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  • The Ries Brothers

    The Ries Brothers View Profile

    The Ries Brothers (pronounced ”Rees”), a duo from Tampa Bay, FL, blend rock, blues, funk, and reggae into a soulful-sophisticated sound. Older brother Charlie (23) sings lead vocals while SIMULTANEOUSLY playing drums and keyboard bass giving the band it’s unique and full sound. Younger brother Kevin Jordan (20) completes the band’s “sonic creativity” on guita...

  • Kyle Rife

    Kyle Rife View Profile

    Born 30 minutes north of Seattle, Kyle Rife was raised in Everett, WA. At the age of 6, he took up a strong interest in playing the guitar. His early influences were those such as Angus Young, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Mark Knopfler, and Jimi Hendrix.   Signed with Spirit Music Publishing, Kyle has co-written songs with Darius Rucker, Ed Sheeran, Mac McAnally, Frank Rogers, among other notable ar...

  • Chris Riffle

    Chris Riffle View Profile

  • Arielle Rifici

    Arielle Rifici View Profile

    Arielle Rifici's distinctive sound along with her undeniable charm and warm hearted personality are sure to capture the hearts of millions. Her musical influences are a beautiful blend of Karen Carpenter, Sheryl Crow & Frank Sinatra. She has had the pleasure of collaborating with some of the finest writers in the business including Oliver Leiber, Vince Melamed, Jimmy Nichols, Mary Danna &a...

  • Wizard Rifle

    Wizard Rifle View Profile

  • The Rift

    The Rift View Profile

    We started this band to express ourselves and it has been an outlet for us during tough times in life that we all fall on whether it is dealing with loss or just making it to tomorrow, we let our music be our saving grace and we have a blast doing it! We try to make every one who comes out to our shows feel like family so we hope to see you at the next one!

  • Big Rig Dollhouse

    Big Rig Dollhouse View Profile

    Firing on all cylinders of Rock 'n' Roll and Rhythm n Blues, Big Rig Dollhouse brings you the most explosive high-energy Rock 'n' Roll music. Singer and Guitarist Rob Castle left England for the love of music. Settling into the Southern California scene, he soon set out to find the screaming, classic Rock 'n' Roll sound that he so badly needed. Finding first, the f...

  • Amy Rigby

    Amy Rigby View Profile

    “Nice to see someone with such a formidable back catalog still at the top of her game." - New York Music Daily   "Her whimsical, often autobiographical songs are masterful. Funny and enticing, she is up there with the likes of Paul Simon and Randy Newman.” - New York Times   “The Old Guys” - Amy Rigby’s first solo album in a dozen years - measu...

  • Chris Riggins

    Chris Riggins View Profile

    When it comes to being on the forefront of what is hip, fresh and respectable, no place can touch the San Francisco Bay Area. Every corner is exploding with amazing art and the artist themselves all have so much talent that it can be hard to stand out. Chris Riggins has taken the art of stand up comedy and chose to stand out amongst a sea of other talented artists. From producing unique shows such...

  • John Riggins

    John Riggins View Profile

  • Rob Riggle

    Rob Riggle View Profile

    Rob Riggle was born in Louisville, Kentucky and raised in Overland Park, Kansas. Mr. Riggle began his comedy career in 1997 in New York City, while still on active duty in the Marine Corps. He took classes and eventually taught classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. He spent seven years at the UCB in New York, studying, teaching and performing. He also studied Method Acting in New York f...

  • Sam Riggs

    Sam Riggs View Profile

    Given the choice, artist/songwriter Sam Riggs would take skydiving over watching movies on any given Sunday. That sense of daring is a key element in his brand of country, a rock-infused sound with a chip on its sonic shoulder from a guy who counts Garth Brooks, Foo Fighters, Eric Church and A Day To Remember among his influences. A St. Cloud, Florida, native, Riggs’ career took off after he...

  • Eric Riggsbee

    Eric Riggsbee View Profile

    Breaks veteran of 17 years started his musical path at age six with the piano. By age ten he started playing the drums, starting his own band at age twelve & playing throughout the bay area up until age twenty-two in bands ranging from Jazz to Metal. His DJ career started in 1998 playing Breaks & throwing his own parties in Santa Cruz, Oakland & San Francisco. As of January 2014 Eri...

  • Azad Right

    Azad Right View Profile

  • Dead Right

    Dead Right View Profile

  • That's Right

    That's Right View Profile

    New York City's favorite four-piece rock band, playing original psychedelic, progressive, and alternative tunes.

