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  • Ryan Shupe

    Ryan Shupe View Profile

    Ryan Shupe is roaring back with “We Rode On”, his new album coming the first part of 2016.      “We Rode On” marks a striking career transition and a meaningful evolution in Shupe’s songwriting, his life, and the band’s sound.  It strongly and deftly combines the rock side of their musical arsenal with the...

  • Painted Shut

    Painted Shut View Profile

    Painted Shut is a rock n roll power trio based out of Garden Grove, CA that will bathe you in a bubble bath of fuzz guitar, pummel you with thundering drums, and soothe you with the voice of an angel, all while the sweet melodies dig their way into your psyche. Katie Williams plays bass and sings, Steven Wills plays the drums, and Jon Williams provides the bubble bath. 

  • Downtown Shuttle to Borderland Music Festival

    Downtown Shuttle to Borderland Music Festival View Profile

    Need a lift out to Knox Farm for Borderland Music Festival? We've got ya covered! We've set up a shuttle from Buffalo Iron Works directly to Borderland Music Festival. This is a round trip so you're ride there AND back is all taken care of! Seats are limited to don't sleep on this opportunity. $15 for 1-Day or $30 for 2-Day Route Times are as Follows: - 11:00am - ...

  • Space Shuttle To Nicaragua

    Space Shuttle To Nicaragua View Profile

    Space Shuttle to Nicaragua is a jazz/funk trio from Southern California.  Influences include James Brown, Johnny Hammond, Squarepusher, Jamiroquai. Catchy melodies and raw energy permeates there sound. There first single is available on iTunes and Amazon music via Boomnote music. Mixed and produced by Cyrus Melchor( Mount Cyanide, Massive Attack).

  • Justin Shuttleworth

    Justin Shuttleworth View Profile

    Original artist from Buffalo NY, Performing live acoustic music and covers.

  • Drover Shy

    Drover Shy View Profile

    Drover Shy is a duo acoustic-folk act out of the great sprawl of Los Angeles, CA whose music is characterized by storytelling and strong acoustic guitar-driven rhythms. Influenced by nature's haunt, the worker's toil, and the darker side of human proclivities, their music is sharp, catchy, and profoundly sinister. Fully developed and conflicted characters emerge from Drover Shy's lyric...

  • Liam Shy

    Liam Shy View Profile

    Liam Shy is a dynamic and passionate audiophile, dedicated to the world of sound his entire life. His work includes being a Music Producer, DJ, Sound Designer, Live Sound Engineer, Audio Instructor and advocate for the electronic music community.   Liam graduated from the Pyramind Institute for Digital Audio in 2009 specializing in Music Production, Sound Design, Mixing and Masteri...

  • The ShyFox

    The ShyFox View Profile

    The ShyFox is an alternative rock band currently comprised of brothers Julio and Alexis Robles from Chula Vista, CA. Their latest album "Southern Skies", will be the first time the two brothers collaborate on their own; writing, arranging and performing all instruments. "Southern Skies" represents a huge shift in The ShyFox's sound to a more folk rock style (their first, self titled album being m...

  • Michael Shynes

    Michael Shynes View Profile

    Michael Shynes' unrelenting passion has enabled him to accomplish some truly noteworthy feats. In his brief tenure as a songwriter, he has performed on some of the most recognizable stages in the Midwest (The Excel Energy Center, The Taste of Minnesota Mainstage, Mississippi Music Fest, and The Varsity Theater to name a few). He has also shared the stage with countless National acts such as Howie ...

  • The Shys

    The Shys View Profile

    The Shys' brash update of '60s British Invasion and garage rock and '70s punk had its roots in San Clemente, CA, where vocalist/guitarist Kyle Krone and keyboardist/harmonica player Alex Kweskin grew up as childhood friends. Kweskin learned to play piano and drums while still in grade school, and though the duo had aspirations of being in a band early on, they didn't really take shape until they b...

  • Salina Sias

    Salina Sias View Profile

    Salina was born in the Rio Grande Valley at the southern tip of Texas, near the border of Mexico. At age six, she fell in love with the stage, performing a dance to, “Footloose,” in a pink tutu. Two years later, she performed at the Rio Fest County Fair, winning her category with a rendition of Streisand’s, “Somewhere.” Through her teens she sang in the school choir, and acted in plays, competing ...

  • Joe Sib

    Joe Sib View Profile

  • Missing Sibling

    Missing Sibling View Profile

    Missing Sibling is a five-piece indie rock band from North Texas known for melodic, guitar-driven rock songs that are anthemic and sometimes melancholic, but always meant to be played loud. Their sound has been described as “a less grumpy Pixies” and like “Sleater-Kinney meets Bruce Hornsby.” After spending 2015 playing regional shows to promote their 2015 EP, Commiserat...

