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  • Flux Pavilion

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  • Karrie Pavish Anderson

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    If you can survive a month of Sundays at -65ºF, you can get through just about anything. Alaskan Karrie Pavish Anderson gathers inspiration for her jazz-kissed Adult Contemporary songs from the challenges of living in a Hoth-like locale with no roads leading out, and no Starbucks within 300 air miles. Other songs are born from Karrie’s experience working with Native Alaskan youth who...

  • Goliath Paw

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    Goliath PAW delivers an edgy and cool clean appeal that's missing from a 
majority of rappers these days. Not since Will Smith has a rapper been able 
to captivate listeners without being degrading or corny. Nick named "Mr. 
Rock Pop & Hip Hop" Goliath PAW combines his love of classic/alternative 
rock and mainstream pop, all while adding his own unique style of rapping 
to the mix. To further set...

  • Sean Pawling

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    Sean Pawling has been performing throughout Los Angeles for 6 years. His music sets a relaxed atmosphere inspired by the outdoors of his childhood in Lake Tahoe. With a virtuosic voice and range comparable to Jeff Buckley and Jason Mraz, catchy melodies inspired by Belle & Sebastian and the Beatles, and original low brass arrangements, Sean’s music provides a unique sound in the realm of...

  • Rose's Pawn Shop

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    It may come as a surprise to hear the strains of Appalachian and Americana music channeled through five guys from Los Angeles, CA, but heartache, loss and regret have always been the cornerstones of great music, and this city has more than its share. In a town better known for porn stars and face lifts, anything as authentic and heartfelt as Rose’s Pawn Shop is a pleasant surprise. &nbs...

  • Owl Paws

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    Hailing from the foggy city of San Francisco, Owl Paws, brain child of Derek Schultz, began as a solo recording project in 2010. Soon thereafter, an ensemble formed featuring Timothy Vickers and Lucas Siobal. Complete with dreamy song-scapes, acoustic sonority, haunting harmony, lyrical honesty and a dynamic rythhm section, the band has created a sound that is distinctive and captivating – a uniqu...

  • Zach Paxson

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    Equal parts talent, gumption, and charisma have contributed to the evolution of this extraordinary musician who lives a surprisingly ordinary life. A triple-threat amassing the talents necessary to write, sing, and perform, Zach Paxson is best identified by his relation to the everyday, rather than a sometimes idealized lifestyle centered around beer, short skirts, and tailgates. Sure, there are t...

  • Jaime Paxton

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    Hollywood-based singer-songwriter Jamie Paxton first attracted attention with her 2004 EP Cereal State, a collection of witty, well-crafted pop-rock songs with an unapologetically strong feminist perspective. Her frank depictions of life as a young, single woman struck a chord with viewers of MTV's reality drama Laguna Beach, which featured Paxton's songs "Five Years" and "Sunshine" on the soundtr...

  • Tom Paxton

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  • The Paxtons

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  •  Pay The Girl

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    Frequently compared to Matchbox 20, 3 Doors Down, and the Verve Pipe, Pay the Girl epitomizes the slicker, cleaner, more polished side of alternative pop/rock in the 21st century. The Cincinnati, OH-based band caters to listeners who like their rock laced with a lot of pop; Pay the Girl's tuneful, highly melodic work has strong power pop instincts. But for all their polish and gloss, Pay the Girl ...

  • Mr Payday

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    Melody-driven rock that crosses all sub-genres.

  • Mr. Payday

    Mr. Payday View Profile

    Melody-driven rock that crosses all sub-genres.

  • Abby Payne

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  • Caitlyn Payne

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  • Clif Payne

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  • Joni Payne

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    Joni Payne combines her classic jazz influenced vocals with pop and r&b melodies to create a unique sound that can best be described as street meets relaxed chic.  Born in the midwest, but having lived on the east and now west coast, Joni has been influenced by a wide array of genres and American cultures that have helped her develop an explosive and haunting electronic style.  St...

  • Waylon Payne

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  • Nathan Payne & the Wild Bores

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    Nathan Payne & the Wild Bores is an all-original psychedelic rockabilly band with different chapters throughout the American Southwest, enabling Nathan to tour without the logistical hassle & expense of traveling with a band. Nathan Payne & the Wild Bores have tours of Colorado & the West Coast lined up, in addition to local & regional shows in Las Vegas, Southern California, a...

