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  • Aftah Party

    Aftah Party View Profile

    Funk, soul, hip-hop, jazz, rock and poetry combine when Aftah Party hits the stage with an eclectic sound that can’t be matched. This 10-piece band, with three-piece horn section, has set out on a mission to combine their wide range of musical experiences and influences into a single dynamic and soulful experience for audiences. Aftah Party has rapidly been gaining notoriety in their hometown of K...

  • alex party

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  • Bad Party

    Bad Party View Profile

    Alt-country band from Seattle, WA.

  • Beach Party

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  • Dinosaur Party

    Dinosaur Party View Profile

    Formed in a leaky, north side basement in 2010, Dinosaur Party is bringing no-rules rock into the nightlife of Chicago. DP is: Kevin Dimpsey- guitar/vocals Zach Thomas- bass/vocals Chad "Eightrack" Bennett- skins/general mayhem

  • Dog Party

    Dog Party View Profile

    Dog Party! Catchy melodies, tight harmonies, fuzz pedals and big drums; what more could you possibly want in a rock and roll band? Formed in 2007 by sisters Gwennie and Lucy Giles, the duo draws influence from the classic sounds of the Ramones as well as contemporaries Ty Segall to synthesize their own unique style. Careful listeners will also notice a nod to bands like Cub and Tiger Trap, ...

  • Dr. Party

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  • Dutch Party

    Dutch Party View Profile

    Originally from San Francisco, lead singer, guitarist and producer for Dutch Party, Ken Franklin, incorporates and balances styles that exist at different ends of the musical spectrum. Franklin has developed a unique sound suited for the analog-versus-digital generation, citing key influences from David Bowie, Beck, The Beatles and The Tallest Man On Earth, as well as M83 and Emil and Friends. ...

  • Grad Party

    Grad Party View Profile

    Grad Party is an LA-based indie pop duo consisting of Ian Bowers and Carlo Ladd. Their music draws on an array of songwriting and production influences ranging from Joni Mitchell to Daft Punk and plenty in between. These influences help yield Grad Party’s compellingly written and emotionally honest songs, supported by engaging electro-acoustic instrumentals. Bowers plays ...

  • Jargon Party

    Jargon Party View Profile

    My band is called Jargon Party. Originally it was based in Brooklyn, New York but I just moved to an Island off of Portland, Maine to record the next album. I play all the instruments, write all of the songs, and record everything myself.  I've been musical, I guess, all of my life. I started with choir in first grade and ever since then I've wanted to learn to do everything musical....

  • Killer Party

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  • Pinball Party

    Pinball Party View Profile

    Free play pinball. No cover. $2 pints. what a night!    

  • Pity Party

    Pity Party View Profile

    Sad kids from Stockton/Oakland playing punky-pop. Drinking 40s, eating burritos.

  • Ski Party

    Ski Party View Profile

  • Vinyl Party

    Vinyl Party View Profile

    Vinyl Party offers a genre-bending sound that stays true to their influences while still pushing the boundaries.  It is truly refreshing when such a band comes along and dispels a few conceptions and breaks a few genres along the way.  The varied funk, hip-hop, soul, and rock elements that the group employs reflect the eclectic beach communities of Los Angeles in which&...

  • Vinyle Party

    Vinyle Party View Profile

  • Wild Party

    Wild Party View Profile

    Wild Party, made up of vocalist Lincoln Kreifels, guitarist Lucas Hughes, bassist Ethan Kaufmann, and drummer Cary LaScala are still a young band, but they have already been around the block and across the pond. The band were thrust into the spotlight early in their career when they were offered a gig to support The Wombats on tour across the UK in 2010. Without label support, Wild Party seized t...

  • The Party Band

    The Party Band View Profile

    The Party Band is a 20-something piece brass band from Lowell, MA. Equally at home inside concert venues, schools, music festivals, and community events, they will always bring booty shaking music and set off a party. You may have seen them at music festivals all around the Northeast, including Madsummer Meltdown (PA), Bella Terra (NY), Monadstock (NH), Disc Jam, Strange...

