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  • Próxima Parada

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    It all began in January of 2012 when a close group of friends began jamming together with the idea of melding their individual styles to create sincere and meaningful music that keeps a good groove. The streets of San Luis Obispo were their first stage—and over the past year, Próxima Parada has grown musically and stylistically while performing at many of California's  premie...

  • Babe Parade

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  • Ghost Parade

    Ghost Parade View Profile

    Ghost Parade deliver aggressive rock songs with chill out layers. Influenced by jazz, r&b, soul, hip hop and lot of movies, Justin Bonifacio, George Woods and Ben Everett are the heavy, aggressive and sensual band that is Ghost Parade.

  • In Parade

    In Parade View Profile

    Born in Lawrence, Kansas during a tornado, Donald Badaczewski was not aware his ear was being trained on summer trips by a father who himself had snuck out of his home in 1958, as a 15 year-old, to watch James Brown perform live at the Duke roller-rink in Detroit, Michigan. While watching a trail of his father's pipe smoke disappear out the window, from the backseat, most often times at night, and...

  • Mayday Parade

    Mayday Parade View Profile

    For the past seven years, the members of Tallahassee, Florida’s Mayday Parade have honed their patented style of catchy, kinetic pop-punk with an outpour of real rock energy. The Florida quintet knows its identity, but it’s got more excitement for the future with new album Monsters In The Closet. Their fourth studio album, Monsters In The Closet is a collection of everything the group&...

  • Squid Parade

    Squid Parade View Profile

    Squid Parade is a progressive blend of all musical styles. Stemming their influences from all corners of the music world, Squid parade shows no boundaries. They are constantly evolving their sound through crafty song writing, high energy live shows, and versatile musicianship. Each performance as well as each song individually hints at many different genres. Squid Parade takes a new beginning each...

  • Wolf Parade

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  • Bachelor Paradise

    Bachelor Paradise View Profile

    Bachelor Paradise is a collection of three gentlemen from Sacramento. The band was originally a recording project of Billy Felix, who took some guitars and a 4-track and churned out a collection of fear and loathing entitled Afterward/In-Between/Never Die during the winter of 2013. Phil Wingett soon joined up to supply mighty drum fills and boyish good looks, and Lewis Beck loped onto the scene no...

  • Big Paradise

    Big Paradise View Profile

    bass groove, two drummers, singing, yelling, dancing.

  • Madman's Paradise

    Madman's Paradise View Profile

    In a world of film noir soul, twisted tales are told through the eyes of the City of Angels’ falling angel, Toledo. Dames bring each story to life in this femme fatale cabaret. Every hip’s breath says “Ain’t no victims—only volunteers in here” …smack dab in the heartbeat of the whole dirty deal that is the Toledo Show. The Los Angeles Times dubbed ...

  • DeadEnd Paradox

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  • Doc's Paradox

    Doc's Paradox View Profile

  • A Parallel World

    A Parallel World View Profile

  • Motel Paranoia

    Motel Paranoia View Profile

    This Band is mix between Mongolia Mexico and Guatemala, a pure Rock/Alternative style with a Latino touch. Their influences are Beatles AC/DC, Soda Stereo and Heroes del Silencio.

  • Rob Paravonian

    Rob Paravonian View Profile

    After growing up in the Chicago area, son of a first-generation Armenian-American school teacher who was also involved with local politics, Rob Paravonian went to college at USC in Los Angeles and now lives in New York . Rob writes and performs comedy and music and is a regualar at New York stand-up clubs and alternative comedy spaces. He also tours the country playing colleges and comedy clubs ev...

  • Peter Parcek

    Peter Parcek View Profile

    Peter Parcek’s daring, incendiary and soulful style is a distinctive hybrid. He weaves rock, gypsy-jazz, country, folk, and blues-- especially blues-- into a tapestry of melody, harmony and daredevil solos that push those styles to their limits without sacrificing the warmth of his own personality. Peter calls his approach "soul guitar," an appellation that alludes to his p...

  • Molly Parden

    Molly Parden View Profile

  • Jon Pardi

    Jon Pardi View Profile

    “If you can take a piece of life and put it in a song,” says Jon Pardi, “it’s going to be a good song—especially if it's from the heart.” It’s a formula he has followed since his days learning his craft with bands in his native California, and in the years since, he has become, both on stage and in the studio, one of country music’s most exciting young performers. Pardi and co-producer/collabora...

