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  • Pickin Pear

    Pickin Pear View Profile

    Tia Martini and Leon Elam - The Pickin’ Pear - branch out from Canyon Collected to create a folk 'n' roll duo.  They combine their non-traditional stylings to their traditional instruments and create an original mix of modern American music. Together the Pickin’ Pear take the banjo and ukulele down the road of folk, rock, and bluegrass.  Sometimes the ukulele will ...

  • Ben Pearce

    Ben Pearce View Profile

    San Francisco based performer and song writer, former Windham Flat.

  • Carly Pearce

    Carly Pearce View Profile

    Born into the Bluegrass brawn of Kentucky, Carly Pearce has never known a moment that Country music wasn’t her destined path. At 11 she began touring and at 16 quit high school for a job performing at Dollywood. Since, she’s defied odds as her No. 1 debut “Every Little Thing,” which designated Carly as the highest charting solo female debut since July 2015 and joining an el...

  • Tyler Pearce Project

    Tyler Pearce Project View Profile

    The Tyler Pearce Project is an energetic soulful pop/rock band from Rochester, N.Y. The project grew from solo singer-songwriter, Tyler Pearce, who brings soul and power in her honest voice and relatable lyrics, which is often compared to Alanis Morisette and Hozier.  Tyler released a solo EP More Than Life (2013) and performed in solo, duo and trio capacities, before deciding the full ban...

  • Anime Pearl

    Anime Pearl View Profile

    Anime Pearl is a musical collaboration of sisters Kaitlyn and Mady Dever. The guitar/piano duo have been playing and performing together since they were young and have spent the past few years writing originals and creating their unique blend of musical beauty.

  • Lucy Pearl

    Lucy Pearl View Profile

    Hip-hop/urban soul supergroup Lucy Pearl was formed in the summer of 1999 as the brainchild of Tony! Toni! Toné multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Raphael Saadiq (formerly known as Raphael Wiggins), who left the band he co-founded with his brother D'Wayne in 1998. Saadiq first contacted DJ Ali Shaheed Muhammad of A Tribe Called Quest, which had disbanded after their 1998 LP The Love Movement,...

  • Rachel Pearl

    Rachel Pearl View Profile

    A fiery flash of red hair, Rachel Pearl clearly favors well-crafted pop hooks in the vein of Sia.  She somehow manages to sound nostalgic and futuristic all at once. Her song "Old School Romance" topped the charts in Italy last year with French DJ Celestal and she's got a follow up release coming out this summer.

  • Black Pearl Reggae

    Black Pearl Reggae View Profile

    Black Pearl Reggae is a band that is dedicated to the reggae/ska groove. Dirty Dan came from the L.A. studio life back down to his beach roots. He was one of the original members of The Stone Senses. He is now a percussion instructor and teacher at Guajome Park Academy. Dan chose to sing and play drums as an added challenge for his musicianship. Roger Reyes is an accomplished musician who ca...

  • Dina Pearlman

    Dina Pearlman View Profile

      I was born in New Jersey and raised in the fair hamlet of Teaneck, home of the Isley Brothers. After 4 years at Carnegie Mellon University, I came to New York to pursue acting professionally. I languished in sorrow and Fritos for a year and half,...

  • Rafe Pearlman

    Rafe Pearlman View Profile

    Colored by the sounds, textures and experiences of a lifetime of travel, from the Alaskan Bush to the Middle East, Rafe Pearlman’s music is inspiring. A study of contradictions and thensome, his voice and music have been described as: eccentric, passionate, cerebral, gentle, poignant, earthy, and reflective. Born in San Francisco and raised in Cape Cod, Alaska and California, by wandering ar...

  • Michael Pearsall of Honor By August

    Michael Pearsall of Honor By August View Profile

    Vocalist and guitarist, Michael Pearson of Honor By August has already played arena stages, had his band's music broadcast to millions and won the Grand Prize in Billboard's World Song Contest. "Now widely considered one of the most promising new talents on the East Coast," (Washington Post) Honor By August makes music characterized by "distinctive, inviting vocals and anthemic, reverb-drenched gu...

  • Andrea Pearson

    Andrea Pearson View Profile

  • Avery Pearson

    Avery Pearson View Profile

    Avery Pearson is a comedian and musician from Toronto, Canada. He tours nationally with The Goddamn Comedy Jam and Adam Ray. You have seen him on Showtime, USA, WB and Seeso.