  • OK Party Comedy

    OK Party Comedy View Profile

    OK Party started as a collective of comedians that wanted to do cool shows at cool venues. They've ventured into doing a huge variety of shows at different venues, but this show is getting back to their roots. Join OK Party Comedy as they showcase some of the best comedians in the area. Will it be funny? Absolutely. Will there be surprises? You bet. Will it be free? It always is. Will you f...

  • Another Party Fam

    Another Party Fam View Profile

  • No Party For Cao Dong

    No Party For Cao Dong View Profile

    Beats bouncing between Disco and Grunge, No Party For Cao Dong (草東沒有派對) is often recognized as a indie/post-rock band with mostly rough and sharp tone fusing with softness and gentleness. Whispering in despair and screaming in hopeless is the vocal, leading the jumping melodies and rhythms to unexpected arrangements. Aside from the music, their exotic, passive but romantic lyrics engrave...

  • The Party Lights

    The Party Lights View Profile

    Party Lights unabashedly wears their power pop hearts on their sleeve. The bastard child of Cheap Trick and The Go-Go's, the Brooklyn quartet doesn't see a problem with worshipping at the altar of the Knack and the Real Kids every now and again (and again and again). Songs about revenge, heartbreak and bad choices might be bad for real life but are songwriting gold, and luckily - depe...

  • Porch Party Mamas

    Porch Party Mamas View Profile

    (Urban Folk) Inspired by playing and singing each others songs at their own "porch parties", these established Boston area musicians and singer/songwriters decided to combine their individual talents and create their own brand of Urban Folk, Country and Blues. They took their act on the road and "Porch Party Mamas" was born. All are seasoned players, each with their own p...

  • Axxcess Party People

    Axxcess Party People View Profile

    Axxcess Party Limo Vans: $5 per person anywhere in the South Bay. Out of town rates available. Call 877.584.4844 to book a ride. Axxcess Party Bus Event Transport Company. The Only Party Bus Broker. Your personal agent for nite life hookups Join at and get invited to exclusive events, festivals, and after hours.

  • Lazerdisk Party Sex

    Lazerdisk Party Sex View Profile

    a couple of jamokes in space masks sneaking whale songs into DJ sets. chad likes batman, zack does too. releases coming out on mad decent/dim mak/the internet.

  • Debbie Pascarella

    Debbie Pascarella View Profile

    Debbie Pascarella herself will tell you she is well known for writing “strong, uptempo, female songs…with a touch of attitude” She is a Country, Blues, Americana, Rock Songwriter from Nashville, TN. Her upcoming CD “Willfully Blue” takes unrequited love: mourns it, and survives it.  You know how it is…your heart takes off and holds on to someone who do...

  • Eric Paslay

    Eric Paslay View Profile

    Eric Paslay definitely knows how to craft a hit song. Jake Owen, Love and Theft and the Eli Young Band have all scored No. 1 singles thanks to Paslay’s songwriting prowess, but fans who have seen him on stage will testify there is so much more to the tall, Texas redhead than his excellent songwriting chops.  Paslay is a charismatic performer and a potent vocalist who knows how to con...

  • Whiskey Pass

    Whiskey Pass View Profile

  • Patrick Passafiume

    Patrick Passafiume View Profile

  •  Passage

    Passage View Profile

  • The Passenger

    The Passenger View Profile

  • This Passenger

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    CA$H PASSION View Profile

  • Island Passion

    Island Passion View Profile

    The spirit and life of the caribbean- it's warmth, elegance, and simplicity- resonate in the music of the ISLAND PASSION BAND!!  Dorrel  Salmon on  keyboards and vocals hails form Jamaica and has toured Europe with Jimmy Cliff and is the North American spoke person for  RED STRIPE beer ,featured in many commercials  and the music video AMBASSADOR SAY RELAX!  &n...

