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  • Michael Ray

    Michael Ray View Profile

    Ray was born in Eustis, Florida. He was inspired by his grandfather, who played music for him and taught him how to play guitar, in addition to having him perform at assisted living centers. Ray chose to form a band in southern Florida after graduating high school, and a disc jockey at WPCV began playing his music. He independently released an album in 2010, which was discovered by manager Tony Co...

  • Pay Ray

    Pay Ray View Profile

  • Porter Ray

    Porter Ray View Profile

    Seattle-based hip-hop artist. 

  • Ricky Ray

    Ricky Ray View Profile

    Alabama born Ricky Ray took up slide guitar at the age of three as he sat on his great grandmother’s lap and watched her play slide guitar using a butter knife. And he hasn’t looked back since! Primarily recognized as "a guitar player’s guitar player", no matter what the venue, when he plays everyone in the room sits up and takes notice! As a pl...

  • Ronnie Ray

    Ronnie Ray View Profile

  • Sea Ray

    Sea Ray View Profile

    New York City's Sea Ray brew a provocative blend of indie pop, space rock, and classic psychedelia that sets the band apart from the scene's slew of post-punk revivalists. Born in the late-'90s in Brooklyn, the group released their eponymous debut in 1997, followed by an EP produced by Tobin Sprout (Guided By Voices) in 1999. The group shared the stage with such luminaries as the Church and Yo La ...

  • Sugar Ray

    Sugar Ray View Profile

  • Ukelele Ray

    Ukelele Ray View Profile

    Celebrated entertainer, comedian singer/songwriter and recording artist Ukulele Ray, is a San Francisco-born native, and has been hailed as an Andy Warhol, Tiny Tim and P.T. Barnum all rolled into one. As a pioneer in ukulele-innovation, Ray came to worldwide prominence by creating a ukulele out of a Campbell's Soup can (The Warhol Soup-A-Lele) and inventing the "Lunchbox-A-Lele," (a ukulele/lu...

  • Ukulele Ray

    Ukulele Ray View Profile

    Celebrated American entertainer, comedian, singer/songwriter and recording artist Ukulele Ray, is a San Francisco-born native, and has been hailed as an Andy Warhol, Tiny Tim and P.T. Barnum all rolled into one. As a pioneer in uke-innovation, Ray came to worldwide prominence by creating a ukulele out of a Campbell's Soup can (The Warhol Soup-A-Lele) and inventing the "Lunchbox-A-Lele," (a ukul...

  • Zachary Ray

    Zachary Ray View Profile

    ZACHARY RAY in an energetic indie rocker hailing from Denmark, living in Los Angeles. A multi-instrumentalist, Zach writes music, sings, play guitar, drums, bass and whatever else he can get his hands on. A seasoned musician at the young age of 22, Zach has performed live concerts across Europe. Now he has focused his efforts in the American market with huge upcoming gigs at The Rainbow and Whi...

  • Sugar Ray & The Bluetones

    Sugar Ray & The Bluetones View Profile

    Have been playing their unique style of blues the world over for almost forty years. Not limited to one style, but able to play Chicago Blues in the style of Muddy Waters. Little Walter and Billy Boy Arnold; Kansas City Swing in the style of "Big" Joe Turner; Texas Blues like "T" Bone Walker and Freddie King; and the swampy Louisiana sounds of "Lazy" Lester-all played...

  • The Ray Charles Project

    The Ray Charles Project View Profile

  • Stevie Ray Fromstein

    Stevie Ray Fromstein View Profile

    Stevie Ray Fromstein is a great standup comedian, actor, and producer.

  • Philosopher's Ray Gun

    Philosopher's Ray Gun View Profile

    Philosopher's Ray Gun is a four piece indie-experimental-philosophical-rock band you can think and dance to.

  • Taylor Ray Holbrook Music & Tyler Steel

    Taylor Ray Holbrook Music & Tyler Steel View Profile

  •  Ray J

    Ray J View Profile

    Arriving on the heels of big sister/R&B star Brandy, rapper Ray J parlayed his success on television into a music career at the age of 14. Inspired by Brandy's early successes, he signed with Elektra in 1995, recording Everything You Want the following year. When he stepped back into the studio he called on the Neptunes, Rodney Jerkins, and several other hitmaking producers for This Ain't a Game, ...

  • Tony Ray Jones

    Tony Ray Jones View Profile

  • Jesse Ray Smith

    Jesse Ray Smith View Profile

    I was raised in the artistic, small-town suburbs of Marin County, a few miles and a full generation removed from the hippy movement that swept through San Francisco in the late 60’s. From Fleetwood Mac's Rumours to Stevie's Songs in the Key of Life, many great records came out of Marin County, fueled by the musical prowess of legendary concert promoter Bill Graham. This was my home, ...

