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  • ScHoolboy Q

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  •  Q Da Kid

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  • DJ Qbert

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    DJ QBert, born Richard Quitevis, is widely regarded as the most highly skilled skratching dj that has walked this planet. His long-standing career of innovating the DJ culture has set off a worldwide generation of DJs who are now regarded as musicians and not just DJs that play records, from A-Trak to Craze to C2C to Z-Trip; they would testify to DJ QBert's influence in their sound and successful ...

  • Curious Quail

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    Started in 2008 by singer/songwriter Mike Shirley Donnelly, Curious Quail began as a one- man DIY project mixing chiptunes, guitar driven rock and orchestral arrangements. Influenced heavily by the fuzzy alternative guitar sound of the 90's, and both retro and modern video game soundtracks, 2009's The GLOW Ep painted a picture of one man, his guitar and his technology. Slowly morphing i...

  • The Quantum

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    The Quantum formed in 2011 in Binghamton NY and immediately started writing, recording and playing live as much as possible. As of fall 2014, the band has 2 original EPs released, plans to release a full length album, over 300 shows played around the northeast, several festival performances and well over 100 total songs covered. A huge part of the intent is to keep every show fresh and fun...

  • The Quart Of Blood Technique

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  • No Quarter - A Tribute to Led Zeppelin

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    For over 15 years No Quarter (a tribute to the Led Zeppelin legacy) has been pounding the Hammer of the Gods to Led Zeppelin Fans both nationally and internationally.  This authentic Live Concert reproduction  goes far beyond any group of musicians covering the same tunes you've heard on the radio for over 4 decades. Any musician can learn a song note for note. However, to do...

  • Absynth Quartet

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    A bionic string band? Fire breathing-gypsy-circus-indie-grass? The Absynth Quartet purvey a truly unique brand of high energy acoustic music. The band's sound, born and cultured in the fertile hills of Humboldt County, Ca. melds a reverent treatment of time honored American music with a reckless, virtuosic and often zany approach to innovation. Their music takes the concise, ...

  • JACK Quartet

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  • Jerry Tolson Quartet

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  • Caleb Quaye & The Faculty

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    Caleb Quaye has a worldwide reputation as a signature lead guitar player since the late 60’s and early 70’s. He is known most notably as Elton John’s original lead guitarist having played on all the “early stuff”, as well as numerous studio sessions for many other name artists, such as Harry Nillson, Beach Boys, Joan Baez, Al Kooper, David Foster, John Klemmer, Eddie ...

  • Stephanie Quayle

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    Rebel Engine Entertainment recording artist Stephanie Quayle is celebrating a breakthrough year with her latest radio single "Selfish," from her critically acclaimed album Love The Way You See Me and recently released the special edition of fan-favorite "Ugly" along with the #FarFromUgly campaign to support the American Heart Association's Go Red For Women movement. A ne...

  • The Quebe Sisters

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    When the Quebe Sisters from Texas take a stage, and the triple-threat fiddle champions start playing and singing in multi-part close harmony, audiences are usually transfixed, then blown away. The Quebe’s unique brand of music has taken the Americana music scene by storm. They perform a refreshing blend of swing, vintage country, bluegrass, jazz & swing standards, and Texas style fiddlin...

  • Almost Queen

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    Almost Queen succeeds in blending the vocal layering and studio precision that is a signature of the band with the energy and spectacle of a live stage production. Elaborate lighting, effects and costumes aptly frame the seasoned musicians who step into these very large shoes to effectively render an authentic "Queen experience". The band can boast an unbroken string of sold out theaters...

  • Lazy Queen

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    Lazy Queen plays noisy, energetic, psychedelic indie rock inspired by experimental bands the like of the Pixies, Nirvana, Joy Division, Sonic Youth, Blur and Jesus & The Mary Chain amongst many other.

  • Valley Queen

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    Six years ago, Valley Queen’s front woman Natalie Carol drove to Los Angeles on a whim, looking to expand her musical horizons. After a lonely and frustrating year, she was on the verge of returning home when she happened upon an acoustic jam session where she met guitarist David Donaldson. Carol was immediately reminded of the comfort and friendliness of her Arkansas roots; the perfect environmen...

  • Elephant Queen Collective

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  • Sheba Queen of the Night

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    Meow! Sheba was born in a sea of mermaids in New York city but began her shimmies on the Uptown stage in Oakland, CA. She has performed in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Sebastapool, Long Beach, and Reno, NV. She is inspired by and adores drag queens and drag kings, vaudeville sideshow and is memorized by classic burlesque and old hollywood glamour. Her performance art dazzles and delights with sex-posi...

