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  • Repeater Pan

    Repeater Pan View Profile

    Repeater Pan is a band from Oakland situated somewhere in a prism of art punk & sage songwriting. They lead with their strongest foot, the LP “Together.” Imagine some sort of Wire­influenced, snappy punk group with Jeff Buckley crooning his eyes out. Intense but participatory. The songs never dip into dull territory, often teetering on the verge of something experimental tha...

  • Peter Pan Speedrock

    Peter Pan Speedrock View Profile

  • Tin Pan West

    Tin Pan West View Profile

  • DJ Panamami

    DJ Panamami View Profile

    World music has gone global. As technology shrinks the planet, African, Caribbean and Latin American music rubs shoulders with electronic rhythms in clubs from Argentina to Italy, forging the sound of the new millennium; a universal groove that blends the ancient with the futuristic and leaves nobody behind. It figures that Los Angeles, maybe the most diverse city on earth, is home to one of its m...

  • Giorgio Panariello

    Giorgio Panariello View Profile

  • Anna Pancaldi

    Anna Pancaldi View Profile

    Anna Pancaldi has long been in possession of a voice that reaches for emotional highs and swoops into emotional lows with an equal intensity…. the raw beauty of that voice shines through like never before. With a brand new electric guitar led EP on it's way on October 5th, Anna will also be touring the UK with a full band. All of Anna's releases have now charted in the top ten of...

  • Discotech Panda

    Discotech Panda View Profile

    As a young panda I’ve felt the love for all music and EDM was always something that made me happy and the energy was something I felt deep in my panda heart. I’m here to enhance your night’s experience of EDM. 100% love for the underground music scene and culture. Making my only wish is to see you dance and smile because love is all I’m smelling here in my bamboo hut. Free ...

  •  Panda and Angel

    Panda and Angel View Profile

    Seattle's Panda & Angel feature Josh Wackerly (guitar), Carrie Murphy (guitar/vocals), Zaun Zehner (drums), Laura Enderle (bass), and Kara Kikuchi (keyboards). Named after one of Wackerly's colleagues, a musician-turned-junkie called Panda, and Panda's girlfriend Angel, the moody, melancholic indie rock quintet came together in 2004. Wackerly previously played with the Suicide Squeeze act S, while...

  • Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad

    Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad View Profile

      Formed in 2001 in Rochester, New York, GPGDS first received praise for their live show, which combined world beats and reggae rhythms within jamband aesthetics. In recent years the band’s studio recordings, which showcase their songwriting and musicianship across all genres of roots music, have further cemented their legend as master innovators and artists. “...

  • Young Pandas

    Young Pandas View Profile

    Born by the soul of Prince and Bill Withers and wrapped up in the overtones of Passion Pit and Phoenix is the sound of producers, multi-instrumentalists, and New England based band Young Pandas. Rising out of collaboration on a project with Jason Goldstein, Grammy winning engineer for The Roots, the story of Young Pandas follows a group of musicians hell bent on making music that will last with t...

  • Usage Panel

    Usage Panel View Profile

    This is what we know about Usage Panel: The old-school, distortion-drenched indie rock outfit is one of the most original voices on the scene today. One part Weezer, one part Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and one part romp through the darker chapters of the DSM-5, the Los Angeles rockers take the Trojan horse approach to rock and roll, with soaring pop-rock melodies providing ...

  •  Panic! At The Disco

    Panic! At The Disco View Profile

  • Gaby Panjaitan

    Gaby Panjaitan View Profile

    Gaby Panjaitan is an Indonesian girl, currently living in Southern California. Her soulful upbringing is infused in the songs she writes; creating a mix of pop, R&B, soul, and jazz. Started writing music at 14 and became much more prolific during her college days. She writes from experiences and heartfelt encounters. At 21, she released an independent record titled '365 Musings of the Hear...

  • Nes Panlilio

    Nes Panlilio View Profile

    Simpler yet complex approach to Rock Music with raw, vulnerable & powerful vocals over moving, emotional & inspirational guitar riffs and solos.

  • Modern Pantheist

    Modern Pantheist View Profile

    Modern Pantheist started in the summer of 2013 when singer/songwriter Chris Anderson, drummer Dave Ferrara, and mult-instrumentalist Chris Sandler began experimenting with loud noises in Dave’s drum lair in downtown Los Angeles. Those loud noises quickly turned into polished pop songs while preserving the inspired eccentric sounds. The group is now a multi-layered, psyche...

  • Dream Panther

    Dream Panther View Profile

  • Ocular Panther

    Ocular Panther View Profile

    "Ocular Panther is bold; a brash and brilliant example of ethereal pursuit with organic tools. They have melded music from different genres, eras, and approaches to create a new contagion of danceable ambiance and rock grit. Some of the songs exhibit a protracted intro to their varied grooves that grow from a standard hook into a kind of epiphany. It smacks smooth and gloriously disjoint...