  • Miscast: Right Singer Wrong Song

    Miscast: Right Singer Wrong Song View Profile

    MISCAST: Right Singer Wrong Song - An evening of iconic musical theater songs sung by fantastic performers. Whether they are the wrong age, race, gender or possess the wrong skill set, they are all hilariously...MISCAST!

  • Not Right Tiger Club

    Not Right Tiger Club View Profile


  • The Rightsiders

    The Rightsiders View Profile

    The Rightsiders are an alternative rock band that produces a modern sound equipped with elements of old school rock and punk. With Nick Wolfe singing at the helm, Shaynie Rhoads shredding on lead guitar, Toby McKinnley booming on the bass, and Sergio Bustamante bangin' out on drums, The Rightsiders cause a ruckus wherever they go!

  •  Rihanna

    Rihanna View Profile

  • Brett Riley

    Brett Riley View Profile

    Brett Riley is a farm boy from Kansas with the heart of a soul singer which makes for a life full of unusual and out of place stories. It has been said "Brett Riley isn't a fish out of water, he is his own portable bowl." Realizing he was born to entertain, Brett took a Scholarship to Oklahoma City University for Music Theatre. He quickly learned he was meant to perform, just not music t...

  • Siena Riley

    Siena Riley View Profile

    Heavily influenced by the blues masters, Siena Riley's sound is a hybrid of hardrock and soul that will surely put a spell on you, as you jam out to her raw voice and rockin' tunes. 

  • Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys

    Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys View Profile

    The band is called Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys. The guy in the middle holds a button-box that squeezes like an accordion, but shouts hallelujah like a big brass band. The fiddle cracks wise and warm, the guitar falls off the edge of the earth, and the rhythm section is purring rumble like a Coupe DeVille of shark-fin vintage. It all flows as a liquid-smooth groove, topped with three heartfe...

  • Gavin Riley Smoke Machine

    Gavin Riley Smoke Machine View Profile

    Gavin Riley Smoke Machine spins a crowd-sourced yarn through beats, rhymes, and animated video by Tumblr pro John Karel. Audience members choose their own collective adventure, sometimes leading to catastrophe, other times to perfect formless consciousness.

  • LeAnn Rimes

    LeAnn Rimes View Profile

    In 1996, LeAnn Rimes burst out of nowhere with her debut single, "Blue," which immediately captured the attention of country fans across America. It wasn't just the fact that her rich, powerful vocals were remarkably similar to Patsy Cline -- it was the fact that Rimes was only 13 years old. Like Tanya Tucker and Brenda Lee before her, she had a hit with her debut single and was bare...

  • Lindsay Rimes

    Lindsay Rimes View Profile

  • Don Rimini

    Don Rimini View Profile

     First Don Rimini made all of us freak the fuck out. Then he got radical on us. Now he kicks us in the face...and runs away. You wish he kicked us just once...but with his third release, the Kick 'N Run EP, Don Rimini terrorizes dancefloors times 4, and that means he's dropping 4 BOMBS on our sorry asses. It's not like it's the first time anyway, that's the same dude who attacked fiercly...

  • Chicken John Rinaldi

    Chicken John Rinaldi View Profile

    "Chicken" John Rinaldi is a showman, author and activist living in San Francisco. He is the executive director of the San Francisco Institute of Possibility.

  • Promise Ring

    Promise Ring View Profile

    The Promise Ring were one of the most popular emo bands of the '90s, epitomizing the poppier, more accessible wing of the style. Along with Sunny Day Real Estate, the Get Up Kids, Braid, and Jimmy Eat World, they helped bring emo from the punk underground to a wider indie rock audience in the latter half of the decade. Like the exact definition of emo itself, the Promise Ring's music evolved in wa...

  • R. Ring

    R. Ring View Profile

    R. Ring is Kelley Deal & Mike Montgomery. It is voices, guitars and keys. It is sparse, chaotic, abrasive and lulling, often within the same song.

  • Jason Ringenberg

    Jason Ringenberg View Profile

    Jason Ringenberg is known for his band that “singlehandedly rewrote the history of rock ’n roll in the South” according to Rolling Stone. Jason & The Scorchers has the instinctive ability to combine traditional country music with high-energy punk rock has not been surpassed to this day. In 2008, they were honored with the Americana Music Association Lifetime Achievement Award...

