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  • Wiley Roberts

    Wiley Roberts View Profile

  • KC Roberts & The Live Revolution

    KC Roberts & The Live Revolution View Profile

    KC ROBERTS & THE LIVE REVOLUTION (KCLR) are proud purveyors of beautiful vintage music (funk, jazz, rock), with an artistic obligation to shift all that's sacredly funky and soulful into the current phase of popular music (hip-hop, house, electronic, Drum n' Bass). Essentially an original 8-piece funk band, KCLR is well-known for its energized live performances winning the 2007 To...

  • Rick Roberts & Winter Rose

    Rick Roberts & Winter Rose View Profile

    Rick Roberts started his music career in 1970, with the Flying Burrito Bros., a direct offshoot of the legendary Byrds. After the band parted company with Gram Parsons, Rick stepped in as rhythm guitarist, splitting the vocals with Chris Hillman, and composing both with Hillman and by himself. He recorded with the Burrito's on their third and fourth albums before the original group broke up...

  • Chris Roberts Band

    Chris Roberts Band View Profile

    Chris Roberts is an American singer/songwriter artist and producer.  He plays guitars, keys (midi), bass, and sings on his recordings.  Chris grew up in Sulligent, Alabama, a small town near the Mississippi border.  He is from the same area as many of the musicians that are featured in the 2013 music documentary Muscle Shoals.  His music has been referred to as haunting and bea...

  • Rowan Robertson

    Rowan Robertson View Profile

    English Born Guitarist now residing in Los Angeles. Former DIO Lead Guitarist, and current DC4 Lead Guitarist

  • Rown Robertson

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  • Old Robes

    Old Robes View Profile

    Old Robes is a chamber folk collaborative led by Daniel Munkus. The live ensemble includes innovative East Coast musicians Rachel Epp, Heather Sommerlad, and JJ Beck. Inspired by bands like Radiohead, Junip, and The National, Old Robes makes music infused with vocal harmonies and cutting violin parts.

  • Kat Robichaud and The Darling Misfits

    Kat Robichaud and The Darling Misfits View Profile

    When vocalist Kat Robichaud first came on the music scene in Raleigh, she stunned audiences with her raspy, soaring vocals and her dazzling stage presence. She earned a passionate fan base over seven years of touring up and down the eastern seaboard. When the band parted ways, Kat auditioned for NBC's The Voice and rocked past the competition to earn a top-10 spot. Drawing on the momentum of t...

  • Dennis Robicheau and the Sophisticates

    Dennis Robicheau and the Sophisticates View Profile

    Members: dennis robicheau the sophisticates(ranging and not limited to,sometimes, all the times, part times, and full times) -jp bendzinski -alfred hernandez -mike franke -aeron archambault -chris mckinnon -miguel vasquez -dylan wood -mike khalil -jonathon theimens -mattise ibarra -sheridan riley *looking for horns and strings players

  • Duke Robillard

    Duke Robillard View Profile

    Guitarist. Bandleader. Songwriter. Singer. Producer. Session musician. And a one-man cheering section for the blues, in all its forms and permutations. And every one of those names has shared recording studio space or stage time with a man who is a legend in the blues community.

  • Marc Robillard

    Marc Robillard View Profile

    Fusing together meaningful, honest lyrics with soulful melodies, Canadian singer-songwriter Marc Robillard creates his own unique blend of sonic artistry. With influences ranging from Coldplay to Death Cab for Cutie and Radiohead, his powerful voice and creatively textured pieces connect with his listeners on a highly personal level. As a gifted singer-songwriter, he masterfully weaves a thread of...

  • Naomi Robin

    Naomi Robin View Profile

    Naomi Robin has performed her original music in Los Angeles, California and Israel. To stay up to date on all the latest news regarding Naomi Robin's music, tour dates, and giveaways please like Naomi Robin's official Facebook page, follow Naomi Robin's Twitter, listen to Naomi Robin's tracks on SoundCloud, and watch her videos on her YouTube channel.

  • Stacy Robin

    Stacy Robin View Profile

  • Laurent Robin & the Skyriders

    Laurent Robin & the Skyriders View Profile

  •  Robinson

    Robinson View Profile

    Robinson, a multi-instrumentalist hailing from Worcester, England, delivers his music in the form of a story. Inspirations drawn from Dylan, Waits and Martyn, this 25 year-old tells tales of life by using music drenched in melody and harmony. He is also a storyteller par excellence and his bittersweet songs of love and life are wrapped up in a concoction of beautiful chords. Together with his...