  • Bruce Ray White

    Bruce Ray White View Profile

    Folk, Country, Blues, Americana Music -

  • DJ Raydar Ellis

    DJ Raydar Ellis View Profile

  •  Raye

    Raye View Profile

    Raye is a singer-songwriter based out of New York City and Los Angeles. She has played at venues all over the United States, including: The House of Blues, The Bitter End, The Viper Room, The Bardot and The Hard Rock Cafe. This past year, Raye wrote a song for a Nickelodeon pilot that is to premiere in 2014 and had her music featured in two feature films; one of which was one of the "Top Ten ...

  • Heidi Raye

    Heidi Raye View Profile

    If you’ve ever heard the title track off Heidi Raye’s “Blame It On The Radio” 2018 sophomore EP, you’ll know that this Canadian born songstress’ upbringings are straight out of a country song.  “I was born and raised on AM waves, rolling down gravel roads, the way I walk and talk ain’t my fault, blame it on the radio.” Raye unapologeticall...

  • Vickie Raye

    Vickie Raye View Profile

    A story of gumption, struggle, love, and loss. Unapologetic but empathetic, strong but emotional, Vickie Raye is a paradox and a voice for women everywhere. Unafraid to express every raw honest emotional feeling a woman can experience, her songs are penned from a place of honesty and humility. Her vocal prowess is the direct expression of that heartfelt raw emotion. Every word has been carefu...

  • Sheila Raye Charles (daughter of Ray Charles)

    Sheila Raye Charles (daughter of Ray Charles) View Profile

    Sheila Raye Charles, daughter of the incredible Ray Charles is a singer/songwriter, jazz, gospel and soul artist. She creates her own distinct sound and delivers "spine-tingling" renditions of her father's best known songs from "Georgia" to "Hit The Road Jack." Incidentally, her dad was voted by Rolling Stone magazine as the 2nd greatest singer of all...

  • The Rayford Bros

    The Rayford Bros View Profile

      The Rayford Bros are a Vintage style rock n’ roll band from Southern California that perform 50’s and 60’s rockabilly, rock n’ roll, and surf favorites as well as originals that have a vintage sound and feel. With Link on lead vocals and guitar, Miles on Upright Bass, and Otis on the drums, this trio is sure to have you dancing the night away. So if y...

  • Cherri Rayn

    Cherri Rayn View Profile

  • Michael Rayner

    Michael Rayner View Profile

    Michael Rayner is 10-year warm-up veteran and has worked on such shows as Lucky Louie, Dharma and Greg, That 70s´ Show, Reba, Two Guys and a Girl, several pilots and various Nickelodeon projects. He has also been an associate producer on Nickelodeon TV, a casting director for the Nickelodeon Variety show "What Would You Do?. Michael has also performed in his own co...

  •  Razzle

    Razzle View Profile

  • brkn rbtz

    brkn rbtz View Profile

    Fronted by the sons of R&B legend Brian McKnight who are also the cousins to Chris Willis (one the world’s biggest dance artists and DJ/Music Producer David Guetta’s Favorite vocalist) and the nephews of Take 6’s Claude McKnight, of course a career in the family business is inevitable. But what happens when your sound is nothing like the family who has come before you? BRKN RBTZ (pronounced bro-k...


    DJ REACH View Profile

    Which DJ can make Paris Hilton scream with glee over music at a club? Who does Usher trust to test his new tracks on the crowd? Who does Playboy call to host a party with such guests as Spike Lee, Ludacris and Tom Brady? That all-important man is DJ Reach. Famed New Yorker Semu "DJ Reach" Namakajo got his start on NBCs hit show "Last Call with Carson Daly" in 2002 and parlayed the experience i...

  • Atomic Reactor

    Atomic Reactor View Profile

    Atomic Reactor is a high-powered fission chamber firing particles of glitch at the super-dense bass music scene and a multi genre producer, sound designer and audio engineer from Denver, Colorado. Specializing in subatomic particle collision, he generates every sound to reach its highest energy level for your ears to melt to. With no simple task before him, he must constants be intaking the curren...

  • Coda Reactor

    Coda Reactor View Profile

  • Tree Read

    Tree Read View Profile

    It's all about roots. Tree Read's stunning debut album, "First Grade," is the sound of a prodigious songwriter discovering her voice. The album opens with "The Desert Song;" a cinematic instrumental piece recorded at the tender age of sixteen. Impressive. From there the album moves on to the title track; a song about the innocence and pain of youth. "Third grade is blood and ice-cream," she s...

  • BK READ and friends

    BK READ and friends View Profile

    Began playing guitar at age 12, after seeing Jimi Hendrix in the movie Woodstock. Took one year of lessons, drove teacher nuts, began playing blues by ear. Began sitting in the front row at B.L.U.E.S., Kingston Mines, Wise Fools, digging on Chicago blues acts, Jimmy Johnson and Big Time Sarah gave me my first chance to sit in on a jam at B.L.U.E.S. and have been playing ever since. Played wi...

