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  • The Red Devil Squadron

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    vocals - Nick lead guitar - Vince rhythm guitar - Carson bass - Chris drums - Keith

  • Big Red Dollhouse

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  • The Red Harbour

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  • The Red Herrings

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    My memory is shot, so I forgive you all if this is incorrect. But I believe the band first formed in 2002. At the time frontman David Altschul and bassist Mike Wiesemann had just moved into Brooklyn after a short stint of higher education. Long time friends since grade school they were reuinted with also old time middle school pal drummer John Koetzle who was living in downtown Manhattan. Bored wi...

  •  Red Hot Chili Peppers

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  • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

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  • The Red Line

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  • Little Red Lung

    Little Red Lung View Profile

    The heart of Little Red Lung pulses with turbulent leaping harmonies, poised over layers of delicate piano and noise experimentation. Framed by twinkling down-tempo mood shifts, and snarling percussive dirges, their music invades and engages the guts and nervous system with a vengeance

  • The Red Paintings

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    Based in Australia and Los Angeles – and having been fortunate enough to already tour much of the globe – The Red Paintings are a five-piece group (guitar, bass, drums, cello & violin) who incorporate additional orchestral, choral and performance art features wherever possible. With costumes, themes, painters and other artists their shows combine sound and visuals to create a living canvas that st...

  • The Red Pears

    The Red Pears View Profile

    Henry Vargas - Vocals/Guitar Jose Corona - Drums Juan Aguilar - Bass

  • The Red Pennys

    The Red Pennys View Profile

    Hailing from Providence, RI, The Red Pennys blend a mix of old country, honky tonk and roadhouse rhythm and riffs to form a sound that makes dancing and foot stomping possible for even the most awkward of folks in this great land of ours. Gregg Figliozzi guitar and vocals; Bob Mac upright bass and hand-shak'in duties; Russ Dawley drums, vocals and crazy gadgets. We play primarily in the New Englan...

  • Little Red Planes

    Little Red Planes View Profile

    Little Red Indie Rock/Reggae experience. Spreading love, fun and positivity. LRP is a brand new project from LA musician Michael Branella. The band members include Aja St Jon on vocals, Jason Lamagna on drums and Richard Maya on bass. Our sound is a combo of Indie Rock, Reggae, Country and Alt Rock. LRP's repertoire goes from dance hall reggae to searing guitar-driven modern roc...

  • Blood Red River

    Blood Red River View Profile

    We are an Action/ Adventure band that has been making you dance and helping you get laid since 2005. Action / Adventure - a mix of Surf, Rock, Psych, Punk, and Garage that creates a sound all it's own.

  • The Red Skunk Band

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    From the age of 12 Molly Reeves has been Strongly rooted in traditional hot jazz, appearing in the west coast jazz circuit from a very young age. Surviving as a full time musician sense leaving the nest she has successfully produced a gypsy jazz ensemble that is now a touring band called the RedSkunks and released a solo album in 2012 featuring the international banjo pickin’ star Ross Nicke...

  • Yellow Red Sparks

    Yellow Red Sparks View Profile

    In an instant, Yellow Red Sparks captivates, pulls us close, and invites us to see the world through the center of their songwriter, Joshua Hanson. He possesses a staggering ability to take seemingly normal circumstances, rewrite them with an honest and wistful beauty, and turn them into vivid scenes as told through a unique brand of cinematic folk. Supported by Sara Lynn (upright bas...

  • The Red Wine Effect

    The Red Wine Effect View Profile

  •  Red Wizard

    Red Wizard View Profile

    Travis Baucum - Vocals/Harmonica David Wilburn - Bass Casey Lamontagne - Guitar Miles Von Ricketson - Guitar/Backup Vocals Shane Kepler - Drums

  • Red, Red Woods

    Red, Red Woods View Profile

    Starting in 2013, Red, Red Woods has been making music that fuses many different genres such as rock, funk, country, and lo-fi into their songs in hopes to please the ears of many listeners. Featuring Jacob Wright on vocals and guitar; Alyssa Solorio on vocals; Jon-Michael Lopez on lead guitar; Brandon Crow on bass; Satya Fuentes on keys; and Andre Aldana on the drums.

