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  • Hopeless Semantics

    Hopeless Semantics View Profile

    Charlotte indie rock 'n' roll. Remnants of local bands Ambrosial, Messenger Down and Yara formed in late 2013.

  •  Semi Precious Weapons

    Semi Precious Weapons View Profile

    Semi Precious Weapons is the creation of Chicago born gay/ambisexual singer/songwriter Justin Tranter, a charismatic frontperson with a long history of outrageous performances. Tranter fell under the spell of Ariel in Disney's The Little Mermaid when he was a boy, and after seeing Courtney Love and Hole perform, his course was firmly set. He wanted to be a rock star. Realizing he wanted to write s...

  • Mike Seminari

    Mike Seminari View Profile

  • Mike Sempert

    Mike Sempert View Profile

    Mike Sempert is a songwriter and composer based out of Los Angeles, CA.

  • Dan Sena

    Dan Sena View Profile

    Dan Sena has devoted his life to music, being raised in a family of creative minds his grandfather the poet Jorge de Sena was his first artistic inspiration early on. At age six Dan began playing piano, from there he played in countless bands and musical acts pushing the legacy of his families name. Dan being one of the newest additions to the Dim Mak Roster, his history with Dim Mak goes far...

  • DJ Dan Sena

    DJ Dan Sena View Profile

    Dan Sena has devoted his life to music, being raised in a family of creative minds his grandfather the poet Jorge de Sena was his first artistic inspiration early on. At age six Dan began playing piano, from there he played in countless bands and musical acts pushing the legacy of his families name. Dan being one of the newest additions to the Dim Mak Roster, his history with Dim Mak goe...

  • Satya Sena

    Satya Sena View Profile

    Gone through many incarnations. Now we include tabla drumming seen through the lens of metal blast beats, mantras that glimpse beyond death, psychedelic solos, grooves that sink. Yeah.

  • The Senators

    The Senators View Profile

    Following the ethos of true indie artists, The Senators, comprised of Jesse Teer, Adam Teer, Joe Bitz and Jason Yee released their completely self recorded album, Harsher than Whiskey/Sweeter than Wine, in 2013 and quickly drew the attention of folk rockers and indie hipsters at a pace awarding them #6 on Billboards Magazine’s Next Big Sound chart (Oct. 3rd, 2013).  The Senators blen...

  • Fritz Sender

    Fritz Sender View Profile

    your favorite least favorite band

  • Junior Senior

    Junior Senior View Profile

    An energetic blend of rock, hip-hop, and dance-pop made Junior Senior a U.K. darling in the early 2000s, but the duo's collective heart remained ensconced in Jutland -- the band's homeland in the western peninsula of Denmark. Seeds for the group's formation were first planted in 1995, following the dual departures of Jesper "Junior" Mortensen and Jeppe "Senior" Laursen from the Copenhagen-based in...

  • Common Sense

    Common Sense View Profile

    Common Sense has established itself as one of California’s premier reggae rock bands. Their influences from reggae, rock and ska, give them a new roots sound of their own. Nick Hernandez, Larry Young, Billy Sherman and Phil Gough have been brothers in music for years and are committed to performance and sound they love. The band’s multiple personalities work together to craft soulful, ...

  • Stone Senses

    Stone Senses View Profile

    Coming original with a new blend of SoCal rock infused reggae, Stone Senses have been taking the West Coast music scene by storm since 2004. Hailing from Carlsbad, CA in North San Diego County, Stone Senses have set out to embody the upbeat, positive nature of the scene that they grew up in. Stone Senses has been influenced by traditional roots rock reggae acts like Steel Pulse and Toots and The M...

  • Anna Sentina

    Anna Sentina View Profile

    Anna Sentina is a 20 year-old singer/bassist/guitarist/pianist musical virtuoso whose Youtube following exceeds 215,000 subscribers and over 30 million video views. In addition to her significant Youtube following, Anna boasts massive audience/fan followings on all of the major social media platforms, totaling an audience reach of well over 1 Million fans

  • Amanda September

    Amanda September View Profile

    Why, hello there!! Thanks for taking the time to read this. My name is Amanda September and im loving every minute of my wonderful journey! I've been singing for as long as i can remember. I live and breath music, it's my world! I can not wait until i can perform in front of millions of people and just tell my story. I love being in front of an audience, i live for the applause. It's the most amaz...

  • Losing September

    Losing September View Profile

    Losing September is a group of modern day Pirates with tires and gas in place of mast and wind. Taking haven in the great port of Muncie, IN when off tour. With a hard and heavy belief in freedom and an angst leaning toward revolution, Losing September brings the fight for freedom to your ears. Heavy music with lyrics that ring true to the common man coming from the heart of America. An independe...



  • The Sequence

    The Sequence View Profile

  • Laura Serafine

    Laura Serafine View Profile

    Born in San Antonio TX, this Los Angeles based artist is best known for her powerful vocals that can fill a room. Laura is incredibly versitle vocally, and as a result, her songs are diverse and often unique from one another. With background in jazz, rock, musical theater and opera, Laura is continually reinventing her sounds through creative songwriting.  Described as a mix of musical...