  • Laugh Queens

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  • The Queen's Guard feat. Blanche J

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    A community of artists seasoned in the Gospel, R&B and Funk scenes across the country, led by the inspiring and dynamic vocal stylings of Blanche J-this is The Queen's Guard. Playing together for years in various contexts, the members formally branded themselves as The Queen's Guard feat. Blanche J in early 2016 and debuted to a deafening, sold out audience at the Neighb...

  •  Queens of the Stone Age

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  • Peter Quentin

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    I have three children with the lovely Ellen and we all live in a cottage by the sea in Los Angeles. A fairy tale ending. Did you say 'Say something about the music?' Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! It's Folk/Rock

  • Peter Quentin feat Will C & Carol McArthur

    Peter Quentin feat Will C & Carol McArthur View Profile

    Singer/songwriters, Peter Quentin & Carol McArthur join forces on stage, together with Will C on mandolin, and their presence will never be forgotten. Their strong, rich, but soulful harmonies lock in the messages of their lyric-driven sets. Peter is an engaging performer who has recorded and played in Australia, England, New York & Los Angeles. If you are a fan of Neil...

  • Project Queue

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    Project Queue

  • Thomas Queyja

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  • The Quick & Easy Boys

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    The Quick & Easy Boys, a power-trio out of Portland, Oregon, create their own blend of garage-pop, psychedelic rock and soul. Imagine The Minutemen, The Police, Deer Tick and Funkadelic rolled into one. Formed in 2005, The Quick & Easy Boys quickly made a name for themselves in Eugene, Oregon before heading north and building a Portland, OR fanbase. Their shows are an interactive pa...

  • The Quickening

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    Saturated in soul and marinated in the love of music comes The Quickening out of New Orleans, LA. (Quick·en·ing): 1: to make alive; 2: to come to life; especially: to enter into a phase of active growth and development ; 3: to shine more brightly Biography Saturated in soul and marinated in the love of music comes The Quickening out of New Orleans, LA. After parting ...

  • Be quiet

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    Just 3 buddies bein' buddies.   all the adjectives that start with "S"   like SAD and SORDID and SALAD-LIKE   gtr/bass/drums/toys   rise to the SUN!!!

  • The Quiet Men

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    The Quiet Men are an Irish-style folk rock band from San Francisco. Original songwriting fusing Irish-style music with modern driving folk, rock and Americana.

  • Kate Quigley

    Kate Quigley View Profile

    Kate Quigley is a standup comedian, model, host, and actress. Her credits include THE OFFICE (Fox), THE DANNY COMDEN PROJECT (Pilot for Warner Bros), THE MEGAN MULLALLY SHOW (NBC), and TALKSHOW WITH SPIKE FERESTEN (Fox) to name a few.  Most notably Kate is the host of the new show, UNDER COVER on Playboy TV.  She also hosts a web show called, #DateFAILS on the Jon Lovitz Comedy N...

  • DJ Quik

    DJ Quik View Profile

    One of the premier West Coast gangsta rap artists of the early '90s, DJ Quik was a rapper as well as a producer whose career carried on well into the next decade, as he put his career aside and began working primarily as a beat-maker. Born David Martin Blake on January 18, 1970, in Compton, California, DJ Quik made a name for himself on the mixtape circuit during the late '80s, compiling tapes als...

  • Max Quilici

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  • Olivia Quillo

    Olivia Quillo View Profile

    No one quite captures real emotion like Olivia Quillio. That's not surprising considering the Troy,NY based singer/songwriter has essentially been honing her craft since her childhood. With a voice beyond her years, Quillio's always had more in common with Billie Holiday and Joni Mitchell than the pop stars she's grown up with. But her ability to split the difference - blending her inf...

  • Miss Quincy & The Showdown

    Miss Quincy & The Showdown View Profile

    Canadian bluesy, boozy rock ‘n’ roll band Miss Quincy and the Showdown, recently released Roadside Recovery, the third full-length album for Quincy and first for the full band. The album is a testament to the touring warriors Quincy and the band truly are; having clocked hundreds of thousands of kms crossing dozens of countries on 3 different continents, playing every dirty barroom, mu...

