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  • Neon Radio

    Neon Radio View Profile

    Throw on your converse, put on your bangles, neon clothes, spandex and Members Only jackets, 'cause this party is flashing you totally back to the '80s!! Playing all your favorite hits that bring back all those great memories! You'll get your Flash-dance on and experience all the awesome, totally bitchin, radical and bodacious sounds through our explosive live shows that cr...

  • Nocturne Radio

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  • Pacific Radio

    Pacific Radio View Profile

    Largely a collection of upbeat songs about girls that have wronged the  charismatic showman, Joe Robinson. Pacific Radio delivers love torn  rock and roll ranging from the tongue in cheek “Tight Jeans” to the heartfelt  “L.A. is Pretty”. The band is currently promoting their first video and EP,  while chipping away at a ful...

  • Peyote Radio

    Peyote Radio View Profile

    Madness, wild sacrament, the communion of man & beast in the face of modern terror & apathy. The debasement of "art" & high aesthetics by & for the people.

  • Poet Radio

    Poet Radio View Profile

    Poet Radio began in a Northern Michigan basement, when two former members of The Vermeers, frontwoman and songwriter Madison Maxwell and drummer Ryan Cole got together to turn some of the former's original acoustic songs into something poppy and electric. Since adding synth, Poet Radio's duo sound has expanded into some exciting new territory. If you're a fan of the Zombies, the Doors, th...

  • Random Radio

    Random Radio View Profile

    We play music that makes women DANCE! Turn us on and turn it up! What do you get when you put 5 people from totally different parts of the US and different musical backgrounds in a room with some instruments and attitude? Random Radio is what! The band, formed in September of 2010 right here in San Diego, plays a wide and popular set list. Right from the start, Random Radio creates a show...

  •  Radio 4

    Radio 4 View Profile

    Named after a P.I.L. song, Radio 4 revives the late-'70s/early-'80s post-punk of bands like Gang of Four, Mission of Burma, and P.I.L. by matching scratchy guitar riffs with danceable grooves. The band was formed in 1999 in New York City by bassist Anthony Roman, guitarist Tommy Williams, drummer Greg Collins, percussionist P.J. O'Connor, and keyboardist Gerard Garone, and quickly recorded a three...

  • The Radio Dept.

    The Radio Dept. View Profile

  • El Radio Fantastique

    El Radio Fantastique View Profile

    "El Radio Fantastique is the band that would be playing at Salvadore Dali’s birthday party. They are an enigmatic 7-piece rock orchestra that defies all labels and description, that floats effortlessly across genres while always conveying a sense of cinematic drama, reckless abandon, and broken beauty. Through lush arrangements, driving rhythms, and pop hooks, the dynamic swell of em...

  • The Radio Project

    The Radio Project View Profile

    THE RADIO PROJECT formed in a small rehearsal studio in Los Angeles, California. LJ had been determined to get Justin and Lance into the same room, and that evening it happened. It all happened. Song after song took shape, and this trio realized their lives would never be the same. Justin Avery, LJ Holifield, and Lance Tolbert had established themselves individually as first-call backing musicia...

  • Bronze Radio Return

    Bronze Radio Return View Profile

    Bronze Radio Return know what it takes to get to the heart of American roots music. You have to go to America’s roots.   When it came time for the band to record their latest full-length album Up, On & Over, they found themselves in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains on a farm in the tiny town of Louisa, Virginia. In their journey as a band, recording in different...

  • The Radio Silent

    The Radio Silent View Profile

    Charlotte pop-rock

  • The Radiobirds

    The Radiobirds View Profile

  • Sophia Radisch

    Sophia Radisch View Profile

    Sophia Radisch (born July 6, 1998) She is a Canadian Professional Independent singer/songwriter/musician and actress. Sophia is currently working on her third album, with Grammy Award Winning Producer, Rob Fraboni. She has collaborated with Grammy Award Winning Producer, Narada Michael Walden. Sophia is credited with being lyricist, composer, vocalist, and rhythm guitarist on both her album releas...