    Sherif Serag is a singer/songwriter residing in Los Angeles, CA preparing to release his debut EP, “Look How Far We’ve Come”. It’s a genre defying album that touches upon garage punk, pop rock, and acoustic ballads without losing his signature lyrical style. Sherif’s influences are deeply rooted in the great folk-rock troubadour’s of the last fifty years, but he...

  • Elle Seraphine

    Elle Seraphine View Profile

    Elle Seraphine is a Brooklyn based indie soul singer-songwriter. Her music has been described as brutally honest and poetic, a voice from the 1940s with a mouth from the 21st century

  • David Serby

    David Serby View Profile

    There's old-time poetry to David Serby's songs. Each song tells a story -- some make you want to dance, some make you want to drink -- and all make you believe Dave's a man who knows how to do both.

  • Gayle Serdan

    Gayle Serdan View Profile

    With noticeable nods to Jazz and Hip-Hop innovators, Gayle's music is a perfect blend, attracting Jazz aficionados and Hip-Hop heads alike. “Innovative, complex, full of variety yet aesthetically pleasing and jammin'---” her mastery of the Hammond organ is soulful, and dynamic, her musical narrative, raw and honest. “Brilliant organ playing in a wonderful ensemble. It has...

  • Reckless Serenade

    Reckless Serenade View Profile

    Reckless Serenade's drive to create new, interesting music has started to garner attention. Their smart song writing blends the five different musical styles of each band member. Whether it be pop punk, prog. rock to just straight rock and roll, these boys write vivacious, catchy songs that get audiences dancing and singing along. They have the heart of at least 10 champion bull fighters. And t...

  • Secondhand Serenade

    Secondhand Serenade View Profile

    Before the explosion of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, the music industry had not yet seen a forward-thinking artist rise from the internet to find success in the mainstream.  But all of that changed in the form of a lone man and his guitar.  The year was 2007 when the #1 Myspace artist took the leap from the early days of social networking to the world of big box retail, releasing his...

  • Dead Serial Killers

    Dead Serial Killers View Profile

    the earthly spawns of satans load

  • Erick Sermon

    Erick Sermon View Profile

    One-half of the legendary hip-hop duo EPMD, Erick Sermon was also among the genre's most prominent producers, deservedly earning the alias "Funklord" with his trademark raw, bass-heavy grooves. Born in Bayshore, NY, on November 25, 1968, Sermon -- aka E Double, the Green-Eyed Bandit, and MC Grand Royal -- teamed with rapper Parrish Smith in 1986 to form EPMD, an acronym for "Erick and Parrish Maki...

  • Ignacio Serricchio

    Ignacio Serricchio View Profile

  • Mark Serritella

    Mark Serritella View Profile

    Since his first time on stage, Mark has been made a regular at the Comedy Store, The Improv, the Ice House in Pasadena, and has the graced the stage in almost every major city across the country from New York, Boston, Houston, Seattle, Detroit, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Minneapolis. Mark has performed with or opened for a number of well-known comedians including Dane Cook, Carlos Menci...

  • Humble Servant Band

    Humble Servant Band View Profile

    A California-grown band with an intoxicating original Roots sound, influenced by a multitude of cultures & styles- including Blues, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Metal, Dancehall, Ska, Hip-Hop and international flavors, on a mission to promote love, positivity and unification through music.

  • Dumpster Service

    Dumpster Service View Profile

    A long time ago, in a land far far away.....Captain D peeled a DuMpstER sERvICE sticker off a DuMPstER .Shortly after, Bones Malone split Murph and the Magic tones and Joined up with CaptainD.and they Both said " lets F:)K ShiT up! Gimme a platform! Shoot it! kaboot it! we'll work on the rest later!

  • Public Service Broadcasting

    Public Service Broadcasting View Profile




    Fusing together elements of pop/rock and hip-hop with a dash of reggae influence, Emergency Service delivers a sound that appeals to a wide range of listeners – and with their fourth album, self titled and dropping in the fall of 2012, they are thriving and gaining fans. The band wraps their positive messages up in catchy hooks with hummable melodies, drawing in audiences of all ages and challengi...

  • Zach Serwin

    Zach Serwin View Profile

    Zach Sherwin is a comedian and rapper based in Los Angeles. His music videos have been viewed millions of times online, his album is available on Comedy Central Records, and his television credits include performances on "The Pete Holmes Show" and “Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell." Zach has also appeared in several “Epic Rap Battles of History” videos, portraying...

  • The Seshen

    The Seshen View Profile

    Fronted by vocalist Lalin St. Juste, The Seshen is a seven piece band based in San Francisco. Mixing live and electronic elements and taking influence from eclectic sources including psychedelia, hip-hop, pop, R&B, West African music, dub, and indie rock, they create beat-driven compositions with a strong emotional core, a compelling sound that has hooked many fans and bloggers from first l...

