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  • The Shadow Heist

    The Shadow Heist View Profile

    TSH was formed in Summer 2014 by Eric Ediger (guitars/synth/programming), Travis Tucker (guitars), Peter Tilley (bass), and Harley Bird (vocals). The band’s name is a play on negative physical space (stealing nothing). Members of The Shadow Heist have their roots in the LA music scene. Coming off projects with high-profile producers Rae Dileo, Ben Grosse, and Howard Benson as well...

  • The Shadow Principle

    The Shadow Principle View Profile

    The Shadow Principle is a modern rock band blending elements of punk, post-punk, and progressive rock.

  • Last Shadow Puppets

    Last Shadow Puppets View Profile

  • The Shadowboxers

    The Shadowboxers View Profile

  • Noface Shadowmen

    Noface Shadowmen View Profile

    NofacE​, the shadow who came to life!   His magic is music. Calling himself a "Citizen of the world", NofacE​ possesses a style & vibe from both past and future. Who knows where he came from. We do know where he is going, Everywhere! His bold unique sound turns air molecules into keys. These keys unlock the hearts, minds and souls of the beautiful listener, a...

  • 2 Shadows

    2 Shadows View Profile

  • Silver Shadows

    Silver Shadows View Profile

    Hardcore, new wave, dark wave, punk, dreeeam pop, disco, Enya

  • Aaron Shadrow

    Aaron Shadrow View Profile

  • The Shady Ladies

    The Shady Ladies View Profile

    Female Trouble from the 805.

  • The Shadyside

    The Shadyside View Profile

    The Shadyside is a four piece rock band based in Northern New Jersey.

  • Ross Shafer

    Ross Shafer View Profile

    Ross Shafer grew up in the Pacific Northwest and graduated from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington where he studied business management and played varsity football (linebacker). After college, he took a job as a training manager for a department store (Yard Birds) and was able to save $10,000. He took that money and launch...

  • Steve Shaffer

    Steve Shaffer View Profile

    Steve Shaffer has been doing comedy for years.

  • Ari Shaffir

    Ari Shaffir View Profile

    Standup comedian and actor Ari Shaffir describes his comedy as a puppet show, but way filthier and without the puppets. He was a featured standup on the HBO comedy series Down and Dirty with Jim Norton and performed at this year’s Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. Shaffir’s satirical shorts “The Amazing Racist” for National Lampoon went viral on the internet wi...

  • Roger Shah

    Roger Shah View Profile

     Life is one long, roller-coasting, Magic Island-induced experience for Roger Shah. He's constantly on a mission, be it a veritable Balearic mission, to take his intoxicating trance sounds across the world, to far-flung or near, to boldly go? well, you get the picture. "I'm happy about my life. I have the chance to live my dream and passion - even I have to say that my whole life change...

  • James Shahan

    James Shahan View Profile

    Even though James Shahan might look like a fresh face, you might've heard his music without even knowing it. Formerly going by "Machine," James has been releasing raw, passionate hiphop for years in the form of mixtapes, EPs, and his 2012 debut album, "Selfish Bastard." After living in Las Vegas and NY, he's now back in his birthplace: Los Angeles, CA, and with his new ...

  • Manisha Shahane

    Manisha Shahane View Profile

    Alt-world songstress and composer Manisha Shahane (Sha-hah-nay) is bridging hemispheres. Based in Los Angeles, Manisha released her second album - When Parallel Lines Meet – in 2010. Her musical collage draws on her roots in southern Virginia, her East Indian heritage, and other traditions, resulting in “music of this universe”, a lyric she penned for the album’s opening tr...

  • Ali Shaheed Muhammad

    Ali Shaheed Muhammad View Profile

    DJ/producer Ali Shaheed Muhammad first came to prominence as the "sound provider" and conspicuously silent member of the renowned hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest (ATCQ). Formed in 1988, when high school friends Q-Tip (Kamal Fareed) and Muhammad joined forces with Tip's neighborhood friend Phife (Malik Taylor), the jazzy, afrocentric trio would go on to be one the most popular and critically-acc...

  • The Shake Baby Shake Swing Band

    The Shake Baby Shake Swing Band View Profile

  • Rebel ShakeDown

    Rebel ShakeDown View Profile

    Rebel ShakeDown is a California based Roots/Rock/Reggae band formed in Huntington Beach, CA. Rebel Shakedown consists of 5 band members whom age from 19 to 26. All members were brought together through a passion for Reggae music. Jacob Marler 19, plays the Bass, Laurence Rugley 26, plays the Piano, Daniel Castaneda 23, plays the Drums, Daniel Whalen 24, plays the Saxophone, and Josh Ullrich 23, si...

  • The Shakedown Daddies

    The Shakedown Daddies View Profile

    High-energy, original music mixed with a unique spin on our favorite covers. The Shakedown Daddies will stir you emotionally and move you physically. Bet you can't sit still.