  • Joe Sibol

    Joe Sibol View Profile

    Mixing and matching tones with words, smashing melodies together with poetry, Joe Sibol has been writing songs ever since he picked up a four track in college. Raised on the East Coast, in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New York, Joe moved out west to join up with fellow songwriters and played shows up and down the California coast. Joe crashed on sofas and floors and worked odd jobs as a gardne...

  • Gina Sicilia

    Gina Sicilia View Profile

    "Her smoky alto is a striking instrument, but the way she harnesses its earthy power reflects a maturity that's also found in her frank songwriting. The result is a combination of polished craft and gut-level emotion that is a knockout, and earns Sicilia the right to comparisons between herself and James." - Philadelphia Inquirer "...Sounding like a Petri dish mixture of mature Maria Muldaur...

  • Ryan Sickler

    Ryan Sickler View Profile

    Comedian, Ryan Sickler is making a name for himself with his cutting-edge humor; something the Baltimore native makes no apologies for. After moving to Los Angeles, Ryan quickly began touring nationally as an Improv regular, sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in the business. Ryan’s television credits include: Comedy Central, Cutman; Comedy Central; Live at Gotham; CBS, The La...

  • The Sickstring Outlaws

    The Sickstring Outlaws View Profile

    The Sickstring Outlaws are an outlaw/bluegrass country band whose main goal is to show people a good time. The San Diego based band have had the good fortune through hard work to open for the likes of David Allan Coe, The Marshall Tucker Band and Merle Jagger as well as many local acts such as the popular tribute band Cash'd Out, Married by Elvis, Three Bad Jacks and many more. They have performed...

  • Mr. Sid

    Mr. Sid View Profile

    This former airline worker hilariously unloads his side-splitting baggage on stage. Sid’s humor is fueled with A.D.D., a wavering ego and a grade school teacher wife who sometimes wishes he was a child left behind. Mr. Sid’s cock-eyed perception takes the every day grind to a hilarious screeching halt!

  • Usama Siddique

    Usama Siddique View Profile

    Usama Siddiquee is a Bengali-American stand-up comedian and actor based in New York. His act is an energetic (bordering on frenetic) and intelligent (bordering on genius) romp through his own life experiences. Family! Friends! Sex! Religion! Sex with religious friends! It’s all there, and Usama slings jokes on these topics and more with rapid-fire charisma and hilarity. He was most recently ...

  • Shallow Side

    Shallow Side View Profile

    Rock is dead, they say? Hogwash. Don’t even bring up such an idea with the four-piece Cullman, Alabama-bred rockers Shallow Side, who have taken it to be their personal holy mission to spread the glory of modern rock & roll as far and as wide as they can to anyone who will listen. “The energy and excitement of rock & roll is missing nowadays,...

  • East Side Funk

    East Side Funk View Profile

  • Morning Side Lane

    Morning Side Lane View Profile

    Morningside Lane is a 5 piece Rock, Alternative Punk band based out of New Jersey.

  • This Side of 49

    This Side of 49 View Profile

  • This Side of Town

    This Side of Town View Profile

  • South Side Punx

    South Side Punx View Profile

    South Side Punx from Charlotte NCStreet Punk in your face.

  • Left Side Sax Alliance

    Left Side Sax Alliance View Profile

    Ear popping compositions and arrangements by its leader, Jeff Driskill, inspire the Left Side Sax Alliance's innovative and modern approach to the saxophone quartet. The Left Side Sax Alliance is comprised of four distinct artists whose backgrounds span the gamut of musical genres. Engaging and accessible, the Left Side Sax Alliance is not to be missed. Support our upcoming CD: www.p...

  • West Side Soul Jam

    West Side Soul Jam View Profile

  • Wild Side w/ Susette Andres

    Wild Side w/ Susette Andres View Profile

  • The SideGuys feat. Larry Bragg and Davey Knowles

    The SideGuys feat. Larry Bragg and Davey Knowles View Profile

    If you have seen any of the great American Artists over the past twenty years then you’ve seen these guys. The musicians behind the great artists are at times overlooked but are responsible for creating the sounds, riffs and licks that make songs timeless classics. As much time goes into perfecting their craft as the main artist, that’s why when the best need the best they call on the ...

  • The Sidekicks

    The Sidekicks View Profile

  • The Sidemen

    The Sidemen View Profile

    The Sidemen are sing-along storytellers and dynamic pop rock n' roll conversationalists bringing the show back to show business.  With a powerful rhythm section and a explosive horn line, Brian McShea's carefully crafted songs are set free by their improvisational yet precise playing, capturing the spirit of "as if Ben Folds joined Chicago and they all listene...