  • Step Panther

    Step Panther View Profile

    "A great leap forward ... 'Strange But Nice' is Step-Panther taking you on a guided tour of their world of music where a sci-fi Weezer collides with The Bats, and Sonic Youth remixes The Clean." ~   "This. This album. It’s got everything. Star Trek, swamp monster and retro-video game references, Big Scary’s frontman on production d...

  • The Panthers

    The Panthers View Profile

    Conceived in Brooklyn, NY, during September 2000, the Panthers is a five-piece who each has history playing in illustrious groups. Jayson Green, Geoff Garlock, and Jeff Salane are ex-members of the hardcore outfit Orchid; Kip Uhlhorn played in the Red Scare; and Justin Chearno has credits on Unrest's Isabel Bishop album and continues to play in the instrumental Turing Machine. Drawing from their p...

  • Girl Pants

    Girl Pants View Profile

    Rhythm and Blues band from Kansas City, MO

  • Soda Pants

    Soda Pants View Profile

    Soda Pants is a group of young, talented folk-rock virtuosos. The group formed at UCSD in March 2012 when musicians Erin Bower, Will Chapman, Mike Sierks, and Grady Kestler met and entered the Battle of the Bands. The folk rock four-piece began touring across the west coast, opening for eclectic acts such as Matt & Kim, Kendrick Lamar, Capital Cities, Portugal the Man, Andrew McMahon, the Mowg...

  • Them Pants

    Them Pants View Profile

    A rock band from Winston-Salem, NC made up of members from Alternative Champs, Bandway, Vetiver, the Finks, the Husbians, Andy Freakin Mabe, All Night, Rebar, and more.

  • Tim Panyard

    Tim Panyard View Profile

  • Jenna Paone

    Jenna Paone View Profile

    Jenna Paone is a songwriter, pianist, and vocalist from Boston, Massachusetts, whose unforgettable songs and captivating stage presence make waves wherever she goes. After spending over six years building a name for herself in the Boston scene, Paone has released her first full length solo album, ‘Hammers and Strings” on October 1st, 2014, to rave reviews. This ambitious album...

  • Doe Paoro

    Doe Paoro View Profile

    “The best of what humans and machines can bring out in each other” is how NPR Music described Doe Paoro’s single “The Wind,” a meditation on urban isolation in the face of Hurricane Sandy. The song, which was produced by Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon with beats by Chicago duo Supreme Cuts, sets the tone for the upcoming release of Paoro’s Anti- debut album, ...

  • Tom Papa

    Tom Papa View Profile

    Comedian Tom Papa is known throughout the country for his many appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Late Night with Conan O'Brien. TV audiences also know Tom as the star of his own sitcom on NBC, "Come to Papa." [March 2004] Papa grew up in New Jersey and first realized he wanted to be a comedian when, at a very young age, he heard ...


    COOL PAPA BELL View Profile

    Cool Papa Bell is a New York City based quartet, founded in 2006. CPB has an eclectic sound, with Rock, Blues, Soul, Funk, Americana, and Ska influences and performs powerful, political and broken hearted original songs. Cool Papa Bell features two vocalists - bandleader and guitarist Stan Pyrzanowski and powerhouse soul singer, Jennifer L. The band can be seen performing around the city at venues...

  • John Papa Gros

    John Papa Gros View Profile

    Born in New Orleans, John "Papa" Gros has spent more than a quarter-century championing the music of the Big Easy. He's played it all — New Orleans funk, rock & roll, jazz, blues, Americana, pop/rock, and he swirls those styles into a genre-bending gumbo that pays tribute to his influences while still pushing ahead into new territory. Like Allen Toussaint and D...

  • Scott Paparcuri

    Scott Paparcuri View Profile

  • Blank Paper

    Blank Paper View Profile

    intro. verse. pre-chorus. chorus. verse. pre-chorus. chorus. bridge/break. double-chorus. out. Familiar context, charged by electrified obscurities - To make you dance, nod your noggin, and be caught off-guard by tingly sonic treats. Backing tracks are passé. Autotune & Vocalign are not part of our arsenal. Blank Paper does it all live, and wants you to come witness it :)

  • DJ Paper

    DJ Paper View Profile

    Paper is one half of the Dj/Production duo 2X2L. Combining electronic genres to create a futuristic sound and rocking dance floors.

  • Fly Paper

    Fly Paper View Profile

    With soulful vocals, fiercely elegant guitars and a high energy rhythm section, Fly Paper never fail to amaze and inspire crowds throughout the country with their original songs. Micaela's voice is often compared to Fiona Apple and KT Tunstall. Her guitar playing carries on the traditions of Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmore, and Jimmy Page. Ashley Ickes brings the thunder of John Bonham and the ...

  • Green Paper

    Green Paper View Profile

    Green Paper is Tomm Hart, Natalie Newbold, Jeff Lane, and Michael Mendonez in no particular order. We are based in New Brunswick, New Jersey and formed in the latter half of 2009. On the record, Green Paper met after Michael Mendonez took his first job as an ice cream truck driver and decided one stormy day to snatch up all the pretty people he found with talented hands and vocal chords. Off the r...