  • Jody Quine

    Jody Quine View Profile

    “The message I want to get across is how important it is to follow your heart and be your highest self,” says singer-songwriter Jody Quine. After an acclaimed career as a collaborative artist with landmark EDM innovators Balligomingo and Sleepthief, Jody steps out on her own. “I feel like for the first time in my life I'm standing up to be counted. It's time to be me.” This August Jody release her...

  • Bramani Quinn

    Bramani Quinn View Profile

    I am a circus and dance fusion artist. Living my life's passion, I perform belly dance, fire eating, aerial silks, and burlesque in the San Francisco Bay area.

  • Colin Quinn

    Colin Quinn View Profile

    From the old MTV days to SNL to Comedy Central to Broadway, CQ is apparently refusing to leave the business. So if you enjoyed his other one man shows, or you just are at a place in your life where you are lost and you need intelligent laughs, come see his new show. One In Every Crowd. 

  • Donovan Quinn

    Donovan Quinn View Profile

    Honky Tonk Medusa is Donovan Quinn’s first album that he’s both recorded and produced since the Skygreen Leopards’ adventurous Life & Love in  Sparrow’s Meadow. Along with Quinn’s work on vocals, guitar and synth, the album also employs San Francisco musician’s Jason Quever (Papercuts), Michael Tapscott (Odawas), along with his regular rhythm section of...

  • Gary Quinn

    Gary Quinn View Profile

    "If there’s a writer from this side of the pond capable of a career as a tunesmith on Music Row Gary Quinn is it…” Duncan Warwick - Editor of Country Music People   A 6 time British Country Music Association Awards winner including most recently retaining 'Male Vocalist of the Year 2019' and previously 'UK Songwriter of the Year' and consecutive '...

  • San Quinn

    San Quinn View Profile

    Born in Oakland, California, Quincy moved to the Fillmore district of San Francisco at the age of three. He made his first appearance as an opening to Tupac and Digital Underground at the age of 12 and recorded his first album at only 15 years old. He's also part of the Get Low Playaz with JT The Bigga Figga, D-Moe and Seff Tha Gaffla. Quinn holds the record for most appearances on differen...

  • Zeena Quinn

    Zeena Quinn View Profile

  • Siobhan Quinn and Michael Bowers

    Siobhan Quinn and Michael Bowers View Profile

    Gracious and gritty songs brimming with seamless harmonies. Excellent music finely crafted with precision, emotion and beauty. This is Siobhan Quinn and Michael Bowers. They never produce the same performance twice and there is a focus and continuity in their shows that leaves you with little doubt that these two are truly partners. Siobhan brings the audience directly to the emotional center of e...

  • Dirk Quinn Band

    Dirk Quinn Band View Profile

  • The Quins

    The Quins View Profile

    The Quins band is: Quincy Medaglia – lead guitar and vocals, Robbie Sturtevant – rhythm and lead guitar and vocals, Jon LeCours – Bass, and Tyler McKean – drums and vocals. They started up in 2012 and have been seeing an increased level of fans and activity since winning the Limelight Magazine Album of the Year for their debut album, A Tale of Love and Evil which fe...

  • Magdalena Quintana

    Magdalena Quintana View Profile

  • A.B. Quintanilla & Los Kumbia King All Stars

    A.B. Quintanilla & Los Kumbia King All Stars View Profile

    Better known as A.B. Quintanilla III or A.B. Quintanilla, is an American record producer, songwriter, and musician. He is the older brother of "The Queen of Tejano music" Selena. Along with Selena, his other sister Suzette, and his father Abraham, he became a member of Los Dinos in 1980 which would later include Selena's husband (later widower) Chris Pérez as a guitarist. As a...

  • Cory Quintard

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  • Volora Quintet

    Volora Quintet View Profile

    Volora Howell - Vocalist/TV Producer-Host for BET J Network. Although she has been compared to Phyllis Hyman, this soulful chanteuse has her own voice and style and a five-octave range that sends chills down your spine. Growing up in Newark, New Jersey, Volora graduated from the prestigious Arts High School, which produced such talents as Sarah Vaughn, Savion Glover, Wayne Shorter, Tony award winn...

  •  Quintino

    Quintino View Profile

    “Bringing music with energy” that’s what Quintino stands for with his big smile and passion to pump up the crowd like no other can! He started DJing at the age of 15. When he was only 18, he was discovered by Laidback Luke and he released his first tracks “Girls”, “Wooker” and “SupersoniQ”. Quintino’s big breakthrough came when he ...

  • Marlee Quirarte

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