  • Dub Siders

    Dub Siders View Profile

  • The Sideshow Tragedy

    The Sideshow Tragedy View Profile

    Hailing from Austin, Texas, The Sideshow Tragedy is an indie blues-roots-rock duo. Frontman Nathan Singleton grew up playing in blues clubs in East Texas as a teenager, where his dad was (and is) an acoustic blues fanatic and collector of vintage National resonator guitars. Nathan devoured old blues music, while at the same time, gravitated toward listening to rock, punk rock, funk, n...

  • Pyrite Sidewalk

    Pyrite Sidewalk View Profile

    Pyrite sidewalk Is a five piece rock band consisting of Jake-vocals/Rhythm, Tyler-lead guitar/vocals, Gavin-drums Stephen-bass. We all have very different styles of music and together it makes our unique sound! Jake gets inspiration for lyrics from personal experiences, Tyler gets his inspiration from his outlook on real life events that people see everyday. Teaching himself to play at age 16, Ste...

  • Secret Sidewalk

    Secret Sidewalk View Profile

    Utilizing a layered, atmospheric approach to beat craftsmanship and jazz improvisation, San Francisco Bay Area quintet Secret Sidewalk has armed themselves with a multitude of talented musicians and musical tools to build a compelling and distinct sound of their own. Founded in 2010 by Mike Boo, Alex “Pu22l3” Abalos, and Asonic Garcia, and soon joined by Mike Reed and Marcus Stephen...

  •  Sidewalk Slam

    Sidewalk Slam View Profile

  • The Sidewinders

    The Sidewinders View Profile

  • Youssoupha Sidibe

    Youssoupha Sidibe View Profile

    Youssoupha Sidibe is a Senegalese West African Kora (African Harp) player. Throw out all your ideas of what a harpist is, Youssoupha breaks out of traditional Kora styles many hundreds of years old, still predominant in Kora players.

  •  Sied Van Riel

    Sied Van Riel View Profile

    Sied van Riel is a Dutch trance music DJ and producer originally from Rotterdam but currently residing in Spijkenisse, Netherlands. He came into the scene in the year of 2006 with the production of his first track, "Fearless" and the following year was signed to the known label Spinnin Records. He also has a bi-weekly radio show called Rielistic that airs on every 2nd ...

  • Alex Siegel

    Alex Siegel View Profile

    Indie Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Squawkbeak

  • Dave Siegel

    Dave Siegel View Profile

    Dave Siegel’s worked as a doorman at the Improv Comedy Club in Washington, DC in 1998. His first time performing stand-up was at an open-call at the ‘Comic Strip’ on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Since that day he has performed across the country in premier comedy clubs from ‘Caroline’s on Broadway’ to the ‘Laugh Factory’ on the Sunset Strip. He...

  • Jodi Siegel

    Jodi Siegel View Profile

  • Kwame Siegel

    Kwame Siegel View Profile

    Kwame Siegel is a young comedian from Baltimore who grew up admiring such comedic greats as Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock. At the age of seventeen Kwame moved to the Big Apple (New York) to pursue his showbiz career. It was there after performing at the prestigious Apollo theater in Harlem Kwame would make a name for himself. After a short stint opening up for the Dave Chapplelle show studio audienc...

  • Scilla Siekmann

    Scilla Siekmann View Profile

    Scilla is an awarded singer/songwriter. Originally from Switzerland and Italy she is now based in Los Angeles. Her music has blues, jazz and pop influences, inspired by artists such as Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Amy Winehouse and Joss Stone. Her lyric style is triggered by the emotional ups and downs living in a big city. She is been noticed for her strong soulful voice and her entertaining stag...

  • Marianne Sierk

    Marianne Sierk View Profile

    Hmph. A summary of ME? I dunno. I'm a comic. From Manhattan - originally from Rochester, NY, where the sun rarely shines and pizza and beer flow Coffee makes me nervous, but I drink it anyways. My days fly by doing....I don't even know what. Stuff like this? Writing profiles on some random....friend site? I e-mail people and check out websites, and drink coffee and do...

  • Rachel Sierra

    Rachel Sierra View Profile

    “If Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani melted into one, Rachel Sierra would still blow the pop star hybrid out of the water. Sierra's got soul, she’s got power, and she funnels it all through song, bringing together the essence of blues, pop, rock and disco-funk. The performer showcases her sultry vocals in “Hypnotize” and channels her ability to dive deeper into the l...

  • High Sierra Music Festival

    High Sierra Music Festival View Profile

  • Kixxie Siete

    Kixxie Siete View Profile

  • The Sifters

    The Sifters View Profile

    Jake Chapman (guitar) and Finnegan Shanahan (violin) have been performing together since high school. In the early spring of 2012, they formed the Sifters with singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Joshua Yun (currently of the band Looms). Over the following year, the Sifters developed their unique style through their increasingly outrageous live performances throughout the Hudson Valley and in ...

  • Joe Sig

    Joe Sig View Profile

    Joe Sig is an Up & Coming Emcee From North Carolina looking to make his mark on the Hip Hop scene and change some rules.

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