  • The Shakers

    The Shakers View Profile

    The Shakers rock, plain and simple. They bring mountains of teeth-shattering guitar riffs and deep oceans of Motown infused grooves which build the launching pad for the angelic air-raid siren that is Blaze Power's intoxicating vocals. Called AC/DC meets the Supremes or The Black Keys meets Heart, The Shakers incredible live energy and talent are the dirt, grit and power your analog partied-ha...

  • Shivery Shakes

    Shivery Shakes View Profile

    it's like buddy holly and ronnie spector went at it and popped out four handsome young men.

  • Nadirah Shakoor

    Nadirah Shakoor View Profile

  • Naima Shalhoub

    Naima Shalhoub View Profile

    A first-generation Lebanese-American, Naima Shalhoub is a soul-singer, musician, songwriter, performer and educator. Shalhoub's parents were born in Sierra Leone and raised in Lebanon, weaving her artistic influences at a young age with a myriad of sounds and cultures. Growing up in UpState New York, Naima was actively involved with theater arts, piano, voice, and was a selected vocalist in...

  • Morty Shallman

    Morty Shallman View Profile

    Fusing elements of disco, dance pop, indie pop, alt-rock and EDM, with soaring melodies, intelligent lyrics and classic pop song craft, Shallman serves up a glowing succession of catchy tunes and infectious beats that will brighten the playlists of listeners, dancers, youtubers and radio programmers alike. - See more at:

  • Nina Shallman

    Nina Shallman View Profile

    Nina Shallman is a singer-songwriter, musician and poet.  She records and performs original songs with rock, jazz, and pop influences, and select covers, including Lennon & McCartney’s “Dear Prudence.”  A live performance video and audio track of that song is available on her website and YouTube (among other songs), captured during Nina’s sold-out show—a...

  • Shik Sham Booty

    Shik Sham Booty View Profile

    Shik Sham Booty is a Blues Funk Rock band from Evergreen Colorado, Shik Sham Booty their sound is a mix of blues, funk rock and reggae, they are sure to get you moving!

  • Allen Shamblin

    Allen Shamblin View Profile

  • The Shame And The Waste

    The Shame And The Waste View Profile

    The Shame And The Waste is a two-piece band consisting of electric guitar and drums, and define their music as "slop pop," playing fun, energetic songs. They would fit well with indie rock, pop, melodic, psychedelic, even hard rock bands.    They will be touring in support of their self-titled EP, and begin recording a full-length album this month.

  • Saint Shameless

    Saint Shameless View Profile

    The Earthly embodiment of the Patron Saint of Fun. Pure Rock, just the way you like it. And you know you like it.

  • The Shams

    The Shams View Profile

    Whether it was a stroke of luck or pure genius, San Francisco based band, The Shams, formed in 2011 when musician and guitarist Joey Kennedy (Kilkenny, Ireland) reached out to his friend and fellow Irishman Sean Daly (Donegal, Ireland, to join musical forces as the front man for their new project. Daly quickly brought in James Scragg (Cork, Ireland) an old friend and accomplished drummer. Short...

  • The Shams Eire

    The Shams Eire View Profile

    The Sham's Eire formed in 2011, when Sean Daly (lead vocals; Donegal, Ireland) joined forces with talented Irish musician Joey Kennedy (guitar; Kilkenny, Ireland). They were later joined by Tregar Otton (fiddle, San Francisco), James Scragg (Piano and Drums, Cork, Ireland) and Tommy O'Mahony (Bass, Marin County, CA). The Shams play traditional Irish tunes with a rockin' new soun...

  • The Shana Blake Band

    The Shana Blake Band View Profile

    The Shana Blake Band is an innovative new take on the old soul cover band. The ensemble hails from Charlotte, North Carolina and features singer/songwriter Shana Blake (The Near Misses, Wavy Space, Tesser), veteran guitarist Keith Shamel (Virgo Musik, Daily Soul), bassist Dave Eatman (Bellyful, Automatic Chi) and drummer/percussionist Aaron Kaufman (HayWire). The expressive vocals and rich texture...

  • The Shana Stack Band

    The Shana Stack Band View Profile

    The Shana Stack Band, excites their audiences with their high energy, high impact show, featuring multi-national award winning vocalist Shana Stack. The Group focuses on new Top 40 Country, and original music written by NSAI (Nashville Songwriter’s Association International) member, Ed Leavitt. "Let it Go", one of Ed's songs, has been featured in the movie Compliance which was released nationw...

  • Helen Shanahan

    Helen Shanahan View Profile

  • Remy Shand

    Remy Shand View Profile

    Remy Shand emerged on to the neo-soul circuit in 2002 with The Way I Feel, a potent canon of songs inspired by classic Motown and Memphis soul. Primarily home-schooled in his native Vancouver, Shand began raiding his parents record collection at an early age -- soaking up a wide range of jazz, soul, and R&B, with Marvin Gaye's classic Here, My Dear having a profound influence on his musical direct...