  • Steve Seskin

    Steve Seskin View Profile

    Steve Seskin is a successful writer in Nashville today, with a boatload of songs recorded by Tim McGraw, Neal McCoy, John Michael Montgomery, Kenny Chesney, Collin Raye, Peter Frampton, Waylon Jennings, Alabama, Mark Wills, and Peter Paul and Mary. His song "Don't Laugh At Me" was a finalist for CMA "Song of the Year" in 1999, and has spurred an entire tolerance movement, l...

  • Am Session

    Am Session View Profile

    A.M. Session delivers a soulful, gritty blast of working class blues based rock and roll. Biography With a sound that has been described as "a soulful, gritty blast of working class blues-based rock and roll," it is clear that A.M. Session isn't concerned with pioneering any new genres of rock. Instead, the band is fueled by the classic rock influences of...

  • DB Sessions

    DB Sessions View Profile

  • Desert Sessions

    Desert Sessions View Profile

    The seeds for the revolving door lineup that Queens of the Stone Age has become famous for were originally sown in another related project, the Desert Sessions. Dating back to the '80s, guitarist Josh Homme and his pals would throw what would become known as "generator parties" -- consisting of live music played for a bunch of friends out in a secluded part of California's Palm Desert, the electri...

  • Spaulding Sessions

    Spaulding Sessions View Profile

    Birthed in a humble apartment in West Hollywood, The Spaulding Sessions was originally created as a casual gathering of friends who sang for each other in an evening of music. Six months later, this group of musicians continue to play their monthly house concerts as well as public shows they book themselves which draw upwards of 75 people. What's truly impressive, ho...

  • Dead Set (Tribute to The Grateful Dead)

    Dead Set (Tribute to The Grateful Dead) View Profile

    Dead Set employs an “Everyone Orchestra” approach to creating a one-of-a-kind Grateful Dead tribute that features local luminaries and other artists who may be on a shared festival bill. Dead Set doesn’t seek to re-create the Dead’s shows to a “T”: it is more of a celebration of the extensive repertoire of The Grateful Dead, performed in their own unique fash...

  • DJ set by Beach Dad's

    DJ set by Beach Dad's View Profile

  • The Setups

    The Setups View Profile

    The Setups are an LA band that combines acoustic instruments such as violin, mandolin, cajon, congas with electric guitars and drums.  The Setups Punk/Blues sound has been used recently on the ski and snow channels.  The ?nal movie “Free Throw” at the Boston ?lm festival this year uses the folky “Low Down Heathen” for the opening track of their movie.  ...

  • Brian Setzer Orchestra

    Brian Setzer Orchestra View Profile

    With his guitar chops and retro-chic frontman persona, Brian Setzer helped launch two unlikely revivals during his career: rockabilly and swing. Born in Massapequa, New York, he spent most of his youth in nearby Long Island, where he received his first instrument -- the euphonium -- at age eight. He played the tuba-like instrument for ten years and dreamt of fronting a big band with horns, althoug...


    6IX SEVEN View Profile

     Also known as Kevin Potts, 6IX SEVEN will lift you up in to the cloud just so they can immediately land you with a drop you won’t forget. His multi-genre sound consists of Deep House, Minimal, Techno, Bass House, and Tech House. He loves to draw out the story line in his songs then give you the drop that will slam you back into reality; it’s one of his favorite things to do. ...

  • DJ Seven

    DJ Seven View Profile

      DJ Seven (Sean Evans) was born in SF, raised in Marin and has been a DJ for 25 years. He started on CDs which had only been around for a few years (then later switched to vinyl, followed by digital Serato DJing).   DJ Seven began his career playing parties and programming sets of 80s rock and nu wave: The Police, The Cure, U2 and New Order. Things shifted in college in S...

  • Soft Seven

    Soft Seven View Profile

    When asked about what the essence of this band is about, simply put: "We play sexy music for sexy people." Reminiscent of the days of songwriting and storytelling, when radio was king, this band of seasoned musicians with years of experience and deep musical roots are influenced by the stones, T Rex, Bowie, bluesy zeppelin, Skynard, ZZ top, Bad Company, as well as classic rock staples su...

  • Son Seven

    Son Seven View Profile

  • third seven

    third seven View Profile

    'third seven' consists of billy mickelson. he has played music his entire life, but has been performing music professionally full time since 2008. consistantly traveling in and with a number of bands. 'mr potato', 'larry and his flask', and 'dela project' to name a few. as of late, billy has been focusing his efforts back to his solo work, 'third seven'. the goal with third seven is to bring the m...

  • Train Seven

    Train Seven View Profile

    The alternative rock band that is Train Seven was founded in New York City in 2008. Javi (lead vocals), Joe D. Rey (guitar/vocals), and Gugi (drums) grew up together in Queens and were all active members in New York City’s underground Hip-Hop and House dance scene. This threads the three young artists into a multi-level connection within the performing arts community. In the summer of 2008, close ...

  •  Seven And The Sun

    Seven And The Sun View Profile

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