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  •  Shawn Pander

    Shawn Pander View Profile

    Singer-songwriter Shawn Pander was destined to tell a good story. With an appealing honesty in his roots-pop acoustic narratives and a deep appreciation for his own roots, the Texas-born Pander connects with listeners in a sincere and direct way. Pander’s blues- and jazz-influenced songs strike deeply and precisely, provoking the type of authentic emotional experience achieved by some of mus...

  • Namaste Shawty

    Namaste Shawty View Profile

    DJ Namaste Shawty also known by some as NoNo, can go from playing your favorite get down & dirty, Miami bass in yo face, pussy popping jams to reading a crowd & still playing the shit you love. Her favorite sets include a little bit of everything from trap rap to old school R&B to occasionally getting weird to some Peaches.  Mostly here to get live & play new music, Namast&...

  • Dani Shay

    Dani Shay View Profile

    Dani Shay is an acoustic musician from Orlando, Florida. Her smooth acoustic jams will leave listeners relaxed and feeling positive about life. Her songs hop around genres for some fun folk, pop, and even R&B and rap. As Dani says, "My music is more than just words; it's a message. My love is much more than a feeling; it's life."

  • Shay Shay

    Shay Shay View Profile

    Shay Shay is a talented standup comic who has been working the crowds for years.

  • Robynn Shayne

    Robynn Shayne View Profile

    Robynn Shayne is a self-made artist. Her brother Shane was the musician in the family and after his passing at the early age of 20 Robynn taught herself how to play the guitar a few years later. With a voice like candy she now had the guitar skills to start writing and performing. Robynn was influenced early on by the likes of Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard, Jessi Colter, and Waylon Jennings. Afte...

  • The Sh-Booms

    The Sh-Booms View Profile

    There's this dynamic that churns hard in The Blurred Odyssey, the debut full-length album by ascendant Orlando garage-soul enterprise The Sh-Booms, out March 22, 2019 on Limited Fanfare Records. The music pumps with the hot, red blood of life irrepressible. But there's a cloud on the horizon, the doomed sense of life's finitude, that fueled these songs. Rather than dead-end nihilism, though,...

  •  She and Him

    She and Him View Profile

    She & Him feature the somewhat unlikely pairing of country-folk artist M. Ward and actress Zooey Deschanel. While starring in the 2007 film The Go-Getter, Deschanel was asked by director Martin Hynes to perform a duet with Ward, who had agreed to helm the movie's soundtrack. The two recorded a cover of Richard & Linda Thompson's "When I Get to the Border" and later reconvened in Portland, where th...

  • The She Things

    The She Things View Profile

    ♥ stupid Ramonsian girl pop surfing a howling wave of glitter trash ♥

  • While She Waits

    While She Waits View Profile

  •  She Wants Revenge

    She Wants Revenge View Profile

  • Casey Shea

    Casey Shea View Profile

    Casey Shea spent his youth tuned into classic rock radio. While his friends were headbanging along to the grunge bands of the 90s, Shea found solace in Brian Wilson's, "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times." Born in Louisiana and raised in Florida, Casey spent two years in Nashville honing his songwriting style before moving to New York City. Now in his tenth year in the city, Shea, who for a cou...

  • Debbie Shea

    Debbie Shea View Profile

    I'm a comedian in NY. I wish you could come to my website for tea.

  • Kevin Shea

    Kevin Shea View Profile

    After moving to San Francisco, Kevin started a career in the Internet industry which lasted a whole year. In 2002 he was layed off and was convinced by a friend to go to an open mic. Influenced by Eddie Murphy's "RAW", Kevin decided to go to the open mic dressed in a purple leather jump suit......not a good idea. His first set was not very good. Not trying to become the typical Asian comic Kevi...

  • Lana Shea

    Lana Shea View Profile

    I have been making music since birth (almost), encouraged by my musician father in a musical household. My musical background includes classical, jazz, blues, gospel, classic rock, folk, funk, and hip-hop. I have had songs published in commercials and films. My first EP, Four And A Half Songs, is a blend of my original songs, seasoned with folk inspired guitar and peppered with some raps. Here.

  • Liz Shea

    Liz Shea View Profile

  • Matty Shea

    Matty Shea View Profile

    Matty is just an average dude that grew up on the rough streets of rural Cleveland. He grew up confused about his identity because he had the unfortunate cultural circumstances of dealing with an American father and a Canadian mother. He continues to struggle with the pronunciation of “mom” and “about”. Although he is half Canadian, he does not agree with the loosey goos...

  • Rick Shea

    Rick Shea View Profile

    Rick Shea cut his teeth in the bars and honky-tonks of San Bernardino where he grew up. An evocative singer and an accomplished guitarist Shea is equally at home with an acoustic guitar or his worn old Telecaster. Shea's songs reflect the folk, country, rock and Mexican influences he grew up with, as a songwriter he says he lets the songs find their own settings. On his ...

