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  •  River City High

    River City High View Profile

    River City High love loud guitars. River City High hail from Richmond, Virginia and play high energy punk-influenced rock, have toured with every band on the radio and released the EP on Doghouse Records entitled Extended Play. Following the release of 2001's River City High Won't Turn Down on Doghouse (the label that brought you The All-American Rejects, The Get Up Kids, etc.), River City High hi...

  •  River City Tanlines

    River City Tanlines View Profile

    A three-piece rock band made up of guitarist Alicja Trout, bassist Terrence Bishop and drummer John Bonds, the Memphis, Tennesee-based River City Tanlines mines Delta-area musical heritage and 1970s punk fury to create their sound. Together since 2004, the group has a series of 7" singles and two albums to their credit.

  • Candy's River House

    Candy's River House View Profile

  • Run River North

    Run River North View Profile

    In the course of several months, Run River North went from playing a handful of hometown shows in Los Angeles to performing to an audience of millions on late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Live! It was an explosive trajectory for the sextet, whose uplifting anthems march to the beat of drums, jangling guitars and a rapturous string section. The rapid ascent from obscurity launched a new chapter for t...

  • Green River Ordinance

    Green River Ordinance View Profile

    The title of Fifteen, Green River Ordinance's first studio album in three years, has a dual meaning for the hard-working quintet.  In addition to marking the fifteen years that have passed since the five bandmates first began making music together, fifteen was also the average age of the band members when the group formed. In the decade and a half since they first convened in...

  • Dirty River Ramblers

    Dirty River Ramblers View Profile

  • L.A. River Swim Team

    L.A. River Swim Team View Profile

    The LA River Swim Team began when Tony, Norman and John joined forces in January 2010 after sharing an affinity for fast surf punk, sweet melodic reggae and heavy psychedelic rock. In mid 2008, Tony had moved back home to LA from the East Coast and met up with Norman who was producing electronic music. The two began jamming together and had a series of different instruments, genres and musicians t...

  • L.A. River Swim Team ~

    L.A. River Swim Team ~ View Profile

    The LA River Swim Team began when Tony, Norman and John joined forces in January 2010 after sharing an affinity for punk rock, sweet melodic reggae, heavy psychedelic rock and hip-hop. The three friends began to jam almost every night, crafting their yet to be known sound and eventually adopting the moniker, LA River Swim Team. As they delivered their wildly energetic performances through out the ...

  • Deep River Valley

    Deep River Valley View Profile

    Folk trying to be rock trying to be ambient trying to be pop trying to be indie.

  • Brendan Rivera

    Brendan Rivera View Profile

    In 2010, BRENDAN RIVERA entered the studio yet again with producers Mike Kalajian and Gregory Dunn of Moving Mountains to record No Ocean in Ireland. The album features 11 songs that Rivera describes as “Irish-Americana Indie Rock.”

  • Erik Rivera

    Erik Rivera View Profile

    Since bursting onto to the NYC comedy scene in 2004, Erik Rivera's name has become synonymous with comedy. His “boy next door” good looks and unique perspective make him one of New York's fastest rising young comedians. His quick wit along with his commanding stage presence, charisma and infectious smile make him a favorite act at comedy clubs and colleges throughout the country. Erik...

  • Jenni Rivera

    Jenni Rivera View Profile

  • Justin Rivera

    Justin Rivera View Profile

  • Mike Rivera

    Mike Rivera View Profile

     ce 1988, Mike has been successfully touring the US, Europe and the Caribbean. Mike is a versatile performer who brings together high energy with an irreverent sense of humor for one knock-out show. Mike has appeared on HBO and Showtime Network.

  • Nathan Rivera

    Nathan Rivera View Profile

  • Robbie Rivera

    Robbie Rivera View Profile

  • Rocky Rivera

    Rocky Rivera View Profile

    Rocky Rivera is an accomplished journalist-turned-emcee whose editorials appeared in XXL, The Source and Rolling Stone Magazine before she decided to perfect her own musical craft. She’s dropped three independent musical projects since 2008, Married to the Hustle Mixtape, the self-titled album, Rocky Rivera, and the POP KILLER MXTP. Her debut album was released in 2010 and since then, has...