  • Roger Radley

    Roger Radley View Profile

    Roger is an award winning comedian who has been performing his own brand of comedy for over 20 years. The Minneapolis Star Tribune called Roger “A comedian who owned the stage and held it without challenge until the audience collapsed in gasping fits of laughter”.

  • Gilda Radner

    Gilda Radner View Profile

    Radner was one of the great comic geniuses of the 20th century, ranked up with Lucille Ball and other comedy legends of the highest caliber. She was born on June 28, 1946, in Detroit, the younger of two children. Her parents were Herman and Henrietta Radner, and she had an older brother named Michael. She grew up with a nanny she always called Dibby, on whom she based her famous "Saturd...

  • Brian Rae

    Brian Rae View Profile

  • Cailee Rae

    Cailee Rae View Profile

    Cailee Rae is a refreshingly atypical pop artist. Rather than court “likes” and followers, she is true to herself as she delivers uplifting messages about self-acceptance, positivity, and honesty. The importance of those qualities became clear to Cailee within the last few years, as she navigated the choppy waters of social media fame. At 14, she launched her music career by posting co...

  • Corrine Bailey Rae

    Corrine Bailey Rae View Profile

    Neo-soul songstress Corinne Bailey Rae was born in Leeds, England, in 1979 to a British mother and West Indian father. Displaying an interest in music from an early age, Rae studied classical violin until she acquired an electric guitar in her early teens. Inspired by such '90s alt-rock icons as L7, Veruca Salt, and Belly, Rae formed her first band, the all-female indie rock outfit Helen. Despite ...

  • Delta Rae

    Delta Rae View Profile

    It's been a good few years for the relentlessly hard working six piece rock band from Durham, NC, whose sophomore album After It All will be coming out on April 7, 2015. Since the release of their debut album Carry The Fire in the summer of 2012 and 2013's follow-up EP Chasing Twisters, Delta Rae has been profiled everywhere from NPR and Time to Forbes. Rollin...

  • Dina Rae

    Dina Rae View Profile

    With her debut album Introducing Dina Rae on Universal/Motown Records, spirited singer Dina Rae emerges as a star in her own right. Thanks to her soaring vocals, clever songwriting and impassioned storytelling, Dina Rae proves she's more than just the girl who sings the hook. Coming strong with production by top-selling producers such as Scott Storch (Dr. Dre, Eve, The Roots) and Mr. Porter AKA Ko...

  • Erin Rae

    Erin Rae View Profile

  • Gary Rae

    Gary Rae View Profile

    Gary Rae began in radio with the role of Baby Oopsie in the long-running "Grandma's Stoop." War broke out and he lied about his age. By chance, 1942 found him reading the news for the Liquid Network (well..."to" them: the entire staff was illiterate), and soon LRP cast him as: the kindly uncle, or the dim neighbor, or the evil foreigner. Or feel free to rearrange those adjectives or nouns.

  • Hanna Rae

    Hanna Rae View Profile

  • Kasey Rae

    Kasey Rae View Profile

    Kasey Rae has been playing since age 8, winning talent show competitions and starring as a child prodigy with her brother Raymond Meeks Jr. at Donk's Theater, Virginia's Lil' Ole Opry, in Matthews, Va since 2000. Kasey Rae and her brother have performed together all their lives as a duo, and learned to take the stage and perform at Donk's Theater in front of 500 people every other Saturday night a...

  • Nesta Rae

    Nesta Rae View Profile

    Nesta Rae has just released her debut album entitled Fly Free. The album was released in July 2011 and chronicles Nesta’s journey of letting go of the past in order to make room for the future. “It’s about embracing the unknown.” states Nesta. Born and raised in Northern California the album has a beachy, acoustic pop vibe, highlighted with a little reggae, and underscored...