  • Jeff Pearson

    Jeff Pearson View Profile


  • Jimmy Pearson

    Jimmy Pearson View Profile

    James Pearson got his start in music growing up in Ohio under a musician family. He played many shows with bands and as a solo act in the Cleveland area. At age 20 he moved to Oklahoma City looking for a change in scene. There he joined a band called Mystery, Alaska and played many shows, made a music video, and recorded an EP. At age 23 he moved to California to find the next new adventure. He’s ...

  • Ron Pearson

    Ron Pearson View Profile

    Ron Pearson is a comedian, an actor and a world record juggler that The Hollywood Reporter called “a comic ball of fire.” The Los Angeles Times wrote, “I laughed so hard my jaws ached.” Ron has taken multitasking to a whole new level, from starring for several years on Malcolm & Eddie, to guest starring on The Drew Carey Show, Two Guys and a Girl, The George Lopez ...

  • Harlan Pease

    Harlan Pease View Profile

    After a decade of playing guitar and bass in a variety of professional situations, Harlan Pease was bit by the songwriting bug. This led to his eventual relocation to Nashville in the fall of 2008, where he delved into the process of learning the craft of songwriting and developing a songwriting voice (or multiple voices...paging Dr. Charcot).  When not working on music, he teaches English an...

  • Easy Peasy

    Easy Peasy View Profile

    The airiest airheads in all of new york city playing the real deal for you every night.

  • Danielle Peck

    Danielle Peck View Profile

    An accomplished recording artist and performer, Danielle is no stranger to country fans. She has enjoyed chart success with songs including "I Don't," "Findin' A Good Man" and "Isnt' That Everything ," and has cultivated a loyal fan base on the road, performing hundreds of shows both as a headliner and in support of country music's biggest names.  ...

  • Orville Peck

    Orville Peck View Profile

  • Mikael Pederson

    Mikael Pederson View Profile

    For singer/songwriter and guitarist Mikael Pederson, music is a deeply personal and emotional journey, but more importantly, it is a way to connect with the world. He seeks to inspire and encourage others through his songs and performances. Raised in Salem, Oregon, Mikael began his musical education at age 5 with the piano, then took up the guitar at age 12. By high school, he was singing a...

  • Becky Pedigo

    Becky Pedigo View Profile

    I'm a stand-up comic. I've done some stuff. Not as much as some, but more than others.

  • Anthony Peebles

    Anthony Peebles View Profile

    Anthony Peebles is a must watching rising indie folk artist based in the panhandle of Florida. He began to fall in love with music at an early age when his father showed him how to play a homemade mountain dulcimer, and has had a guitar in his hand ever since. Anthony signed with First Note Entertainment in 2015 and began recording with Grammy-nominated producer David Brainard in Nashville, T...

  • Aly Peeler

    Aly Peeler View Profile

  • The Peels

    The Peels View Profile

    People Making Sounds

  • Aubrey Peeples

    Aubrey Peeples View Profile

  • The Peeps

    The Peeps View Profile

    The Peeps are from Newburgh, NY: We will entertain you for hours of nonstop excitement and 100% raw in your face thrilling action your hearts will explode in bliss and over-enjoyment of celebrating you and yourself's great time and music you hear, through the movement of hard dance to the rhthym of the beat.

  • Galactic Pegasus

    Galactic Pegasus View Profile

  • Meredith Pegula

    Meredith Pegula View Profile

    Native New Yorker, Meredith Pegula began her singing career in musical theatre and the alternative indie rock scene while attending NYU. A professional vocalist & songwriter, featured in VH1's You Rock with Rod Stewart, Meredith Pegula crafts soulful songs of love, loss and strength with authenticity and vulnerability.  "Meredith Pegula's rich husky vocals evoke raw emotio...

  • Shelly Peiken

    Shelly Peiken View Profile

  • Coco Peila

    Coco Peila View Profile

    Coco Peila is a Feminist/Panther/Hip-hop Heroine from the Bay Area, extending African diasporic experience through the form of hip hop and soul music. In 2007 Oakland's Youth Movement Records and San Francisco's Youth Noise chose her song Any Day Now, to commission a music video for Youth Noise's "Healthy Body Image" campaign. Any Day Now went on to be selected to be a part o...

  • Melissa Peirce

    Melissa Peirce View Profile

    It’s not every day a top Country songwriter cites Stephen King as a major influence. Meet Melissa Peirce, a Nashville-based Disney Music Publishing tunesmith. Though deeply inspired by great Country artists and writers past and present, it was the famed novelist who may have offered up the best advice. “Stephen King said you have to write what you know or you’ll never be sincere,...

