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  • The Rendezvous

    The Rendezvous View Profile

    Lindsley Allen presents: The Rendezvous A Rockin' and Sexy Concoction starring The Luscious Ladies of Cherry Boom Boom

  • Lydia Rene

    Lydia Rene View Profile

    As a classically-trained pianist and accomplished musician, Lydia René’s sound is best described as “indie, vibrant soul”. With influences ranging from Jill Scott and Phyllis Hyman to James Taylor and Carole King, Lydia’s blended sound will take audiences to a higher musical plateau.  Lydia has shared the stage with many award-winning artists such as Eric...

  • Briana Renea

    Briana Renea View Profile

    Fiery Haired BrianaRenea was born in Oregon and raised in the rural town of Canby. She grew up on a farm showing her cattle, horses and goats at local and state fairs in 4-H and FFA. The love of singing and performing has always been in her blood. Her showmanship on stage was fostered and drawn out by studying at Barbizon’s modeling and acting school.  Through Barbizon and The Internati...

  • Priscilla Renea

    Priscilla Renea View Profile

    The internet is, by its very nature, an open forum; it's manna for aspiring music artists looking to cultivate an instant fanbase. Of course, with freedom comes responsibility--that of the artist to use the opportunity wisely and make available good music. Too few do so. The ones who do, however, stand out vividly by comparison. Case in point: budding star Priscilla Renea with her forthcoming debu...

  • Anna Renee

    Anna Renee View Profile

    Anna Renee EP Release When Anna Renee brings herself into an artistic space she has no trouble filling the void of silence; an actor, songwriter, and vocalist, she fearlessly tackles each art form with a wild, thought provoking manner. When it came to writing and recording her debut, she pulled from inspirations like Fiona Apple and Regina Specktor, working closely with musicians that effortles...

  • Claire Renee

    Claire Renee View Profile

    Claire Reneé is a singer/songwriter. Dancer. An Artiste. Inspired and influenced by people such as Bilal, Jay Dilla, Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie and many others Claire loves to sing R&B, Jazz, Gospel, and Soul. This Bronx based 22 year old talent is someone to look out for.

  • Dina Renee

    Dina Renee View Profile

    Dina Renee was born to be an entertainer with music, art, and singing in her family's roots. Dina taught herself to play piano when she was 3 and started singing soon after. After receiving a Bachelor's degree in Visual Communication she moved to Hollywood to pursue her acting and music career. Dina is currently living her dreams to the fullest and working hard on her new EP and numerous f...

  • Keisha Renee

    Keisha Renee View Profile

    Keisha Renee has been known for her voice since the tender age of five. Her roots in gospel music have served her well as she has transformed into one of the strongest pop vocalists performing today. Keisha Renee is a Los Angeles native who relocated to Houston in 2005. While living there Keisha worked and recorded with one of her musical influences, Pastor Kim Burrell, on the Pastor’s 20...

  • Leah Renee

    Leah Renee View Profile

    Born in Toronto, singer and songwriter Leah Renee got her start at age 10, acting in the WB network's short-lived series Runaway. Five years later, singers like Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears influenced her decision to give music a shot and take the big risk of moving to New York City. The move paid off in 2009 when the Scion Music Group released her teen pop single "IBF", shorthand for "Im...

  • Sharon Renee

    Sharon Renee View Profile

    Sharon Renee has spent the majority of her life doing what she loves, performing. Her talents have been displayed in films, videos, and several television programs. The culmination of her talents allowed her to tour the world twice performing with Tina Turner. Sharon Renee along with various musicians has put together  a creative and soulful set of original songs that you will surely enjoy...

  • Sky Renee

    Sky Renee View Profile

    Soul and authenticity can be lost in this era of modernity, artist Sky Renee, brings spirit back to music. Inspired by the 70s, her music contains insightful yet simple lyricism combined with funky undertones and rhythm that will both make you dance and spark your mind. Her introspectiveness adds a thought provoking quality to her music and lyricism and her enthusiasm and vibrancy on stage will le...

  • Victoria Renee

    Victoria Renee View Profile

    After only being in a LA for a short while, new buzzing artist, Victoria Renée has shared the same stage with Arianna Grande, new super girl group GRL, collaborated with hit Artist/Songwriter Ray Dalton (Macklemore’s “Ceiling Can’t Hold Us” over 7 x platinum, Thrift Shop, etc) and already worked with hit music producers and writers like Jazze Pha, Boy Rekless, Lars H...

  • Tamara Renée

    Tamara Renée View Profile

    Tamara Renée is a mystic, conjure woman, alchemist, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist born and bred in Harlem, New York.

  • The Renegade Kings

    The Renegade Kings View Profile

    New York's Rockabilly Experience!

  • Barefoot Renegades

    Barefoot Renegades View Profile

    We are the Barefoot Renegades from Murfreesboro, Tn. Formed in October of 2008, we consist of Wes Cook, Jason Kurkimilis,Travis Sheffield, Matthew Law and Duran Crone. We have grown exponentially with our fan base, as song writers and most certainly as entertainers. What started as an acoustic act has grown into a high-energy, full band, sold out club experience. Our musical backgrounds as individ...