  • Shayla Rivera

    Shayla Rivera View Profile

    I am a sensitive woman with a male ego and that just makes me ... confused! I welcome challenges and will battle to the death to win and overcome them but never in a way that will infringe or hurt another. In other words, I will battle, indeed welcome the fight with the giant, but I will make sure all the while he/she doesn't feel dimisnished in any way... Good Grief! I am a geek a dork and...

  • Thai Rivera

    Thai Rivera View Profile

    Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Thai Rivera was raised in the smaller, more rural town of Casa Grande, Arizona. When he was 19, he moved to Las Vegas where he lived the true Las Vegas party lifestyle. Tired of the fast pace of Vegas, he moved back to Phoenix and settled into a life of boring office work. He quickly tired of the life as a cubicle dweller, but when he found his way to the local c...

  • Gilberto Rivera and RumbaNaMa

    Gilberto Rivera and RumbaNaMa View Profile

    Get your dancing shoes on and come check out RumbaNaMa, an explosive Latin band formed by lead singer Gilberto Rivera which features original arrangements of salsa, guaracha, son, merengue, bachata, bolero and cumbia, among others. RumbaNaMa fuses rock, jazz, blues and R&B with Latin dance rhythms. Electric guitar is used in some songs to accomplish this fusion.

  • The Rivera Family Tour

    The Rivera Family Tour View Profile

  • Joan Rivers

    Joan Rivers View Profile

    Joan Rivers is a force of nature and one of the hardest-working celebrities in the world. An entertainment legend of unparalleled accomplishment and talent, she's an internationally renowned comedienne, Tony-nominated actress, best-selling author, Emmy Award-winning television talk show host, playwright, screenwriter, motion picture director, columnist, lecturer, syndicated radio host, jewelry des...

  • M. Rivers

    M. Rivers View Profile

    The singer-songwriter of Redlight King, has evolved into M. Rivers with an exciting new sound  

  • Wolf Rivers

    Wolf Rivers View Profile

  • Sean Rivers Band

    Sean Rivers Band View Profile

    Born into a family of musicians and raised in Fort Payne, AL (home to country super group Alabama) Singer/Songwriter Sean Rivers' path to music was paved the day he was born. Writing songs ranging from love to heartbreak, party time to real life, Sean's songs have struck a chord with people from all walks of life. The Sean Rivers Band is known for their over the top, fast paced, energetic live sho...

  • The Riverside

    The Riverside View Profile

  • Golden Rivet

    Golden Rivet View Profile

    Golden Rivet is a teenage rock band from Latvia (northern Europe). Brothers Sylvester & Bruno Lawrence created the band in 2012. Golden Rivet just released a new album “We Are Ready” which contains all the best songs of 2014. The title song “We Are Ready” is about a night in California. And soon Golden Rivet will reach one of their dreams – to play a shows in CA! ...

  • Fallen Riviera

    Fallen Riviera View Profile

    Will Parry and Steve Ornest formed Fallen Riviera while attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston. After making the move to Los Angeles, the band hit the local club circuit hard, gradually building a loyal fan base. They released an EP called "Six Mines", which was ranked Album of the Year by Music Connection Magazine and awarded them the 2011 Lauren Picard Emerging Artist of th...

  • The Rizzos

    The Rizzos View Profile

  • Laura Rizzotto

    Laura Rizzotto View Profile

    Laura Rizzotto is a 19-year-old recording and performing Music artist, a  7-year trained ballet dancer, an activist and a professional songwriter, with over 50  original songs published by herself, most of them with English lyrics. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Laura started playing the piano at the age of 9 and wrote her first ballad “Reaso...

  •  RJD2

    RJD2 View Profile

    Catapulted to notoriety, fame, and serious hip-hop credibility with 2002's Dead Ringer LP, Philadelphia based DJ and multi-instrumentalist RJD2 has enjoyed a thoroughly prolific career, following that debut album with 2004's critically acclaimed Since We Last Spoke. For The Third hand, RJD2 seemingly abandons all the notions and titles that have been placed upon him over the past 5 years. Under...

  • The rmals

    The rmals View Profile

  •  RnD

    RnD View Profile

    RnD started as a side project of Rico Estrada (of Ease Up) and Dominic Blas (of Tribal Theory). Both Rico and Dominic’s bands are based out of San Diego, while they both reside in LA County. Linking up in early 2011, they formed RnD and started playing and making reggae music as a duo. Andres, Rico's brother, joined the group in 2012 on bass guitar. Today they can be found playing musi...