  • Bill Payne (Little Feat)

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    "I’ve waited forever to do this, "Bill Payne says of his long-overdue first solo album. Payne, who co-founded Little Feat with the late, great Lowell George 35 years ago, has been Little Feat’s keyboardist – and its pilot – throughout the band’s existence, writing and singing such beloved classics as "Oh Atlanta," "Day or Night," "Time Loves a Hero“ and ”Gringo,“ while ”steering a ship that was ru...

  • John Payne and The Hurt

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    From the honor roll of legendary musicians—like Carlos Santana and Sly Stone—comes another Bay Area hidden treasure, John Wesley Payne.   John Payne is known within the local music circle as the “Prince” of the Bay Area, because of his abilities to write, produce, and arrange. He first broke onto the Billboard charts with his number one hit, “She Just ...

  • the paynter brothers

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    Sonoma Sound is a sonic tapestry of original roots music with threads of Americana, Blues, Folk, Jazz, Latin and Reggae rhythms that blur the lines of musical category. Will Paynter is the creative force behind Sonoma Sound, a music cooperative which reflects his solo compositions as well as collaborations with other musicians. Five other talented musicians round out the band; Paul Downie on vocal...

  • Jessie Payo

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    Jessie Payo is a quadruple threat: singer, songwriter, actress and dancer — she’s emerging as one of the most gifted artists in the modern music scene. Having just launched her solo career, Ms. Payo is proving to be a sweet-sounding force to be reckoned with. Known for her brilliant vocal ability and poetic songwriting savvy, she can write and wail everything from Top-40 Pop to grit...

  • Nicholas Payton

    Nicholas Payton View Profile

    Nicholas Payton is widely considered one of the greatest artists of our time. Hailed as a virtuoso before he was even out of high school, his maturation and talent has earned him praise and accolades, as well as insured his place in musical history. When he was barely in his 20s, Nicholas Payton made his major-label recording debut as a leader with From This Moment (Verve). Since the...

  • Christina Pazsitzky

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    Christina Pazsitzky is a Stand-Up Comedian and Writer who is a Los Angeles native and proud of it. She is a regular on the popular E! show “Chelsea Lately”, and tours all around the country and abroad entertaining people. You can check her calendar to see if she’s coming to your town. A long-time veteran of television, you can see Christina weekly on the E! Channel’s “Chelsea Lately” and...

  • The PBJs

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    The PBJs are an acoustic duo of best friends from small towns in Southeast Iowa connected by train tracks. Both are no stranger to softer, folk rock, with Nalani Proctor, a solo artist out of Keokuk, and Jason Bolinger, once the drummer for Ottumwa band "She Swings She Sways". In the beginning, The PBJs were merely a means to come together to create new music. As the group’s rep...

  • (hed) pe

    (hed) pe View Profile

    Huntington Beach, CA's (hed) p.e. (the "pe" stands for "Planet Earth") was founded in 1994 by frontman Jahred (aka M.C.U.D., aka Jerred Shaine), whose goal was to fuse the region's long-standing punk rock heritage with G-funk-inflected hip-hop -- a sound he labeled "G-punk." Three years and a self-financed 1995 EP entitled Church of Realities later, (hed) p.e. (also comprising lead guitarist Wesst...

  • Hed PE

    Hed PE View Profile

    The quest to uncover the truth has given California-based hardcore pioneers (Hed)p.e. new life. While the band has weathered the stormy waters of the music business for over a decade and enjoyed a slew of successful albums, it’s their quest for answers that has given them purpose.   I believe (Hed)p.e’s longevity is due to the fact that our records are more than just mu...

  • Al's Peace

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    Al.’s Peace, featuring, Al. Keith on percussion, Mark Tyson and Eric Endo on guitar, will kick off the evening bringing some of the best. Soul-Folk-Blues-Funk-Reggae-Jam-Boogie this side of the Westside! It’s all about the Peace & we’re ALL in it.

  • DJ Warren Peace

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  • For Peace Band

    For Peace Band View Profile

    Coming from an island 36 miles long, 14 miles wide and 5,000 miles away from your governing mainland instantly makes you different. For Peace Band embraces their island roots as they activate the masses through conscious reggae music. The only artist from Guam currently active in North America and abroad, they have honed their sight on fans from across the globe, delivering authentic island reg...

  • Shaun Peace Band

    Shaun Peace Band View Profile

    Mixing the roots of rock n roll, blues, and reggae music, Shaun Peace has a uniquely blended sound of upbeat and dance filled music. Born in Texas, but moving several times before the age of 5, he landed in Virginia and was raised on rock n roll. He picked up the guitar at age 12 and never looked back. He performed his first USA Tour in 2013 with appearances in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, Austin, ...