  • Rock Paper Dynamite

    Rock Paper Dynamite View Profile

  • Rock Paper Gary

    Rock Paper Gary View Profile

  • The Paper Kites

    The Paper Kites View Profile

    THE PAPER KITES: twelvefour“ It was wild to write until you are so tired that nothing sounded too over-worked – songs didn't feel restricted by a commonly analytical brain. This record is the sound of five people trying to make something they're proud of... And we really are.” Pre-dawn lyrics and lush, late night melodies: twelvefour is the gorgeous second album from Mel...

  • Rice Paper Scissors

    Rice Paper Scissors View Profile

    Lunar Night Market (Night of the Ram)  a night market to celebrate the Lunar New Year  small bites and plates by • Rice Paper Scissors • forageSF • Bicycle Banh Mi • Seoul Patch • Rijsttafel (Rice Table) Tickets $15 advance / $20 door What to expect • a small bite from each of the five vendors (included in General Admission ...

  • The Paper Thins

    The Paper Thins View Profile

    "From England, Guam, California's Bay area, the Pacific Northwest and Rhode Island the four members of The Paper Thins create sounds that are familiar yet unfamiliar territory. Vocalist/Guitarist Michael Esten(Miniwatt) delivers lyrics that create a sense of urgency and make you want to move with guitar parts to match. Guitarist Richard Marques(Hotel St. George) plays guitar like a vetera...

  •  Paper Tongues

    Paper Tongues View Profile

    Formed in 2007, Paper Tongues take a multi-genre approach to their music by fusing rock, rap, funk, pop, and soul, drawing upon unexpected influences like Steve Perry and Grandmaster Flash in the process. Originally rooted in Charlotte, NC, the group began when eight musicians assembled to play an ongoing series of improvisational sessions. It was during these sessions that the band -- which featu...

  • Rock, Paper, Tiger

    Rock, Paper, Tiger View Profile

    all we wana do is play shows..

  • Eli Paperboy Reed meets High & Mighty Brass Band

    Eli Paperboy Reed meets High & Mighty Brass Band View Profile

      ​The collaboration between Soul shouter Eli "Paperboy" Reed and the 10 piece bombastic fury that is High & Mighty Brass Band was a long time coming.    From the first time that Reed joined High & Mighty on stage it was clear that the combination was special. ​ ​ After several high-profile shows ...

  • Walking Papers

    Walking Papers View Profile

    “When writing a song, I try to capture a moment. When performing live, I let the moment capture me.” Says Jeff Angell of Walking Papers. “The energy and enthusiasm of the fans in Europe and the UK make that easy to do. Many of the songs on WP2 were written while touring there and Iʼm excited to bring them back to people and places that inspired them.” Walking Papers uppe...

  • Without Papers

    Without Papers View Profile

    We have played with KoRn, Pato Banton, Shwayze, Junior Reid, The Ziggens, Mystic Roots , Sprung Monkey, Rufio, Narcoleptic Youth, Shiney Toy Guns, Scott Russo of Unwritten Law to name a few. Come out to our live shows and have some fun cause thats what it's all about.

  • Cals Papertrail

    Cals Papertrail View Profile

    Home of street reputables such as Mitchy Slick and Jayo Felony, San Diego, CA, has been on the map for while, but never on a mainstream level. This is about to change, as a young artist from the city has rapidly been grinding his way up the hit lists and club rotations. His name is Cals and at 25 years old, he already has some experience in the music industry. He started rapping in his early te...


    KAWASAKI PAPI View Profile

    DJ | ARTIST of TheFINE§§E

  • Liz Pappademas

    Liz Pappademas View Profile

    Liz Pappademas’s Television City is a visual narrative centered on a fictional 1970s game show. The album features Pappademas's piano-based songwriting, backed by her band, The Level. Drawing on influences like Brian Eno and Neil Young, Pappademas, bassist Dave Relic, guitarist Mike Corwin, and drummer Justin Polimeni, frame each character’s story using L.A.'s hills and boulevards as a backdro...

  • Yannis Pappas

    Yannis Pappas View Profile

    Yannis Pappas and his writing has been featured on television on networks such as VH1’s Best Week Ever, BET’s 106th and Park, MTV, National Lampoon Live and Comedy Central. He was featured on tour with Donnell Rawlings and Charlie Murphy on the nation-wide Chapelle’s Show cast “I’m Rich Bitch” comedy tour. His character, Mr. Panos has been featured on television in Greece and Cyprus and has become...

  • Elis Paprika

    Elis Paprika View Profile

  • Eric Paquette

    Eric Paquette View Profile

  • The Parachuting Apostles

    The Parachuting Apostles View Profile

    The Parachuting Apostles have released their , self-titled, debut album. TPA debut the album on Clear Channel Station 104.5FM on 6/24. Vist ,, to purchase. The Parachuting Apostles combine old school dynamic , infectious rock n roll music with a modern twist for today's audience. TPA combine modern rock, blues and a little jazz to create songs that cross genre , ge...

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