  •  Read Yellow

    Read Yellow View Profile

    Read Yellow is the energy of noise. The band sets to explore new ground musically by creating the unpredictable, but still holding true to the base elements of underground sounds. Read Yellow was formed in 2001 by four University of Massachusetts students who shared a common love for rock 'n roll and art. Originally known as the Sharks!, Jesse, Evan, Michelle and Paul started playing regularly aro...

  • Young Readers

    Young Readers View Profile

  • Love Reading Series

    Love Reading Series View Profile

    Fall Lust Night Saturday October 27th, 2012 5:00-7:00pm[*] $15 Ticket information is in the tickets and store section of this website. Fall Lust Night is an early evening of pumpkins and autumn's blissful melancholy with readings and music that probably have nothing to do with fall or Halloween or anything. Though if you are one of those people who gets dressed up and goes out to get ...

  • Street Ready

    Street Ready View Profile

  • Justin Ready & The Echo Prairie

    Justin Ready & The Echo Prairie View Profile

    Based out of Omaha Nebraska, Justin Ready & the Echo Prairie are an eclectic and original band that mixes sounds of traditional Americana, Indie, Punk, Psychedelic and Folk to make a sound all their own. The band was formed in Lincoln NE, March of 2014 when Justin met Marcello Sanchez (drums) through a Craigslist ad and began jamming. Soon after rounding out an albums worth of material in the ...

  • The Ready Set

    The Ready Set View Profile

  • Fancy Reagan

    Fancy Reagan View Profile

    Henry Miller is popularly quoted telling those burned and estranged from relationships that “the best way to get over a woman is to turn her into literature.” Musicians, on the other hand, turned estranged lovers into music. New York City songwriter/composer/keyboardist Jason Krebs did just that, writing a catalog of material for a band he had yet to form. Enlisting the help of drummer...

  • The Reagan Years

    The Reagan Years View Profile

    The Reagan Years: This band of seasoned musicians recreates the sounds of the 1980s; a day when Ronald Reagan was President, M-TV first aired, CDs emerged, Acid Washed jeans were "Cool" and alternative music was called "New Wave". This period has resurfaced in today's entertainment industry. VH-1 has multiple segments echoing from the 80's Video Generation, radio statio...

  • Get Real

    Get Real View Profile

    Get Real is a loud, fun-sounding indie rock band from Portland, OR that has been pounding out a harmonious blur of electric guitars and synthesizers since 2015. The band combines a catchy pop sensibility with technically-accomplished instrumentation and emotive lyrics to create an immediately accessible musical experience that reveals more layers with each listen. Their songs have been reviewed in...

  • Suzanne Real

    Suzanne Real View Profile

    The creation of the Suzanne Real band was the next logical step between fellow musicians with a common goal and a very long history of making great music together. The band itself is an offshoot of “The Shirts”, a very popular band of the early eighties that was signed to EMI & Capitol records for about 4 years. Johnny Zeeek and Bob Racioppo have been a rhythm section for over 35 years and are con...

  • The Real Fits

    The Real Fits View Profile

    The four-piece alternative rock band, The Real Fits, quickly made a presence in the Arizona music scene and is now taking their dynamic music to cities across the country. With a new band as the goal, Jared Wood moved from the Bay Area to Phoenix in early 2015 to join forces with lifelong friend and brother-in-law Blair Furmanski. After months of writing and searching for the right members, the ba...


    IN REAL LIFE View Profile

  • The Real Live Show

    The Real Live Show View Profile

  • The Real Numbers

    The Real Numbers View Profile

    49 square miles. Water on three sides. Two bridges. And one champion of powerpop — The Real Numbers.   With the release of their debut album, Welcome to the Numberhood, the songwriting duo of Dave Ambrose and Lawrence Grodeska have found their sweet spot. After years pursuing separate musical endeavors that spanned the musical map, the pair met in 2008 through the digital wil...

  • The Realistics

    The Realistics View Profile

    Manhattan darlings the Realistics joined the garage rock revival of the new millennium, spawning their own glam-inspired punk rock. These high school mates -- Dave, Dennis, Mike, and Will -- didn't form a band until 1999 even though each had played in various groups since their early teens. The Realistics combined their love for 1950s pop music to obscure punk rock, and eventually this stylish fou...

  • Aether Realm

    Aether Realm View Profile

    Thor's hammer crashed to the earth with a mighty rumble. When the smoke cleared, there were some guys. Some stuff happened that set the mood, something about a quest to rock some towns, and now we play melodeath. Our first demo, Odin Will Provide, was recorded by Jamie King and released in September, 2011. Our first album, One Chosen by the Gods, was also recorded by Jamie King, and was ...

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