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  • DJ Rare Groove

    DJ Rare Groove View Profile

    DJ Rare Groove grew up in Los Angeles, CA and moved to Cincinnati OH to escape the hustle and bustle of wild city life. After becoming a big part into the local scene by playing beats, breaks, and grooves back when nobody else was doing it, he crossed paths with Blueprint, who had recently relocated to cincinnati as well after college. The two immediately became friends and Blueprint told raregroo...

  • The Rare Occasions

    The Rare Occasions View Profile

    Drawing inspiration from each successive wave of garage rock, The Rare Occasions put their own dark spin on retro. A dizzying cacophony of angular riffs and dripping wet lyrics, the Boston-via-Providence quartet first formed in a Tufts University practice space three years ago. Since then, The Rare Occasions have performed for festival audiences at SXSW in Austin and CMJ in New York City...

  • DJ Ras Rican

    DJ Ras Rican View Profile

    Ras Rican has been one of the leading Deejays in the Bay Area since the early 80's. in 2013 he teamed up with Baylando Records as head A&R of the Reggae Español Dept. and is also one of the esteemed members of the SONIDO BAYLANDO Deejay Team.

  • Dizzee Rascal

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  • Derren Raser

    Derren Raser View Profile

  • DJ Rashad

    DJ Rashad View Profile

    Chicago kingpin, DJ Rashad, has been a quintessential figurehead in the evolution from Ghetto House to Footwork and its predecessor Juke. Consistently progressing the style, Rashad has been a bastion of the sound. His contributions have acted as blueprints and remain indispensable. His open production approach has helped him craft a unique brand of Footwork that is deeply rooted in Chicago's h...

  • Isaiah Rashad

    Isaiah Rashad View Profile

  • The Rasmus

    The Rasmus View Profile

    The four members of Helsinki's melodically rocking the Rasmus formed the band in 1995 while still in high school because Finland's English music scene -- in their own words -- "sucked." Their debut, Peep, rapidly went gold in their homeland, making the members rock stars at the age of 16. They quickly recorded and released the follow-up, Playboys, which also went gold and earned the group an Emma,...

  • Elle Rasmussen

    Elle Rasmussen View Profile

  • Zora Rasmussen

    Zora Rasmussen View Profile

  • Kaveh Rastegar

    Kaveh Rastegar View Profile

    A founding member of 70 piece hip hop orchestra Dakah, Kaveh is also the bassist for Italian superstar Luciano Ligabue, and has recorded and played with Cee Lo, Bruno Mars, De La Soul, Laura Pausini, The Ditty Bops, Colin Hay, Jesca Hoop, Nels Cline, Sam Sparro, Esthero, Noemi, Giusy Ferreri, Antibalas Afro Beat Orchestra, and Wayne Horvitz. Kaveh plays bass and writes music too. In the years sin...

  • The Rat Pack

    The Rat Pack View Profile

  • Emily Rath

    Emily Rath View Profile

    Emily Rath, singer/songwriter from the Bay Area, is well on her way into an exciting musical career. She started singing at age 3 and at 16, she began writing her own music and performing originals at small venues, festivals, showcases and the like. Emily has opened for musicians such as Jason Reeves, Tyler Ward, Delta Rae and Lissie. She was a member of a cappella groups in high school and colleg...

  • Alex Rather-Taylor

    Alex Rather-Taylor View Profile

    Alex Rather-Taylor is a composer/guitarist/multi-instrumentalist from the San Francisco Bay Area. Alex's music spans a variety of styles, with influences from Frank Zappa to Elliott Smith to the Andean folk music of Peru. In addition to actively recording and performing under his own name, he lends his songwriting and guitar talent to San Francisco indie rock band We Are The Men.

  • The Rationales

    The Rationales View Profile

    Residing in the overlap on the Venn Diagram between Alternative, Rock, Powerpop, and Americana, The Rationales bring to mind such acts as Wilco, Radiohead and Nada Surf, while always sounding entirely like themselves. DREAM OF FIRE, the new EP from the Rationales, started with the solid songwriting the band is known for and added a sense of confidence and skill gained from playing live in ...

  • Melissa Ratley

    Melissa Ratley View Profile

    What is Country music? For Melissa Ratley, that’s an easy question. It’s songwriting and singing. It’s simply playing for friends and family, or performing in front of a crowd, no matter the size or setting. Once you hear Melissa’s voice for the first time, you’re instantly reminded of neotraditional voices like Reba and Wynonna Judd, along with Trisha Yearwood, P...

