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  • Re'Sean Pates

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  • The Patients

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  • Conor Patrick

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    Peggy Jones, Founder–Sings Like Hell concert series, “the best music you’ve never heard” Where do old bandits go when there's nothing left to steal, where do the exiled hide, where does a man not have to kneel?   Conor Patrick presents his songs wrapped in longing and poignant sadness. Loneliness, even isolation, along with wry self-dep...

  • Kyle Patrick

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    Blasting out of the gates with his debut solo album this summer, Kyle Patrick is ready to take fans on a whirlwind journey with up beat, dance-worthy tracks, and a worldly feel fit for pop radio. The leadoff single, “Go For Gold!” is releasing on June 20th, along with a 3D music video. “I want to surprise and inspire people, and I want to surprise myself,” says Kyle of his ...

  • Lance Patrick

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  • Yeshua Patrick

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    By himself, YESHUA PATRICK is an alternative acoustic artist, bringing a percussive one-handed, indie-emo style to the stage. At times, the progressive nature of YESHUA PATRICK's faster paced songs really showcases a unique, modern-psychedelic guitar approach reminiscent of Middle Eastern influences.

  • Dan Patrick Fulton

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    Heart forever on his sleeve, Dan Patrick Fulton plays a bruised but hopeful brand of love song. Fulton’s songwriting career started in the Minneapolis area where he grew up playing piano and guitar. His early songs and demos kicked off a life-long addiction to writing and recording. The addiction followed the singer-songwriter to Los Angeles, where he makes music with influences as v...

  • Thomas Patrick Maguire

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    Like the best American singer-songwriters, Basement Folk artist tells stories. Influenced by Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, Sebadoh & Nirvana.

  • Cinema Patrol

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    Cinema Patrol is an Alternative Rock band with no limitations and no boundaries. The music speaks for itself, the melodies, and songs of SILENT NOISE are specially blended influences of 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's music which is uncommon among most bands today. 

  • Snow Patrol

    Snow Patrol View Profile

    After failing to secure an international audience for nearly ten years, Snow Patrol broke into the mainstream with 2003's Final Straw, a mega-selling album that showcased the band's fondness for epic, melancholic rock. The group had originally stuck closer to the pop realm, releasing quirky albums that took more cues from Belle & Sebastian than Coldplay (to whom the band would later draw many comp...

  • Special Patrol Group

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  • Jay Patten

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    Saxophonist, vocalist, band leader, composer Jay Patten has released six well received albums, including his CBS Sony album "Black Hat and Saxophone," "Crystal Nights" and "Impressions Of Christmas." His latest cd is "Street Scene." It's a tribute to his adopted home town of Nashville, Tennessee. Containing five vocals and eight saxophone instrument...

  • Fact Pattern

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    Fact Pattern are a progressive doom/industrial trio based out of the Los Angeles area.  Combining heavy guitars, sludgy bass, competent polyrhythmic drumming, lush keyboard soundscapes, and harsh samples; Fact Pattern aims to defy genre conventions and carve their own path.  Fact Pattern collectively are: Ian Flux (guitar, vocals, keys, programming), Jack Franswah (bass and voc...

  • The Pattern

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    Combining stirring melodies with rock & roll's flammable powers, the Pattern formed in Oakland, CA, in the beginning of 2000, reuniting the efforts of a five-piece crew, all of which had previous band experiences. Led by vocalist and songwriter Christopher Appelgren, along with guitarists Jason Rosenberg and Andy Asp, bassist Carson Bell, and drummer Jim Anderson, the Pattern joins garage rock, in...

  • Male Pattern Baddness

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    MPB's mission statement: Playing live shows that make everyone feel like they're at the best party ever.

  • Carly Patterson

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  • Clinton Patterson

    Clinton Patterson View Profile

    Raised in Atlanta, Clinton Patterson moved to Los Angeles for music. There he began playing and writing songs for projects with ESPN, The RZA, Ghostface Killah, A Tribe Called Quest, and Sesame Street. Most recently, Patterson has been seen performing alone with a guitar. Singing songs with a sound that combines the sound of The South with the restlessness of a traveler’s spirit....

  • Esme Patterson

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  • James Patterson

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    James Patterson is a standup comedian.