  • Amelia Robinson

    Amelia Robinson View Profile

  • Becky Robinson

    Becky Robinson View Profile

  • Chike Robinson

    Chike Robinson View Profile

    Chike Robinson is a 24-year-old stand-up comedian from Flint, Michigan with fresh material that is for everybody. Refusing to use heavy profanity in his act has paid off thus allowing Chike to perform at charity events for organizations such as Big Brother Big Sisters as well as for many Youth Poetry Groups. Chike has even performed live at The Legendary ShowTime at The Apollo! Performing in Comed...

  • Chris Robinson

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  • Dustin Robinson

    Dustin Robinson View Profile

  • Joe Robinson

    Joe Robinson View Profile

    If twenty-five-year-old Australian Joe Robinson were two or three times his age his six-string ability and compositional insight, which have earned Robinson a world-wide following, would be no less astonishing. Starting with the Australian National Songwriting Competition when he was only thirteen years old, Joe has proven his skills by winning numerous major competitions including TV’s Aust...

  • Keith Robinson

    Keith Robinson View Profile

    Keith Robinson is an American comedian who was a regular guest on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. He has appeared on the Opie and Anthony show. He has had his own half-hour stand-up special as part of the series. He has several stories about his life in Philadelphia and his run-ins with the police there. Robinson is a friend of comedians Jim Norton, Rich Vos & Colin Quinn. Jim Norton often makes...

  • Leonard Robinson

    Leonard Robinson View Profile

    Leonard Robinson is quickly becoming one of the entertainment industries most sought after talents. Whether he’s stealing scenes on tv or film, bringing his hilarious brand of stand-up comedy to clubs and colleges or performing long-form improv, Leonard is always a hit. Currently touring colleges across the country, Leonard’s growing popularity is clearly justified by his brilliant act...

  • Porter Robinson

    Porter Robinson View Profile

    This 19-year-old talent has been touted by his peers (read Tiësto, Skrillex and Deadmau5) as one of the nu-breed saviours of electronic music, and having only experienced the limelight for just a few months, his achievements paint the picture of a super bright future.

  • Sara Robinson

    Sara Robinson View Profile

  • Smokey Robinson

    Smokey Robinson View Profile

  • Tad Robinson

    Tad Robinson View Profile

    Seven-time Blues Music Award nominee, Tad Robinson, returns with more powerful soul-blues on his new album, Day Into Night, from Severn Records. Come celebrate the new release with Tad and his band at Rosa's on Saturday, May 16th. "Tad places near the top of the list of finest living singers of soul blues." Downbeat Magazine

  • Will Robinson

    Will Robinson View Profile

  • Zach Robinson

    Zach Robinson View Profile

  • Chris Robinson Brotherhood

    Chris Robinson Brotherhood View Profile

    When the Chris Robinson Brotherhood headed into the studio to begin recording their new album, Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel, no one knew just what to expect. These would be the band's first recordings with new drummer Tony Leone (Ollabelle, Levon Helm), their first since the departure of founding bassist Mark "Muddy" Dutton, and their first time producing themselves. ...

  • Avery Robitaille

    Avery Robitaille View Profile

  • Alfred Robles

    Alfred Robles View Profile

  • Mike Robles

    Mike Robles View Profile

    Mike Robles is a standup comic who appeared all over the place.

  • Headless Robot

    Headless Robot View Profile

    With a mind set on exploration and discovery Headless Robot is a band that takes chances and deviates from the norm. Improvising into unexpected situations with spontaneous chemistry HR is an amalgamation of 5 equal parts that together create a new sound fusing electric harmonies and infectious grooves into an organic live experience. Break the pattern, catch a headless robot show in the greater ...

  • Ocelot Robot

    Ocelot Robot View Profile

  • Sad Robot

    Sad Robot View Profile

    Sad Robot is a three-piece band that has brought the sweet sounds of indie-pop-rock music to Los Angeles and beyond since 2011. Following the release of their debut album, their tunes have been placed in the hit TV shows Bones and Bad Girls Club, as well the 2013 Winter X Games (among others). Sad Robot’s motto “fight or die trying” is apparent in their music with songs of strugg...

