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  • Bodhi Rock

    Bodhi Rock View Profile

    "Bodhi is the opposite of ignorance, the insight into reality which destroys mental afflictions and brings peace...." Bodhi Rock (pronounced Bow - as in "Bowtie" - dee) is a collaboration of working LA musicians who came together in late 2009 to push the boundaries of roots music. Their unique sound combines elements of a funk, R & B, rock, jazz and more to form the roots f...

  • Chris Rock

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  • Jay Rock

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  • Jay Rock

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  • Justin Rock

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  • Kid Rock

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  • Killing Rock

    Killing Rock View Profile

    Killing Rock! Classic Heavy Metal, Punk, and Indie Rock from sunny West LA! Crushing Drums + Bass! Magnificent Guitar! Devastating Vocals! After releasing their freshman EP, they are ready to take the world by storm! To experience Killing Rock is to experience the rock genre in its ultimate capacity!

  • Moss Rock

    Moss Rock View Profile

    Moss Rock is a Colorado based jamband that’s best described as Electrofunkgrass. Forming in fall of 2013, Moss Rock quickly began taking the stage at music venues across Denver. Their creative mix of bluegrass, funk and jamtronica creates a foot stompin psychedelic experience that’s sure to put smile on your face!

  • Pete Rock

    Pete Rock View Profile

    Grammy Award winning Producer Pete Rock, also known as Soul Brother #1 and the The Chocolate Boy Wunda, has arguably pioneered the fusing of jazz, funk and soul into hip-hop, laying down the blueprint for beautiful soulful production in hip-hop. He revolutionized rap production through groundbreaking studio wizardry. He made remixes matter more than the original songs. He established ad-libs as...

  • Planet Rock

    Planet Rock View Profile

    Planet Rock is Los Angeles' new collaboration from the DANCEiSM camp, from their wonder kid, Ben Oprstu, bass master, Dom Corleone and sound designer ASAA. Together they put out futuristic booty bass while paying homage to it's 90s hip hop roots . "It's booty bass for 2012", says Ben Oprstu. Their name is a reference to the most crucial game changer in booty bass history, Planet Rock and...

  • Shaman Rock

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  • Stacy Rock

    Stacy Rock View Profile

    Stacy's a storyteller. Everything inside her music, be it the melody or the production, exists to tell a story. You see, Stacy was adopted and grew up in a no stop light town in Montana. The only past she had was the freedom to make up any story she wanted to about herself (and everything around her). So she did. She gave Jim a Lifeline, put a man in prison and filled an entire planet with Marigol...

  • Tony Rock

    Tony Rock View Profile

    Born in the same Brooklyn, NY hospital where most of his seven brothers and one sister found their way into the world, Tony Rock was born laughing. He grew up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in New York and developed a natural knack for entertaining. “On a daily basis I’d see a dozen characters (and I emphasize the word characters). One moment, I’d be fighting for my life. ...

  • Pete Rock & CL Smooth

    Pete Rock & CL Smooth View Profile

    Pete Rock & CL Smooth are a hip-hop duo from New York. They made their debut with their 1991 EP, All Souled Out and followed with 1992's Mecca and the Soul Brother LP. 1994's The Main Ingredient was the follow-up, and they appeared on numerous remixes, soundtracks, and other works. Public Enemy, EPMD, Heavy D and Johnny G...

  • River Rock Band

    River Rock Band View Profile

  • Tony Rock Comedian

    Tony Rock Comedian View Profile

  • Classic Rock Cougars

    Classic Rock Cougars View Profile

  • Eagle Rock Gospel Singers

    Eagle Rock Gospel Singers View Profile

    The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers began as a collective of friends getting together to sing sacred songs of worship from the early 20th century in the summer of 2010. A choir of up to 13 revived the spirit of those believers who came before them with songs like "I Shall Not Be Moved", "12 Gates", and "In My Time of Dying". The group eventually evolved into a band of 8 mus...

  • Punk Rock Heavy Metal Karaoke

    Punk Rock Heavy Metal Karaoke View Profile

  • Street Rock Mafia

    Street Rock Mafia View Profile

    Anthony Owens- Vocals ZZ- Vocals Chris Mandry- Drums and Vox Anthony Donaldson- Bass and Vox  Gabe Oram-Guitar

  • Trop Rock Music Association

    Trop Rock Music Association View Profile

  •  Rock N Roll Soldiers

    Rock N Roll Soldiers View Profile

    Proudly representing for the roughneck end of garage rock, the Rock N Roll Soldiers make an aggressively nasty noise that owes much more to the Pretty Things and early Rolling Stones than it does the White Stripes. Impressively, the band also managed to bounce back from a bad major-label experience that would have destroyed most bands. Formed in Eugene, OR, in 1997 while its members were still in ...