  • Ryan Shea Smith

    Ryan Shea Smith View Profile

    Seattle-native, award-winning singer/songwriter and world class performer.  Think Harry Connick meets Randy Newman meets James Taylor. Fans of soulful vocals, lyrical genius and sophisticated arrangements need to experience Ryan Shea Smith.   Ryan’s sophomore release “Stay Awhile” has authentic songwriting craftsmanship with jazz and blues sensibilities...

  • Todd Sheaffer

    Todd Sheaffer View Profile

    Todd Sheaffer is no stranger to the road. Initially known for his acclaimed "front man" work as lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter with the popular quintet From Good Homes, and now his current role as lead singer/songwriter of new-grass sensation Railroad Earth, Sheaffer has been bringing his music to thousands nationwide for over a decade now. Todd began his career in music w...

  • Harry Shearer

    Harry Shearer View Profile

    Actor…author…director…comedian…musician…philosopher…political satirist…record-company owner…and one of the best “voices” in the business (just ask THE SIMPSONS), Harry Shearer is a comic personality and modern day renaissance man. For the past two decades he has enjoyed enormous success and planted the fruits of his talents in the...

  • Billy Shears

    Billy Shears View Profile

    Billy Shears is at breaking point a storm struck and now i'm a little damp and baffled

  • Two Sheds

    Two Sheds View Profile

    Caitlin is a loyal Californian, and Californians are always willing to honor a dare. In 2005, her husband Johnny from the beloved band Far dared her to write songs to match the beauty of her voice. The songs she wrote were good enough to be recorded by her friend Robert Cheek at the Hangar studio in Sacramento, with Johnny and Rusty Miller (Jackpot, Jason Lytle, Kelly Stoltz) filling out what woul...

  • Jennifer Sheehan

    Jennifer Sheehan View Profile

    Jennifer Sheehan is a multi-award-winning vocalist who made her Carnegie Hall debut in 2010, performing as a special guest of Michael Feinstein. Also that year, she won the first-ever Noël Coward Foundation Competition Award, which was presented to her at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater. A recipient of The Mabel Mercer Foundation’s Julie Wilson Award for her interpretation of The Great A...

  • Mike Sheehan

    Mike Sheehan View Profile

  • Jesse Sheely

    Jesse Sheely View Profile

    Country singer and songwriter Jesse Sheely grew up in New Oxford, PA, spending time in both New York and Los Angeles before settling in L.A. in 1996 when she was 16 years old. As a child she sang at church and family functions, and recorded a three-song demo in a professional studio in Nashville when she was only 12. In 1997 she signed a record deal with Mercury Records, but a restructuring at the...

  • Derek Sheen

    Derek Sheen View Profile

    Hi, I'm Derek Sheen, a Seattle based comedian, writer, actor and host of the very popular "Delicious Mediocrity" podcast (available for download on iTunes!). I was lucky enough to be raised around talented people and became interested in the art of comedy around the age of four. That was when my Mom got me a copy of "The Sick Humor of Lenny Bruce". I wore the grooves off of it ...

  • The Sheens

    The Sheens View Profile

    Moving at 163 beats-per-minute, The Sheens deliver raw, stomping new indie rock to the New York City music scene. Known for their high energy performances and catchy songs, The Sheens have grown their following the old-fashioned way: by showing their fans a good time and reminding this city of what real rock 'n' roll is supposed to feel like.

  • Manic Sheep

    Manic Sheep View Profile

    Playing a mixture of Shoegaze and Noise Rock, Manic Sheep formed in 2010 in Taipei, Taiwan and consists of Chris Lo (vocals, bass, synths), Scott Hsieh (guitar) and Hunggu Chem (drums). Manic Sheep's music is the creative source of their own life experiences, with moods ranging from anxiousness to tenderness, an angry clamor with occasional warmth. The band released their first debut album i...

  • Black Sheep Brass Band

    Black Sheep Brass Band View Profile

    Individually, the Black Sheep Brass-ers were born with instruments internal, making sonorous music from the first laugh, cry and baby gurgle. Collectively, cosmic forces joined these musical magicians throughout the past seven years, in the avenues and alleys of Downtown Santa Rosa, to give birth to something holy knew of their own. From the phattest hip hop barnyard beats, to the funkadelic ...

  • Ed Sheeran

    Ed Sheeran View Profile

    On returning to England Ed was starting to make waves in the industry and on the internet with videos he had posted to YouTube. He was gaining fans overnight and when he released his album No.5 Collaborations his first single “The A Team” shot to the top of the digital charts in the UK. He soon landed spots on British talk shows like Late Night with Jools Holland and quickly became ...

  • Luke Sheets

    Luke Sheets View Profile

    I initially came to Nashville as an artist. In 2006 however, I fell completely in love with songwriting and signed my first publishing deal with Weimarhymes Publishing. My songwriting then gained attention when I was filmed for a documentary called The Nashville 9 where I wrote 9 different songs, in 9 days, for 9 different artists, from 9 different genres. I then went on to film a songwriting TV P...