  • Jimmy Pardo

    Jimmy Pardo View Profile

    Jimmy Pardo is as funny talking to a stranger in an elevator as he is talking to a crowd from the comic stage. That's because everything he observes or thinks, he immediately scans to find the funny. And he always finds the funny. After Jimmy was told for like the thousandth time that he was even funnier offstage than he was onstage, he dropped most of the jokes from his act. Now he spends nearly ...

  • Kim Parent

    Kim Parent View Profile

    Kim got her start singing and playing in coffee houses in her native state of New Jersey, traveling to New York City to appear at CBGB’s, Kenny’s Castaways, and The Bitter End. She moved to Nashville to start her career as a singer-songwriter with Zomba Music, adopted a couple of rambunctious dogs, and now calls Nashville home.  Kim celebrates a lifetime of touring with and bac...

  • LA Parent

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  • No Parents

    No Parents View Profile

  • Mira Parfitt

    Mira Parfitt View Profile

    Mira Parfitt is an emerging singer-songwriter with roots in the hills of Northern California.  She grew up playing violin and guitar, writing and drawing inspiration from her folk, pop and country idols.  Mira currently splits her time between California and Nashville paying coffee houses, festivals, and pubs throughout.  In California, Mira records for TV and Film at Magic Carpet S...

  • Tommy Parham

    Tommy Parham View Profile

    Tommy Parham performs alongside wife Tia Mcgraff. Together they have released 2 albums; toured main stage festivals and songwriter venues around the world (including the famous Bluebird Café); have songs placed in movies starring actors like Ashley Judd; and most recently had their song, All Of Us, placed in an Australian TV commercial promoting multi-culturalism. Tia's version of...

  • Ilhame Paris

    Ilhame Paris View Profile

    She has Morocco in her blood, Paris in her heart and music in her soul. ILHAME PARIS always knew music would be her constant muse. Born in the 17th District of Paris, ILHAME'S first musical experience was alongside her older sister, having innocent fun imitating famous musicians singing the songs of Soul, Funk and R&B stars such as Luther Vandross, Rose Royce and Bill Withers. In grade ...

  • Illhame Paris

    Illhame Paris View Profile

    When you meet Ilhame (pronounced Eelum) and aptly meaning “inspiration” in Arabic), you automatically feel at ease and very comfortable in her presence. She speaks with confidence, dignity, passion and inspiration in her voice and you can’t help but have the warm positivity rub off on you. No matter what language (Ilhame speaks five language s fluently) the result is the same, a ...

  • Jessica Paris

    Jessica Paris View Profile

  • Jonny Paris

    Jonny Paris View Profile

    Venezuelan musician born in Caracas, mainly focused in composing and producing very creative Rock/Pop music, in both English and Spanish. Jonny had been an active musician since 1997, but it was not until 2012 that he undertakes his first album called “Life's Too Short”, referring precisely that time passes very quickly in our lives and we must make the most of every minute, but esp...

  • Kevin Paris

    Kevin Paris View Profile

    Having lived in Brazil, South Africa and all around the US, Paris’ songwriting has grown into a folk-reggae-acoustic fusion which lyrically reflects his unique journey through life off the beaten path. His music holds its roots in his travels, yoga, nature, love, introspection and the human experience. Internationally recognized and awarded for his lyrical craft, warm vocals and spirited per...

  • Leslie Paris Viking

    Leslie Paris Viking View Profile

  • Alexys Paris Voice Studio

    Alexys Paris Voice Studio View Profile

    Brick & Mortar is the place; we singers from Alexys Paris Voice Studio will share our Voices with you, loving family, friends, and community on Sunday, June 28th at 2pm. This Advanced Group Vocal Technique and Performance Class has been working to prepare a showcase of songs, I'm sure you will all enjoy and appreciate! You will enjoy the hearts, stories and voices of Rachel Wyley, Lisa Col...

  • Jeremy Parise

    Jeremy Parise View Profile

    A recent transplant from New York to LA, Jeremy Parise has just released his first full-length album, "The Year I Clung to Fantasy" ( He also composes for film, and received the Best Score Award from the Monte Carlo International Film Festival for "Kiss the Bride".

  • Clint Park

    Clint Park View Profile

    Many have traveled down the road of televised auditions hoping it will lead them to over-night success, but rising star Clint Park is paving his way with strong soulful vocals, skillful musicianship and foot stomping, heart tugging songwriting, which endures him to his loyal following of country music lovers. Born in Texas but raised in Tennessee, Clint’s foundation was built on three...