  •  Rock N'Roll Soldiers

    Rock N'Roll Soldiers View Profile

    Proudly representing for the roughneck end of garage rock, the Rock N Roll Soldiers make an aggressively nasty noise that owes much more to the Pretty Things and early Rolling Stones than it does the White Stripes. Impressively, the band also managed to bounce back from a bad major-label experience that would have destroyed most bands. Formed in Eugene, OR, in 1997 while its members were still in ...

  • 97 Rock Presents The Who Are We Pre Concert Party

    97 Rock Presents The Who Are We Pre Concert Party View Profile

    97 Rock Presents: The Who Are We Pre Concert Party at Iron Works, March 26th - 5:00pm - 8:00pm $15 in advance or $20 at the door. Includes a buffet from Ilio DiPaolo's and free souvenir 97 Rock t-shirt. You may purchase your tickets at 97 Rock, 50 James E. Casey Drive, Buffalo 14206 or 3pm the day of the show at Ironworks, 49 Illinois St, Buffalo   97 Rock...

  • A Rock Show

    A Rock Show View Profile

  • Memphis Rockabilly Band

    Memphis Rockabilly Band View Profile

    The Memphis Rockabilly Band was formed by Jeff Spencer and Bill Coover in 1978. The band quickly became one of the most popular bands in Boston and New England, as well as other destinations up and down the east coast. MRB traveled to Europe in 1981 and 1982 and recorded for France's Big Beat Records. The band also released an album on Blind Pig Records in 1986.Between 1979 and 1989, MRB was p...

  • Greaseland Rockabilly Burlesque Show

    Greaseland Rockabilly Burlesque Show View Profile

    The Greaseland Rockabilly Burlesque Show is a fun & sexy high energy 50's Rockabilly Revival Show with a wild twist! Featuring Helvis & his Angels of Mercy, this talented group of self proclaimed family members are at times out of control but always ready to deliver an Amazing Show! When the Angels of Mercy strut their stuff jaws drop & eye balls po...

  • Nova Rockafeller

    Nova Rockafeller View Profile

    Born in Canada, raised in Negril, Jamaica, and having bounced around America, including stops in New York and LA, Nova Rockafeller, who is of Ukrainian, English and French descent, realizes she'll initially be lumped in the "white girl rapper" category, but according to her that's OK, "as long as they say ‘rapper.'" Nova Rockafeller, first and foremost,...

  • Saint Rocke Happy Hour

    Saint Rocke Happy Hour View Profile

    Saint Rocke Happy Hour where everything on the menu is $5. #getit

  • AK Rockefeller

    AK Rockefeller View Profile

  • Joey Rockenstein

    Joey Rockenstein View Profile

    With a “rock star” last name, Joey Rockenstein, (his real last name,) knew he was destined for comedy, after learning one commonality from working various jobs ranging from “Pool-Lifeguard,” to “Bartender,” to portraying “Batman” at kid’s parties: it didn’t matter what he did… Joey was funny! Joey is the youngest of four, raised...

  • Lee Rocker

    Lee Rocker View Profile

    Lee Rocker made his mark singing, playing, standing on, spinning and rocking his giant upright bass in the legendary music group The Stray Cats. Grammy-nominated, The Stray Cats have sold nearly 10 million albums and garnered an astounding 23 gold and platinum certified records worldwide. Founded by Rocker, Brian Setzer, and Slim Jim Phantom, The Stray Cats remain a radio staple, were music video ...

  •  Rocket

    Rocket View Profile

  • Socal Rocket Dynamic

    Socal Rocket Dynamic View Profile

    > So-Cal Rocket Dynamics is a heavy "neo" rockabilly band from the Los Angeles Area. Their catchy and aggressive sound was born in the west coast car culture scene and it falls neatly between rockabilly and psychobilly. They combine vintage guitar styles and blisteringly slapped upright bass lines, with punk and swing rhythms to win your rock and roll heart. Their 2011 release "Santa Susana Meltd...

  •  Rocket from the Crypt

    Rocket from the Crypt View Profile

    Pledging to never play a venue with a stage, singer/guitarist John Reis formed San Diego's Rocket from the Crypt in the summer of 1990 after becoming disillusioned with his then-current hardcore punk band, Pitchfork. Bassist Petey X, guitarist N.D., drummer Sean, and backing vocalist Elaina joined the band's initial lineup, and Rocket from the Crypt released Paint as a Fragrance in 1991. While the...

