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  • Rock Shop

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    Hard rock hits of the 70's and 80's.

  • Transit Shop

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    Transitshop is a fast rising alternative/indie-rock band whose debut EP was released in 2011 to critical acclaim and charted highly on the CMJ college radio charts. Based out of Philadelphia and New York City, the band’s live shows have become a spectacle in the northeast US while receiving radio play on over 50 FM stations nationwide! Their anxiously awaited full-length album was recorded in Detr...

  • Tuxedo Shop

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  • Pet Shop Boys

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    Postmodern ironists cloaked behind a veil of buoyantly melodic and lushly romantic synth pop confections, Pet Shop Boys established themselves among the most commercially and critically successful groups of their era with cheeky, smart, and utterly danceable music. Always remaining one step ahead of their contemporaries, the British duo navigated the constantly shifting landscape of modern dance-p...

  •  Shop Boyz

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    Classifying their sound as "hood rock," the Shop Boyz tried to separate themselves from the Atlanta crunk scene, but as their 2007 breakout single, "Party Like a Rockstar", showed, the trio fit right in with its heavy bass and drums complemented by pop-savvy and edgy guitar riffs. Cousins Meany (Demetrius Hardin) and Fat (Richard Stevens) along with their best friend Sheed (Rasheed Hightower) all ...

  • Pauly Shore

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    An entertainment career was virtually pre-ordained for Pauly Montgomery Shore. At age 4, he sat on the lap of The King himself in the company of his father, comedian Sammy Shore, who opened for Elvis during the early ’70s. Around the same time, Pauly’s mother, Mitzi, and father opened The Comedy Store on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, giving their son the rare opportunity to hang out and be inspire...

  • The Shore

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    Sporting a vintage mix of dusky alt-rock, Verve-inspired vocals, and West Coast psychedelia, the Shore emerged from L.A.'s Silverlake district in 2002. Singer/guitarist Ben Ashley had first presented a batch of songs to producer friend Rick Parker, who encouraged Ashley to record demos of the material with local musicians Kyle Mularky (guitar), Cliff Magreta (bass), and John Wilmer (drums). The Sh...

  • igor shorman

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  • Ben Shorr

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    Ben Shorr is a life long emcee from Portland, Maine. He is known in New England mostly for his freestyling abilities and gritty style of rapping, using life experiences to capture raw perspectives and lyricism few can match. His debut album, Live & Direct, is a "must-listen" for any true Hip-Hop head, featuring incredible beat production and guest vocals from some of New Englands' finest.

  • Kalie Shorr

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    Kalie Shorr burst onto the Nashville music scene in 2016  with her self-penned hit “Fight Like A Girl” . The Portland, Maine singer-songwriter became a Sirius X M Highway Find and was praised by Spotify, CMT, Radio Disney Country, Taste of Country, and even Billboard  magazine. In 2017, Kalie released her Slingshot  EP to rave reviews and was named “New Artist You ...

  • Jim Short

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  • Martin Short

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  • Zach Short

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    Zach Short, the Band. Be he man, or be he legend? Some say he roams the streets of Omaha, with an acoustic guitar, trying not to step in gum, or trip over small he often is laughed at (wrongfully) for. Legend has it, he uses his guitar to try and persuade people to give him money, or alcohol, for sharing his "ideas" (feelings) with them. He has been known to think of himself...


    DJ SHORTKUT View Profile

    Shortkut is a founding member of 3 of the most iconic and influential DJ crews in history - Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Beat Junkie Sound and Triple Threat DJs. He is a numerous West Coast/USA DMC title holder and is responsible for creating some of the most influential dj routines of all time, literally bringing new techniques to the genre. 2012 was one of the most active years of Shortkut's care...

  • Gym Shorts

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  • Cammo Shorts, Manassas, Grindcore

    Cammo Shorts, Manassas, Grindcore View Profile

    Short, fast, and loud!

  • Guitar Shorty

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    Guitar Shorty, aka David Kearney, was born in Houston, Texas but raised in Kissimee, Florida. As a young boy he would sneak into his uncle’s room and try to play his guitar. He was so small his hands didn’t fit around it’s neck, so he would lean it against the wall and play it like a stand up bass. When other kids were in high school, Shorty was a student by day and a working ...

  • Single Shot Sinners

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    Charlotte's sexiest psychobilly band.

  • Riding Shotgun

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  • Richard Shouse

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    Richard Shouse is a multi-faceted entertainer. Singer, writer, ringer, host, MC, actor and comedian. His biggest dream beyond the big screen is to end up with his own talk show.

