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  • Sam Shinazzi

    Sam Shinazzi View Profile

    Sam Shinazzi is a singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia. A prolific writer and multi-instrumentalist, in February 2015 he will release his fifth full-length album 'Forvever & For Now' on Laughing Outlaw Records. He has also had success co-writing including working with Jenny Queen on her album ’Girls Who Cry Need Cake’ which has enjoyed considerable success and critical acclaim in the UK and ...

  • Ari Shine

    Ari Shine View Profile

    Singer/Songwriter Ari Shine hit the ground running with the 2006 release of “Age/Occupation”, immediately earning comparisons from Village Voice and Time Out to a young Elvis Costello. His full length “A Force of One” was produced by Sparks/Beach Boys engineer Earle Mankey. It racked up critical acclaim and made the final cut of Grammy nomination ballots. Ari is currently w...

  • Cave Shine

    Cave Shine View Profile

    Dreamrock/Shoegaze from Boone (mem of Borrowed Arts)

  • Kia Shine

    Kia Shine View Profile

    Southern producer and rapper Kia Shine, aka Kinfolk Kia Shine, relied on his passion and knack for making catchy beats and hooks to pull himself out of dire situations. Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Shine left the turbulent Frazer section of Memphis for greener pastures, working in the corporate offices of a major casino conglomerate. When he was presented with the opportunity to take a promotio...

  • The Shine Brothers

    The Shine Brothers View Profile

    If The Everly Brothers were invited to The Birthday Party, The Shine Brothers - a liberal dose of melodic mayhem - would be the party favor. Waving the ‘psych-my-delic’ banner, The Shine Brothers achieve an alchemic balance of slanted sunshine pop song structures with howling devilish rhythms, crowned by dirty, weaving vocal harmonies. The Shine Brothers’ ensemble includes Nate R...

  • George Shingleton

    George Shingleton View Profile

    George Shingleton is an American Country music singer residing in Nashville, TN. He was born and raised in the hills of Taylor County, WV where he began singing and playing in the church choir by age four. As he was growing up, his passion and love for Southern Rock and Country Music inspired him to take up guitar so he could begin to tell his own story.  George’s undeniable...

  • Mike Shinoda

    Mike Shinoda View Profile

  • The Shins

    The Shins View Profile

  • Bandend Ship

    Bandend Ship View Profile

  • Rebel Ship

    Rebel Ship View Profile

  • Ghost Ship Octavius

    Ghost Ship Octavius View Profile

  • Dawn Shipley & the Sharp Shooters

    Dawn Shipley & the Sharp Shooters View Profile

  • Darius Shipp

    Darius Shipp View Profile

    What my music is about you ask.... To me what All music is about, is love. I think all art, even the negative stuff comes from a place of love. The singer, the writer, the musician, the painter, the dancer, they all are in love with the art they create, therefore the art is and always will be about love. To be more specific my music is about life and all the beautiful things that come with it....

  • Sunken Ships

    Sunken Ships View Profile

    From the unholy union between Morrissey, Johnny Cash, and Jeff Buckley, and gestated in the womb of eastside L.A., a band was born. Sprung from the mind of singer-songwriter Ray Argyle, and made flesh with a motley crew of thieves, ruffians, and beggars, Sunken Ships plays a darker shade of folk, a wistful indie rock with relatable hints of bitterness and hope. The nucleus is Ray, with acousti...

  • The Shipwrecks

    The Shipwrecks View Profile

    The Shipwrecks, hailing from the south shore of Long Island, NY, where we treat friends mo bettah, formed in early 2010 and have blended surf rock, reggae, and punk rock to create a unique sound that is sure to make you dance! 

  • Amanda Shires

    Amanda Shires View Profile

  • The Shires

    The Shires View Profile

  • Robert Shirey Kelly

    Robert Shirey Kelly View Profile

  • Brad Shirley

    Brad Shirley View Profile

    Brad Shirley is a country music recording artist from Hueytown, Alabama. His debut album "All The Way Up" is now available on iTunes!

  • Rhyan Shirley

    Rhyan Shirley View Profile

  • Christian Shirm

    Christian Shirm View Profile

  • Vulture Shit

    Vulture Shit View Profile

    Music for people who live in basements, by people who live in basements.