  • Lachlan Patterson

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    Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, now living in Los Angeles, Lachlan Patterson is quickly becoming the most talked about stand up comedian in North America. With 2 invitations to the Montreal Comedy Festival including a brilliant performance at the prestigious “Gala of Laughs” hosted by SEINFELD’ own Jason Alexander Lachlan is well on his way to Superstardom. His fir...

  • Simon Patterson

    Simon Patterson View Profile

     "I've been travelling a ridiculous amount in the past year and I'm totally loving it!" says Simon Patterson in his lilting Northern Irish accent, in spite of already admitting his sleep patterns are jet-lagged to fuck and he's run out of valium. "It can be hard with the lack of sleep, but I'm used to that now - it's completely amazing seeing all these other cultures all the ti...

  • Joseph Patton

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    Joseph Patton is a staff writer at Sony/ATV Music. Patton’s heart and soul rests in the blend between vocal dynamics and lyrical tension. Born and raised in Nashville, his depth of insight reveals a storyteller while his melodies drive a soothing rift between Americana and indie-pop. Patton brings warmth and body with his soaring vocals and velvety melodies, all while keeping a sound th...

  • Sean Patton

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  • The Patwa Reggae Band

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    The Patwa Reggae Band brings a classic and authentic sound to Park City reggae music. With members from America, England, and Jamaica, TPRB creates an original blend of talent and taste in a timeless genre. Errol Grant - Lead vocals Jarryd Wark - Drums Colin Higgins - Bass Swainson Holness - Keys Zach Thomas - Guitar

  • Mikey Pauker

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    How do you channel divine experience and Jewish mysticism to others? ForMikey Pauker, the answer did not stop at yoga or Torah and Chassidic text study. Instead, Pauker chose to share his spiritual love and light with the world through music. Noted in "TIME Magazine" as one of the 10 Stars Of New Jewish Music, Mikey travels to spiritual communities all over the world sharing mu...

  • Mikey Pauker & The JoyMachine

    Mikey Pauker & The JoyMachine View Profile

    Hailing out of Southern California from Laguna Beach to Silver Lake, Mikey Pauker & The JoyMachine's mix of folk/pop/reggae music has been shaking up the world with powerful and inspirational performance and grooves. With the release of Mikey Pauker & The JoyMachine in 2011,the band geared up for multiple tours in the US turning heads at Summer Festivals, Folk Venues, & Top Notch Venues (Hotel Ca...

  • David Paul

    David Paul View Profile

    David Paul Torres is a Heavy Metal and Classical Guitarist born in Los Angeles, California. His love for the grunge nature and amplification of Heavy Metal as well as the traditional, sophisticated elegance of Classical Music has helped to shape him into a well rounded musician. This unique two-pronged attack gives David the versatility to inspire people from multiple genres and and bring an aware...

  • DJ Paul

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  • Ellis Paul

    Ellis Paul View Profile

    Ellis Paul website Ellis Paul on Facebook Ellis Paul is a critically-acclaimed singer, songwriter, poet, and troubadour originally hailing from a potato farming family in northern Maine. He is the recipient of thirteen Boston Music Awards, second only to multi-platinum act, Aerosmith. Over the course of fifteen years, Ellis Paul has built a vast catalog of music which weds striking poetic im...

  • Prince Paul

    Prince Paul View Profile

    Beginning his career as a DJ for Stetsasonic, rapper and producer Prince Paul has lent his skills to albums by Boogie Down Productions, Gravediggaz, MC Lyte, Big Daddy Kane, and 3rd Bass, among others. Paul's big break came when he produced De La Soul's 3 Feet High and Rising album. Shattering the acknowledged rules of hip-hop production, he sampled not only funk, but all types of music to...

  • Ruben Paul

    Ruben Paul View Profile

    Ruben Paul is one of the most unique and versatile comedians working today. His irrepressible energy, quick wit, and vivid story telling take audiences on a hilarious ride from beginning to end. Ruben talks honestly about his life, and has insightful observations that bring audiences together no matter their age, race, creed, or color. Ruben was born and raised in Carson, California which is ...

