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  • LA Riots

    LA Riots View Profile

    Over the years, his broad musical scope has led to plays from the likes of Tiesto, Justice and Afrojack to name a few. These accolades from fellow DJs has put him on the speed dial of A&R teams to shine up pop and rock remixes for major labels such as Warner Bros., Virgin, Tommy Boy and Interscope. LA Riots production is varied, but his quality control and precision in the studio creates a big roo...

  • Night Riots

    Night Riots View Profile

    Formerly known as PK

  • Jamie Riotto

    Jamie Riotto View Profile

    Hello! My name is James Riotto and I am a Bay Area producer, recording engineer, composer, and performer. I've had the pleasure of working with some amazing people in this capacity, including John Vanderslice, Sean Hayes, Mohsen Namjoo, The Mountain Goats, Thao Nguyen, Marty Ehrlich, Geographer, Kacey Johansing, DRMS and many many others.   I've toured the country in rock b...

  • Kil Ripkin

    Kil Ripkin View Profile

    Kil Ripkin (Akil S. El) is an Moorish American rapper/producer born New York, raised in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn. Groomed under the tutelage of singer songwriter, producer and engineer Don Newkirk his music turned the head of DJ Premier, which laid the foundation for a long standing relationship for his crew The Coalescence. Kil’s latest full-length album Medulla Oblongata...

  • Andrew Ripp

    Andrew Ripp View Profile

    Andrew Ripp creates music that pushes the boundaries of genre stereotypes, blending the energetic beats of pop music into a soul culture and adding the depth and groove of soul music into a pop culture. Since beginning his career in 2005, Ripp's songs and records have successfully impacted a diverse and growing audience including true music lovers: fans that appreciate the nuances of a well...

  • Hose Rips

    Hose Rips View Profile

     Hose Rips is equal parts fantasy and horror. Loud music from Santa Rosa, CA.   

  • Archers Rise

    Archers Rise View Profile

  • Coastal Rise

    Coastal Rise View Profile

    CR - Friends who found each other through mutual passions for their art, their common interests and goals - creating an amazing sound that is uniquely their own. Soulful lyrics and melodies that leave you feeling inspired and lifted. Grooving and driving sound - you'll want to drive along the coast with your windows down all day long...

  • Maniac Rise

    Maniac Rise View Profile

  • The Rise

    The Rise View Profile

  • We Rise Above The Streets

    We Rise Above The Streets View Profile

  •  Rise Against

    Rise Against View Profile

    Chicago's Rise Against began in 1999 when ex-88 Fingers Louie bassist Joe Principe tapped area vocalist Tim McIlrath for a new project rooted in the sound and social vision of traditionalist hardcore. Joined by fellow 88 Fingers vet Dan Precision on guitar and, eventually, drummer Brandon Barnes, Rise Against signed to Fat Wreck and issued The Unraveling in 2001. Precision left the band that same ...

  • True Risen

    True Risen View Profile

    Proficient in all forms of heavy bass music Risen aka True Risen is one of the most wildly successful Upstate New York brokenbeat junglists. Consistently performing throughout the state and across the northeast Risen has become a staple for all styles of drum n bass, jungle, and breakbeat dub influenced music. Often laced with funky hip hop samples and ragga vocals his sound ranges from th...

  • Paul Rishell and Annie Raines

    Paul Rishell and Annie Raines View Profile

    The musical pairing of Paul Rishell and Annie Raines has been likened to a match made in Blues Heaven, following in the footsteps of virtuosic duos like Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, Muddy Waters and Little Walter, and Memphis Minnie and Kansas Joe McCoy. They have recorded 6 albums together, including MOVING TO THE COUNTRY, the W.C. Handy Award Winner for Acoustic Blues Album of the Year, an...

  • Soul Risin

    Soul Risin View Profile

    Soul Risin' is the Syracuse, NY, soulgrass jam band fronted by singer/songwriter Bryan Weinsztok. Thriving off of their live shows, the group brings together an array of musical influences to get any venue grooving. From southern rock to funk, blues, reggae and bluegrass jams, with a touch of genuine soul, they take it to new levels on stage with creative improv & jams leaving fans cr...

  • Antigone Rising

    Antigone Rising View Profile

    When these New York based, alt-country female rockers do something, they do it big. Catapulted into the national spotlight in 2005 with a groundbreaking major label debut that landed them in the top 20 of the Billboard Heatseekers chart for an entire year, the ladies of Antigone Rising love outdoing their past accomplishments.    The band's first major label release hit Starbucks s...

  • Jupiter Rising

    Jupiter Rising View Profile

    The West Coast club act Jupiter Rising was originally formed by Spencer Nezey and 8o Bug, the latter of whom was replaced by vocalist Jessie Payo in 2007. 8o Bug got her start singing gospel music; the daughter of missionary parents who traveled throughout the South, she wasn't allowed to listen to secular material until age 13. As a result, the training she received in gospel afforded her a vocal...