  •  Shout Out Louds

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  • London Shover

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  • Art SHow

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  • BudELuv Show

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  • metal show

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  • The Show

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    THE SHOW formed in August 2007 and played their first concert at Pittsburgh's prestigious Rex Theater on February 9, 2008, blasting into "Cut & Dry" and performing a searing version of "Milestone". The Show went on to record and release HERE'S TO YOUR JIGSAW, which spawned four radio singles, two US and one UK tour, and much controversary in live performances. Currently, the show are readyi...

  • Halloween Show @ WitZend

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  • The Show Ponies

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    The life of an artist is one that frays the tether to safety and comfort. Yet, it is on this edge of risk that magic happens, and The Show Ponies new album We’re Not Lost is proof of the rewards of taking a leap of faith. Funded entirely by crowdsourcing, the album is a realization of both their ardent fan base, and the power of setting a goal and trusting the process. “The paradox of ...

  • Michael Showalter

    Michael Showalter View Profile

    As a member of the comedy troupe "The State," Michael Showalter co-created, wrote, edited and produced an award-winning and critically acclaimed MTV series, a special for CBS, a book for Hyperion Press and an album for Warner Bros. "The State" also toured the United States and performed the sketch show "Molt" off-Broadway. Showalter is currently producing, co-writing, and co-starring in "Michae...





  • Helicopter Showdown

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  • Scribble Showdown

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  • Absolute Shower

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    The sound that is Absolute Shower began taking shape way back in the eighties when British guitarist Fletch co-founded The Vampires with Steve Voice, bassist of legendary punk band, London. This spooky power-pop trio gigged extensively around England and released the single "Harry's House" on The Next record label before splitting in 1984. Fletch was soon recruited by former Jam drummer...

  • The Shower Scene

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  • Secret ShowS

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  •  showtek

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     Showtek are a Dutch hardstyle act, consisting of two brothers, Sjoerd and Wouter Janssen (AKA Walt Jenssen & Duro),[1] who started producing Techno in 2001. They changed to hardstyle in 2003,[2] and released their first album, Today Is Tomorrow, under their self founded label Dutch Master Works in 2007. Showtek were the first hardsty...

  • Josh Shpak

    Josh Shpak View Profile

    The Josh Shpak Band is a collection of some of the brightest young talents in music today, encompassing a wide stylistic palette evident of influences from classic jazz to electronica, drifting Americana and epic film music to hard­‐hitting funk, while creating a sonic palette accessible to both seasoned and young listeners. “I have often found that the main reason people o...

  • Grateful Shred

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    Relix Presents: Go East Part II Grateful Shred featuring Mad Alchemy Liquid Lights With very special guest Mapache Wait. I know what you’re thinking. Another fucking Grateful Dead cover band? Really? The thing is, Los Angeles-based Grateful Shred manage to channel that elusive Dead vibe: wide-open guitar ton...

  • Randall Shreve and the Sideshow

    Randall Shreve and the Sideshow View Profile

    Randall Shreve & the Sideshow brings their own wine-soaked flavor of indie rock to audiences around the country. Their music, which has been described as “Vaudeville Rock,” derives its unmistakable sound from influences such as Queen, Muse, The Beatles, and Jeff Buckley, but plays them against the dark and sultry backdrop of cabaret. While the rock is thoroughly modern, it exudes the ambition, gri...

  • Randall Shreve with special guest Tim Grace

    Randall Shreve with special guest Tim Grace View Profile

    Front man Randall Shreve is a multi-talented artist who has worn many hats: singer, songwriter, musician, and producer (not to mention the ubiquitous fedora!); but first and foremost, he is the quintessential entertainer. His live shows are charged with electricity, and he possesses that rare charisma that takes over rooms. Before finding his voice, Randall played drums for sever...

  • Ranae Shrider

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  • Wil Shriner

    Wil Shriner View Profile

    Wil began his career as a stand up comedian in Los Angeles at the two most famous proving grounds in America, the Improvisation and the Comedy Store. There he met David Letterman, who took him on to write and perform on his morning talk show. After dozens of appearances with Dave, Jay Leno and legend Johnny Carson, Wil was tapped to host his own national talk show, the Wil Shriner show in 1987. 2...

  • Jon Shriver

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  • Bodhi Shrugs

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  • Mishka Shubaly

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  • Jimmy Shubert

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  •  Shudder to Think

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    Shudder to Think's hardcore punk background (courtesy of their affiliation with the D.C.-based label Dischord Records, also the home of Fugazi) doesn't give the best indication of their sound, since the group embraced pop influences and a skewed sense of songwriting as well. Formed in 1986, the band's initial lineup -- vocalist/guitarist Craig Wedren, guitarist Chris Matthews, bassist Stuart Hill,...

  • Katie Shuett

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  • Rich Shultis

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