  • La Pelanga DJ's

    La Pelanga DJ's View Profile

    La Pelanga is a DJ collective born out of Cali, Colombia and based in the Bay. Since 2008 they have been building community around a crazy, positive dance floor, in the spirit of unity and liberation. These record junkies stay true to their motto — música sin fronteras — as they put needle to wax from every corner of Latinoamérica, Africa, and the Caribbean. La Pelanga mi...

  • Dan Pellarin

    Dan Pellarin View Profile

  • Janna Pelle

    Janna Pelle View Profile

    Janna Pelle is the lovechild of Sean Lennon and Fiona Apple with the alter ego of Lady Gaga.

  • Shawn Pelofsky

    Shawn Pelofsky View Profile

    This sassy female will blow you away with her physical comedy and high energy. If Dane Cook and Kathy Griffin were to have a love child, then this would be your comic for hire. Shawn will take you on a wild ride with her outrageous impersonations and knowledge of pop culture. Her ability to nickname and work a crowd will blow your mind. Once you “Stretch it Out” with Shawn Pelofsky, yo...

  • Daniel Pemberton

    Daniel Pemberton View Profile

    Influenced by statuesque electronic artists the likes of Jean-Michel Jarre, Tomita and Vangelis, ambient composer Daniel Pemberton began collecting keyboard gear from an early age and wrote a tips column for a video-game magazine to earn enough money for increasingly high-end equipment. He also began recording his own compositions, and passed a tape on to Mixmaster Morris at one of his gigs. When ...

  • Johnny Pemberton

    Johnny Pemberton View Profile

  • Scott Pemberton

    Scott Pemberton View Profile

    Many master guitarists find their homes within a specific genre, perfecting the ins and outs of their chosen musical realm until their names become synonymous with the very art form.   Portland’s Scott Pemberton is not your average guitarist. He’s a musical nomad. His home isn’t in one comfortable bubble, but rather spread across genres. One moment, he’s shr...

  • Queen Pen

    Queen Pen View Profile

    A protégé of artist/producer Teddy Riley, rapper Queen Pen first surfaced to deliver a memorable rap on the chart-topping BLACKstreet smash "No Diggity." Signed to Riley's Lil' Man label, she made her solo debut with 1997's My Melody, which Riley also produced. ~ Jason Ankeny, Rovi

  • Anthony Pena

    Anthony Pena View Profile

    Anthony Pena is a Salt Lake City artist, playing around the valley for 4 years now. After playing around in projects, he has now sat down and started a project containing his own music, flaring from post rock, to ambient to soundtrack. With the release of his new record “Apology”, Anthony and his band are touring the west coast to reach newer friends and family.

  • Chance Pena

    Chance Pena View Profile

  • Jennifer Pena

    Jennifer Pena View Profile

    For the first phase of her career, Jennifer Peña was constantly compared to Selena, with whom she had professional ties, but with time she came into her own stylistically and became one of the more accomplished young singers in popular Latin music. Peña's ties to Selena go back to 1995, when she performed on-stage at the latter's Houston Astrodome tribute concert. This was the performanc...

  • Lula Pena

    Lula Pena View Profile

    Born in Lisbon and now living in Barcelona, Lula Pena blends traditional fado with layers of Portuguese folk, French chanson, Cape Verdean morna, and Brazilian bossa nova. With a commanding yet sensitive voice, Pena performs solo guitar and sings of passion and pain, mirroring her personal journey as both musician and poet. 

  • Eddie Pence

    Eddie Pence View Profile

  • Tom Pendergast Guitar

    Tom Pendergast Guitar View Profile

    A constant thread in Tom’s playing is his ability to find new ways to interpret familiar songs. He is well versed in Jazz, Classical, Flamenco, Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock and more. His continually expanding repertoire is partly do to his immersion in the world of public performance. He has fans, clients and students to thank for shaping much of what he chooses to play. When performing indie ...

  • Tyler Pendleton

    Tyler Pendleton View Profile

    Tyler Pendleton, an alumnus of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, has just released his self titled acoustic album. He has also just finished recording his debut studio album with the Tate Music Group due to be out early 2014. If you are interested in live acoustic music, you have found the right artist. With his soulful acoustic pop that can be likened to Matt Nathanson or Phillip Philli...

  • The Penitentials

    The Penitentials View Profile


  • Dan Penn

    Dan Penn View Profile

  • Marko Penn

    Marko Penn View Profile

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