  • Hillneck Redbillies

    Hillneck Redbillies View Profile

    The Hillneck Redbillies are a band of rebel-rousing, in-bred, corn bread eatin', down-home country boys who happen to live in the North. Hailing from all over the South of East-Michigan, they were raised in a coal shovel on Willie, Waylon and Cash they take the Country cover/original band to the next level. Legend has it the one of the guitar player's great, great, great, great grandpappy's broug...

  • Jasper Redd

    Jasper Redd View Profile

    A native of Tennessee, Jasper Redd began his comedy career in San Francisco. He has since been performing non-stop at comedy clubs and colleges all over the country. In 2005, he was hailed as one of the standout New Faces at Montreal's Just for Laughs Festival, and has been a featured performer in the "Comedians of Comedy" U.S. tour with Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Maria Bamford and Zach Galif...

  • Toni Redd

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  • Bhavana Reddy

    Bhavana Reddy View Profile

    Bhavana Reddy (daughter and principal disciple of world renowned Indian dancing couple Dr.s Raja and Radha Reddy) is about to release her self-produced debut EP Tangled In Emotions, in February of 2014. A melting pot of eastern and western genres with hints of Fiona Apple, Kimbra, Dead Can Dance, and Led Zeppelin.

  • Repossession Redemption Ministry

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  • The Redemptions

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    The Redemptions take a classic 50's / punk rock approach to writing music; simple heartfelt songs done with as much passion as they can muster. These are all songs that anyone who's felt alone, confused, or broken hearted can relate to.

  • Blake Redferrin

    Blake Redferrin View Profile

    Living life in the fast lane, former professional motocross racer-turned-songwriter Blake Redferrin sold his bikes and relocated to Nashville to pursue his passion for music. Though the 26-year-old White House, TN-native was gifted his first guitar as a preteen by his father who worked for Gibson, Redferrin went full-throttle racing bikes beginning at just six years old. At 18, he went pro, joinin...

  • Aaron Redfield

    Aaron Redfield View Profile

    Aaron Redfield is the drummer of the Greyboy Allstars along with countless other projects.

  • Luke Redfield

    Luke Redfield View Profile

    Luke Redfield is a Minnesota-bred indie folk artist and troubadour. Called "Ragged-but-right" (A.V. Club), "A talented gent" (KCMP 89.3 The Current), and "Playful like a young Bruce Springsteen" (Boulder Weekly), Redfield has spent a decade beating a unique and at times riveting path through America, performing his "Soulful folk" (Paste) to audiences far and...

  • The Redlight District

    The Redlight District View Profile

    The Redlight District is a psychedelic rock and roll quartet from Santa Cruz, California. The band is comprised of Stephan Sams (vocals), Ravi Lamb (lead guitar), Dan Leitner (keyboards), and Keoki Thompson (drums). Their frenetic live performances blend elements of delta blues, jazz melody, and soul, weaving meticulously embellished, percussive guitar lines with dynamically intricate rock-organ. ...

  • DJ Redline

    DJ Redline View Profile

    DJ REDLINE In today’s industry, there are a million aspiring DJ's and being amongst the best has always been key for DJ Redline. His endless love for music drove Redline to exceed the status quo and join the ranks of the greatest DJs. Music has always been a major influence in DJ Redline’s life. "I was always impressed by the art of music and the ability that it has to...

  • ZJ Redman

    ZJ Redman View Profile

  • Parker Redmond

    Parker Redmond View Profile

    Parker Redmond grew up on his dad’s classic country and mom’s Elvis. Born and raised minutes from Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, Redmond began playing piano as a child, which laid the foundation for his love of music. In high school, he picked up a guitar, and soon after discovered a passion for singing. While in college at The University of Alabama, Redmond took his love of music...

  •  Redroche

    Redroche View Profile

  • Radio Reds

    Radio Reds View Profile

    Formed in 2011 by Stephen Kent, Radio Reds originally served as an outlet for his acoustic folk to be translated into punk rock songs. After a number of lineup changes, multiple independent releases, and shows spanning the east coast, the band finally released their first full length record 'Memory Loss' in late 2013 on Scaredy Cat Records. After having a general relocation to Charlotte, the band ...

  • Dawn Red-Sun

    Dawn Red-Sun View Profile

  • The Redwalls

    The Redwalls View Profile

    Deerfield, IL-based quartet the Redwalls formed in 2001; originally a British Invasion-inspired cover band dubbed the Pages, the group's members -- singer/guitarist Logan Baren, his bassist brother Justin, lead guitarist Andrew Langer, and drummer Jordan Kozer -- were still in high school when they played their first show at the local jazz club Pops for Champagne. The Pages soon began writing orig...

