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  • The Secret Sisters

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  • Gunpowder Secrets

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    Hailing from the streets of Los Angeles, Gunpowder Secrets (GPS) is a punk/rock band that delivers. Composed of lead vocalist Mo Smesme, guitarists Cole Dickey and Brandon Wood, and the rhythm section of bassist Nathan Hostetter and drummer J.D. Sakamoto, GPS had all taken part in various bands connected to the punk/alternative/ hard rock scene in and around Los Angeles before coming together in...

  •  Secrets in Stereo

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    Secrets in Stereo is the polished pop/rock project of Josh Ryan, a Nashville-based singer/songwriter and producer. Born and raised in Mississippi, Ryan later relocated to Tennessee and issued a digital EP, Not Today, with help from co-writers Jason Collum and Nathan Walters. A self-titled LP followed in 2007, featuring a mix of contemporary ballads and radio-ready pop that quickly found a home on ...

  • The Secrets We Keep

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    The Secrets We Keep is a Rock/Post-Hardcore band from Phoenix Arizona. In the winter of 2009 members Jeffrey Hudson Becker, Kiefer Ireland, Andrew Auten, Eric Domingo and Joshua Lopez came together with a common purpose; to create music that they wanted, dispite the pressures of the local Arizona music scene. The band is now releasing their debut EP "Please Stand By" in March of 2012. This ind...

  • Sand Section

    Sand Section View Profile

    SAND SECTION takes its name from the area of Manhattan Beach, California where the band's three members grew up. In recent years, "sand section" has become a term used by real estate agents to denote the primo lots that abut the town's vast sandy beaches, but in the case of this ambitious three-piece band, the sand section is the border -- Where the suburban sprawl of greater Los Angeles gets po...

  • Campus Security

    Campus Security View Profile

  • The Seduction

    The Seduction View Profile

    Rock & Roll from Western North Carolina.

  • You See Lights

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  • I See Stars

    I See Stars View Profile

  • The See Ya Laters

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  • Water Seed

    Water Seed View Profile

    WATER SEED What do you call a musical gumbo that recalls the ancestral strut and joie de vivre of the New Orleans’ Tremé, the drama and ecstasy of the church’s wailing floor, and the suited-up sophistication of jazz threaded with the party funk of Parliament? What do you name sounds that hail from Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean, and the red dirt South all at once? How do you ...

  • Bad Seed Rising

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  • Tribal Seeds

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    Based in San Diego, rock-reggae band Tribal Seeds come at their music from a different angle, more influenced by bands like Steel Pulse and Aswad than the common touchstone of Sublime. Formed in 2005 by the Jacobo brothers, singer Steven and producer Tony-Ray, the group issued its debut album, Youth Rebellion, that same year. The album was the first of many to be released on the group's own la...

  • Doug Seegers

    Doug Seegers View Profile

    A brilliant 62-year-old singer who struggled with homelessness for years, Seegers’ found acclaim when Swedish music star Jill Johnson discovered him in a Nashville food pantry. The two subsequently recorded a duet that climbed to the top of the music charts in Sweden. This remarkable project -- produced by Will Kimbrough (Todd Snider, Kate Campbell) at Nashville’s legendary Sound Emporium ...

  • Finnegan Seeker Bell

    Finnegan Seeker Bell View Profile

    Finnegan is a 13-year-old young, dark and mysterious alternative rock singer-songwriter.  He screams in a sensitive way that will take you back to the days of being a misunderstood angst-ridden teenager. 

  • Jeannie Seely

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  • Lukas Seely

    Lukas Seely View Profile

    Lukas Seely started comedy back in his hometown of Billings, MT then relocated to Seattle in 2004. Lukas soon became a crowd favorite in Seattle Comedy scene and had since moved to Los Angeles, California where he regularly performs. The comedic poise he brings to the stage is impressive. He makes audiences feel as if they were sitting at home in front of the fire place. His stories about his life...

  • McKail Seely Band

    McKail Seely Band View Profile

    McKail Seely is a Singer/Songwriter from Salt Lake City, Utah and currently residing in Los Angeles.  She's been songwriting and professionally performing her music since the age of 14.  On Feb 18th, McKail will be releasing her first official single, "Grace" at Room 5 Lounge and via iTunes. Come join the fun! McKail's goes on at 10pm.