  • Justina Shandler

    Justina Shandler View Profile

    Justina Shandler is an award-winning singer-songwriter and teacher who grew up next to a llama farm in Roanoke, Virginia. Her music falls under the umbrella of pop, somewhere between Regina Spektor and Sara Bareilles. She juxtaposes her convivial Disney princess-esque voice with complex themes like grief, social activism, and self-empowerment. All the while, she is an engine of positivity and enth...

  • Alexander Shane

    Alexander Shane View Profile

    L.A.-based singer, songwriter, and guitarist Shane Alexander has drawn comparisons to everyone from Jeff Buckley to Art Garfunkel and Jackson Browne, thanks to his beautifully emotive vocal style and his haunting, finely crafted songs. Born in San Diego but raised in Maryland and Pennsylvania, Alexander took refuge from a troubled childhood in music, falling early under the spell of Simon & Garfun...

  • Elvie Shane

    Elvie Shane View Profile

    Gospel born and Southern Rock bred, Elvie Shane bridges the gap between classic and contemporary Country with soul felt melodies and messages.

  • Randie Shane

    Randie Shane View Profile

  • Rapper Shane

    Rapper Shane View Profile

    It’s safe to say that very few emcees out can boast as wide a range of influences as Shane Coble aka Stranger Day, now aka Rapper Shane, the genre-bending lyricist and self-described party purveyor hailing from Charlotte, NC. On July 2, 2013, Stranger Day will release his latest eclectic project “You’re Welcome”, offering his growing fan base a large dose of well-versed mus...

  • DJ Shane Stiel

    DJ Shane Stiel View Profile

    If you've ever heard DJ Shane Stiel spin, you're immediately convinced this guy was born to DJ. From the all-night events of the Rocky Mountains in his early years to the high-energy club events of the West Coast, this DJ turned Navy veteran turned DJ is making one indelible impression on the club scene and shows no signs of slowing down. Shane Stiel has had music in his blood from the day he w...

  • Janani Shankar

    Janani Shankar View Profile

    Janani Shankar is an indie singer/songwriter who plays guitar, bass, and was also trained in violin when she was younger. She has been singing since the age of 3. She had training in opera at the age of 9.  Janani has been performing since she was little. She attended Santa Susana High School, a performing arts magnet high school for singing, in California. She got accepted into the Carnegie ...

  • Marty Shannon

    Marty Shannon View Profile

    Although Marty Shannon has never quite liked talking about himself, he has agreed to write this biography in the third person. Indeed, the youngest of 4, he was raised humbly in a little swath of beach paradise in South West Florida called Sarasota. his parents fed and watered his love for music with legends like Al Green, Sam Cooke and Bill Withers. His eldest brother was in an Orlando based b...

  • Paige Shannon

    Paige Shannon View Profile

    is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles with a passion for folk, pop, and alternative music. She plays 6 string and 12 string guitar, ukulele, and dulcimer. Some of her favorite artists include Joni Mitchell, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Rey, and Scottish singer Nina Nesbitt. She has two EP’s out, 13 and 14 Live, which are both available on iTunes, BandCamp, Spotify, an...

  • Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks

    Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks View Profile

    oy Shannon and the Beauty Marks are a Celtic pagan folk/neofolk band fronted by the Irish multi-instrumentalist singer Joy Shannon on Celtic harp, cello and harmonium.

  • Young Shanty

    Young Shanty View Profile

    A versatile singer and robust songwriter, Young Shanty (aka Iyahson) has illuminated the Portland music scene for years. Young Shanty brings a fine-tuned, professional stage presence rarely seen today. He has shared concert billing with hip-hop artists Dead Prez, Wu-Tang Clan, Cappadonna (Wu-Tang), Killah Priest and Hieroglyphics, as well as reggae artists: Kymani Marley, Capleton, Beenie Man...

  • Eric Shantz

    Eric Shantz View Profile

    Shantz's first big push into stand-up comedy was on the WDVE Morning Show in Pittsburgh way back in September of '97. He's worked for such Hollywood television shows as; ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live, MTV's Wild N' Out, and Spike TV's Scream Awards. He's performed regularly in Las Vegas at the Plaza Casino and was a member of The Friars of Beverly Hills. After a decade of performing stand-up in the Sta...

  • The Shape

    The Shape View Profile

    Matthew Ely Andrew Jackson Mark Goodwin

  • Bent Shapes

    Bent Shapes View Profile

    Bent Shapes is Andy Sadoway (drums/percussion, vocals), Ben Potrykus (guitars, vocals), and Supriya Gunda (bass, vocals). Since forming under the name Girlfriends in 2009, the Boston trio has released a string of cassettes and 7"s full of fuzzy garage, frantic jangle pop, and scrappy post-punk on various labels (including band members' own imprints), earning them critical praise from NPR, The A/V ...

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