  • Daniel Park

    Daniel Park View Profile

    Daniel Park is a singer/songwriter currently living and performing in Las Vegas, Nevada. Daniel is originally from South Korea and was adopted and brought to Albuquerque, New Mexico by his new family at the age of 5. He lived there and went to school there culminating in his studies and eventual graduation from New Mexico State University.

  • Elliott Park

    Elliott Park View Profile

    His voice is weathered and truthful, his lyrics, colorful and odd; he's been bending ears and genre lines through sage storytelling for years. His career in music and songwriting continues on a refreshingly honest course, writing chapters of courage and healing for family and fans alike.  Elliott Park’s songs have been sung on the hallowed stage of the Ryman Opry Theate...

  • Hadley Park

    Hadley Park View Profile

    Nashville singer/songwriters Morgan Leigh Garner and Courtney Dashe met in a blind co-write in 2013. Upon discovering they were both pregnant and due weeks apart, they became fast friends, bonding over impending motherhood and songwriting. When daughters Hadley & Parker were born only 4 days apart, Garner and Dashe began what they call “chasing dreams... and little ones, too,” and ...

  • Hamilton Park

    Hamilton Park View Profile

    Hamilton Park may have honed their vocal skills while singing in their church choirs, but they are much more than just four guys who share a love for singing. They are a brotherhood born on the basketball courts of Hamilton Park Recreation Center in Atlanta. Hamilton Park, which is made up of Anthony, Mr. Marcus Lee, Chris Voice and Royce P, turned to both music and basketball as a way to avoid tr...


    LINKIN PARK View Profile

  • Maximo Park

    Maximo Park View Profile

    Maximo Park seem to come from the strong tradition of British social realism, of the kind embodied in Sixties black and white films by Alan Bates or Albert Finney. Their frustrated and, always, Northern characters wrestled with an overpowering sense of misanthropy in a world of scant opportunity and snatched furtive sex, usually resulting in unwanted pregnancy and backstreet abortion. Actually, de...

  • Maxïmo Park

    Maxïmo Park View Profile

  • Patrick Park

    Patrick Park View Profile

    From the time of his first offering in 2003, the "Under the Unminding Skies" EP, Park has spent the better part of the last decade developing a reputation as a captivating recording and live artist and has toured with a diverse range of artists such as My Morning Jacket, Seawolf, Grandaddy, Beth Orton, Liz Phair, Shelby Lynne and David Gray among others. Since 2010's critically acclaimed "Come...

  • Lincoln Park - A Tribute to Linkin Park

    Lincoln Park - A Tribute to Linkin Park View Profile

    Formed in 2009 for a show in Trinidad & Tobago, the guys felt the need to keep at it with what they brought to the table! Using actual sounds and samples that the real Linkin Park uses, the band focuses in on how the actual song is played and how the samples sound. Running backing tracks and various guitar effects used by Linkin Park. Having been brought back to Trinidad & Tobago numerous ...

  • Arden Park Roots

    Arden Park Roots View Profile

    Arden Park Roots was built in a garage... like a classic car that you wrench on til it’s perfect. They have been busy in that garage;  • In 2013 and 2014, they set all-time attendance records of over 7000 headlining one of Sacramento’s annual Concerts in the Park series.  • In 2014, they completed their first national tour and in late spring released thei...

  • Ocean Park Sound System

    Ocean Park Sound System View Profile

    OPSS was formed out of the surf lineup and dragging in friends and neighbors to create an analog, organic groove band.

  • Mikey Parkay

    Mikey Parkay View Profile

    A staple of the northeastern electronic music scene Mikey Parkay has been handling every aspect of the electronic music community since his early teens.  Not just your average artist, Mikey Parkay is a true entertainer on stage for his fans. Adding elements of energetic stage presence, turntablism and high velocity mixing his unique blend of all forms of electronic music has appeal across th...

  • Alex Parker

    Alex Parker View Profile

    The Alex Parker Solo Project, is an Alternative-Rock/Pop band from Los Angeles, CA.  Starting only six months ago, Alex Parker decided that being a solo artist was the route he need to pursue.  After releasing a music video and a four song EP, he is finally ready to hit the streets.

  • Chris Parker

    Chris Parker View Profile

  • Cole Parker

    Cole Parker View Profile

  • Drew Parker

    Drew Parker View Profile

  • Eli Parker

    Eli Parker View Profile

    eli parker was not a boyscout

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