  • The Ringers

    The Ringers View Profile

  • Emcee Ringo

    Emcee Ringo View Profile

    Anyone who has danced the weekend nights away in Atlantic City has probably come across Emcee Ringo, who regularly works in the hippest and hottest clubs. Ringo revels in the perks of being an emcee, which is slightly different from your average DJ. “As an emcee, working alongside celebrity DJs and today’s top performers, we orchestrate an exciting blueprint for our partygoers,” ...

  • The Ringsiders

    The Ringsiders View Profile

    The Rightsiders are a local San Francisco, CA, Bay Area rock band.

  • Del Rio

    Del Rio View Profile

    Del Rio is a loud power pop (punk) band from Charlotte, North Carolina that enjoys soda, beer, pizza and tacos.

  • Rio Rio

    Rio Rio View Profile

    Rio Rio is a five-piece indie dance rock band.

  • Jerry Riopelle

    Jerry Riopelle View Profile

    There’s no mistaking Jerry Riopelle’s distinctive brand of hard driving roots rock. Riopelle’s music reflects a genuine lyrical honesty with heavy doses of rhythm and blues, rock and country, flavored with a unique mix of jazz and reggae sounds. Riopelle is an artist whose work, both in the studio and on stage, has refused to be categorized. His natural ability to draw from diffe...

  • Atkins Riot

    Atkins Riot View Profile

  • Guillotine Riot

    Guillotine Riot View Profile

    Come see us play live and to lose your shit. Get dirty. Really dirty. Get uncomfortable. Dance. Make out with a few strangers. Dance some more.

  • Hollywood Riot

    Hollywood Riot View Profile

  • Inside Riot

    Inside Riot View Profile

    Inside Riot is a high energy, harmony driven alt/pop rock band from the Inland Empire of Southern California. Calling to arms audiences with songs of lust for the human experience, Fawn Nicole Baxter and David Strickland trade off or entwine their powerful vocal and guitar melodies on the foundation of Drummer Mike's fist-pounding rhythms and Matt McNight's heart-rattling bass.

  • Jitterbug Riot

    Jitterbug Riot View Profile

    We're here to build an empire, then start a revolution to destroy it, then make drinkies *cough* ok FINE, we're a San Francisco based band that fuses swing and rockabilly to keep things at a boil.

  • Oliver Riot

    Oliver Riot View Profile

    Oliver Riot is comprised of twins, Ben & Alex Moore, as well as drummer, Chris Judd. Ben and Alex began playing Gypsy Jazz in restaurants & coffee shops when they were 14 years old. They purchased their first car, a green Ford Explorer, with this money. Ben and Alex began writing their own music at age 16, and won two talent shows at their high school in Albuquerque, NM. ...

  • Pipeline Riot

    Pipeline Riot View Profile

    Pipeline Riot is a Fusion of multiple styles of music including Rock, Reggae, Funk, Latin, and Jazz that focuses on playing eclectic thought provoking music. It sounds like funky droning worldliness from a primitive society on the brink of a technical revolution. The four play and write together with the overall goal of sonically transcribing their thoughts, troubles, triumphs, and convictions whi...

  • Pulp Riot

    Pulp Riot View Profile

  • Reagan Riot

    Reagan Riot View Profile

    ~The Courtesan of Cabaret~ ~Reno's Mistress of the Main Stage~    “(Reagan) Riot’s steel trap mind and salacious wit make her a formidable spokesperson for and unapologetic champion of alternative lifestyle pursuits” -Oliver X Reno Tahoe Tonight   As Reno's official 'Riot Girl' Reagan Riot has taken the DIY movement to...

  • Sunshine Riot

    Sunshine Riot View Profile

    When Sunshine Riot named their long awaited full length debut album A Fresh Bottle & A Brand New Day, the eclectic four piece rock powerhouse was making a playful, tongue in cheek reference to their rep as a high energy, hard partying live band in their home base of Boston and beyond. But the group, founded by lifelong friends and musical compadres Jonny Orton (rhythm guitar, lead vocals) and ...

  • Virtual Riot

    Virtual Riot View Profile

  • The Riot Professor

    The Riot Professor View Profile

    Indie Rock, Jam Band

  • Hot Riot!

    Hot Riot! View Profile

    There are a few essential things the human body needs to survive. Food and water are important, human affection is good and of course music you can dance to is a must! HOT RIOT! provides a heavy dose of feel good, fun, dance-party rock music. Based in Los Angeles, the founding member, Kelly Riot (vocals, guitar) serves up a heavy dose of what the body needs! Influenced by the catchy new wave synth...

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