  • Cantina Renegades

    Cantina Renegades View Profile

    Having a blast playing! Always learning and always rockin'!

  • Rachelle Renesse

    Rachelle Renesse View Profile

    Rachelle Renesse Bio Rachelle recently moved to Los Angeles from her hometown Victoria, BC, Canada. She was featured in Keyboard Magazine for Best New Talent to watch out for and is currently sponsored by Yamaha. Over the past few years she has been collaborating with top writers in Nashville, TN and will soon be back in the studio embarking on a new exciting project with renowned musicians ...

  • Urban Renewal Project

    Urban Renewal Project View Profile

    Not your granddaddy's big band! The Urban Renewal Project is a 12-piece big band out of Los Angeles that blends the boundaries of traditional genres into a danceable funky mix of styles from pop & rock to jazz & reggae. The band features the talented vocalist Aubrey Logan and virtuoso free-style artist Elmer Demond. They've played around California since 2010 at venues including L....

  • Sean Renner

    Sean Renner View Profile

    Sean Renner continues to forge a unique musical path defined by his groundbreaking recording projects like Seven days, and by his ability to single-handedly craft the unique elements that make up his inimitable, Organic-Electronic, Indie R&B sound. On stage, Renner has created an incredibly unique and engaging loop-based performance that brings to life the distinctive vocal stylings and ele...

  • Josh Rennie-Hynes

    Josh Rennie-Hynes View Profile

    Josh Rennie-Hynes is making waves as one of Australia’s finest up and coming Americana/folk singer-songwriters. Rennie-Hynes caught the attention of renowned ARIA award winning Australian artist and producer, Shane Nicholson in early 2013. The two collaborated in late 2013 on Rennie-Hynes’ debut album, ‘February’. Rennie-Hynes released ‘February’ on 04 July 201...

  • Melanie Reno

    Melanie Reno View Profile

    Melanie has appeared on Comedy Central PREMIUM BLEND and GSN FUNNY MONEY. Melanie's comedy experience began while she was attending San Diego State University. She got her chops at the La Jolla Comedy Store before moving to Hollywood. Melanie's understated delivery and playful point of view make a memorable impression with audiences everywhere.

  • The Renovators

    The Renovators View Profile

    Paul Collins Beat, Elvis Costello, The Plimsouls, Ramones, Steve Earle, Cheap Trick, Rolling Stones.

  • Jordan Renzi

    Jordan Renzi View Profile

    Growing up on Cape Cod as a kid, Jordan began frequently playing open mics in 2011 and was offered her first gig later that year. Influenced by artists like Laura Marling, Eva Cassidy, Norah Jones and Bob Dylan Jordan's latest EP "Featherbed Lane" showcases her soulful voice and sensitive song-writing style, setting the stage for her debut full length album "...

  • Emily Reo

    Emily Reo View Profile

    The past couple of years have conditioned us to expect a song called "Coast" to do a number of things that could be described with some variant of "wavy." That isn't totally unwarranted on the lead single from Emily Reo's debut Olive Juice. Beyond its lyrical tether to the word "seaside" and affiliation with Floridian label Elestial Sound, "Coast" is...

  • repeat repeat

    repeat repeat View Profile

    On their new album Glazed, *repeat repeat deliver a batch of songs entirely true to the album’s title: sugary and sticky and impossibly shiny, all glistening harmonies and candy-coated hooks. But beneath the gloss lies something more jarring and jagged, a raw vitality generated by the Nashville band’s buzzy rhythms and blistering guitar work. Fortified by the distinctly thoughtful s...

  • The Replacements

    The Replacements View Profile

    The Replacements initially formed in 1979, when Paul Westerberg joined a garage punk band formed by brothers Bob (guitar) and Tommy Stinson (bass) and drummer Chris Mars. Originally called the Impediments, the Minnesota residents changed their name to the Replacements after being banned from a local club for disorderly behavior. In their early days, they sounded quite similar to Hüsker Dü...

  • The Replay Rock Show

    The Replay Rock Show View Profile

    Replay Studios offers kids ages 8-18 the opportunity to learn to play rock/pop/original music in a band in a state-of-the-art professional setting!

  • Fear Report

    Fear Report View Profile

    Heavy, energetic ROCK with dark undertones. Fear Report's ominous and introspective themes range from inner-turmoil, paranoia, and insanity to overcoming adversity. Intense vocals, heavy riffs, and brooding bass and drums hammer the themes home with poignancy and aggression.

  • Field Report

    Field Report View Profile

    Field Report is the creation of Chris Porterfield, who cut his musical teeth with DeYarmond Edison (the other members of which were Justin Vernon/Bon Iver and Megafaun). After their breakup in 2006, Bon Iver and Megafaun went on to success while Chris hung back in Wisconsin, thinking his career in music was over. It was really just beginning. For the first time in his life, he began writing his ow...