  • JR Redwater

    JR Redwater View Profile

     JR Redwater is an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Like a jolt of comedy lightning, JR takes audiences by storm with his fearless style of raw funny. “JR’s pain is the audience’s gain” as he spins the bitter hardships of reservation life into huge laughs. They call him the “Reservation Sensation” for good reason; he is one of the most requ...

  • Ben Reed

    Ben Reed View Profile

    all your favorite rock cliches reconfigured and deconstricted into "new" songs, with a cast of vocal characters spewing drool over top in a manner typical of America's most overinformed generation

  • Dan Reed

    Dan Reed View Profile

  • Don Reed

    Don Reed View Profile

    Don Reed is a multi-talented stand-up comedian and ad executive who has been described as a comedic molotov-cocktail of characters, sound fx, impersonations and improvisation. His performance on an Robert Townsend HBO Special of up and coming comedians years ago caught the attention of Bill Cosby, among others, and led to the creation of a guest-starring role for him on "The Cosby Show.&...

  • Eric Reed

    Eric Reed View Profile

    Award-winning pianist and composer Eric Scott Reed began playing the piano at age two and was performing in his father’s Baptist church in Philadelphia by age five. After study at Philadelphia’s Settlement Music School and Los Angeles’ Colburn School of Arts, Reed embarked upon a professional career that has taken him all over the world. His credits include Wynton Marsalis, Jessy...

  • Hamin Reed

    Hamin Reed View Profile

    Hamin Reed [hay min reid] conveys love & hate, dark & light, everything between & everything outside. Born in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1984, he has been performing regularly solo or with different musicians from all over the world. Currently based in New York City.

  • Jensen Reed

    Jensen Reed View Profile

  • Kaily Reed

    Kaily Reed View Profile

  • Karen Reed

    Karen Reed View Profile

    Karen burst onto the LA music scene with a fresh blend of folk-rock and blues performed with a unique guitar/ukulele-inspired flair. Playing to sold out audiences at local venues, she has cultivated an avid following of listeners who enjoy a night of fun, friends and live music with a message and soulful vibe all can relate to. Her songs run the gamut from heartfelt to hilarious, taki...

  • Laura Reed

    Laura Reed View Profile

    South African born, Nashville and NC based singer/songwriter Laura Reed has become a global success story with her seductive, signature vocal style, her thought-provoking lyricism, and powerhouse live presence; But the insightful artist feels like she’s truly arrived with the release of her acclaimed, aptly titled solo debut album, The Awakening.  Journeying to Nashville to make ...

  • Lou Reed

    Lou Reed View Profile

    The career of Lou Reed defies capsule summarization. Like David Bowie (whom Reed directly inspired in many ways), he has made over his image many times, mutating from theatrical glam rocker to scary-looking junkie to avant-garde noiseman to straight rock & roller to your average guy. A firmer grasp of rock's earthier qualities has ensured a more consistent career path than Bowie's, particularly in...

  • Mason Reed

    Mason Reed View Profile

    Mason Reed has a story to tell. A story filled with broken hearts, bad luck, bloody concrete, rotten chances, ghosts, devils, witches, and women your mother warned you about. When you listen to his music, you can hear something special happening. His unique, soul-filled, smoky voice,  and unique approach to his music is evidence that the singer-songwriter genre still has a few tricks u...

  • Skyler Reed

    Skyler Reed View Profile

  • Paul Reed Smith Band

    Paul Reed Smith Band View Profile

    The Paul Reed Smith Band has performed all over the world including England, Germany, Japan, Canada, and Italy.  The music is “Chesapeake Gumbo” – an Annapolis/Baltimore music style that is a combination of funk, rock, R & B, jazz, fusion, gospel, New Orleans Swing and melodic instrumental music.  That about sums it up The music is anchored by the world famous Grai...

  • Pat Reedy

    Pat Reedy View Profile

    When a young Pat Reedy (singer-songwriter in The Longtime Goners) hitchhiked from his native Illinois to New Orleans “as soon as he could,” he was given a broken guitar by a stranger. He fixed it up and learned to play and sing for tips on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter. He knew some old songs but soon began writing his own- “You get tired of playing the same three songs, you will learn othe...

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