  • Omega Rae

    Omega Rae View Profile


  • Ragan Rae

    Ragan Rae View Profile

    Ragan Rae is a Country/ Americana recording artist. Ragan grew up in the small town of Fairview, outside Nashville. Growing up with influences such as Garth Brooks, Bruce Springsteen, and Johnny Cash give Ragan a fire on and off stage. Growing up watching massive entertainers has pushed Ragan to be one of a kind and give her all to her music and songwriting.

  • Rebel Rae

    Rebel Rae View Profile

    Multi-dimensional artist and micro influencer, Rebel Rae is a DM(V) native, and a direct product of her cultural diverse background. Rae's career started at the age of 14 shuffling back and forth between regular teenage life, and 4 hour bus rides to NYC to audition and film. Her passion for fashion and gift of illustration and design led her to fashion design school in Los Angeles. Upon gra...

  • Ruby Rae

    Ruby Rae View Profile

    Ruby Rae’s debut release title "Double Feature" could easily be mistaken for a night at the local drive-in when rock'n'roll still flirted with its honky-tonk roots. Her songs "It Came from the Swamp" and "Invisible Man" showcase country inflected instrumentation paired with heartfelt and sinister stories of guns, love, and loneliness. Backed by a full...

  • Adara Rae & The Homewreckers

    Adara Rae & The Homewreckers View Profile

    Adara Rae is a local singer/songwriter from Tucson, AZ. At a young age she has played in multiple local festivals and events as well as the world-renowned South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival in Austin, Texas, as well as playing nearly every local venue her home town has to offer. She has also worked with multiple well known artists such as Mike Herrera of MxPx and Chris Wilson of Good Charl...

  • Willa Rae & The Minor Arcana

    Willa Rae & The Minor Arcana View Profile

  • Mandi Rae and Westover Water

    Mandi Rae and Westover Water View Profile

    Mandi Rae has been singing most of her life and began her love affair with music at an early age. Influenced by her mother's love for Gospel and her father's love for a range of music from Roger Miller to Pink Floyd, she began playing guitar and writing songs at the age of 18. Along the way she has amassed a library of over 40 original songs, 3 full length albums and one E.P., picked up the banj...

  • Kelsey Rae Copeland

    Kelsey Rae Copeland View Profile

  • Kylie Rae Harris

    Kylie Rae Harris View Profile

  • Erika Raen

    Erika Raen View Profile

    From Cedar Lake, Indiana to Nashville, Tennessee, Erika Raen hasn't changed. Moments after meeting her, you'll find a positive, humorous, and real girl, who hopes her music leaves the same impression. With influences from George Strait to Keith Urban to Colbie Caillat, she stamps originality into every song.  Since Erika's arrival in Nashville, she has graduated from Belmont Univ...

  • The Rafael Tranquilino Band

    The Rafael Tranquilino Band View Profile

    Rafael Tranquilino is known locally in the Seattle area as the lead front man and guitarist of his band, The Rafael Tranquilino Band. Consisting of four members, RTB is an instrumental power trio of guitar, bass and drums with vocals that fuses rock, blues and funk with an alternative and fresh sound. Rafael will play a searing riff, tease you with an old fashioned Delta slide and then bring you b...

  • Tess Rafferty

    Tess Rafferty View Profile

  • The Raft

    The Raft View Profile

    The Raft is a six-piece aggressive groove machine from Westfield, Massachusetts. Formed in the Winter of 2009, The Raft creates original music with roots in R&B, Rock and Roll, Reggae, Funk and West African music. Influences for The Raft range from Led Zeppelin to Jay Z, from Bob Marley to Rage Against the Machine. Get on The Raft.

  • Rich Ragains

    Rich Ragains View Profile

    Rich Ragains is the perfect choice for your next event. With clean jokes, hilarious true-life family stories and "Get to know the CEO" segment, which puts the Boss in the spotlight for a hysterical questionairre, this show will leave your people rolling with laughter. When not performing for corporate groups or private parties, Rich performs at the nations top comedy clubs such as the Comedy Ca...