  • The Shivas

    The Shivas View Profile

    The Shivas are friends and sweethearts who grew up playing music together, coming of age touring around North America. Having played hundreds of shows together just after high school, The Shivas' joy and serious performing chops set them apart from other surf-pop bands in the swarming Portland music scene. Jared Molyneux (guitar, vocals), Kristin Leonard (drums, vocals), Eric Shanafelt (bass) ...

  • Whiskey Shivers

    Whiskey Shivers View Profile

    Born in a woodpile in the twilight months of ought nine, we came from all corners of the US looking to do one thing: to knock the dust off roots music.  Upright bass, fiddle, washboard, banjo and guitar; a traditional arrangement for some not so traditional music.  Along with our many originals, we breathe new life into old standards, always searching for the true soul of this coun...

  • Mixtress Shizaam

    Mixtress Shizaam View Profile

    Mixtress Shizaam aka Laura Volatile started out as a Go-Go Dancer in the Northern California underground rave scene in 2008 where she quickly found her aspiration to become a dj in the electronic music scene. In just a very short time, she carved out her own niche amongst the leading ladies of EDM in the San Francisco Bay Area. DJ Shizaam specializes in electrohouse, dubstep, trap, bassline, break...

  • Amirra Shjay

    Amirra Shjay View Profile

  • Iliza Shlesinger

    Iliza Shlesinger View Profile

  • Stuffy Shmitt

    Stuffy Shmitt View Profile

  • Professor Shoals

    Professor Shoals View Profile

    Professor Shoals is an indie/pbr&b rock band from Los Angeles, CA, comprised of Will van Boldrik (guitar/vocals), Griffin Kisner (drums/percussion/vocals), John Snow (bass/synth), and Colton Toy (keys/synth). They write a wide variety of music about expectations and excess, waking up in France, the band Justice, 30 foot holes in the ground, and relationships with various pronouns. Their show l...

  • Matt Shoare

    Matt Shoare View Profile

  • Ron Shock

    Ron Shock View Profile

  • Root Shock

    Root Shock View Profile

    Conscious, soulful, uplifting, even healing—that’s how many fans of Root Shock have described the band’s infectious sound and energy. With a reputation like that, it’s unsurprising that this group is indebted to reggae, a class of music forever married to love, humanity, social change, and an almost tangible sense of sunlight. But Root Shock didn’t form on a beach. In...

  • Toxic Shock Syndrome

    Toxic Shock Syndrome View Profile

    East Bay femme-duo with a thirst for blood and rock 'n' roll.

  • The Shocker

    The Shocker View Profile

    In December 2002, ex-L7 bassist Jennifer Finch emerged from the Los Angeles underground with a new team. Known as Shocker (after the prurient hand gesture), the band also included Lura Jones, Arye Shine, and Claudi Rossi. The band wasted no time, issuing the seven-song EP Up Your Ass Tray (Little Pusher/Oglio) in July 2003. With song titles like "Bad Brain, Good Head" and a snotty, NC-17 approach ...

  • The Shockwaves

    The Shockwaves View Profile

    It was inevitable that The Shockwaves would form. Raised on the rock gods of the 60s and 70s, brothers Keith and Eric Walpole have been developing their sound since they were kids. Their blues rock sound is as heavy as it is soulful and just as likely to make you smile as it is to make you stomp your feet. Having established themselves as a live band focused on true, honest, unplanned and unedited...

  • Brown Shoe

    Brown Shoe View Profile

    Brown Shoe is for sure one of the top ten nicest group of bastards you’ll ever meet. Not literally, because they all have a dad—the same one, in fact. Going on ten years as a band, Ryan (vocals & guitar), Aaron (guitar), Bryson (bass) and Landon (drums) have four records, too many whiskey drinks and a half-dozen nationwide tours between them. They grew up in Folsom, California, a stone’s throw fro...

  • Craig Shoemaker

    Craig Shoemaker View Profile

    Named Comedian of the Year by the American Comedy Awards on ABC, Craig Shoemaker’s half-hour Comedy Central special has been voted by viewers as one of the network’s “Top 20” stand-up specials of all time. Craig’s feature film credits include the box office hit Scream 2, co-starring opposite Patrick Stewart in Safe House and his featured role opposite Daryl Hannah as...