  • Madison Rising

    Madison Rising View Profile

    Madison Rising -- named in honor of James Madison, the fourth President of the United States and a key author of the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and The Federalist Papers. Madison Rising promotes the principles of liberty, independence, smaller government and personal responsibility. All tracks were recorded at Water Studios in Hoboken and mixed by Ron Saint Germain at Saint’s Place Stu...


    MAGDA RISING View Profile

    Authentic and unpredictable, Magda has a sound that is raw, funky and true to her personality. Blending soulful sounds and piercing lyrics with a unique alternative edge, Magda sounds like no one else. Raised in Los Angeles, Magda has been involved in the arts from a young age. She has toured across the US, from 5 star hotels on South Beach to headlining her own show at the famed House of Blues on...

  • Positive Rising

    Positive Rising View Profile

    Positive Rising is a Seattle based Reggae band who's members have been rooted in the Reggae community for over 10 years.They formed in the summer of 2011 and they strive to bring a positive message put to catchy hooks and dancable grooves. They haved shared the stage with such acts as Natural Vibrations, Easy Star All Stars, Josh Heinrichs & Skillinjah, Kyle & C-Money of Slightly ...

  • Soul Rising

    Soul Rising View Profile

  • The Rising

    The Rising View Profile

    The Rising - Bruce Springsteen Tribute The Rising is a brotherhood of friends, some with ties that date back nearly two decades. Much like Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, they take the stage more like a gang, than a band. They collectively roll up their sleeves and go to work, night, after night. They were all cut from the worn denim of blue collar towns, and paid musical dues playing...

  • Upfull Rising

    Upfull Rising View Profile

    Upfull Rising is a San Diego based reggae band that formed in the summer of 2012; A group of young and inspired artists motivated to spreading the majesty of their creator. Upfull Rising is dedicated to bringing a memorable musical experience to fans of all ages with their earth shaking drum and bass, mind bending keyboard effects, face melting guitar solos, and spiritually inspired messages. Upfu...

  • Young Rising Sons

    Young Rising Sons View Profile

    Young Rising Sons is a Rock and Roll band from New Jersey.

  • Alvin Risk

    Alvin Risk View Profile

     Singer and producer Alvin Risk's talents have earned him instant recognition amongst the dance music Illuminati. Since posting his first songs just months ago, he has already garnered support from artists like Skrillex, Designer Drugs, and Steve Aoki, even featuring in Pendulum’s BBC Radio One Essential Mix. Now placed at the forefront of electronic music, his catalog continues to g...

  • Dean Risko

    Dean Risko View Profile

    Dean Risko was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He and his parents moved to Salt Lake City, Utah when he was 10 years old and it was there that he began to discover his love for music and Hip-Hop. Beginning with the b-boy culture then becoming accustomed to the art of rhyme which finally led to the discovery of his gift to sing and write. Building a name for himself as well as a following he co...

  • Sean Ritch

    Sean Ritch View Profile

  • Dwight Ritcher & Nicole Nelson

    Dwight Ritcher & Nicole Nelson View Profile

    Dwight & Nicole, an American roots band formed by recording artists Dwight Ritcher and Nicole Nelson, released their sophomore LP, aptly titled Shine On, on April 22, 2014. An inspiring mashup of folk, blues, pop, jazz, gospel and reggae, the album can't be categorized easily, but that's fine. “I don't like to be categorized...because I'm changing all the time. An...

  • Jimmy Ritchey

    Jimmy Ritchey View Profile

  • Andy Ritchie

    Andy Ritchie View Profile

    Andy Ritchie is a stand-up comedian performing out of Austin, TX, and is a frequent performer at Cap City Comedy Club. He recently performed at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, and you can see him on the upcoming season of Comedy Central's "Live at Gotham".

  • Lee Ritenour

    Lee Ritenour View Profile

    Growing up in L.A. in the 60's, Grammy award winning guitarist Lee Ritenour received a rich cross section of exposure to jazz, rock and Brazilian music. From one of his first sessions at 16 with the Mamas and Papas to accompanying Lena Horne and Tony Bennett at 18, his forty year eclectic and storied career is highlighted by a Grammy Award win for his 1986 collaboration with Dave Grusin, Harlequin...

  •  Riton

    Riton View Profile

    Riton aka Henry Smithson is hailed as one of the UK’s brightest talents. Whether it’s his pulsating DJ sets, genre crashing team ups (Carte Blanche, Die Verboten) or the multitude of original productions and remixes under his belt, Riton has gathered accolades from every corner. 2009 saw a stunning collaboration with Primary 1 on ‘Who’s There’ (released on Erol ...

  • Roger Rittenhouse

    Roger Rittenhouse View Profile

  • Jessie Ritter

    Jessie Ritter View Profile

  • Matt Ritter

    Matt Ritter View Profile

    Matt Ritter is one of today’s hottest up and coming comedians. His clever and energetic brand of comedy has entertained audiences large and small across the country. He has performed at top venues including NOKIA Theatre in Times Square, House of Blues, and appears regularly at hotspots such as Gotham Comedy Club, Comix and the Hollywood Improv. When he’s not entertaining crowds l...

