums -- for several years before making his full-length debut through the Neptunes' Star Trak label. Based out of the northern part of Houston, the MC fell in with Swishahouse's Michael Watts and established a following in short time, which had a lot to do with his business...

  • Young Thug

    Young Thug View Profile

  • Pinkerton Thugs

    Pinkerton Thugs View Profile

    The Pinkerton Thugs are a punk band from Maine. While the band officially became the Pinkerton Thugs in March 1996 (taking their name from the infamous Pinkerton National Detective Agency), the band has been together since July 1994 under a number of different names. The band, which initially consisted of drummer/vocalist Paul Russo, guitarist/vocalist Micah Smaldone and bassist James Whitten drew...

  • Bone Thugs N Harmony

    Bone Thugs N Harmony View Profile

    Graced with a quick, sometimes sung delivery, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony burst out of the Midwest in the mid-'90s with a pair of massive hits ("Thuggish Ruggish Bone" and "Tha Crossroads") along with a great album (E 1999 Eternal) and then quickly unraveled. Eazy-E signed the group -- initially comprised of Krayzie Bone, Wish Bone, Flesh-N-Bone, Layzie Bone, and Bizzy Bone -- to ...

  • Bone Thugs-n- Harmony

    Bone Thugs-n- Harmony View Profile

    Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

  • Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

    Bone Thugs-n-Harmony View Profile

    Bone Thugs-n-Harmony is an American hip hop group from the Glenville section of Cleveland, Ohio. They are best known for their fast-paced rapping style and harmonizing vocals. In 1997, the group was awarded the Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance with their song "Tha Crossroads". Since its conception in the early 1990s the group has been honored with numerous other awards. Bone Thugs a...

  • Mr. Thundder

    Mr. Thundder View Profile

  • Nick Thune

    Nick Thune View Profile

    Nick moved to LA. Most of his time is spent writing short bios in the third person.  As a stand up comedian, Nick plays live around the country and on television.

  • Uma Thurman

    Uma Thurman View Profile

    Songs by Dan Cook and Matt Strom. Performed by Dan Cook, Molly Schulman, and Matt Strom.

  • LOL Thursday's

    LOL Thursday's View Profile

  • Baratunde Thurston

    Baratunde Thurston View Profile

    Baratunde Thurston is a comedian, vigilante pundit and television host. He is the co-founder of Jack & Jill Politics, one of the top 10 black blogs and also blogs for The Huffington Post and his own site He has authored three books, including Keep Jerry Falwell Away From My Oreo Cookies, was nominated for the Bill Hicks Award for Thought Provoking Comedy, decla...

  • Shawn Thwaites Rebel Quartet

    Shawn Thwaites Rebel Quartet View Profile

  • Sarah Tiana

    Sarah Tiana View Profile

  • Emergency Tiara

    Emergency Tiara View Profile

    NYC based femme-fatale, Emergency Tiara, announces the release of “When I Grow Up” and “Quiet But Not”​, out now. Emergency Tiara embodies today's cosmopolitan, sultry and glamorous woman. Classically trained in vocals and piano, she utilizes her musical talents to connect with and uplift her audience. She is the personification of “girl power” and is...

  • Megan Tibbits

    Megan Tibbits View Profile

    Megan Grace Tibbits was born in the small town of Caro, Michigan. When she was four years old, Megan began touring around the country with her family band “Living Truth”. Megan began tracking harmonies on albums by the age of six, playing piano by age seven, writing songs on guitar by age twelve, and studying instruments such as harp, oboe, and saxophone along the way. In college, Megan receive...

  • Sic Tic

    Sic Tic View Profile

    [sic tic is a]..spunky three piece on the...Brooklyn scene. ..crunchy & effulgent melodies over..lustrous fast-paced drums. Sludging swirling psych BOOM

  • Tic Tic Boom

    Tic Tic Boom View Profile

    The emerging indie synth-pop band Tic Tic Boom! is the creative convergence of Mike DeLay and Leilani Francisco. With music that has been referred to as "electro-pop-tacular", the band strives to make anthemic soundscapes containing elements drawn from indie rock, new wave and punk. Tic Tic Boom!'s recently released e.p. Reasons & Rhymes is the by-product of six months spent locked ...

  • Jordan Tice Trio

    Jordan Tice Trio View Profile

  • Deer Tick

    Deer Tick View Profile

    Ladies and gentlemen... From the band that's been both accurately and inaccurately labeled just about everything this side of Top 40 comes a true-to-form rock-n-roll record. Scratch that, true-to-form is not Deer Tick's style. Let's start over... Naturally, after so many years of critics praising [and making fun of] them for their "folk" and "country" sounds and hardly ...