  • The Seen

    The Seen View Profile

    "The Seen's melodic but driving sound situates itself between post-hardcore indie rockers like Thursday, Omaha's own Cursive, and bigger pop punk leaning acts like Say Anything. This is big sounding guitar rock delivered with impassioned vocals." (The Reader | 2/2/2012)    In the spring of 2012, The Seen’s dynamic and energetic live shows led to their s...

  • Kenny Segal

    Kenny Segal View Profile

    Team Supreme -- Ruby Yacht -- the Kleenrz -- Project Blowed | (• ◡•)| (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)

  • Shelley Segal

    Shelley Segal View Profile

    Songs are like a photo. Shot at a certain time and place, snapped in a certain mood, freezing a feeling. “Songwriting is a very powerful thing,” explains Melbourne singer-songwriter Shelley Segal. “It started completely as therapy for me; to get things off my chest. I love that you can take something really negative and transform it into a work of positive art that can give others an experie...

  • Bob Seger

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  • David Seger

    David Seger View Profile

    David Seger has written and performed songs throughout the Southeast since he first picked up a guitar at the age of six.  Born in Plantation Florida and raised in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains, his songs are influenced by the outdoors, fast cars, and the love of his beautiful wife.  He finally got tired of driving to Nashville and moved here full time in 2008.  Since then h...

  • Shea Seger

    Shea Seger View Profile

    With a voice that at times recalls the delicate vulnerability of Olivia Newton John, the sultry swagger of Sheryl Crow, the direct irony of Ani DiFranco, and the willowy keen of Tori Amos, Shea Seger debuted in October 2000 with the British release of The May Street Project. Positive press there predated the album's summer 2001 release in the U.S. by RCA. Shea was born in Fort Worth, TX, raised in...

  • Eternal Segue

    Eternal Segue View Profile

    Segue is a band composed of mostly musicians from Berklee College of Music, run by Ryan Garrett Greenfield; Rock/Jazz/Pop. We play top 40s songs for Weddings and also Original Music. We can also play any song that you request! Our musicians are extremely talented and have quality performance experience ranging from a multitude of venues, including: Disney Hall, Hollywood Bowl, Dorothy Chandler Pav...

  • Tom Segura

    Tom Segura View Profile

    Tom Segura is a comedian. You may have recently seen Tom on Comedy Central Live at Gotham! or on Showtimes' Russell Peters Presents or on the CBS show Gary Unmarried, but maybe your television doesn't work so you saw Tom at Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival or at The Comedy Festival - Las Vegas or The South Beach Comedy Festival or The Global Comedy Festival in Vancouver. But may...

  • Toni Sehulster

    Toni Sehulster View Profile

  • Streeter Seidell

    Streeter Seidell View Profile

    Streeter Seidell (born December 2 1982 in New Haven, Connecticut) is an American comedian. He graduated from Fordham University in May 2005. He currently resides in New York. Seidell is a senior writer at He has co-written a book with Jeff Rubin, Sarah Schneider, Amir Blumenfeld, Ethan Trex, and Ricky Van Veen titled The Collegehumor Guide to College: Selling Kidneys for Beer Mo...

  • Jodee Seiders

    Jodee Seiders View Profile

  • Alex Seier

    Alex Seier View Profile

    After growing up on a small farm in rural PA, Alex Seier has managed to secure a record deal with Lava/Atlantic Records, tour internationally & play for artists including Secondhand Serenade & Jessie James Decker. He has been featured on MTV’s YOU HEAR IT FIRST, as well as performed on Jimmy Kimmel, Today Show, Ellen & more! Following his passion as a singer/songwriter/producer, ...

  • Katie Seiler

    Katie Seiler View Profile

    In a career that spans over a decade, Katie has opened for the Becca Stevens Band, performed as a background singer on the Oprah Show, performed at Madison Square Garden with the Game of Thrones Live Show, and has performed with Donny McCaslin and Clark Terry amongst other jazz luminaries. A sensitive and engaging songwriter, Katie performs her own music and original arrangements of others, and...