  • The Peace Pushers

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  •  PeaceTreaty

    PeaceTreaty View Profile

    PeaceTreaty was created in 2010 by producer Josh Anaya. Later in the year Josh teamed up with multi-instrumentalist Angelo Patino to make PeaceTreaty a production duo! These boys have already earned support from TIESTO, DEADMAU5, LAIDBACK LUKE, AFROJACK, MOBY, BENNY BENASSI, KASKADE, CHUCKIE, WOLFGANG GARTNER, FELIX DA HOUSECAT, STEVE AOKI, JOACHIM GARRAUD, JOHN DAHLBACK, BT, TOMMY LEE &...

  • Hot Peach

    Hot Peach View Profile

    HOT PEACH is new Electro/Power Pop project derived from Toronto based veteran folk singer/songwriter Sarah Burton and Junior Achiever/Ramona drummer/song writer and owner of Dunce Cap Management Inc. Jeremy Knowles and Bass player Luke Stackhouse (Fred Eaglesmith). HOT PEACH was born between the yellow lines of the American Midwest while returning from an 8 week US tour. Jeremy and Sarah discovere...

  • The Peach Kings

    The Peach Kings View Profile

    The Peach Kings consist of Texas-born Paige McClain Wood and Silver Lake, Los Angeles native Steven Trezevant Dies. The band currently resides and works in Los Angeles. The Peach Kings draw their sound and inspiration from the smoky smooth crackle of blues, folk, and soul vinyls as well as the hypodermic tones synthesized in various beat laboratories across the globe. Stripped down, The Peach K...

  • The Peach Pickers

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  • Charlie Peacock

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  • Great Peacock

    Great Peacock View Profile

    You can call Great Peacock a folk band... but don’t expect them to make music for campfires or square dances. Raised in the Deep South and headquartered in Nashville, they’re a group of red-blooded country boys who aren’t afraid of the big city. Case in point: Making Ghosts -- the duo’s harmony-heavy, guitar-driven debut album -- whose 11 songs find the middle ground bet...

  • Sarah Peacock

    Sarah Peacock View Profile

    1.2 million miles, 2,800 shows, and fourteen years of flying solo is quite a road trip. Sarah Peacock bridges gaps between Country, Blues, Americana, and Rock-N-Roll. Her music is raw, truth telling, and fiercely unique.Held hostage by her record label at 21, the troubadour life came with a rude awakening for the young Georgia native. Peacock made her home in a ‘92 V...

  • Tommy Peacock

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  • Susan Peahl

    Susan Peahl View Profile

    Susan Peahl has performed in Film, TV, VO, NY stage (Broadway and Off), Corporate Industrials, and has been improvising and teaching improv professionally for over 20 years in NY, Orlando and LA. She won the NY MAC award for "Best Comedy" for her improvised musical work. Some improv credits include: Chicago City Limits (NYC); Comedy Warehouse, Walt Disney World (Orlando); Boom Chicago (Amsterdam);...

  • Near Peak

    Near Peak View Profile

    The story of the Brooklyn-based band Near Peak starts back in an elementary school day care just over 20 years ago in the San Francisco Bay Area. Travis and Alex met while tinkering on broken electronics given to them as a distraction. Taking stuff apart and figuring out how they worked came pretty naturally. Fast forward a decade, everyone in the band, Josh, Travis, and Alex, all tackled the musi...

  • Widow's Peak

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  • Summer Peaks

    Summer Peaks View Profile

    Summer Peaks is an indie rock quartet from the San Francisco Bay Area consisting of high school friends Daniel Mandrychenko, Zach Elsasser, Melina Duterte, and Dylan Allard. Their first two EPs reflect their diverse musical interests, which include surf rock, shoegaze, and old Broadway tunes. In March of 2014, Summer Peaks released their first album, Saturday. Described as having a diverse ...

  • Twin Peaks

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    EMILY PEAL View Profile

  • Folerio Peanut Butter Wolf

    Folerio Peanut Butter Wolf View Profile

    Folerio is the first signing to PB Wolf's new label Good Time Records. Wolf tried to sign him to Stones Throw, but he declined, saying "Folerio is for the people and Stones Throw is not for the people." This first single shows off Folerio's romantic writing skills and computer drum programming with "You're So Precious", a heart wrenching spoken word epic number. It was chosen to be placed in t...

  • Earl Peanutt Montgomery

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