  • Chuck Ragan

    Chuck Ragan View Profile

    With his emotional and gravel-coated bellow, vocalist/guitarist Chuck Ragan made a name for himself as one-fourth of the much-loved Gainesville post-hardcore outfit Hot Water Music before releasing his first solo album in 2007. Alongside friends Chris Wollard, Jason Black, and George Rebelo, Ragan formed Hot Water Music in the early '90s. Through a slew of well-received albums for labels like ...

  • The Ragbirds

    The Ragbirds View Profile

    Led by dynamic, energetic front woman and multi-instrumentalist Erin Zindle, The Ragbirds utilize an arsenal of instruments from around the world. The Ragbirds are a fusion of folk rock and pop hooks over danceable world rhythms stirred with a Celtic fiddler's bow. Surrounding Zindle's earthy-sweet voice is the whirlwind of guitarist T.J. Zindle and dynamic bassist Dan Jones, spinning o...

  • Nerd Rage

    Nerd Rage View Profile

  • Sinner's Rage

    Sinner's Rage View Profile

    Sinners Rage is an all Original Power Metal Band from San Diego Ca. The musical stylings are reminiscent of the 80's and early 90's Metal with today's brand of heavy assault. Although the music is very melodic, it has a heaviness that will grab the attention of their audience. The guy's will bang their heads, and the ladies will shake their hips. There is a fine line between sounding too comme...

  •  Rage Against the Machine

    Rage Against the Machine View Profile

    Rage Against the Machine earned acclaim from disenfranchised fans (and not insignificant derision from critics) for their bombastic, fiercely polemical music, which brewed sloganeering leftist rants against corporate America, cultural imperialism, and government oppression into a Molotov cocktail of punk, hip-hop, and thrash. Rage formed in Los Angeles in the early '90s out of the wreckage of a nu...

  • Jordan Rager

    Jordan Rager View Profile

    Jordan Rager has been through it all. He's weathered every possible high and low, and so his upcoming releases feel not only special but downright triumphant. Expected later this year, the collection of songs was born out of his willingness to step back and reassess his life. Its themes of celebration of small-town life, heartbreak, love, loss and simply living in the moment are woven into a r...

  • The Ragged Jubilee

    The Ragged Jubilee View Profile

    The Ragged Jubilee is a five-­?piece Blues Rock n’ Roll band based in Los Angeles, CA. They met and formed in San Luis Obispo, CA where they first began writing and performing. They gather influence from various decades and genres of music, from artists ranging from Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan and the Doors, to David Bazan and Leadbelly. Ethan Burns leads the band with vocals ...

  • Them Raggedy Bones

    Them Raggedy Bones View Profile

    Them Raggedy Bones is a five piece outlaw country/folk/rock band featuring two guitars, bass guitar, lap steel/dobro, and drums. The band began in 2012, as an acoustic collaboration between songwriters Andy Matteo and Adam Frishman. The two found that their similar approaches to country, folk, and blues influenced songs, firmly grounded in the American roots tradition, formed the basis for a stron...

  • Tony Rago

    Tony Rago View Profile

      Tony Rago comes from Chicago, Illinois, where he performed in over thirty theater productions by the age of twenty. In Chicago, Tony wrote a short film called Underwear, which the Chicago Reader called a “masterpiece” and the Tribune called “fabulous.” After moving to Los Angeles, Tony has acted in the improv and sketch companies, as well as taught and directed, at ...

  • Suzi Ragsdale

    Suzi Ragsdale View Profile

    Nashville native, Suzi Ragsdale virtually cut her teeth in the recording studio. Her dad a singer/songwriter as well, she grew up surrounded by music. At age 5, she sang with the kiddie chorus on her father Ray Stevens’ Grammy Award winning smash, “Everything Is Beautiful”. At 10, she began recording children’s albums and writing her own songs… by 13, she was singing other writers’ demos… & by 17 ...

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