  • DJ Seinfeld

    DJ Seinfeld View Profile

    one luv

  • Jerry Seinfeld

    Jerry Seinfeld View Profile

  • The Seks

    The Seks View Profile

    A hot and bothered alternative band with punk roots capable of pants dropping. Jawsh and Nox decided to double penetrate music and ended up with the SeKs. Jawsh and Nox are filthy whores Gaylene is awesome and Chris keeps a SeKsy beat

  • Asobi Seksu

    Asobi Seksu View Profile

    Asobi Seksu, like Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine before them, are evolving and redefining what noise means within the model of pop songwriting. The band melds lush yet wonderfully crushing waves of white noise in variation with synth-driven pop delicacies and tight lounge progressions ala Stereolab. The quartet's melting-pot aesthetics also include narratives sung in combinations of English a...

  • Mark Selby

    Mark Selby View Profile

  • Abigail Selby & Eric Selby

    Abigail Selby & Eric Selby View Profile

    In today’s musical world, the words “original,” “indie,” “progressive” and “fusion” are thrown around freely but with Abigail Selby & Eric Selby, these descriptions are, indeed, fitting. Abigail Selby (electric harp & vocals), a music conservatory graduate, comes with a background in Celtic and Classical music, while Eric Selby (drum...

  • Dans-One Selecta

    Dans-One Selecta View Profile

  • DJ Selecter Kirk

    DJ Selecter Kirk View Profile

  • Cosmic Selector

    Cosmic Selector View Profile

    Electro House, Tech Funk, Breaks, Drumstep, Drum n' Bass, Dubstep/ Grime, Midtempo, Downtempo, Hyphy, Hip Hop & even Industrial music   Cosmic Selector's style encompasses all aspects of EDM, his sets are diverse incorporating a broad range of styles from the dirtiest of break's to the heaviest dance floor rollers. Cosmic Selector co-founded Space Children produ...

  • Janaka Selekta

    Janaka Selekta View Profile

    Imagine a place where Indian classical folk traditions collide into the fringes of electronic music. Where the laid back space of dub reggae meets the energy of bass rattling dancefloors. This is the contoured landscape San Francisco based DJ and Producer Janaka Selekta evokes with his debut album, Pushing Air, out on the new label Chaiwalla’s Boombox on July 6, 2010.   Janak...

  • Alison Self

    Alison Self View Profile

    Reltone Records artist Alison Self plays country, blues and folk music of different varieties on the ukulele and these days, is mostly seen with a guitar. Sassy, sweet and self-assured, she has been described as Richmond’s chanteuse “with a huge voice unlike any other female singer in Richmond.” Alison has been performing since 2006 when she started learning to play as a way to make money and pass...

  • Narcotic Self

    Narcotic Self View Profile

  • Alexander Seling

    Alexander Seling View Profile

  • Eve Selis

    Eve Selis View Profile

    As winner of 7 San Diego Music Awards in Americana and Adult Alternative, Eve Selis is no stranger to Roots music. Her newest CD Family Tree features 14 sturdy tracks drawn from the dark, rich soil of American music. From the swamp-rock of “Rubber and Glue” to the plaintive country heartbreaker “Don’t You Feel Lonesome” to Leonard Cohen’s majestic masterpie...

  • Natika Selivanova

    Natika Selivanova View Profile

  • Von Sell

    Von Sell View Profile

  • Warren Sellers

    Warren Sellers View Profile

    Warren Sellers has been signed as a staff songwriter for McJames Music, Jeffrey Steele’s 3 Ring Circus/Windswept Pacific and in June of 2014, Warren signed a new staff songwriting deal with Songscape Music out of Nashville, TN. Warren has had songs recorded by Jonelle Mosser, award winning Canadian artist, Shane Yellowbird, pop artist, Scott Krippayne, pop rock band, Petree and up and coming...

  • Annie Sellick

    Annie Sellick View Profile

  • Yamin Semali

    Yamin Semali View Profile

    Yamin Semali is a well-rounded Hiphop artist from East Point, GA. Born in Raleigh, NC, he has produced for and/or featured lyricism with the likes of Count Bass D, Kurupt of the Dogg Pound, Binkis Recs, Cunninlyguists, D.R.U.G.S. Beats, Boog Brown, Ken Starr, Headkrak, Arablak, Stacy Epps, Eddie Meeks, Broady Champs, Cannibal Ox, Chyle MC, Ozy Reigns, Sum Majere, Malkovich, Kam Moye (Supastition),...

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