  • The Rocket Summer

    The Rocket Summer View Profile

  • Spider Rockets

    Spider Rockets View Profile

    Spider Rockets combines contemporary loud rock with classic rock elements. The New Jersey-based band travels the sonic spectrum from dark and seductive to energetic to angry, with a dynamic live show and scream-along anthems. Loud rock has always been at the core of the group. Lead singer, Helena Cos, and guitarist, Johnny Nap, started as a duo playing every dive bar in New Jersey and New York...

  • Step Rockets

    Step Rockets View Profile

    It didn't take long for Step Rockets to take off. Their self-released single“ Kisser” found it’s way to #1 on the Hype Machine charts just two weeks after its release despite virtually no publicity. The track has since garnered over 5.5 million plays on Spotify and catapulted the band onto the international music scene.    With appearances at Firefly Fest...

  • Dan Rockett

    Dan Rockett View Profile

  •  Rockett Queen

    Rockett Queen View Profile

    Texas hard rock quartet Rockett Queen formed in 2002 around the talents of vocalist/guitar player Walter Lee, lead guitar player Chris Wild, bass player Stephen Doll, and drummer CC Harte. Inspired by the rowdy, halcyon days of the Sunset Strip as lived by Mötley Crüe, Guns N' Roses, and Poison, the band released its debut record, Too Rock for Radio, in 2003, much to the delight of fans ...

  • The Rocketz

    The Rocketz View Profile

    The Rocketz started in 2004 playing their first show Mar 2004. Their debut release Rise of the undead dropped one year later in Mar 2005. The Rocketz have a new release "We Are..." available Feb 14 2009. Both recordings feature Andrew Martinez on drums. Andrew was the glue that held The Rocketz together and to tragically lose him Jan 11 2009, was a huge blow to the rock and roll world and a heart ...

  • Country Rockin Rebels

    Country Rockin Rebels View Profile

    "Too rock for country, too country for rock" Biography Up from a dusty California horizon, rise the Country Rockin' Rebels. The Rebels mix old school lyrical charm with deuling hot rod guitars and a rock solid rhythm section. They are a musical journey that rips through the history of country, blues and rock ‘n roll mixing inspired, endearing original material with choice covers. Descript...

  • Dead Rocking Horse

    Dead Rocking Horse View Profile

    Dead Rocking Horse is a New York City-based blues & hard rock outfit, comprised of Marron Chaplin (vox/guitar), David Alva (bass), Jaster A. Leon (guitar), Julio Arias (drums), and Jacqueline Stevens (violin). Actively steering clear of todays popular trends in music, Dead Rocking Horse is heavily influenced by the classics. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Aerosmith and Deep Purple, DRH taps...

  • Dylan Rockoff

    Dylan Rockoff View Profile

    Nashville based Pop/R&B artist Dylan Rockoff first found success with the release of his debut single "Feeling Fine." Shortly after its release, the song was featured on NBC’s "The Today Show," and featured on Pat Monahan of Train's SiriusXM show, Train Tracks. His follow up EP, These Old Streets, peaked at no. 8 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart and attr...

  • Kick Rocks

    Kick Rocks View Profile

    Kick Rocks is a 4 piece melodic punk band from Bay Area. Formed in 2009 the band has evolved and found a sound we love. The songs we write mean a lot to us and maybe just maybe they will mean something to others as well.

  • KISS Rocks Vegas

    KISS Rocks Vegas View Profile

  • Quazi Rockstar

    Quazi Rockstar View Profile

  • Trailerpark Rockstar

    Trailerpark Rockstar View Profile

    Trailerpark Rockstar are an American hard rock band from Southern California. Formed in 2009, the band is comprised of founder, lead guitarist and chief songwriter Eric Meyer, vocalist/lyricist Cory Mitchell, bassist Rich Varville, and drummer James Raub. Recently, Trailerpark Rockstar has released their debut, self titled record and has served as opening act for Lynch Mob; headlined San Diego Ba...

  • Riki Rocksteady

    Riki Rocksteady View Profile

    Riki Rocksteady was born In Hartford,CT. in 1980. Like a true New Englander,Riki lived all over the East Coast throughout his youth from Connecticut to Maine & Boston to Miami. He now resides in Boston,MA where he still performs. A hard worker,a dedicated skinhead and an even tougher man with a reckoning in life! Known to many already in Boston, New York, and Miami as a skilled songwriter and ...

  • Ro Rockwell

    Ro Rockwell View Profile

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