  • Doug Ratner & The Watchmen

    Doug Ratner & The Watchmen View Profile

    Doug Ratner & The Watchmen, or DRAW, are without a doubt the most exciting down & dirty rock n' roll bands to emerge on the New England music scene in a while. With the release of their newest EP, “Lessons Well Learned” they have quickly become a force to be reckoned with. Their single “Bomb in the Backseat” recently hit #2 on Amazon’s Hottest New Release in Classic Rock, and it was Radio 104.1 of...

  • Dune Rats

    Dune Rats View Profile

    At a time when true rock tales are as rare as chicken lips,Dune Rats are traveling the globe as punk rock pied pipers,attracting an army of ferocious life enthusiasts who are as willing as they are to throw the dice,turn reality sideways and roll with whatever goes. Ratbags,nerds,delinquents,outcasts,the brave,the loud,the shy-Dune Rats don’t care who or what you are,only that you abide by just on...

  • Rockabilly Rats

    Rockabilly Rats View Profile

  • Sewer Rats

    Sewer Rats View Profile

    Hailing from Cologne/Germany, The SEWER RATS have made a name for themselves as one of Europe’s finest punkabilly acts, playing more than 400 shows worldwide, touring Europe, China, Japan & the U.S. with their slicked-back juvenile signature sound of catchy rockabilly and greasy punk rock. Walking the line between Stray Cats-cool, early 90s Social D. and old Rancid, the band sounds like ...

  • Michigan Rattlers

    Michigan Rattlers View Profile

  • T. Raumschmiere

    T. Raumschmiere View Profile

    T. Raumschmiere is the alias of 27 year-old Berliner, Marco Haas. Anti-hero Haas adopted his surreal title from the William S. Burroughs short story, "The Dreamcops." "Die Traumschmiere" is the German title of the Burroughs' story. Says Marco, "I kicked out Die and put a [period] after the T so it looks like a name. The wicked thing is it could mean a lot." In German, 'traum' means dream, 'raum' m...

  • The Raunchy Randos

    The Raunchy Randos View Profile

    Three wandering souls, all of exquisite musical caliber, came together in the Autumn of 2013 in Newmarket, NH to form music for wizards and sorcerers. A brilliant witch came up with the captivating name of The Raunchy Randos to accurately portray the wanton nature of these wild cowboys. The band has been hard at work and achieved the birth of an eclectic group of hit singles recently compiled into...

  • Hitori Rave

    Hitori Rave View Profile

    Formerly Megowan, Hitori Rave is a new project fusing Glitch Hop, Trap, and Juke into an infectious sound that gets everyone moving in the club. His debut tour will kick off late May with Johnathan Thomas. He is also the music coordinator for Firedrums and Universal Flow Gathering.

  • Eddy Raven

    Eddy Raven View Profile

  • The Raven Black Project

    The Raven Black Project View Profile

  • Sam Ravenna

    Sam Ravenna View Profile

    Sam Ravenna's sophomore release, 'Fragile' , picks up where his self titled EP leaves off, and dives deeper into what drives Ravenna as an artist. From vintage Motown flavored soul music, neo-soul funk beats, yacht rock, to experimental avant-guard Jazz and psychedelic dub, 'Fragile' simultaneously throws you back to the past, and plunges you deep into the future. To record ...

  •  Ravens & Chimes

    Ravens & Chimes View Profile

    Forget the suburbs. Manhattan's Ravens & Chimes make music for cities that never sleep and the people that inhabit them, songs for late nights gone awry and early mornings spent picking at warm bowls of regret. 2007's Reichenbach Falls earned comparisons to the Arcade Fire and drew notice from Leonard Cohen and Jeff Mangum; Holiday Life might get Dylan's attention. It would be well-earned. Yo...

  • The Raveonettes

    The Raveonettes View Profile

  • The Rave-Ons

    The Rave-Ons View Profile

    The Rave-Ons might be a new name to hit the East Coast rockabilly music scene, but the band members are far from new at paying tribute to the music of Buddy Holly: Made up from cast members of the Off-Broadway hit musical, Buddy – The BUDDY HOLLY Story, The Rave-Ons formed to bring a whole new energy and light to the music of Buddy Holly and the Crickets. Buddy was a true pioneer in rock and r...

  • The Rave-Ups

    The Rave-Ups View Profile

    The Rave-Ups with Jimmer Podrasky (vocals, guitar), Timothy Jimenez (drums), Terry Wilson (lead guitar) and Tommy Blatnik (bass) are a critically acclaimed American rock group hailing originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but, are best known for being from Los Angeles, California. Labeled with connections to various genres throughout their career, the band were/are equal parts pop/power-...