  • Block Report Radio

    Block Report Radio View Profile

    Block Report Radio - The People's Voice on the Airwaves and Internet.The Block Report is a radio show that was conceived to teach Black people worldwide about ourselves and issues that are important to us. We believe it is our responsibility to teach our people, as well as people that support us, about us. We don't need translator-journalists to tell our story. We speak on our on behalf, u...

  • Rest, Repose

    Rest, Repose View Profile

    Vince - Vocals Josh - Bass Jared - Drums Tony - Guitars Fluff - Guitars

  • Grand Republic

    Grand Republic View Profile

    New songs from Columbia SC music scene veterans John Furr with his longest running musical partner Troy Tague along with other musical brothers Jonathan Bradley, Jason Puckett, and Craig Keeney. Mid-Tempo 90's derived alt-rock.

  • The Republic

    The Republic View Profile

  • Conch Republic Band

    Conch Republic Band View Profile

    CONCH REPUBLIC is a “Trop Rock” or beach band and the recipient of the 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 Rising Star Award for Top Beach Band by, the number one online booking venue for world-class performers. . The CONCH REPUBLIC show is high-energy and focuses on crowd participation. Since 2006, our “band of pirates” has been “bringing the beach” to fan...

  • Friend Request

    Friend Request View Profile

    Hi, I’m Shaun. I’m not good at writing about myself in third person, or at pretending I’m some kind of mythical performer. I’m just a dude whose greatest dream since childhood has been to make my own songs and perform them for old & new friends. Here we are over a decade later and it’s actually happening. Whoa.   Friend Request is the symphony of sound...

  • Await Rescue

    Await Rescue View Profile

    Await Rescue is a four-piece, independent Alternative/Progressive Rock band hailing from Boston. And by “ independent” we don’ t mean the catch-all music genre, we simply mean that we do everything ourselves, while making the loud Rock music that we want to hear. Our Rock quest began back in 2006, and our path has been guided by bands such as Foo Fighters, Incubus, A Perfect Circle, Deftones, QOTS...

  • Freefall Rescue

    Freefall Rescue View Profile

    Freefall Rescue is a 5-piece band from Los Angeles, CA, led by songwriters/multi-instrumentalists Chris Moseman and Carlos Nar

  • Chaotic Resemblance

    Chaotic Resemblance View Profile

  • The Reserves

    The Reserves View Profile

  • Spyn Reset

    Spyn Reset View Profile

    Spyn Reset from Seattle is pursuing the "Electro Prog Rock" sound combining vocoded synth and keyboards, working with heavy guitar and 6 string bass, adding rock drums and polyrhythmic percussion, blending musical ideas by three virtuosic musicians creating an epic band! Spyn Reset’s albums are produced and engineered by Geoff Ott (engineer for Queen of the Stone Age, Three...


    WITZ RESIDENCY 10PM View Profile


    WITZ RESIDENCY 8PM View Profile


    WITZ RESIDENCY 9PM View Profile

  • Human Resources

    Human Resources View Profile

    Human Resources are the new wave, dance rock band from Charleston, South Carolina. The band utilizes a contemporary approach to writing and producing its music, incorporating new tones and technologies to create accessible songs that are deeply engrained with dance and heavy groove sensibilities.

  • Bed Rest

    Bed Rest View Profile

    Local 90's influenced emo w/ a tinge of shoegaze. dont get too tired from staring down at the floor.

  • Michael Restaino

    Michael Restaino View Profile

    Michael Restaino has been entertaining audiences professionally for over five years. Born just outside of New York, Michael was immediately influenced by the heart of the entertainment industry. Michael has been seen in regional, tours, and one man shows. In 2012, Michael was named “Broadway’s most up and coming star to be” by Theater Chat, a popular website dedicated to breaking...

  • Cloud Restrict

    Cloud Restrict View Profile

  • Rey Resurreccion

    Rey Resurreccion View Profile

    Standing firmly at what he considers his "Quarter Life," San Jose, California rapper/producer Rey Resurreccion is raising the stakes. Coming into his third full-length studio album, Heart Of The City, the artist who uses his given name has never minced his words or hedged his bets. "Culturally, there's a lot expected of me and my siblings," the Filipino-American MC admit...

  • Journey Resurrection

    Journey Resurrection View Profile

    'JOURNEY RESURRECTION' takes flight in 2014 with a stellar lineup of accomplished Nashville musicians and an enhanced live production designed to re-create the look and feel of those magical Journey tours from the 1980's featuring Steve Perry. That being said, 'JOURNEY RESURRECTION' is proud to feature the jaw-dropping vocal talents of Ryan Christopher as 'The Voice'. If you have ever heard Rya...

  • The Retinas

    The Retinas View Profile

    Born from the concrete streets of Philly, The Retinas produce a fast nostalgic garage punk rock. From the sweaty heat of inner city basement shows to South Streets own Theater of Living Arts they've been infecting Philadelphia and the greater New England for a short time, touring up to Vermont and back again but nonetheless spreading rapidly. They've released two works including Life At Work EP an...

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