  • Finish Ticket

    Finish Ticket View Profile

  • My Ticket Home

    My Ticket Home View Profile

    Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, MY TICKET HOME has been stirring up mosh pits across the country since 2009. Forming the band as teenagers, MY TICKET HOME has matured their sound from hyper-aggressive Metalcore into a new band of heavy music that the band lovingly refers to as “PUKE ROCK.” Abandoning the Metalcore genre’s repetitive breakdowns, and dime a dozen lyrics, the band&rsqu...

  • Parking Tickets

    Parking Tickets View Profile

      San Francisco based noise band.

  • Nancy Ticotin

    Nancy Ticotin View Profile

  • No Tide

    No Tide View Profile

    Nebraska punk rock

  • Raven Tide

    Raven Tide View Profile

    Raven Tide" (ultimate moniker after replacing the initial "Ever Rain" for reasons of homonymy) formed in early 2009 from an idea by Cheryl (vocals) and Shark (guitar), with the subsequent collaboration of Mark (drums) and Fred (bass). The band's sound is characterized by the fusion of the past experiences and the various musical influence of each member, creating the perfect ble...

  • Red Tide Rising

    Red Tide Rising View Profile

  • High Tides

    High Tides View Profile

  • Strange Tides

    Strange Tides View Profile

  • Ill Tiempo

    Ill Tiempo View Profile

  • Tommy Tiernan

    Tommy Tiernan View Profile

    Tommy has the highest selling DVD sales in Ireland. ‘Cracked: Live at Vicar Street’ went straight to number 1 in the 1st week of release and will reach Four times Platinum Status. His ‘Loose’ DVD went straight to number 1 as well and reached Eight times Platinum Status. ‘Jokerman: Tommy Tiernan in America’ not only reached Quadruple Platinum Status but...

  • Yann Tiersen

    Yann Tiersen View Profile

  • Jonathan Tiersten

    Jonathan Tiersten View Profile

  •  Tiesto

    Tiesto View Profile

     Whether it be the 250,000 revelers coming together at Ipanema Beach in Rio De Janeiro, the adoring clubbers who descend upon Privilege in Ibiza on a Monday night every summer, or the 25,000 fans en masse at Victoria Park in London, all are in attendance for the same reason: they have come to see Tiësto, the world’s biggest DJ/Producer! Tiësto, a.k.a. Tijs Verwest, is...

  • DJ Tiesto

    DJ Tiesto View Profile

  • Beach Tiger

    Beach Tiger View Profile

    Based out of Charleston, SC, Beach Tiger is an engaging four-piece band with Indie/Alternative instrumentation and pop sensibility.

  • Bulletproof Tiger

    Bulletproof Tiger View Profile

    Bulletproof Tiger is an instrumental, live-electronica, rock-synth group from El Paso, Texas. The plastic-tiger-mask-wearing duo is comprised of the aliased Bobby Miracles (guitar) and Jean-Luc Duvalier (keyboards/synths) who originally met in high school, though they did not start working musically together until reuniting in the summer of 2009. Both members have had other projects where they pla...

  • Double Tiger

    Double Tiger View Profile

    Double Tiger is Brooklyn producer/vocalist Jay Spaker. Co-Founder at Dub-Stuy Records. One half of Tour De Force. Guitarist & vocals with John Browns Body. Pastproductions include artists Luciano, Johnny Osbourne, Sly & Robbie, Rankin Joe, Brother Culture, Jahdan Blakkamoore, Omar Perry and more. Inspired by Kurosawa films, King Tubby and Vibration comes Double Tiger. The recent Double Tig...

  • Easy Tiger

    Easy Tiger View Profile

    From the ashes of several local New Jersey rock bands comes Easy Tiger, a quartet who fuses rock sensibility, solid song-writing, and a love for ear-catching melodies. Formed in the Spring of 2009, Easy Tiger are newcomers to the scene, but their experiences in music stem back about ten years. Easy Tiger's influences range from everything from U2 and Jimmy Eat World to Michael Jackson. The current...

  • Fire Tiger

    Fire Tiger View Profile

  • Good Tiger

    Good Tiger View Profile

  • Goodbye Tiger

    Goodbye Tiger View Profile

    Traversing the slippery realms of groove and experimentally infused rock, the quartet band from Central New Jersey, Goodbye Tiger, is more than eager for listeners to hear their debut EP, “Who Do You Call Home.” The four members of the band, Matt, Robert, Mak, and Morgan, have all been friends for a long time. But it was in the gloomy winter outside of their college careers that they came across a...

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