  • Sean Paul

    Sean Paul View Profile

    Dancehall superstar Sean Paul began scoring hit singles in Jamaica starting in 1996 and thereafter steadily began attracting international attention, eventual breaking into the pop mainstream in 2002 with Dutty Rock. Born Sean Paul Henriques on January 8, 1973, the multi-ethnic Paul (his parents had Portuguese, Chinese, and Jamaican blood) grew up comfortably in St. Andrew, Jamaica, his mother a r...

  • Stephanie Paul

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  • Talia Paul

    Talia Paul View Profile

    Performing songwriter & recording artist Talia Paul discovered her talent after an encounter with a taxicab door.  A product of a strict classical upbringing, with an opera singer dad, Talia at first followed the notes on the page, and tried to fill her fathers shoes by singing opera and musical theatre. That didn't go well. Talia didn't know she could sing...

  • Todd Paul

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  • St. Paul & The Broken Bones

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  • Talia Paul ~

    Talia Paul ~ View Profile

    Performing songwriter & recording artist Talia Paul discovered her talent after an encounter with a taxicab door. A product of a strict classical upbringing, with an opera singer dad, Talia at first followed the notes on the page, and tried to fill her fathers shoes by singing opera and musical theatre. That didn't go well. Talia didn't know she could sing, really sing until the taxica...

  • Matthew Paul Butler

    Matthew Paul Butler View Profile

    Folk/Soul/Gospel from Durham, NC

  • John Paul Byram

    John Paul Byram View Profile

    John Paul Byram's voice has been heard on many film scores. His recordings of Kris Kristofferson's material are modern and thoughtful while preserving the craft originally inherent to the songs. Heavily influenced by bands like Yes, Steely Dan, and Queen, John Paul's early style has honed in from unpredictable and complicated to a more intentional and mature approach that focuses on...

  • The Paul Collins Band

    The Paul Collins Band View Profile

    Paul Collins is a singer songwriter from Sherman Oaks, California. He has a four piece band which plays mostly original songs and a few cover songs. His fans and other artists like his songs because they are, "catchy." His writing style is country rock based and has noticeable blues and southern rock Influences. The Paul Collins Band recently played at ...

  • The Paul Collins Beat

    The Paul Collins Beat View Profile

    Rock icon and cult favorite Paul Collins got his start with Peter Case and Jack Lee in 1974. Their band The Nerves toured with The Ramones and recorded a song called “Hanging On The Telephone.” The song would later become a hit when covered by Deborah Harry and Blondie on the Parallel Lines album.   Paul Collins formed The Beat in 1977, recruiting members of various roc...

  • Remember Paul Martin

    Remember Paul Martin View Profile

    Rock and Roll Baby

  • Justin Paul Sanders

    Justin Paul Sanders View Profile

  • Christopher Paul Stelling

    Christopher Paul Stelling View Profile

    “A one-man musical outfit that recalls the intensity of The Tallest Man on Earth and labelmate Glen Hansard.” – Village Voice   “The way this man delivers his songs, it’s not hard to imagine him actually ‘tap-dancing down the edge of this here knife,’ as he sings at one point from within a small tornado of acoustic guitar…” &nd...

  • Jenna Paulette

    Jenna Paulette View Profile

  • Bernadette Pauley

    Bernadette Pauley View Profile

    Comedian Bernadette Pauley, based in New York City, has a bunch of TV credits under her belt including: Animal Planet’s “A-list” and “Wild 100″, Trading Spaces “Recap” Episodes (TLC), FOX’s RedEye w/Greg Gutfeld and “Wedding Album” pilot(director Andy Tennant), COMICS UNLEASHED, Comedy Central’s TOUGH CROWD WITH COLIN QUINN ...

  • Burnadette Pauley

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  • Rachelle Pauli

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  • DJ Pauly D

    DJ Pauly D View Profile

  • Laura Pausini

    Laura Pausini View Profile

    By 2004, roughly a decade after she made her recording debut at the age of 18, Laura Pausini had sold over 25 million albums worldwide, quite an impressive feat for someone who'd never really broken into the lucrative English-language market. The Italian singer (born May 16, 1974) began her career at a young age, making her live debut at only age 12. Her singing didn't really take off unti...

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