  • Marta Ravin

    Marta Ravin View Profile

    Emmy nominated producer, Marta Ravin has been working in the entertainment business for over 15 years both behind and in front of the camera.  Her unique background and diverse skill set have shaped her into a strong leader and producer, specializing in comedic television both in the studio and field. Although Marta is widely known as a producer, she began her career as a stand-u...

  • Steep Ravine

    Steep Ravine View Profile

    Steep Ravine's sound conjures up an authentic slice of Northern California spirit, combining the energy and drive of bluegrass with the heart and soul of folk and roots music. The band features the string-playing ingenuity of guitarist Simon Linsteadt, violinist Jan Purat, mandolinist Andy O’Brien, and upright bassist Alex Bice. Steep Ravine, which gets its name from a favorite hiking...

  • Donnell Rawlings

    Donnell Rawlings View Profile

    Donnell Rawlings is an American comedian and actor. Notable roles include appearing in Chappelle's Show, as well as making a guest appearance in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2 and a cameo appearance in the music video for Jim Jones' "We Fly High" (Ballin' Remix). He was a regular on The Ricki Lake Show mostly as a Judge on Various challenge episodes. He also hosted the third season of Chappelle's Show...

  •  Lauren Ray

    Lauren Ray View Profile

    “A rising star from the UK with a gorgeous voice and stage presence to match, she is going to be an artist to watch in 2014.” Pop,Rinse,Repeat Just one EP in and new material on the way, songstress Lauren Ray is shaping her future like no other new artist. Her style is unique, with an effortless, sultry and malleable quality to it. Her sheer dedication, passion for music and the abilit...

  • Adam Ray

    Adam Ray View Profile

    Born and raised in the suburbs of Lake Forest Park, WA, Adam got into comedy at an early age, impersonating friends, teachers, and Ace Ventura. In High School, Adam ran his high school's morning television news program. When it began, it was your basic morning news program. Then Adam and a few friends took it over, and slowly turned it into a weekly sketch show that somehow included the news.&...

  • Alessa Ray

    Alessa Ray View Profile

    Alessa Ray is a pop singer, songwriter and producer from Los Angeles. As a contestant in the "Music Record Contest" in her home country of Paraguay, she realized that writing her own songs would be the best way to express herself as a musician. In 2017 the multilingual artist self-released her debut EP online and began performing in regional clubs. After relocating to Los Angeles and ...

  • Amy Ray

    Amy Ray View Profile

  • Arin Ray

    Arin Ray View Profile

  • Ashley Ray

    Ashley Ray View Profile

  • Atanasio Ray

    Atanasio Ray View Profile

  • Azure Ray

    Azure Ray View Profile

    Although they became important figures in the Saddle Creek community of Omaha, NE, Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor made their initial mark in Athens, GA, where they formed Azure Ray in 2001. The two musicians -- both Alabama natives as well as childhood friends -- relocated to Athens after school and combined elements of folk, pop, and light electronica into their 2001 debut album. The next winter, A...

  • Boo Ray

    Boo Ray View Profile

    Black mirrors and social feeds have damaged our ability to connect on a deeply meaningful level. Alt-country/outlaw guitar-slinger Boo Ray delves deeply into the dire state of communication in the modern world with his new record, Tennessee Alabama Fireworks. The album plays like a southern gothic noir, and in his own words, explores the “nitty-gritty, guts and ugly parts of the human experi...

  • Brandon Ray

    Brandon Ray View Profile

    Brandon Ray “We work all week, in a smokestack town. ‘Til the freakin’ weekend comes rolling around!” Brandon Ray belts out intermixed with infectious handclaps on the chorus of this new track “American Way,” a song that encapsulates the best elements of country and good ole rock n’ roll.  The West-Texas native knows a thing or two about the A...

  • Dena Ray

    Dena Ray View Profile

  • Jeremy Ray

    Jeremy Ray View Profile

    artist - musician singer - songwriter person - dude

  • Jonah Ray

    Jonah Ray View Profile

  • Katie Ray

    Katie Ray View Profile

  • Kyle Ray

    Kyle Ray View Profile

  • Lola Ray

    Lola Ray View Profile

    When John Balicanta decided to attend NYU, he not only had to move from his native California to New York City but he also had to leave his high-school band behind. Vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Balicanta had formed Lola Corin (translated from Filipino, it means "Grandma Corin") with high-school friends Brian Spina (guitar) and James McIvor (bass). They were a loud band, playing in the style of th...

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