  • Project RnL

    Project RnL View Profile

    Project RnL is in essence, the long awaited answer to every Progressive Rock fan’s unrequited desires. At last, a fresh group of wildly creative talent who perfectly combine the compositional skills of Yes, the eccentricity of Gentle Giant and the virtuosity of Dream Theater all with a classic warmth and humor kindred to cherished super groups like the Beatles, Queen or Frank Zap...

  • Saf Ro

    Saf Ro View Profile

    Who is Saf Ro?   Saf Ro is Steven Anthony Frazier’s Recent Observations.   Saf Ro is an independent artist, songwriter, and producer.     Last year Saf Ro participated in a songwriting challenge… Write a song in one week based on a wide array of lyrical topics, genres, and detailed musical parameters to which each songwriter had to...

  • Papa Roach

    Papa Roach View Profile

  • Soul Roach

    Soul Roach View Profile

    Celebrating the music and spirit of Jerry Garcia Bringing a unique sound to the Jerry Garcia Band catalog, Soul Roach focuses on improvisational exploration and never playing the same set twice.The band is currently accepting offers for National touring dates. Please contact Barry Entertainment for booking info. Featuring Todd Eberwine (guitar & vocals), Eric "Critt" Crittenden...

  • Abbey Road

    Abbey Road View Profile

    With their tight harmonies, flawless note for note renditions of Beatles hits, custom–tailored costumes, vintage instruments, Liverpudlian dialect and precise attention to every detail, Abbey Road has honed their show to become one of the most musically and visually satisfying Beatle tribute acts in the world. Abbey Road recreates the magic, music, wit and charm of the Beatles, including ...

  • Annabelle Road

    Annabelle Road View Profile

    With a big-as-the-room sound, the ability to rock the doors off the toughest clubs, the heart to keep a crowd hanging on every note and the party going till closing time, Annabelle Road blows in from the intersection where rural and urban sensibilities meet. Tapping Motor City's rich musical well by way of Butcher Holler, this barnstorming band fuses the best of rock and country seamlessly to thei...

  • Binley Road

    Binley Road View Profile

  • Cherry Road

    Cherry Road View Profile

    Cherry Road is a collective of varying genres of music. Each member brings their unique past influences to determine the sound output. At the end of the day, however, we are great friends that share a passionate bond through music. Our style is an eclectic new wave of rock called "California Groove Rock." Built from the body of the desert and soul of the coast, we strive to create sonic ...

  • Hartle Road

    Hartle Road View Profile


  • Kings Road

    Kings Road View Profile

  • October Road

    October Road View Profile

  • Portobello Road

    Portobello Road View Profile

  • Resurrection Road

    Resurrection Road View Profile

    Damon Dae Any singer worth their salt was influenced by the greatest entertainers of eras gone by. Most have taken these inspirations to unique heights of flattery and imitation but nothing more. Its time for a new day. Damon Dae. Original. Uniquely his own. With his easily identifiable sultry tenor voice, he is destined to find his place in history amongst the best. He has the ability-- a gi...

  • River Road

    River Road View Profile

  • Sapphire Road

    Sapphire Road View Profile

    Sapphire Road is a surf rock band from South Orange County first formed in 2009 by Olivia Rohde the singer/songwriter and Ryan Brennan the lead guitarist. After a five year hiatus and Olivia performing solo, they reformed this year with new members Michael Kenney on bass and Chris Dailey on drums, bringing an energetic fresh vibe.

  • Schucks Road

    Schucks Road View Profile

    On a cold night in October, Brandon Pfeltz and Michael Perrie Jr. formed Schucks Road while stranded in the blackout of New York City during Hurricane Sandy. Their first song was written by candlelight while the rain pounded against the window of their apartment building on Roosevelt Island. Their music is a direct result of their hometown upbringing in Maryland, and the songs that have inspired t...

  • Zona Road

    Zona Road View Profile

    Zona Road was created in 2010 by singer / songwriter Gray Vickers and guitarist Kody Herring. Gray and Kody met while collaborating on another project and soon realized that county music was their calling. The project took many turns as Zona Road struggled to find the right rhythm section until they met local Phoenix drummer Frank Angel. Shortly thereafter Zona Road completed their line-up with on...

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