    CC SHEFFIELD View Profile

  • Chrissy Shefts Band

    Chrissy Shefts Band View Profile

    The Chrissy Shefts Band is a power trio based in Los Angeles, CA. The band plays original material written by guitarist, Chrissy Shefts. Chrissy hails from Seattle and has been performing and recording for many years. She played guitar with “Seal” on his double-platinum debut album and received a Gold Record for her song “Best Kept Secret,” which she wrote for She...

  • Maria Shehata

    Maria Shehata View Profile

    Egyptian-American comedian Maria Shehata’s sharp and original stand-up, combined with her quick-wit and crowd pleasing conversational delivery has brought her appearances on Comedy Central’s The Watch List, Just Like Us: The Movie and several guest appearances on Sirius Satellite Radio. Her essays have been published all over the world, from the Italian magazine Stripped Stories to Kuw...

  • Angela Sheik

    Angela Sheik View Profile

    A truly groundbreaking musical force of nature, soulful music innovator Angela Sheik travels the country wowing audiences with her fearless creative experimentation, mischievous smile and self-generated swirl of rhythmic harmonies. She opens up a world of sonic, rhythmic and compositional possibilities that have driven her success as a multi-faceted, trip...

  • Kid Sheikh

    Kid Sheikh View Profile


  • The Sheiks

    The Sheiks View Profile

    Low down rock n roll/ mind expansion/ party

  • David Shelby

    David Shelby View Profile

    Somewhere along the highways between Nashville and his hometown of Detroit, David Shelby always knew there was a new brand of country music waiting to be born. He found the sound he was looking for by combining the soulful grittiness and rock on sensibilities of the music born in the Motor City with the lyrical precision and production polish of his adopted home of Nashville. He calls it Rust Belt...

  • Top Shelf

    Top Shelf View Profile

  • Top Shelf Brass Band

    Top Shelf Brass Band View Profile

    Top Shelf Brass Band was created at the end of 2012 out of a group friends coming from the RCC Marching Band and Jazz department. Their sound is highly influenced by the member's experiences in Drum Corps, (Santa Clara Vanguard, Pacific Crest, Blue Devils) RCC's Jazz Department, and their passion for all types of genres.  Top Shelf has played all over Southern California in shows, ...

  • The Shell Corporation

    The Shell Corporation View Profile

    Mission Statement from the Shell Corporation, for immediate media dissemination: "We shall continue to deliver best value to our stakeholders by providing superior music to our customers, maintaining our high financial performance and improving our standing as a good corporate citizen of the world by aligning our direction in long-term sustainable fashion" Contrary to popular belief, The She...

  • Jon Shell Trio

    Jon Shell Trio View Profile

    Jon Shell is a singer/songwriter who plays keyboards, joined by Christy L. on bass and Luke Wilson on drums.

  • Rick Shelley

    Rick Shelley View Profile

    Americana singer-songwriter Rick Shelley began playing and writing music as a teenager. Throughout his 20s and 30s he was a part of two moderately successful bands, RagTag in Los Angeles and Woodshed in the Coachella Valley. During the RagTag, years, he was the charismatic frontman, reinforced by guitarist James Danielson, drummer Eric Turner and bassist Nick Oliveri. Their sound comf...

  • Jordyn Shellhart

    Jordyn Shellhart View Profile

  • Joan Shelly

    Joan Shelly View Profile

    Joan Shelley quickly follows her acclaimed 2014 album Electric Ursa with Over and Even, a quieter, more contemplative set recorded in her home state of Kentucky. Shelley has been praised by Rolling Stone, NPR and Pitchfork, and The New York Times recently wrote that “her music is folky and pastoral, with a sense of scale that makes her humble about her place in mankind and the universe, and ...

  • The Shellye Valauskas Experience

    The Shellye Valauskas Experience View Profile

    A sweet songwriter who cares for catchy rhythms and hooks. A supportive, up-for-anything pop band to back her. The Shellye Valauskas Experience’s Box It Up is a box of secrets, surprises and delights. By the time she formed the band, vocalist/guitarist Shellye Valauskas was an established solo performer, winning the New Haven Advocate’s Grand Band Slam readers’ poll and rating a slot in New York’s...

  • No Shelter

    No Shelter View Profile

    No Shelter is a Rage Against The Machine tribute band that hails from Omaha, NE.

  • Small Shelter

    Small Shelter View Profile

    Small Shelter is Mike Harper, Nikki Brisson, Austin Smith, Shawn Halim, and Jonny Sim. They sound kind of like Walk the Moon and Band of Horses and Stars.  Their debut EP, just released this August, is a mixture of unbridled enthusiasm, 4am anthems, paralytic insecurity, and small moments of quietude. They sincerely hope that you like it.

  • The Shelters

    The Shelters View Profile

  • Blake Shelton

    Blake Shelton View Profile

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