  • Fabiana Passoni

    Fabiana Passoni View Profile

  • Deception Past

    Deception Past View Profile

    From their early beginnings on the rolling hills overlooking Washington State’s sparkling Sammamish River, Deception Past has found inspiration in the country life. They found each other after each making their way from small town and country upbringings to the big city. Now, you more often find these cowboys and cowgirls riding a bus than a bronco, but their big country hearts keep beating ...

  • Unified Past

    Unified Past View Profile

    Unified Past is a power progressive rock band from Syracuse, New York. Their new recording, “Shifting the Equilibrium”, is planned for a September 2015 release. The recording contains 6 power prog compositions,clocking in at 55 minutes. The addition of grammy award winning vocalist Phil Naro show’s that the band is continuing to grow and evolve and that they are a band that ...

  • She Past Away

    She Past Away View Profile

    She Past Away is a band from Turkey described as the “new dark-wave” in articles and reviews throughout the world. Their music compiles elements from the dark, sensational side of 80’s, often associated with bands like The Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, Joy Division, Clan of Xymox, Grauzone, and DAF. SPA brings back that era with today’s approach and Turkish lyrics which gi...

  • Half Past June

    Half Past June View Profile

    Originally the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Elias Georgopoulos, Half Past June is a 4-piece Alternative Indie rock band from San Francisco, California. Combining a wide variety of influences, Half Past June crafts songs based on dynamics, melodic guitar hooks, and genre-bending drums; touching upon themes such as loneliness, youth, and romantics.

  • Whistlin Past The Graveyard

    Whistlin Past The Graveyard View Profile

    Whistlin Past The Graveyard is a tribute band to the crazy works of Tom Waits and Screamin Jay Hawkins. Blues, Gypsy, Voodoo, and totally Bad ass.

  • Narco Pastel

    Narco Pastel View Profile

  • Ada Pasternak

    Ada Pasternak View Profile

    Ada Pasternak was born in Moscow and immigrated to the United States at the age of six.  Classically trained on the violin, she won numerous competitions and awards, and in 2007 Ada was awarded a full presidential scholarship to Berklee College of Music.   Songwriting comes naturally to Ada who plays the violin not only as a melodic instrument but also as a chordal instrument,...

  • Project Pat

    Project Pat View Profile

  • Seoul Patch

    Seoul Patch View Profile

    Seoul Patch is pop-up restaurant, serving San Francisco style Korean Food. Depending on where/when we pop-up, we try to have a unique menu. If it's late night, expect a mish mash of Korean/Asian street food, with an American twist; or for lunch, big sandwiches, bibimbap, and noodles. 

  • Soul Patch

    Soul Patch View Profile

    The triumphant return of Buffalo's premier purveyors of 90's alt-rock majesty! Soul Patch featuring members of Every Time I Die is live in concert at Buffalo Iron Works!

  • Chyna Pate

    Chyna Pate View Profile

  • George Pate

    George Pate View Profile

    George Pate is a standup comedian who has been performing across the country.

  • Holland Patent Public Library Solo

    Holland Patent Public Library Solo View Profile

    The Holland Patent Public Library was established on July 6th, 1916 by the Daughters of the American Revolution, who decided that the sleepy town of Holland Patent, New York, needed books just as the founding fathers had intended when they broke away from English and formed American English. You may not believe it, but the first librarian of the Holland Patent Public Library was Lillian Potter, th...

  • Clark Paterson

    Clark Paterson View Profile

  • Dree Paterson

    Dree Paterson View Profile

    Dree Paterson is an indie pop singer songwriter with a Motown feel. In a short time Dree has written songs with artist Nicco (Sony Europe) for overseas placement (Robert M's upcoming album), landed demos on network tv shows "Parenthood" and "White Collar," and films such as Wingman Inc. (2013) and released a highly anticipated first single "Waiting (When I See You),...

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