  • Josh Ritter & The Royal City Band

    Josh Ritter & The Royal City Band View Profile

    Josh Ritter will set out on an extensive U.S. headlining tour in 2016 in support of his latest album Sermon On The Rocks (out now out now via Pytheas Recordings/Thirty Tigers). Joined by The Royal City Band, this run of dates will include performances in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia and more. See below for a complete list of shows.   Ritter recently released the...

  • Superjoint Ritual

    Superjoint Ritual View Profile

    The early 21st century saw Pantera singer Phil Anselmo launch several side projects, including Necrophagia, Viking Crown, Christ Inversion, Southern Isolation, and Superjoint Ritual. The latter group is comprised of guitarists Jim Bower and Kevin Bond, drummer Joseph Fazzio, with none other than Hank Williams III on bass (Anselmo handled both vocal and bass duties for the group's recordings, but o...

  • The Rituals

    The Rituals View Profile

    In May of 2014 Barney Cortez, Anthony Cox and Steve Lyons got in their van and left Philadelphia to head for Los Angeles. They came to stay with their friend Jordan Rippe in North Hollywood and set up a make shift studio upon arrival, hashing out a new sound and a new batch of songs. Drummer Steve Demby was added shortly after meeting in a local bar one night. Within a few days of getting to south...

  • Emily Ritz (of Yesway)

    Emily Ritz (of Yesway) View Profile

    Emily Ritz has been a fixture in the Bay Area music scene since 2006. You may recognize her from previous projects like Honeycomb and DRMS, or her more recent band with Kacey Johansing, Yesway. Now for the first time Emily will be performing under her own name. You can expect to see a souful solo performance of new songs with some old Yesway and Honeycomb mixed in. Her lush electric guitar sounds ...

  • Teles Riva

    Teles Riva View Profile

  • Emmy Rival

    Emmy Rival View Profile

  • Silent Rival

    Silent Rival View Profile

  •  Rival Schools

    Rival Schools View Profile

    Born out of a hearty hardcore pedigree, the members of Rival Schools stepped to the plate with a phenomenal history and the qualities that would point towards an amazing future. Singer and guitarist Walter Schreifels began making waves as the guitarist for '80s hardcore pioneers Gorilla Biscuits and then went on to influence the entire post-hardcore movement with his influential work in Quicksand,...

  • Modern Rivals

    Modern Rivals View Profile

    Modern Rivals weaves whirling keyboard lines, lush loops, and dreamy guitar tones around balladic vocals and a hard-hitting percussive backdrop. Their complex, yet gracefully composed arrangements radiate a sort of controlled chaos, as textures and tones swim along with a glowing beauty. All the while, the band keeps one foot firmly planted in the songwriting world, seamlessly integrating the good...

  • Ancient River

    Ancient River View Profile

    “...Shoegaze meets retro audio stimulation, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club dipped in the haze of a mid-Seventies summer." MOJOPHENIA MUSIC    “Alternately spacey and corrosive, Ancient River seems at one with Bay Area revivalists the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and to an even greater extent, anti-flower children Assemble Head In Sunburs...

  • Honey River

    Honey River View Profile

    Honey River is: Matt Cermanski- Lead vocals, acoustic Joey Sykes- Main acoustic guitar, vocals Stephan Hovsepian- Fiddle, mandolin, acoustic, vocals Drew Taubenfield- Pedal steel, banjo, dobro Mike Avenaim- percussion

  • Mad River

    Mad River View Profile

    Mad RIver are a Bay Area four piece alternative rock band featuring English Singer/Songwriter Mark Hammond on Vocals and Guitar, and Californian musicians Ramon Fermin on guitar, Stephen Goodwin on bass and Reid Murray on drums. Emotionally raw, honest and passionate, Mad River deliver killer live shows distinguished by uniquely powerful songs. Drawing inspiration from folk and rock artists ...

  • Mechanical River

    Mechanical River View Profile

    Joel T. Hamilton is a mouthful. It's 5 syllables and doesn't well roll off the tongue. As a musician he has trouble sticking to one instrument, as a songwriter one genre, as a lyricist one voice resulting in vague ineffectivity. This quality very visibly imposes itself upon his life as well. As a person he writes his own bio in third person and feels silly. He has a failed garden in his backyard a...

  • The River Arkansas

    The River Arkansas View Profile

  • East River Bandits

    East River Bandits View Profile

    The East River Bandits, NYC's own Texas-style country band, almost never happened. Rob Lilly, a Texas transplant had pretty much given up on playing music, only occasionally playing acoustic sets at a local watering hole. One afternoon Dan Sweeney, lead guitarist of rock group Acquiesce, stopped in to watch a sporting event on TV and heard Lilly playing a rare country cover he recognized.

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