  • Smokey Robotic

    Smokey Robotic View Profile

    Smokey Robotic has been featured in a national TV campaign for Movado watches, charted number one on The Hype Machine Twitter Music Chart, chosen as the top A&R Pick on, and received over 1M YouTube views. They also produced a #1 song on Korean music charts, "Get It In" which was followed by the release of the music video, in collaboration with “The Creators Project” (Intel and VICE...

  • Ruckus Roboticus

    Ruckus Roboticus View Profile

    Born from the creative powers of Dayton, Ohio, Ruckus Roboticus has risen to unleash his fury of funk, hip-hop and mischief. Part turntable, half drum machine, all sex machine; the robotic wonder has continually electrified listeners with his colorful and imaginative world of sound. When he's not busy remixing Bloc Party, Lady Tigra, etc., or winning awards from Rockstar Games (Best DJ Mix 200...

  • Kenny Roby

    Kenny Roby View Profile

    Much like the characters that inhabit his songs, Kenny Roby’s life as an artist has been an intellectual and spiritual quest. Over the course of a 20-year career, he has explored the history of music with a musicologist’s zeal, absorbing its various forms and sounds into his work. Simultaneously, he has taken a long hard look in the mirror through the writing process, discovering and reflecting ba...

  • Carly Robyn Green

    Carly Robyn Green View Profile

    It was at the Grammy Awards that Carly was singing as a back-up vocalist for Cee Lo Green, when Cee Lo shared with her some invaluable advice.  Carly had been writing and recording of-the-moment electro-pop songs, heeding the mainstream pop music industry’s commercial demands of young adult female artists.  These tracks, and others, have received 1.5 million YouTube views for featu...

  • Head Roc

    Head Roc View Profile

    Twenty years of award-winning song writing, performing, activism, and educating have earned recording artist Head-Roc the title “Mayor of DC Hip Hop”. Having established his brand of exceptional lyrical ability, outspoken social commentary, and powerful stage shows, Head-Roc performs at activist rallies just as often as he does at traditional music venues. His unparalleled ability to reach even t...

  • Diana Roca

    Diana Roca View Profile

    DianaRoca is a SingerSongwriter with influences in Rock- Pop- Soul and artists like Camila Cabello, Adelle, Celine Dion & Ed Sheeran.   She studied classical theory and harmony, later attending Berklee College Of Music to learn about the jazz world, which allows her to understand music and play with sounds on different instruments like Guitar, Piano, Sax, Harmonic, Melodic and ...

  • Roxy Roca

    Roxy Roca View Profile

    “I’m on a mission from God,” Taye Cannon deadpanned before breaking into laughter. “Well, maybe not exactly, but it kinda felt that way at first, and it still does sometimes.” Ok, so the Blues Brothers reference is a little cringe-­‐worthy, but it’s an apt description for the path Cannon traveled assembling Austin-­‐based ROXY ROCA, although the B...

  • J Rocc

    J Rocc View Profile

    One of the original turntablists, J. Rocc founded the Beat Junkies in 1992 with Melo-D and Rhettmatic, but has done just as much on his own as in a group setting. He began DJing in the mid-'80s with a California group named PSK. Soon after forming, the Beat Junkies became a seminal force in the rise of instrumental hip-hop, including core member Babu plus future stars Shortkut and D-Styles. In ...

  • Saint Rocco

    Saint Rocco View Profile

    Saint Rocco’s sound is equal parts songwriting finesse and technical edge. It’s a sound rooted in classic rock and R&B, but draws inspiration from all eras of music. Composed of four talented and unique musicians and songwriters from across New York State, Saint Rocco’s strengths draw on this musical diversity.

  • Jerry Rocha

    Jerry Rocha View Profile

    Jerry Rocha is one of the hottest comics on the scene, constantly on tour and leaving a trail of busted guts and broken hearts in his wake. Well okay not really, but he has been a featured performer on SiTV, The Latino Laugh Festival, and was the subject of a half-hour documentary on the Travel Channel. He has spent the past few years working at comedy clubs all over the country, and is currentl...

  • Frank Roche

    Frank Roche View Profile

  • Karyn Rochelle

    Karyn Rochelle View Profile

  • Vanessa Rochelle

    Vanessa Rochelle View Profile

  • Aesop Rock

    Aesop Rock View Profile

    Aesop Rock has started skateboarding again. Nearly every day, he hits up the skate park, working to get his skills back up.   Skating and drawing (which he’s been doing more of, too) were his big passions before his hobby of making rap songs turned into a paying gig that turned into an accidental, 20-year long career, taking him from making beats in his bedroom to playing f...

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