  • Lexi Shoemaker

    Lexi Shoemaker View Profile

     is good at life.

  • The Shoemaker Brothers

    The Shoemaker Brothers View Profile

    The Shoemaker Brothers are four brothers from Washington State; they moved to Los Angeles last year to play their original music. In that short year, they have built a huge following in Los Angeles. The demographic of the fan base they have gathered in a year is amazing, the fans range in age from the very young to Baby Boomers. Their original and unique music is so layered and diverse that they ...

  • No Shoes

    No Shoes View Profile

    "I wish all smart people made music like No Shoes - rather than getting too serious about it. Listen to the first minute of ‘Sharkjaw Beartrap’ (streaming below) and you’ll no doubt be amazed by some serious acrobatics, their insistent drum lines and overactive fret tapping guitar action. But while focusing on the band's technical proficiency, you’ll also probably ask yourself why these guys are s...

  • Torn Shoes

    Torn Shoes View Profile

    Torn Shoes was created by original members Allen Vega and Hyun Ahn. They Later on added Brendan Loughran on drums and Lorena Loera on backup vocals. As it is life, some things come to an end, Hyun and Lorena left the band, but Allen and Brendan still kept on playing. Their excitement and hope for their music was rejuvenated when they added Jordan Ross Mendoza as their lead guitarist in 2014. ...

  • Dirty Shoes Band

    Dirty Shoes Band View Profile

    Playing songs from all eras, a performance by Doctor Doug and the Dirty Shoes Band takes the listener on a journey through the history of roots-based blues, rock, jazz, and pop. The band particularly enjoys creating renditions of songs that might not be considered piano blues types of works. One might hear a variation on a song by their favorite classic rock band or a blues version of a country...

  • New Shoes Old Socks

    New Shoes Old Socks View Profile

    The people in this band contains music lovers from many different musical groups and diverse musical backgrounds. Brandon Turner (Texas, Washington and California) is the lead vocalist and guitarist. Alex Bigelow (Virginia and California) is the lead guitarist in the band that also works his vocal chords to strengthen this brilliant sound. Robert Martinez (California) is the "hype man" that brings...

  • Eki Shola

    Eki Shola View Profile

    Eki Shola’s vibrant career in music and medicine can be described best by the artist herself, “I create music not only for myself, but to generate a space for the listener. Music is healing.” A talented vocalist and pianist, Eki Shola’s music transcends genre, as she seamlessly draws from jazz, electronica, world, and new music to create a sonic landscape all her own. He...

  • Elon Shomaker

    Elon Shomaker View Profile

    Elon likes records and he plays them for people.

  • The Shondes

    The Shondes View Profile

    The Shondes (rhymes with “Hondas” and Yiddish for “shames” or “disgraces”) are a rock band from Brooklyn, NY, who play Bikini Kill-meets-Bruce Springsteen-style sing-along anthems for you. Formed by best friends Louisa Rachel Solomon and Elijah Oberman back in 2006, the band has included a handful of amazing guitarists and drummers the pair affectionately refer to as “The Greater Shondes Mishpo...

  • Sarah Shook & The Disarmers

    Sarah Shook & The Disarmers View Profile

    Country music with a punk rock soul.

  • Film Shoot

    Film Shoot View Profile

  • Petal Shop

    Petal Shop View Profile

    With the flaking ruins of Michigan Central Station or the smoky laughter of a 4th Street bonfire as their backdrop, Petal Shop tells a new story of Detroit. Songs ripe with surgical observation and pleading hope weave their way into the texture of an urban narrative not focused on desperation and recovery but harmony and intuition. Folk music with a color reminiscent of the dusty sepia of America...

  • Pop Shop

    Pop Shop View Profile

    POP SHOP is NOT a cover band. POP SHOP is a LIVE BAND/DJ HYBRID. Imagine a typical DJ set at your favorite Hollywood or Vegas night club: Top 40/Club/Dance music with a hint of 80s, classic rock, and old school hip hop played non-stop, with mashed up transitions, moving quickly from song to song so the audience doesn't get bored. Now imagine that played by a live band. That is POP SHOP. POP SHO...

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